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Connecting a Motorola V phone with your PC - USB Data Cable problems


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I bought a new, unlocked Motorola V400 mobile phone on ebay. Since this phone has a (VGA resolution) camera, I wanted a data cable to connect the phone with my PC.
The data cable allows to transfer pictures, mp3 files and address book data between phone and PC (Outlook).

I found various offers on ebay that were very low priced.

"Motorola V551 V300 V330 V400 V600 USB Data Cable + CD"

The description for this product is typically like this:

  • 100% Brand New High Quality USB Data Cable w/ Driver
  • Quantity: 1
  • Start syncing data for your phone with this USB data cable with driver.
  • Connect your cellular phone with your PC/Laptop by the USB port to perform data transfer, fax and modem operations on GSM and TDMA products.
  • USB Driver is included. Driver configures the computer's COM port 4 (COM4) to be a USB port so that TrueSync can be used with the cable.
  • Note: TrueSync does not allow or recognize a USB connection; however, this data cable will configure the computer's COM4 to be a USB port. After installing USB driver, choose COM4 as your connection in TrueSync.
  • USB is supported on Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, not supported on Windows 95/98 1st Edition or Windows NT.
  • Act now while this offer lasts!
  • For use with: Motorola
  • Compatible with: A630 / A830 / A835 / A840 / A845 / A860 / A920 / A1000 / C305 / C341c / C343 / C343cr / c390 /c698p / C975 / C980 /E310 / E398 / E550 / E815 /E815m / E1000 / E1070 / M800 / M900 / ROKR E1 [E790] / T720 /T720c / T720i / T722 / T722i / T725 / T300p / T730c / T7 / V60 / V60t / V60c / V60g / V60i / V60p / V60s / V60v / V60x / V65p / V66 / V70 / V80 / V120 / V120c / V120e /V120t / V120x / V260 / V262 /V265 / V265m / V266 / V276 / V300 / V300m / V330 / V330i / V400 / V400p / V500 / V501 / V505 / V510 /V525 / V525m / V535 / V540 / V545 / V547 / V550 / V551 / V551j / V551m / V555 / V557 / V557p / V560 / V600 / V600i / V600m / V620 / V635 / V635i / V710 / V710m / V810 / V872 / V975 / V980 / V1050 / MPx220 / Timeport 270 / 270c / 280 / 280g
  • 206939"

I bought a combo of
  1. cable
  2. driver CD
  3. travel charger

for $0.99 plus $5.95 shipping.

With sales tax it came to $7.02. I already had a travel charger and a car charger, but hey - a spare charger cannot hurt, or?

The product arrived within 4 days.

I put the CDROM in the laptop (Windows XP),
plug the cable in the phone,
other end of cable goes in laptop's USB port.
computer recognizes new hardware
but fails to install the proper drivers.

I spend 12 hours over 2 days downloading various drivers and software tools.

Appears that the content of the driver CD (P2K drivers) is indeed needed, but you can download it for free from many many sources on the web (legal downloads)

Ideally you will also want a software application that does the synchronization. The drivers alone don't do you good. There are illegal copies available on the web, or in P2P file sharing networks, or you can buy "Motorola Phone Tools" from these guys:

As I said, I am not a computer novice, and after combined 12 hours of trying, I figured the cable may be bad. My cable has a print "V60" on it. Maybe not quite as compatible as I thought?

I went to the mall and bought an official Motorola Data Cable ($27.50 including sales tax).
Plugged it in, worked right away.
For 27.50 you don't even get a driver CD and of course no application either, but you get a functioning cable.

What about the cables on ebay? I found out that this is no single occurence. Many other customers have made the same experience. Those $0.49 cables are not working reliably.

Can can I do? Sure, I can mail the defective cable back to the ebay seller and get a refund of 99 cents (actually a loss after paying for shipping it back!)

The way I see it, I got a spare travel charger - which actually does work -, and hopefully one more positive feedback, all for $7.

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2007-01-03, 10:58:32
anonymous from India  
Motorola sucks.. i've been using other phones such as samsung, sony ericsson, nokia, palm treo and latest iPAQ rw6828 without problem of sync at least phone nos from laptop. Recently bought L6 as second phone and I can't even sync my phone number from my laptop. Motorola should make it easier to transfer phone nos as people tend to change phone brand frequently nowadays.
2007-01-04, 09:14:15
anonymous from Finland  
I have Motorola L6 and bought a regular usb cable from the local store (just see that the end are right) USB A TO MINI-B. Works just fine I'm using Motorola Phone tools 4.
First i connected it to my pc and transfered some pics to it and some mp3s for ringtones.
Now afer a mont or so i tried to connect again and it gave me an error cannot connect to phone. I saw that I had connected it to a 1.0 USB and before it was in a 2.0 .. so reconnected to the 2.0 and worked like a charm!

Now for the problem I cant transfer any games onto this phone via USB ... ??

It seems that the phone works fine with Blootooch but has problems on USB so if you want to save yourself some time dont buy the USB cable just buy a usb-Blootooth dongle.
2007-01-04, 16:24:21
sophs from United States  
fak! i forgot my mobile phone too cd @ home... isn't there a place, besides emule or so where i can download that shit 4 free?
2007-01-06, 11:20:25
anonymous from Sri Lanka  
2007-01-07, 05:22:52 from Nigeria  
I was really glad to get this software. though, it took me long time looking for the software, thank you
2007-01-07, 10:26:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Do I need a memory card in order to access the phone? i have connected the phone to the pc with the usb cable, although i dony have the 'software' you are all talking about but the PC know;s there is a motorola phone connected but asks me to insert a disk?

any comments would be appreciated
2007-01-07, 10:56:43
Peter from United States  
@anonymous from GB, 2007-01-07, 10:26:14:

That's your PC (respectively Windows), asking you for drivers :-)
2007-01-10, 14:11:38
anonymous from Australia  
Where Can I download a driver for the Motorola L6
2007-01-12, 01:41:09 from Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
dear Sir.
i bought Motrola L6.
i want to connect my cell phone with PC.i have also purchased data cable for USB port.
please tell what are the softwares which is required for transfering data from cell to PC or PC to Cell phone
2007-01-12, 01:53:14 from Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
dear Sir.
i bought Motrola L6.
i want to connect my cell phone with PC.i have also purchased data cable for USB port.
please tell what are the softwares which is required for transfering data from cell to PC or PC to Cell phone
2007-01-12, 13:36:37
anonymous from Milton Keynes in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom  
I bought a Motorola L6 from the carphone warehouse expecting to get a USB cable wiv it so i could transfer pictures from my pc to my phone and vica-versa, but i did'nt. Luckly my camera has the same USB port, so i got the cable 4 that and plugged it into my pc and phone, then it said on the pc 'motorola l6 FOUND' so i expected it to be ok, but then it said i needed to put in the installation disc i got with the phone...... but i did'nt get one!!! so i really need to find out a website or webpage where i can download this soft ware as soon as possible, plz tell me if u do :)
2007-01-13, 04:06:07
anonymous from Indonesia  
Just have a new motorola V3x and regret to have it......less feature...high prices
never buy motorola again
2007-01-13, 09:46:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello guys does anyboy know how to charge a l6 motorloa phone up from you computer using the USB plug?
2007-01-13, 09:48:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
replyiny to the question 3 boxes above erm... you can buy the software off of ebay i think but im not %100 sure have you tryed to blowse the internet a little and tryed to find a site?
2007-01-13, 20:07:56
anonymous from Philippines  
i have a v975 motorola i downloaded a driver from the web and after i installed the driver, my motorola v975 is lost, i wonder my neighbor got it.
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