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A global exception handler

You may want your own global exception handler to handle "common" errors such as "out of space," etc.
If you try to create a global exception handler, you will experience that surrounding the 'Application.Run' command in the .dpr with a try...except block fails.

You will redirect TApplication's "OnException" event to your main form's exception handler "MyExceptionHandler". The redirection is done in FormCreate, similar to assigning Application.OnHint:

TForm = class()..
   { public declarations }
     procedure MyExceptionHandler(Sender : TObject; E : Exception);
 { .. }
 procedure TForm1.MyExceptionHandler(
   Sender : TObject; E : Exception );
   wRetVal : Word;
   wRetVal := MessageDlg('ERROR: ' + E.message,
                mtError, mbAbortRetryIgnore, 0);
   case wRetVal of
   mrAbort:; { handle "Abort" here... }
   mrRetry:; { handle "Retry" here... }
   mrIgnore:;{ handle "Ignore" here... }
   { or call the default exception handler:
      Application.ShowException(E); }
 procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
   Application.OnException := MyExceptionHandler;
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