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Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?


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Today (12/30/2006) I reviewed this site's traffic. In general, traffic has increased, due to the popularity of the dating scammer section. I noticed that the number of visitors grew steadily but the transfered data volume had gone up big time.

The following is a statistic for the month of December 2006, as produced by awstats. This tool tries to filter out robot visits by google or yahoo's spiders etc. All visits are supposedly 'human' visits.

You can see the number one most active visitor is I used web site which said that this visitor is from New York (and belongs to Google, Inc.).
I suspect that this is some software. You can see that this visitor requested 5481 pages, and the total number of hits was also 5481.
Now, a regular visitor would request maybe 100 pages, and each page has on average 5 graphics, which would lead to 5 * 100 = 500 hits.
If a user loads 5481 pages and also only 5481 documents, then this means that the user did not load the images, and also did not load style sheets or javascript include files. In other words, this is not a human visitor.
For example if you look the last visitor in that table (IP number 64.233.*.*) then you see 533 pages were loaded, 4490 hits generated. Apparantly the average page had 4490/533 - 1 = 8 images.

Now the interesting part is that IP numbers 2 and 3 in this statistic both are resolved to come from the Ukraine! The ISP is NETCATHOSTING. I wonder why they hit my web server so heavily. You can see that the transferred data volume is huge - nearly 1.7 GB from and combined.

I will have an eye on these 2 IP numbers and possibly block them from viewing this site. Obviously this is not a human viewer, since the number of hits is identical to the number of pages requested.

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2009-06-28, 10:32:31   (updated: 2009-06-28, 10:34:29) from Fresno, United States  
Does anybody know a person named Emelia Dodoo
She is from Accra Ghana.

I have enclosed picture.
2009-06-28, 13:29:04
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-06-27, 20:09:37
anonymous from Brazil

You are so poor guy !!
Get out !
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Dating scammer Ivy Larry

2009-07-03, 10:28:41
anonymous from Pakistan  
This image was also posted here:
Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)

2009-07-03, 12:32:18
anonymous from United States  
From BadDog:

@anon. from JORDAN 2009-05-27, 06:00:05

RE: Esther from Ghana: Oh buddy. Wake up. THINK!!!

How far do you think this 'woman' has to walk to get a date?????
How many does she turn down every day due to her physical beauty?
Why did she pick you out of the BILLIONS of men in this world?

YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO HER!!!!!! The individual that is corresponding with you is a male or combination of scammers!!!!!

THAT picture is one of the most stupendous brunettes I have ever seen. BUT you are not talking with her.

I would like to prove it. Please post one of her emails precede by the FULL HEADER.
We will run an IP trace and see what country and service provider belongs to this scammer.

Please give us more information immediately so that we can open your eyes to the game that is being played here.

Thank you!

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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)
Dating scammer Ekaterina - Katrin
Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana

2009-07-03, 23:57:39
anonymous from United States  
Stop with all the dating sites. They are littered with parasites like the ones trying to take your money.
Try and chat with real women here in the US of A
Granted I am sure parasites are there too, BUT, you can directly talk to them in chat rooms or in game rooms. Its not hard to tell if english is a learned language because they usually get words mixed up, and it sounds like they cant speak.
2 days on that chat sight and I have 34 freinds, 17 think they might want to date me, and 1 (from Wyoming) wants a real live date.
So stop wining and crying over lost dollars you will never recover and get a real date.
Or atleast chat with real women instead of men pretending to be women
2009-07-06, 18:56:49
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one found on zook careful lads....

dotsnadka24 said

How are you?
I am very glad, that have met here you, I really wish to get acquainted very much with you, but it is not very a pity that I can visit often this site of dating but if you wish to continue the further acquaintance, you can write on my /box/ /-/ d/y/e/r/n/a/d/e/z/h/d/a/7/8/ //at// /y/a/h/o/o/ /c/o/m/.
I will be glad to our acquaintance if you answer me, I would like as to see your photos, you is valid me have very much interested, therefore I write to you not simply so, and the purpose to get acquainted with you. I not with patience will wait your letter, and I wish to wish you, all most the best.

2009-07-13, 21:11:21
Hi there. I have received the letters from ANNA from & some of her pictures. I am very shocked after to see her e-mails her in this site. I am postong her letters to here and write all friends that please please do not write any kind of Your IDS or any money. I HAVE NOT PAID ANY MONEY TO HER AS I Thanks this site. They have all the data about ANNA.

Letters From ANNA

Hello ALI
Have a good day.
I am very happy, she replied that my message.
I for the first time they met over the Internet. And consequently, I have some 'concern.
I want to apologize to once why do not live in the country and wrote in my profile. I live in Russia.
The reason that I misunderstood a computer, and yet very masculine and familiarity with the Internet.
I mistakenly indicated the village residents I have come a mixed question, with the country where I want to find
the man of knowledge.
So I made a mistake in my profile.
I hope that is not an obstacle to the continuation of our knowledge.
Why, I really liked you.
On the basis that I was recommended to me on the website - your profile and gave me the most interesting.
I hope that we can communicate and we have more information than the other.
And I'd like continue a very understanding.
Now let me say I have a little more 'on me.
My name - Anna! To me of 28 years!
I was born 21 July 1980.
I finished training in college, a Seller's specialties - consultant.
Even in this Colledge I studied English, but I can talk freely about it.
Furthermore, I studied a little Italian, but I know that is not yet very good and, therefore, I am sorry if I forgive you that write correctly.
And I can speak Italian, but I still do not have much to write. So you can not be confused by what my letter will be little inconsistent.
I am the woman who appreciates love, loyalty, honesty. I am not afraid of the difficulties of a life.
I have never been married. I therefore facing service Conoscenti here because I have difficulty with finding
the good person.
Come I am very lonely and I need to have more part of a professional and kind person.
My growth - 164 cm, my weight - 52 kg.
In this letter I send some of my photos.
Again I say to you that I am very glad that you wrote to me.
I look forward to continuing our knowledge, therefore, that, now I already informed you have caused sincere interest in
Please ask questions, I am happy to say about me.
Please send some photos. It would be very nice for me, a look at your photos.
I wait for your messages, I also hope that very soon I answered.

88K View Download

dateMon, Jul 13, 2009 at 6:36 AM

hide details 6:36 AM (20 hours ago) Reply

Hello Ali!
Many thanks for your letter.
I am very pleased that you wrote to me.
And I am very glad that you do not, that they know of me, not seeing that, which are divided by many kilometers.
As I promised you I say to you much more about me.
I live in the city of Zelenodolsk.
My city is located on the bank of the river 'Volga', and one of the great rivers of my country.
In the letter I sent a photo of my city by the River Volga. '
Even in my town, there are various attractions.
I do not know what else I can say to you my town. If and interesting for you, I can say much more about my city.
Now I have some free minutes and with pleasure will spend this time to tell you about my interests.
The usual Russian Girl, are not really anything to distinguish from each other.
I love music, silent and calm.
Where you sing of love. For me, as Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez.
Enjoyable as the movie. I love the film of love. E 'molto bello. But I do not like to watch serials.
My favorite movie and 'Last Samurai' (Tom Cruise and was a leading role) and '50 First Dates.'
I also like reading books and fashion magazines. I still like to be a knitted wool.
I very much like to go for sports, without it I do not feel in shape.
I am fond of sports since childhood.
I like to swim in the pool, offers himself for me great pleasure.
My favorite meal that my mother was cooking. It 'very tasty food.
I was also able to cook and very tasty. But sometimes do not have time for cooking, as I have borrowed a lot at work.
I like to eat vegetables and salad vegetables. And I like chocolate and ice cream.
I love animals, are very similar to cats and dogs. I have a cat and a small dog.
I live with Mom and Dad in a two-room apartment. I live in one room separately.
I do not have their homes, as very expensive for me, even for the purchase or lease.
What else to say about me?
My favorite season and summer. Very well this season.
It 'very nice to see that, like all kind of flowers and birds sing.
My favorite color and the color green. It reminds me of the summer and happy summer days. When all the flowers around.
My favorite flower and Rose.
I like it for its beauty and tenderness, like me, but as a field fiordaliso, and very pleasant odor.
I am optimistic and I like to smile because a smile - mirror of the soul.
For happiness is not required many things.
Probably the thing that is not enough for me now and love.
People without love can not be happy.
But when in the vicinity and there is a close person whom you love, life is good no matter where you live and what have you.
But the loneliness fills a life ofsadness. But I do not want to speak more about sadness. Moreover task that the person cannot be happy without sideboard in the God.
Creed in the God. My religion - Christian. My sideboard and much fort.
I go to the church 2 times a month. The God takes a meaningful place in my life.
I was absolutely small when me christened.
Nell' infancy I have not understood that such the God.
But during my life I have understood that such the God.
Creed in the God and to my helps it sideboard to to live.
They are happy that it has un' occasion to write you and are happy that you write me.
And currently really cause a smile on my forehead.
It would be a lot interesting me imparargli more approximately.
How your life? How your job?
I hope to receive your letter soon.
Frankly and with the best cares.

My City.JPG
65K View Download etter No 1
2009-07-15, 15:03:41   (updated: 2009-07-15, 15:08:37) from Arruda Dos Vinhos, Portugal  
this is the last letter i received!

Hello my LOVE Miguel!!!
darling I have made today a copy of the passport I hope to you it was pleasant???
I love you and at me one hope only on you that you can send to me
483 euros and I can start to do documents and to prepare for our first unforgettable meeting.
I hope that we with you soon will together and we will be happy.
My love, girlfriend advised me as better to send money.
Money it is better to send through system of remittances ' Western Union ' It
should be at you almost in each bank.
My data will be necessary to
you. Write them correctly.
Here my Address.
Solnechnaya house 24-1
Cheboksary - Russia
THE POST CODE: 428.000
Natalya (this my full name)
Oparina (it is my surname)

Money I can receive in any bank at myself in city. When you will send me of
money. You should me write 10 confidential figures (MTCN) and still
write to me the full name and the address where do you live.
It will be necessary for me to write it when I shall receive money. When I
shall receive money I at once I shall go to travel agency and I shall
start to legalize papers what to arrive to you.
To me have told that documents will be ready in 2 weeks. And after that I only can fly to
Write to me please
as long you would want that I was with you. As much as possible I can
do the Visa for 6 months?
I hope that we very soon shall together!
I dream of our meeting every day! I badly sleep at night because I think
of you!!! I shall wait for your letter with impatience!

Yours for ever Natalya
2009-07-18, 04:13:56 from United States  
yes i am in the united states and i don`t appreciate my wife's stolen pic plastered all over the place
2009-07-18, 11:12:51
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Your statement must be completetly disregarded as a lie.
You have to contact the site administrator for several reasons.

# 1 You foolishly posted, Your e mail address on this site.
If, Your really a innocent person and not a scammer, You will be
schooled by real scammers shortly as to why posting it here is a mistake.
Scammers watch this site and flood, Your inbox.
They even attack, Your computer.
Contact Peter
Tell, Him the name of this thread
[ Most of this site's traffic comes from ... Ukraine ? ] Page # 13
Date 2009 - 07 - 18, Time 04:13:56

# 2 Your complaint about, Your wifes pictures is a waste of time
being posted here. Scammers come here constantly saying things
just like what, You said. The only thing, You can do is contact Peter.
Every posting on this site is here because someone was scammed.
Every photo usually is stolen. So to say a victim of a crime does
not have the right to show evidence in a crime is foolish at best.
Do not come back on here and argue about anything.
That will do, You no good at all.
In fact it only makes, You look like a scammer.
Trying to do damage control.
To post anything that argues against a posting here is not allowed
all postings will be protected as genuine.
So all, You can do is contact Peter.
By the way Dumb Ass there are more than one womans pictures
on this thread. Which one is, Your wife idiot ?

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-07-20, 02:33:00
anonymous from Iran  
hi wanwan
good friend
thanks for guide.
if i put my post because i want to play with scammers.i see very scammer who has money from me!and i am smart.i find very scammer and i want to play with them and fuck them.i hope one day find my real love.
2009-07-20, 09:35:20   (updated: 2009-07-20, 09:40:03)
wanwan from Japan  
@Iran Saadat

Have you ever visited there?
see this
But be careful !! It is not 100% perfect.

By the way if you have some scam reports ,
please post those on here,
it is OK?
I am waiting for your scam reports,
have a good day and take care.
2009-07-23, 14:25:11
anonymous from United States  

2009-07-23, 17:35:36
anonymous from United States  
Actually, that is what I do now. I have learned by my mistakes. I tell them they are scammers but not where I found their pics on the Net with identical letters. lol

I have posted about my 'scammed' Randy James ( so thought i was directed to this page because of that. I must respond to this comment. After 4 months of no contact, the turkey texted my phone again. I did reply with 'You are a scammer. I have notified the FBI and CIA and they know who you are.' Never heard another word.

do not forget the scammers are men the photos are of people who have no idea they are being used in scams

I agree - maybe we should refer now to the 'scammer posing as Joe Blow' so that we all remember the name and photo we see is not the actual person.

2009-07-24, 12:07:16
anonymous from United States  
I have been contacted by serval man that say they are doing contract work in Nigeria,South africa and after weeks a chatting thay all have finished their jobs but say the banks will not cash their checks ,money orders ... and all ask me to send money they have all kinds of excuse from kids are in hospitol mother is dying this needs to be stopped ................{ i researched nigeria and their banks just to find out that these man lied to me

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