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Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?


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Today (12/30/2006) I reviewed this site's traffic. In general, traffic has increased, due to the popularity of the dating scammer section. I noticed that the number of visitors grew steadily but the transfered data volume had gone up big time.

The following is a statistic for the month of December 2006, as produced by awstats. This tool tries to filter out robot visits by google or yahoo's spiders etc. All visits are supposedly 'human' visits.

You can see the number one most active visitor is I used web site which said that this visitor is from New York (and belongs to Google, Inc.).
I suspect that this is some software. You can see that this visitor requested 5481 pages, and the total number of hits was also 5481.
Now, a regular visitor would request maybe 100 pages, and each page has on average 5 graphics, which would lead to 5 * 100 = 500 hits.
If a user loads 5481 pages and also only 5481 documents, then this means that the user did not load the images, and also did not load style sheets or javascript include files. In other words, this is not a human visitor.
For example if you look the last visitor in that table (IP number 64.233.*.*) then you see 533 pages were loaded, 4490 hits generated. Apparantly the average page had 4490/533 - 1 = 8 images.

Now the interesting part is that IP numbers 2 and 3 in this statistic both are resolved to come from the Ukraine! The ISP is NETCATHOSTING. I wonder why they hit my web server so heavily. You can see that the transferred data volume is huge - nearly 1.7 GB from and combined.

I will have an eye on these 2 IP numbers and possibly block them from viewing this site. Obviously this is not a human viewer, since the number of hits is identical to the number of pages requested.

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2008-11-20, 02:12:27 from United States  

2008-11-20, 06:43:38
anonymous from United States  
Now you've really done it Spaceflight ! Or, another character defect ? ( Sending your money to crimminals / encouraging more scammers ? Advise - concerning the world economic crisis, and now to denegate a US President?) How ungreatful ! Hey , conservatives tend to work for what we have , do not encourage sending money around the world to scamming thugs . AND some 'were' / 'are' fighting to bring down the worlds evil. USN/RET
2008-11-20, 16:02:31
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)

datum20 november 2008 21:25
subject (onderwerp)hello!!
details verbergen 21:25 (1 uur geleden) Beantwoorden

I am glad that you have paid attention to my letter! I think that you would like to learn me little bit more close, and I would like it)
My name is Olga!I am 28 years old I from Russia, was born in the city of Cheboksary.This city absolutely small.
My growth of 164 sm, weight of 54 kg, I do not smoke and I do not drink, as it is necessary to the woman)
You probably why you, simply I search for the man from the Internet.
I would not like to search for the man in Russia, I hope that at us something will turn out.
If I have interested you, I think that you will answer my letter! In the following I will necessarily write to you about myself more)))
I will look forward your answer!And I would like that you too have written about yourselves, it would be pleasant!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Aleksandra

2008-11-20, 16:03:55
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)

2008-11-20, 16:04:43
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)

2008-11-20, 16:07:07
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)

2008-11-20, 19:26:36
spaceflight from United States  
Hey retired Navy this picture that looks like the President was sent too me from a retired marine, so do not give me any shit asshole. I happened to vote for Bush and McCain both I was only sharing a picture that someone sent me, and if you do not want the advise of finacial freedom then don't commit. You have the right to say what you want, I didn't aim too step on you when I sent the picture that looks like our President in, I found it odd that someone else in this world resibles Mr. Bush is all. There is probably a dick somewhere that looks like you too! Plus if you would go through all of Delphi you will find this picture more than once.... so stop being so self righteous. And I am sorry you are so experianced in scamming too, how many times have you lost your money to the scum of the earth?
2008-11-20, 19:44:13
spaceflight from United States  
I also am retired from the military and have been since 1987 and yes I should have known better than to send money to anyone with out knowing them, that is my bad. At the same time I do not need a snotty nose retired Navymen to tell me what I am doing or what I am saying. I also have family in Iraq at this time and what I have said or done on this site has not put them in any danger. I have not went against my President either, I think Mr. Bush has done alot for the US and I have nothing against him at all. You Retired Navy can say what you want, I do not care! Just as you I have the right too say what I want when I want. If you do not like what I say don't read it. There is plenty more reading besides mine.
Sons M.D.
2008-11-20, 20:27:28
OJAS from United States  
Cool off you guys. We all know about the rivalry between the services is nothing new, this is the wrong forum to bring it up. If a guy made a mistake with HIS own money, so what? ... Who wants to hurt someone who is already down? This is the kind of infighting, scammers love to see. They want you to miss the real enemy, why play into their hands? Now, let's forget who fired the first shot, can both you extend yourselves a handshake, right here before us all? This is my challenge to both you guys!
2008-11-21, 05:51:42
anonymous from Turkey
2008-11-21, 11:25:52
spaceflight from United States  
Ok you are right we fight among ourselves too much I am sorry for what I said too you Navy! You have a right to say what you want. But you saying that I am not patiotic is not true! I love this country and will die standing up for it. Just as others in there countries would do for their lands. I am after the son-of-bitches that scam people and liers and should attack a brother in former service. Thank You US Navy for serving you country and making assholes like me free. I salute You sir and apoligize for my inconsiderate actions towards you sir!

M. Sons M.D.
2008-11-21, 11:28:25
spaceflight from United States  
I should not attack a brother of former service. (sorry of that type-O)
2008-11-21, 12:42:26
anonymous from United States  
OJIS - I do now extend an apology to Spaceflight, and to all others who have been insulted / offended by my poor use of this site . I was lucky in 2007, not to send any money to a female named Ludmilla . And she sounded so very convincing, at times . I was interested in that Russian culture and former enemy of ours . (still am !) However , I have been notifying everyone, that scammers need (two)players to recieve money . And for the most part - they are not girls / the girls pictured are victoms too ! Those letters are written by men / crimminals / thugs / some are women crimminals too ! They all 'delight' in making fools of the male species . I apologize to you Spaceflight , We should thank OJIS for mediating so diplomatically . I'm now outta here ! God Bless America - Salute to you both, USN/RET
2008-11-21, 16:35:21
OJAS from United States  
Glad we didn't have a friendly fire, scammers were hoping for ... our differences are just a separation over water, scammers are looking at a united opposition!
2008-11-21, 20:50:25
anonymous from White Plains, United States  

Photos used by Olga from Cheboksary

and also 'Ann' <

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