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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2009-02-14, 09:24:07
anonymous from United States  
THIS IS A SCAMMER>>>RUN...Do it now!
2009-02-14, 09:26:29
anonymous from United States  
I AGREE!! Not only a criminal, but a predator. Not much better then the bottom dwellers that molest children.
2009-02-14, 09:29:55
anonymous from United States  
CAN WE ALL COUNT HOW MANY TIMES THIS GUY SAID THE WORD...HONEY..??? Please keep in mind they cut and paste other peoples profiles and then put some of their own verbage inside. Reread the initial letter, you will clearly see that it is another man who is speaking when he starts to talk about being available for webcam, that is the real guy. I found my entire profile cut and pasted onto another man's site. They even steal women's profile else would they be able to attract so many other woman?
2009-02-15, 16:56:45
WOW! Similar situation. I am one of the lucky ones as I picked up on the scam. Never sent him anything. He goes by the name Terry Wilson and claims to be from Worcester, MA, USA. He is on Lavalife with the nicknames reallove4real1 and lovemegood122. His email is terry.wilson1@hotmail and number is +233 244 613 129, # is closed now. What a surprise. Ladies, watch out for him: he will send you flowers, chocolate, fruit basket and more flowers. I wonder who's credit card he has frauded. He claims to have a 12 year old son and a wife who passed away and that his best friend cheated with his ex-girlfriend. And he will recite love phrases from a book, will send you a romantic ecard, will chat online with you everyday and when claims that he is heading to Ghana, Africa, his computer does not work and will chat with you on the internet cafe. He has asked me to send him t-shirts and computers, NO WAY!!!!! Ladies, let's show them that we are real women and do not fall their scam. I am just glad that I caught on. I do feel bad for the guy he stole the identity from.

2009-02-15, 17:25:11   (updated: 2009-02-15, 17:34:22)
anonymous from United States  
I can add anther name to the list of wildlife documentary filmakers, besides Steve Morgan: The new name to be wary of is MICHAEL HAYNES. filming porcuppines, in Teluda, Spain and then moving to Falkenburg, Sweden...crew of 7; buying a flim clip from some guy in Sweden, etc....
XenUm Monumental Bank acct. number 826479851; moved to US, address Seattle; 10 year old daughter, Stacy, he is a widower; Canbera, Australia. Gave me mother' email and name as well Ceci Haynes. You all seem to have run into the same man. I have a different picture! Quite handsom. He was on, he was 'buspark12' quite the romatic.
Enough said about the wildlife filmmakers and porcupines

2009-02-15, 18:39:21
anonymous from Brazil  
Thank you folks for all the warnings. I have a Brazilian friend living in Perth and she checked his address there and it was fake. I blocked his e-mails and he already stopped calling me.
It's a pitty I will never know the real person behind the computer and if the real Paul Davis knows that his pictures and profile had been scammed.
By the way, I never sent him anything.
2009-02-16, 13:25:48
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture of Mike Haynes to add to the picture library for the porcuppine documentary filmaker.
...other information includes: his wifes' name was Anne, but she died; he emailed me in October 2008 and has been hanging on all this time...supposedly due to come back to Seattle in March, I am sure there will be another obstacle! When he disappears or changes the chat schedule I am sure he is soooo busy chatting up another female conquest...what a rogue.
As for the picture who knows who he really is, this guy could be an innocent victim as well...

2009-02-17, 18:11:39   (updated: 2009-02-17, 18:14:48)
anonymous from Canada  
Here another pic of Terry Wilson from Worcester, MA, USA. But really some little guy from Ghana, Africa. ANOTHER WARNING: ALL THESE MEN CLAIM THAT THEY WATCH OPRAH in the States. They know her as she is popular in Africa. Also beware of MOONFULL on Lavalife as he goes by the name James. Incredible they are everywhere.
Here is another pic of Terry Wilson. PLEASE do not fall for these idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not worth our time.

2009-02-17, 18:17:34   (updated: 2009-02-17, 18:26:13)
anonymous from Canada  
Here is another pic of Terry Wilson. He is still trying to contact me. His new number is +233 208 635 516. He is not worth my time. I feel bad for the innocent guys whose pictures are being used. We can only imagine that they are using ours to scam men out there too. I belive that this a like a network as I once received a text by mistake and it said: Masa tell Chief to give u the address plzzz.. then text me. There must be a chief who gives them the address to where they are asking an innocent person to wire them the money or itemsWhen I asked him whi is masa, he told me it was his mom who lives in Portugal. Masa is not mom in Portuguese. They really must thinks we are so stupid. Hey we do have google!!!!

2009-02-23, 08:34:06
anonymous from United States  
This guy hit on me and I am a guy.

2009-02-23, 13:25:55   (updated: 2009-02-23, 13:29:58)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from Cincinnati, United States 2009-02-17, 20:49:15

aka the Cincinnati kid, Darlene C Jones and Darlene C Daily.

I've been following your posts on many threads on this web site asking simple questions that a little research would answer. I think your here to waste our time.

I think your a scammer from a West African country, and now you want someone removed.

We need more evidence of what you say. Please get you husband to confirm who he is!

Darlene C Jones link:
Cincinnati kid link:
Darlene C daily link

Question is........WHO ARE YOU? WHY SHOULD WE DELETE the Mark A Jones entry?
2009-02-24, 23:43:55
anonymous from United States  
The man that started scamming me called himself Daniel Lowery. We started communicating on very briefly. His profile stated that he was a 48 year old man, widowed with one child, and he lived in the city I live in. His ID was 'sunnylove1960'. He initially had no picture, but I told him that if he wanted more responses, he should post a photo.
He said that he preferred to chat on yahoo IM. The following is his first communication on
'Well i will like to start by saying,I was born and bread in Germany precisely Berlin.My mum is an American but my dad is a German but we all spend most of our life living in Berlin.
My dad's job is a Gold merchant and i orient that when he died,You may be wondering who a Gold merchant is?I do transact business in Gold and other precious minerals and am also in mining business and also into research and because of that it makes me travel a lot.
I have been to many parts of the world and i really learn more cultural values and beliefs of the people i meet.
I do like dogs very much,was having a chihuahua but he is dead now.
Am looking for a woman who is loving and caring,a woman who will make me happy for the rest of my life,a woman who is passionate, has a great sense of humor and Good etiquette and i hope you are that my dear.
Hope to hear from you soon and also chat with you on the im as well.
I will like to get your email address so that i email you my picture ok as i just register.'

As we were chatting I asked if I could talk to him on the phone, meet, etc. He said he was busy with work, but gave me a foreign phone number. He said he needed a foreign number for business. When I asked him what country it was he told me it was Ghana because he did alot of gold and gem searching there. Shortly after he finally agreed that we would meet, he had to leave for Ghana on business.
When he 'arrived in Ghana', he sent me an email professing his undying love for me (after only 1 week of IM). So I finally decided to call him on it and asked him who he really was. And even after I did this, he had the nerve to tell me he needed a new laptop because it wasn't working after he tried to charge the battery without a converting adapter for Ghana. He tried to get me to order him a laptop, have it sent to my address and then forward it to Ghana using FedEx. I was extremely cautious the whole time we were chatting and would not give him my address, so hopefully I am safe from receiving unwanted items. He did email me pictures, but I deleted the email that they were attached to. As soon as we started chatting, he removed his profile and asked that I do the same, which I refused to do.
Has anyone else had an encounter with Daniel Lowery?
2009-02-25, 20:19:00
anonymous from United States  
I almost got scamed by a guy named Mark Smith, supposedly from Rochester NY. He told me he has a masters degree in civil engineering and also a degree in investigation.He told me he is working in Ghana on some cases, trying to retrieve money for clients who got scammed. After only a few days he fall in love with me, so he said. Then he told me about a project which was started by engineers from UK but they had to leave after the new President in Ghana was elected. Next thing I heard was that he got the contract for himself. Just...he needed a better labtop as his was old and he asked for me to send him one and also a good cellphone for his driver as it was his driver supposedly who made him aware of this contract. Well, I got his phone number in Ghana, I was curious and called him once or twice, was not able to understand him, also his spelling was not that great. But he sure wrote love letters !
Even after I confronted him, he still insisted that he is not a scammer and for me to send him the laptop! To me this is unbelievable!
He met me in Skype. Who got information about him?

2009-02-26, 07:03:11
here are the pics of the scammer that messaged me when they knew i wasnt going to send any money they went crazy abusing me for what its worth australians should stay clear of ghannians
2009-02-26, 07:04:20
anonymous from Australia  
here is another

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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