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Dating scammer philip korley


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Name: philip korley



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says that he lives in florida, then canada and that he is on a mission trip to Ghana where his family lives. Sends long weird emails that really dont make a lot of grammatical sense and pushes for a visit to see me.


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2007-05-16, 16:38:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-09-19, 13:07:12
I was told by him that he was an artist who graduated from University of Ghana and he has a family owned and operated Orphanage and owns a house in Florida. He pushes for me to visit him but I have no interest in going to Africa. Please watch out for him. He also has a profile on claims that he is very religious. The picture that is posted here is the same pics on BPM...
2007-09-21, 14:49:49
anonymous from United States  
WOW thanks I just got off line from fine Philip Korley. He even sent me a doz. roses ooohhh wow. I let him know that i knew he was a scammer. He was like 'holy God'. There are a lot of them from Ghana. Thanks for looking out. He's so fine, to bad. He asked me for $ to get him here and was really pressing me to do so. Kept telling me that he loved me sooo much . Hell i don't even know him just met him on I love being a women with an intuition. Peace :)
2007-09-29, 08:18:57
anonymous from United States  
Yes I got the roses too. Cannot track the source. I have tried several times. Also we have had long conversations. I told him that he was a scammer from the beginning same comment 'Holy God' I also told him that I was just as attractive as him so looks wasn't working for me. Hell there are fine Ass men here in the US but they just scam you for SEX.. LOL... and I don't fall for that either... Anytime you get an email from someone in Africa from BPM 9 times out of 10 they are a scammer....and then they tell you instantly to go to yahoo that is a true sign. Yes they fall in love instantly and want to get married and have children. I told him WHATEVER. He never asked me for money but I think that was b/c I started out by telling him that he was a scammer and he was trying so hard to convience me that he wasn't. My life does not consist of those things. I have checked and double checked. I cannot say what I do for a living but believe me one final question to him and he cut off all contact with me. Also good possibility that his PIC is stolen from other sites and posted on BPM.. That goes on a lot. They PIC attractive pics of people post them and think that it is suppose to get you..
Looks are good but if you don't have on the inside what is on the outside then they know where they can go. He is actually hidded for HELL b/c he uses God as a propt for his lies and tricks. I feel sorry for poeple who have to scam to live. Sorry you can't get me so get a JOB...
2007-09-29, 08:46:49
anonymous from United States  
There are 2 Black People Meet sites for him Phydonphy and SuperiorMan... This PIC is posted on Phydonphy... Ladies don't let the good looks fool you or teh holier than thou attitude... Yes like the last comment he is headed for hell...

2007-12-05, 19:36:44
hey girls, i also got the 2 dozen roses........he must work in a flower shop.......i got all the promises of love, etc. who does he think he's fooling....he must be pretty bored over there to have to lie to so many women.....he's probably ugly too.....stealing that fine man's pic. Remember philip korley, GOD dont like ugly.
2007-12-05, 21:08:11
he gave me roses also...............what is he the rose king? he gave me his address as the following: 844 Greenbriar Lake Park, Fl 33403 561-842-7586...said he was in ghana with divine healers church and to help his mom with the poor orphans.....ha....he is gonna be the orphan....
2007-12-05, 21:14:02
here is latest pic sent

2007-12-12, 10:15:39
anonymous from United States  
He is truly a scammer. Please Please beware of him. He thinks that looks mean everything but what he fails to realize is that all women are not struck by looks alone. You can tell that he is a scammer by what he says and does. His voice sounds like a ignorant Ghanian with no education. Yes he also told me that he once lived in Florida with his now deceased father but moved back to Ghana to help his Mom with their Family owned and operated Orphange. The Ghanian Embassy has no record of The Devine Healers Church or an Orphanage. He can't keep up with his lies either. He is just another broke ass AFRICAN who needs some money. Eventually he will ask for money. Keep asking more and more questions. I did so thats why I contacted the Embassy of Ghana here in Washington DC so that they can investigate him. They are going after him. He is posted on other sites (same pic as the top one) as 17 years olds (which is his sons age), as a 67 year old and as a 23 year old. Myspace type in, BlackPlanet, and it is one more but I can't remember it. I believe he is either an orphane, or a crackhead. Say his X wife lives here in the states and is a drug user. And 99% of Ghanian men do NOT look like him. Trust me. I work with a lot of them. They have even said that it embarresses them to find out that there are so many Ghanian Scammers.. Do not help the Orphange either. He will take the money and use it for himself. Religious so he claims to be. If you know GOD you know not to play with HIM...He does not like ugly.
2007-12-12, 10:18:45
anonymous from United States  
By the way the name I was given is Philip Donalds Korley and the phone is 011233249320670. Haven't heard from him in about 3 weeks now. Maybe he finally got arrested..
2007-12-12, 10:43:38
anonymous from United States  
The phone number that someone listed above belongs to an E Korley at address 844 Greenbriar, Lake Park, Florida 33403 561 842 7586 Maybe some relation...
2007-12-19, 15:34:58
i just talked to philip and he said he ex wife is just writing these lies cause he dumped her. so if you are out there ex wifey....let us hear ur story......
2007-12-19, 15:37:18
hey, ex wifey......send us a picture of the real 'philip korley'. we would all like to see.
2007-12-20, 07:12:05
anonymous from United States  
He has used that same excuse about his Ex Wife. But then he changes the story and says that is EX is not his wife it is a Girlfriend that he dated and she's mad that they broke up and that she is really good with computers. (WHATEVER) I have heard so many many lies I just laugh at him now and if he was telling the truth why is he talking to so many women trying to date them..... and why is he on so many different sites ie.. Black People Meet, My Space, Face Book, Black Planet and there are a couple of more but I can't remember the names of them. And on each site he lists same pic but different ages and locations. Also there are 2 Black People Meet profiles and one I beleive is the real person and he has not logged on to his site for over 6 months now. I sent a message to him to see is he is the person... He also says that it's his son and he uses his Email address and name and PICS to go on sites because he monitors everything that he does. CRAZY ..

Scammers..........BROKE ASS AFRICANS... And what makes it so bad it's getting closer to Christmas and he wants money... I am trying my best to have him arrested for scamming people..

DON'T FALL FOR ANYTHING THAT HE SAYS. Dumb ass has lied sop much that he can't even remember his sons birthday. Says that it is the same day as his. (It is Possible) but he couldn't get the year right for a 44 year old or a 17 year old.. Who doesn't know the year they were born or their child..

2007-12-20, 10:28:54
anonymous from United States  
Ladies, ladies.. please dont get involved with this evil indidivual like I did. Philip is a very vicious, evil, manipulating, scamming, begging inhuman that uses GOD for his tricks and financial gain. I have dealt with this individual since April 07 which ended costing me and my daughter since October 07. He has even went as far as using stolen credit cards to purchase items to be sent to my home to be sent to him in Ghana. I have even receieved the flowers, and my 15 year old received the flowers with the teddy bears... the whole bit. Philip even purchased me a wedding band from a Palm Beach Fla jewlerer. I believe it was also purchased with a stolen credit card. Phil and his son Peter was in the game together. Please ladies dont be foolish like I was.. it will cost you. To this very day, he tries to contact me.. f**k him it is not worth my time. He is a very evil person to even involve the lies with a 15 year that was highly devastated by his lies, actions and scams. She was an innocent person in this scam which hurt her badly. Philip tried to deny the accusations on line about him by telling me it was his ex-wife..which he even tried to convince me by contact a fake lawyer to write to me to let me knw they were pressing charges.. Yea rite. Phil is a fraud, and he is definetly going to bust HELL wide open. I was very hesitant to put my information about him online due to my stupid actions by believing him. But oh well...he has to be stopped. This is not his ex wife doing this is his son Peter and Phil bullS**t. Please Phil is very convincing but is a liar, fraud, scammer, evil and very greedy. Oh yea by the way we were supposed to be married in the Caribbean.. dont fall for that either. LOL. I have reported him to the authorities and Phil called me the other day and emailed me to tell me 'If you love me U wont do it.. What a flake...LOL.
Below are some of the emails sent to me from Philip start to finish.. They are over 120 emails but these are some of the ones I can send. FROM PHIL:

You know that I love you And I want to share my life Will you come and live with me And be forever my wife I want to be your husband And have many children together We will always share our dreams And be there for each other
I want to grow old with you As we share our happyiness and love I will care for you in sickness And pray to God up above So I am standing here believing How happy we will be As I give you this ring with a question Will you Marry me?
Will You Marry Me?.......And Dont even answer it cos i Know the answer is going to be a BIG YES.


This is after his actions were posted on, and I have reported him to the authorites.. FROM PHIL:

Hunny these r all Lies some Kind of Plan on me and i hope it never works.

Hello Hunny I know how u feel about me not showing Up and am soo disappointed u Reported me.If u dnt want me JUST let me knw. U reported me to the authorities.U Wont do Tht if u really love me.

This email is how he is still trying to lie to me.. please n**ga move around i am no longer interested. FROM PHIL:

How r u doing Love Miss u soo Much .Been Busy Lately But dnt worry I will be with u soon.The Tracking Number is not functioning so Plz chck it .Mom said she was going to call u .I dnt know if she did But if she does tell her we r Okay or if she knows and in Fl she will eat me Up Cos she really Likes u and wnts me to be with u.

Ladies if these dont convince you all that he is a real true heartless scammer that has no regards for you or your children and make them believe in him.. then nothing else will convince you and you will be caught up in his web of lies and deception like I was a victim of.

By the way Phil and his son Peter have been reported to the authorities on the items that are still here at my home..that he is trying to convince me to send to his lil ole mom in Ghana. (2 Microwave ovens and comforters..very pretty I might add. Nike slippers, and Nike tennis shoes..which I am holding for the authorities from ICW-3 (Internet Crime Dept to come and confiscate. Philip and Peter beware they are coming.

Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint
Center (IC3).

Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the
following information for future contacts with the IC3:

Sorry for the long email..but if i can prevent this from happening to you innocent ladies and your babies I will try. By the way my daughter send him an email of betrayal and disappointment.
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