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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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Determining the record number in a dBASE / Paradox table

The following procedure determines the physical number of the current record
in a dBase or Paradox table:

function FindRecordNumber (aDataSet : TDataSet): longint;
  cP: CurProps;
  rP: RECProps;
  DBRes: DBiResult;
  {Return 0 if dataset is not Paradox or dBase}
  Result := 0;
  with aDataset do
    if state = dsInactive then exit;
    {we need to make this call to grab the cursor's iSeqNums}
    DBRes := DBiGetCursorProps(Handle,cP);
    if DBRes <> DBIERR_NONE then exit;
    {synchronize the BDE cursor with the dataset's cursor}
    {fill rP with the current record's properties}
    DBRes := DBiGetRecord(Handle,DBiNOLOCK,nil,@rP);
    if DBRes <> DBIERR_NONE then exit;
    {what kind of dataset are we looking at?}
    case cP.iSeqNums of
     0: result := rP.iPhyRecNum; {dBase}
     1: result := rP.iSeqNum;    {Paradox}

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