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Migration Delphi 5 to Delphi 7

1) When compiling an Delphi-5 source test, the compiler cannot find symbols like SLineTooLong.
They are resource constants that are used with ResStr(). Where are they in Delphi 7?

2) What about symbols like Unassigned and functions for variant arrays? (VarArrayOf)

1) you need to add unit RtlConsts to your uses clause.
2) you need to add unit Variants to your uses clause.

   RtlConsts, Variants; // these are the new units

 // constants that are now in RtlConsts:
    raise Exception.Create(ResStr(SLineTooLong));
     raise Exception.Create(ResStr(SFOpenError));
 // functions now in Variants;
  Result := not VarIsEmpty(FValue);
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