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Dating scammer Smith Williams


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Name: Smith Williams


ZIPCODE: 23401

Other Comments:
This man is scamming with women trying to get account numbers and telling them he loves them with all his heart. Delete him do not chat with him at all!!

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2014-07-13, 12:48:59
anonymous from Netherlands  
To all the read this,

I have met on the dating site precise 1 year ago on 1 august 2013 Mr. Frank Antonio Jarvis.We have send more tan 400 each emails from day one until 25 mei 2014 this year.
He was saying to me that he was divorced and his wife was 2 years after the divorce past away. Future he has a son Sean 8 years old. He have a house in the UK, Brigg North Lincolnshire, and a home in the New York the Queens.

He was in his last year in the army coming from Irak going to Afghanistan and now waiting the last few months and going home.
After 3 weeks he was asking me of i can do for him a friends service a packkage he wil send me including 3.85 million dollar. I have initially said yes, but i'm sure come back later. We have argue on skype, and he was not amused whit this. After 2 weeks later i become a telephon call from this special Agent Mr. Khan, they was bringing this packkage to the Uk. I have to pay 15.000 euro for the right papers. Because they where not including.
This I have no pay, i have not asking for this packkage so this was complete the issue from Frank. He was very pissed off. But I have no pay.
Then in october 2013 he was talking to me on skype that he have received for good working and peace keeping in Afghanistan 2 boxes off gold including each 6 bars off finest gold. He want to come to the Netherlands where I lived and bring the gold whit him. But he was going to Accra Ghana, because there have less payment for the right papers from this gold. He not have them.

I have every chat and email copy and on my computer I can from the beginning until now every mail send to you if you will.

He was in GHana from the 18 november 2013 until 9 april 2014 then he was moving to the UK. There in the Uk is he arrested because off the packkage. He was sending me in the middle off the night some mail via Skype that he was arrested. In the Uk stands 17 years for Money Laundering, the packkage was including 3.85 million dollar, so they want from him 33.000 pound. is 42.000 euro. This was the second time he was asking me for money.

I was in the UK, on Heathrow, but the officer in charge Mr. Kevin Smith he was not cooperate whit me. He was saying that only the lawyer have the permission to see Mr. Jarvis. Frank was asking me for money for the Lawyer and send this to Ghana to Mr. Robert Kelly Yeboah,P.O.Box 5851, Accra Ghana, or another same name P.O. box 642 Ringway Estates OSU.
I have this also not pay, because he was asking for 2000 euro. Why I have send the money to Ghana, when the Uk have there one lawyers?

After 2 months they send him back to Ghana this was on 28 mei 2014. I have the conversation from Skype one my computer. I was calling 2 june out Ghana from a doctor Michael Azu, that Frank was involved in a car accident and a violent robbery. He was very bad hurt and he lay in coma.

He was also sending me, 2 pictures from the insurens Frank have.

The doctor say to me, he have not the treathment for him and asking me 1200 euro to send him to Chili. This I have also not payed. Then the doctor was using the phone from Frank and was calling me very often to send the money. I have all the SMS on my phone.

10 days ago I have received the last SMS from Frank, he was texting me one 1 juli 2014, 16.14 A'm going to die here. Thank you for everything. and 3 juli 2014, 14.18, A'm not good and i didnt sleep well. How about you?

When you will see Frank then you have to go to Facebook, search for the Chelsea Inn, in Accra, look to the pictures and you can see Frank playing soocer whit some other guest, he is the tall guy in his dark short behind.

I'm not live in Hilversum but in Amsterdam.

Frank his email adres:
skype: Frank Antonio, Kabul Afghanistan
his telephonnumber: 00233502125527

2014-07-13, 13:14:04
anonymous from Netherlands  
I was forgotten my email adres;

I coming from Amsterdam.

I have the picture whit his son to.

2014-07-21, 22:03:00
anonymous from United States  

2014-08-03, 16:04:41
anonymous from United States  
Little Mr. Smith Williams is using yet another picture and was trying to get my account numvers today!! Ladies beware this smootj talker!!

2014-08-28, 05:46:08
anonymous from Japan  
This scammer professed to be Anthony Farmer, a widower of 4 years of German, Italian, Persian descent, who owned his own company and lived in Florida. He ended up asking me for $18,000! His love letter was borrowed from a love letter site which is how I figured out he was fake. He had a middle Eastern accent. When I refused to send him money and told him I knew he was a scammer, he said some really rude things.

2015-04-27, 04:23:50
Thus man just sent me a massage please advise me, he has my full names and addres, what must I do please advice me
2015-04-27, 04:28:34
Thus man just sent me a massage please advise me, he has my full names and addres, what must I do please advice me
2015-05-30, 20:38:35
anonymous from United States  

I am an E-8 Staff Sergeant (MSS) and now working with the UN. I have my own squad in the Army who takes orders from me and am the leader of my squad...I am currently stationed in Afghanistan , the capital of Kabul and this is my third and Last International Peace Keeping for my retirement that is why i joined the dating site . I am a widower i have been single for 2 and half years since my wife passed away... My late wife's passing was a very big lost and really a painful one which i even thought i couldn't even love any woman the way i loved her when it happened. But i soon realize that i still have a lot of love to give out to the right woman...That's why i joined the dating site to look for my one true love by starting with friendship.I hope you slept well. I am missing our chat already have a wonderful day at work.I am attaching a video i did with my boys and a picture of me in Uniform. I will be pleased if you could send me Some pics of you.

2015-05-31, 16:58:43
Miss Marple from United States  
@2015-05-30, 20:38:35
anonymous from United States
Same scam template used before:
2015-06-02, 17:28:51
Does anyone know this guy? His name is Smith Williams from Facebook. I wanna know if he's real or a scammer because he has been very open minded with me about his life and love life and asking me to send money but I wanna know if he's a scammer. Please help!!!

2015-06-02, 20:44:25
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-06-02, 17:28:51

You are talking with a online scammer!! Strangers that asks for money online is 100% scammers. Never send money to people you have not met for real whatever the reason might be the person is asking for.

The photo you have posted here belongs to Richard Herman who is an actor from UK and for that reason I can assure you are talking with a scammer that uses stolen photos to scam you with. Please stop communicating with the scammer and post mails, photos and email address the scammer is using. I am very sorry.

Real ID: Richard Herman

Richard Hermans photos used in scams:

2015-06-02, 21:35:36
anonymous from United States  
Omg! I knew it from the very beginning that he's fake and a scam. Gladly, I caught him on time and my mom didn't send him any money. I'm the daughter and wanted to make it right for my mom so she doesn't get hurt. This 'SMITH WILLIAMS' was asking my mom to borrow 2000 dollars and pretending to be the pictures above. Like seriously these guys are ridiculously evil. I know my mom has a little bit of emotions about finding it out because they've been chatting through Facebook and calling through the phone. I'm so glad I caught him on time and thank you so much for your help. I'm glad you told me about this wanna be Richard guy. So stupid of him to say he is what he say. Crazy man..
2015-06-02, 21:45:57
Omg! What a sick ass bastard this Smith Williams. He pretended to be someone he's not. I can't believe he uses a actor's picture and acted like he cared. I'm so glad I found out right away and thank you so much for your help. He's such an evil person asking to get 2000 dollars from me. I'm not that stupid to give that money and perfect timing to get his ass caught. Idiotic guy. Irritating. Btw, I'm the daughter of the women's victim anyways. I'm just so glad I caught him on track before sending that amount of money. I feel bad for my mom now knowing they've been talking and chatting for a quite while. Stupid scammers needs to be put in their places. Thank you so much for your help.
Richard is his real name but pretended to be William smith. Totally different picture. I guaranty he's a Nigerian guy. Lol so stupid.
2015-06-02, 21:47:14
anonymous from United States  
He's using this pic on Facebook pretending to be Smith Williams

2015-06-02, 21:50:31
Miss Marple from United States  
I hope your mother stops the communication immediately and show your mother this site. Scammers are very manipulative and very persistent and do not give up victims very easily. Do not tell the scammer what you know just ignore the scammer totally that means not answering the phone or replying on facebook. Please post phone number and email address the scammer is using so other women can be warned.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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