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mysql: How can I rename a database


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I want to rename my database from 'TEST' to something more meaningful. Do I have to make a backup, modify the SQL script and then restore it?


While that would work, there is an easier way. Shutdown the mysql server, rename the directory that stores the database from 'TEST' to your desired name. This 'TEST' directory is below the data directory. If you don't know where that is, try:

$ mysqladmin variables | grep datadir

After renaming, restart the MySQL server and check the grants - they might still contain references to the old database name.

You can also use a tool like phpMyAdmin (web interface to mysql) which has an option to rename a database.

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2006-02-24, 18:13:55
anonymous from Hungary  
2006-03-13, 00:51:59
anonymous from United States  
Worked perfectly!

If you're renaming the DB by command line, you'll want to grant user permissions to the new DB and delete permissions granted for the old DB. At a minimum, you'll need to run the following SQL:

remove from mysql.db where db='oldDBname';
2006-04-04, 07:02:07
[hidden] from Italy  
try this..
$ mysqladmin create new_db
$ mysqldump --opt old_db | mysql new_db

mysql>; revoke all from old_db_user@host;
2008-01-21, 07:49:01
I think that renaming the directory will cause trouble for those of you using stored procedures.
2008-05-30, 01:01:25
anonymous from Australia  
not being able to just rename a schema blows ass
2008-08-12, 02:43:25   (updated: 2008-08-12, 02:52:59) from United States  
I tried to shutdown mysql and rename the database in data folder. apperently it worked but when I tried to use the tables it gave me the error the tables does not exist !

2009-02-15, 07:27:24
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Provided that you can shutdown anything which is updating the database (so that there is no chance of anything changing), this is a good solution:

mysql -p
<enter password>
create database new_database;

mysqldump old_database -p | mysql -D new_database -p
<enter password>

It'll dump out the old database to STDOUT, pipe this to a second MySQL process and insert the dumped data (and schema) to the new DB.

You'll have to manually DROP the old DB and change the permissions on the new DB, but at least you have the data and schema.

I find this very useful for creating 'live' backups of databases.
2009-03-20, 11:58:05
anonymous from Spain  
you're a crack!!!
2009-06-26, 15:01:47
Provided that you can shutdown anything which is updating the database (so that there is no chance of anything changing), this is a good solution:

unfortunately, this is not a good solution for a sizable database. on a dual core 2.4Ghz workstation, loading my database from a dump takes about 52 hours.
2010-01-30, 09:10:26 from United States  
THANK YOU!! I renamed my DB perfectly thanks to YOU!! But Wanted to add.... if you go to your DB files on HD, I found them with no prob... but I did 1st try to rename it as store = store-1st = did not like the nameing config... I then renamed it to mystore, and it worked perfectly!!!! Thanks again you saved me a TON of time!!!!

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