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Dating scammer William E. Fredrick


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Name: William E. Fredrick



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Dating Scammer of Woman


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2017-02-21, 21:43:51
[hidden] from Denver, United States  
So currently he has assumed the name of Fred Oliver, he contacted my mother Dana through Facebook and has her so brain washed that she has cut ties with her own bloodline. We even posted this article on her page, to which she is totally oblivious to and it's sad that I now have to watch her destroy everything because of her own stupid3 & his idiot acts. All I do know is if ever the opportunity arises and we met face to face, he won't be leaving with any life.
2017-03-20, 13:30:50
anonymous from United States  
William Fredrick/William E. Fredrick.. William is a professional Scammer of woman. He has many stolen images of himself and his child. Lisa is the child he is using now, the last was a stolen image of a Son named Daniel. All fictitious and stolen. He uses God to convince woman of his intentions. He promises many things and uses his love to convince you he is REAL. He plays the victim, so you may feel sorry for him and give in and send money...He uses his stolen image of a child to help make you feel sorry for him. He promises you the world and that he will pay back the money you send to him. He is also a predator, so watch your daughters.
BELIEVE or NOT! You will never ever get your money back and you will never ever meet him. HE IS NOT REAL.

2017-03-20, 13:38:01
anonymous from United States  
William Fredrick/William E. Fredrick..A Dating Scammer DO NOT SEND MONEY to this person.
He uses God, love and whatever it takes to convince you. He will make you feel like you are part of his life. You are only the money part! He is not real. He is a scammer and Predator.. You will never ever meet him and you will never ever get your money back. You are only one of the many woman he is talking to and promising the same. You will only lose.

2017-04-05, 13:30:01
anonymous from United States  
FREDRICK WILLIAM, AKA, WILLIAM FREDRICK/WILLIAM E. FREDRICK This Scammer has changed his name and image. He has also used this stolen image in the past. Do not listen to his promises, words of love, his sad story ...all lies. He uses God to win the trust of woman, many woman for money and ONLY money. He is very convincing, a true professional. He is not an engineer, he is not widowed, he does not have a Son or Daughter and does not have any money. Please DO NOT send money to him, regardless of what he will never ever get it back and you will never ever meet him. He is not WHO or WHAT he says he is...all LIES using God, Stolen Images of Innocent Men and fictitious names. BELIEVE or NOT...You are the only one to lose and of course your family. And always remember he is talking to many woman using the same words for money only..

2017-05-07, 23:25:17 from United States  
Hello, I have a family friend who is currently 'dating' william douglas aka william fredrick and needs help! We cannot seem to get her to understand the situation while she keeps throwing money at him. Please anyone willing to talk or provide any info, contact me. He's using the same photos as several of you have posted. Email me at
Thank you
2017-07-20, 22:00:56
anonymous from United States  
William Fredrick has returned to the image as I knew him. Only difference is now with help I know who this image belongs to and it is Not William Fredrick. This image belongs to a very successful family man who has a wife, daughter and son and loves his family dearly. William takes images off this mans FB page to prove to you he has money and a Son. William claims he is a widow, and has a son in a boarding school. All Lies, every part of his life he shares with you are pictures of a stolen image including his son as he refers to as Daniel. The one and only interest he has in woman is their money. He will say and promise anything to accomplish this. He is a professional dating scammer and preys on woman with words of love. Please know that he only cares about the money. This is what he does for a living at self employed. He is not an engineer or anything else...just a scammer who works with many others. He also uses God to win the trust of woman.
He plays the victim always and will intimidate you if you ever say no to him....He will try to make you feel like you don't care about him and try to make you feel less then human. He is also talking to many other woman using the same strategy for dollars.
If you send him money you will never ever get it back and you will never ever meet him. You and your family will be the only ones to lose....He will ruin you emotionally and financially.
He plays a rich man, but needs money? REALLY, doesn't make any sense....A cold heartless liar and thief!

2017-09-04, 22:25:37
This guy also goes by Cole Evan Martins (@cole_evan_martins) on Instagram and Cole Martins (@colemartins2) on Twitter. Says he has a 15 year old son named Alex and lives in Houston, Texas. Gave a phone number of (352) 340-0885, which is a .com phone number out of Gainesville, FL. Luckily, I caught it before he could sink his claws in me. Here are the pictures he uses:

2017-09-04, 22:43:24
anonymous from United States  
Adding another picture used by the scammer that goes by Cole Evan Martins:

2017-09-18, 16:34:43
anonymous from United States  
This man goes by William Fredrick and many other names and stolen images. He is a professional Scammer of Woman. He does not have a Son and is not a widow and is not an engineer. He is full of deceit, lives off woman, many woman. He uses God, many promises and many words of Love, all lies for money, his only interest. His only employment is scamming woman. He is a lethal, demented person, always playing the victim, ruining the lives of many emotionally and financially. Should you decide to play his game and send him money, just know you will never ever get it back and you will never ever meet him. You and your family will's all up to you. I was stung by this person as were many.

2017-09-19, 20:24:47   (updated: 2017-09-19, 20:28:03)
anonymous from United States  
Currently going by Richard (rick) Davis and is on UK.match as enigmaticrick out of San Francisco,CA. Same story, 8 year old daughter in boarding school, is an engineer based out of the UK.

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