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What is that milky fluid on my RX-8's oil dipstick?


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I found a milky fluid on my RX-8's oil dipstick - what does that mean?


This milky substance does not affect engine performance or any other functions of the vehicle. During cold weather, moisture contained in blow-by gases (exhaust, oil, fuel, water vapor) is cooled by the intermediate housing wall and condenses due to difference in temperature. A chemical reaction between the moisture reacts and the engine oil in the intermediate housing will yield the milky fluid. This fluid then eventually dissipates
as the engine warms up to full operating temperature.

The milky fluid does not affect the quality of the engine oil and therefore the engine performance is not affected either. Mazda has verified that the amount of moisture in the oil is within the acceptable standard for motor oils commonly found in the market.

However, you should verify that the coolant reservoir is full and that there is no sign of engine coolant leakage.

You can also go to you Mazda dealer and ask for a new oil level gauge tube plastic insert which has been developed as a countermeasure to keep the milky substance off of the dipstick (however, the substance will still be in there- it's a cosmetic fix only).

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2012-12-03, 17:50:14
Are you sure you didn't go too the Willy wonka chocolate factory? they problem put chocolate oil in your rotary and one of those migits got off in your dip stick

2013-03-02, 10:02:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I ha we in my rx8 milky fluid who to do?
2013-03-02, 16:52:18   (updated: 2013-03-02, 17:05:19)
Bax from United States  
2015-02-21, 09:20:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi i know this is an old post but do you know the part number for the plastic hose i went to my dealer and they couldnt find it.thanks
2015-06-09, 11:13:44   (updated: 2015-06-09, 11:19:44)
anonymous from United States  
I just wanted to clear some things up it is tiring when I see so many misguided people this happens when so many people think they can help without actually having knowledge of the internals. The sludge or 'milky' stuff in the oil and on the dipstick can and does happen on even new engines it is just condensation like others have said nothing to worry about but is a pain trying to check your oil the sleeves do help and if you have excessive amounts you should purchase them. If you have miles on your motor and you are spitting coolant out of your reserve tank, over heating issues, white smoke and excessive sludge this is not your apex seals but it is the water seals around your rotor that act as a head gasket would, in this case a rebuild or replacement will be needed. Apex seals are on the ends of the rotors if these are bad you will have lack of compression black exhaust and hard vibrations. In short if she is running fine you are good don't let others decide this for you. Personally I have multiple rx's and have a love hate with this new engine they designed for the 8. In my opinion the ports being moved up fixed heat issues we had with earlier 13b's yet caused some other issues and inconveniences not to mention new emission laws forcing our auto manufactures to add more restrictions to the exhaust. The thin weighted oil needed for the oil injectors can also be part of the problem I do not recommend using a heavier weight oils in any of them but I do in hot summer months and have had 0 sludge or issues I do take other precautions to ensure my engine is getting what it needs my rx8 has under 30,000 on this engine it was an 04 with issues so mazda replaced it with a newer engine and ecu upgrade when I got it back it had sludge in the oil on my 3rd oil change it was still there that is when I decided to treat it as I do my 7's. My 2 fc's 1 stock with 150,000 on the motor still great compression the other 70,000 on a street ported using ceramic seals and 3mm apex still perfect FD stock engine 50000 miles lots of upgrades and again 0 issues. I am a mechanic and went to school for it and have owned and worked on my own rx's for over 20 years. If you want yours to last treat it as you would a turbo give her time to warm up and cool down before you shut it off use synthetic blends of oil (not full synthetic) ask your dealer they will recommend it as well, higher octane fuel but most of all burn the carbon out once in awhile I do not mean go fast I hear that all the time, hold your rpms longer and bring them up this engine is only fully being used when you are above 3000 rpms if you have auto switch to manual once in awhile show her what 5-6000 rpms feels like this helps to clean your engine out the rotary engine needs this since it does burn oil. Other things you can do is homework read up on the rotary to give you your own knowledge so you can understand what exactly you have and the differences between that and a conventional engine.
2015-06-09, 17:17:48

2017-10-25, 19:12:25
Great article. I am going through many of these issues as well..
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