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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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List of all ALIASES pointing to a SQL server

For a little tool, I recently needed to get a list of all aliases which point to a SQL db. (I did not want to see those Paradox files).

I came up with the following procedure, which I call like this:

GetAliases (ComboBox1.Items)

procedure GetAliases (const AList: TStrings);
   i    : Integer;
   Desc : DBDesc;
   Buff : Array [0..254] Of char;
   // list all BDE aliases 
   Session.GetAliasNames (AList); 
   for i := AList.Count - 1 downto 0 do 
     StrPCopy (Buff, AList[i]); 
     Check (DbiGetDatabaseDesc (Buff, @Desc)); 
     // no Paradox, please
     if StrPas (Desc.szDBType) = 'STANDARD' then 
       AList.Delete (i)

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