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Dating scammer Smith Williams


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Name: Smith Williams


ZIPCODE: 23401

Other Comments:
This man is scamming with women trying to get account numbers and telling them he loves them with all his heart. Delete him do not chat with him at all!!

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2013-07-17, 19:15:55
2013-07-17, 19:18:43

Patrick Wilson


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2013-07-17, 19:23:37
2013-07-18, 06:42:09

Patrick Wilson<>
Tel: +447544644879

Wilson limited<mailto:Wilson limited>
2013-07-21, 14:18:14
Domi from Poland  



2013-07-21, 20:42:47
The picture reported before as losemann scam, the page gives an error.




2013-07-29, 09:45:57
ester mamaghella from Rome, Italy  
ciao mis murple. è tanto tempo che non scrivo qui, ho avuto da fare con il solito pazzo, ho ricevuto altre prove, di persone, o vittime, che sono stata in video contatto con il loro truffatore, e anche loro hanno confermato che la faccia e la persona con la quale hanno parlatoè john mageau, qui non si tratta piu di furto di foto, ma di vero e proprio contatto video e sonoro, 1identita james williams ti invierò altre identita
e altre foto

2013-07-29, 09:52:45
estre mamaghella from Italy john mageau Vive a Canada Corners, Michigan
Città natale: New Orleans

2013-08-03, 11:25:25
ester mamaghella from Rome, Italy  
ciao miss murple ecco l'identita di altro truffatore
2013-08-03, 19:52:09
Miss Marple from United States  
Ciao Ester,come stai? bene? Molto Grazie per la foto postata voi, è una foto rubata su un militare americano James Stuart, rubato e abusato da truffatori da Ghana. Nome James amore dice tutto.
Photos on Stuart James used in scams.



James Love
Vodafone Ghana,


2013-08-09, 09:57:19
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Hello, hereby to inform on the following issues:

I became a victim of dating scammer Williams Smith.

(1) ROMANTIC CORКESPONDENCE. I have entered into the romantic correspondence with him since Fri 19/04/2013 13:05. On Fri 05/07/2013 he informed me about his leaving to work at Canada rig and sending me presents by Company Name: Trans Air Courier Services
Tracking Number: 536489353
The parcel is containing Iphone 5, Two Sets Of Jewelries, Ipad 2, Apple Laptop, Diamond Ring and a Rose Flower with the sum of Nine thousand, five hundred British pound sterling (9,500) perfectly hidden in the sealed laptop pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and prepare for my visit. Number is:+447999710556.

(2) PAYMENTS. After receiving requests from Transair Courier Services to make payments for the immediate processing and delivery of the parcel in Malaysia I made the following payments through Western Union 10-12/07/2013:
-     $1,195 to Choo Lee Lan; 133B Persiaran Gurney. 10250 Penang Malaysia.
-     $ 2380 to HENDRICK TASHA. Address: 11C, Jalan Wawasan 4/1, Bandar Baru Ampang, 68000, Ampang, Selangor, 68000, Malaysia.
On the 11/ 07/2013 The Trans Air Courier Services informed me that I need to pay $ 18 000 more as they found inside the parcel £950,000.
Williams Smith wrote the following:
11/07/2013 - My love there is something I need to explain to you...the money inside the parcel is way above what I initially told you was inside the parcel. What I put in the parcel is £950,000.
12/07/2013 - I have been discussing with the company representatives for some hours's midnight here but b can't sleep. They even gave me the number of the Controller of customs of the Malaysian Airport, and after hours of begging,they finally agreed that we will have to make a payment of $5,000.

And I made 2 payments more 17/07/2013
-     $ 5 000 (twice $ 2 500 to Choo Lee Lan; 133B Persiaran Gurney. 10250 Penang)
(3) TRAVEL TO MALAYSIA. I left for Kuala Lumpur on Sat 27/07/2013 relying Williams Smith, whom I trusted, and the letter from Trans Air Courier Services
(4) (4) HELP OF MY FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES. In Fri 26/07/2013 I informed The Russian Embassy about my visit and intention to be registered at 9.30 on Mon 29/07/2013. Before departure after passport control I informed my son about my decision to go. At the Dubai airport I got the following information form my friends and colleagues:
There is no such a company in the list of post companies of the world.
Domen was registered in DEC 2012 FOR A PRIVATE PERSON.
Above all there are witnesses on the whole net for cheating people,
As for Williams Smith - dating scammer, This man is scamming with woman trying to get account numbers.

(5) BRAINS WORK AGAIN. At the Dubai airport I took a decision not to go to Kuala Lumpur, and bought a return ticket to Saint-Petersburg, on Sun 28/07/2013 at 16.00 I was in Saint-Petersburg.
(6) TO CONCLUDE. This team of gamblers made a good business of $ 10 000 on playing on feeling of aging woman. I am not a stupid person, I work hard all my life using my intellectual abilities, I am a good mother and a grandmother, but I am alone woman. This team turned to be intellectually stronger.
I am ready to answer all your questions.

2013-08-09, 13:15:08
Domi from Poland  
Good morning my love XXX
How are you doing now and i really miss you so much and tell me what are you doing now and how was work and i hope everything is okay with you and tell me when was the wedding is going on and why do not send me the money today so that i can do everything fast and come meet you at the wedding please just try today and send me the money.
I wish you all the best and waiting for reply.

Website: ( http://wilsoncompan..soncompany )
Company E-mail:
My company name: Wilson Company Ltd.
Address :
Patrick Wilson
177 The Avenue,
West Wickham,
Kent, BR4,
United Kingdom
Tel: +447544644879

2013-08-09, 13:16:29
Domi from Poland  

2013-08-09, 20:11:40
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-08-09, 09:57:19
anonymous from Russian Federation
I am sorry that you are scammed.It was good you did not go to Malaysia,you never know with these Nigerian scammers as reports indicates victims who goes and meets their scammers it had no go end.Kidnapes ,rapes and even murders have been reported.Have you reported the scam to the police? I would suggest you reporting this scam to the police in Malaysia in this case.I just recently posted about 60 scammers with 49 men and 3 women from Nigeria have been arrested for frauds online especially towards women (Love scams)Do you have a emailaddress on this scammer? I have added some links for you you can check on ...No you are not stupid ,scammers are professionals in what they are doing ,they are manipulative and sophisticated .Anyone can get scammed by these thieves.You are not alone to have met a scammer on this site .There are so many people that gets scammed .

All kind regards //Miss Marple//




как не плачевно..но моя мама тоже попалась на это...и деньги пропали...теперь этот чел Mr. Mark David Address: 1A Dora Rd London SW19 7EZ, UK Phone no: +447999710556 та же история...любовь морковь на 2й день общения. вдовец, имеет девочку 7 лет, жена умерла от рака. есть в скайпе mark.david.1313, общался даже со мной. послал посылку якобы там айфон айпад крашения 9500фунтов стерлингов..из-за чего посылку задержали в малази...с начал писали пошлину выплатите так как в посылке деньги есть. мы поверили..ведь так хотелось верить в чудо..и отправили $1300нас уведомили что да они получили перевод, он нас торопил еще, потому что мы хотели дождаться его так как он обещал приехать а россию. потом вечером нам приходит письмо что типо прежде чем выслать посылку надо оплатить страховку в 84 000руб...ма сказала нет денег приедешь и заплатишь он огорчился. просил брать кредит и все такое мы сказали что нет плати сам он ответил что работа на палубу надо.и вышел из скайпа. а потом я решила проверить по адресу его, ма поздно додумалась что это мошенник может и я нашла ваш сайт. НЕ ВЕРЬТЕ ЭТОМУ ЧЕЛОВЕКУ!!!! его почта. а наши мы его в чтоб Бог его покарал за всех обманутых тяжким наказанием! да сами виноваты что поделать..

but miserably .. but my mother also fell for it ... and now the money is gone ... this person Mr. Mark David Address: 1A Dora Rd London SW19 7EZ, UK Phone no: +447999710556 same story ... love carrots on 2nd day communication. widower, has a girl 7 years old, his wife died of cancer. Skype is a mark.david.1313, even talked to me. allegedly sent a parcel there aypad iPhone dyeing 9500funtov sterling .. which is why the parcel was detained in Malaysia ... started writing duties with pay out as in sending money there. We believe .. it is so wanted to believe in a miracle .. and sent $ 1300nas notified that yes they were translating, he urged us more, because we wanted to wait for him because he promised to come and Russia. then in the evening we received a letter that Tipo before send the parcel must pay the insurance in 84 000rub ... ma said there'll come and pay the money he got upset. asked to take the credit and all that we have said that there is no pay he said that the work on the deck nado.i out of Skype. and then I decided to check at it, ma late guessed that this scammer can and I found your site. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON!! his mail. and we have it in our so God punished him for all deceived serious punishment! but themselves to blame for what to do

2013-08-10, 12:46:23
African scammers build fake website company, using false name as Patrick Wilson and of course his image to.

Scammers have no balls to post their true identity and photos, that's why hiding under false name and image of innocent people.

They created a WIX site : To fool victims pretend to have gold business, website build with stolen pictures of internet.

Their site again :

Gold fever

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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