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What are the specs of the Mazda RX-8?


What are the specs of the Mazda RX-8?


The body specs as of 2005 provide a
wheelbase of 106.3",
width of 69.7",
height of 52.8",
and overall length of 174.2".

The doors are suicide-style, with the front doors overlapping slightly on top of the rear doors. The rear doors will open only after the front doors are open.

Weight: 3029lbs with GT package 6spd (includes heavy sunroof).
2970lbs for the base model 6spd.

Performance: 0-60 approx. 6 seconds, 1/4 mile approx. 14.5 sec. A magazine achieved 5.9 sec for 0-60 with a production model by dropping the clutch after revving the engine up to 8000 rpm. With a less abusive 4000 rpm clutch 'drop' you can expect 6.0s.

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