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Dating scammer Teddy Matheny


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Name: Teddy Matheny



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he is an english guy who work in lagos. just his emial i can smell it that he is a scammer. his profile is by TLL thai love link .com

and this is his phone no. 234-8062827553

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2009-09-02, 08:23:09

This is her mother's photo . His mother chat with me 4 times than he told me his mother died but i found ' ' still use right now.

Harry Wallance's mother yahoo
2009-09-02, 08:44:31
This is her mother's photo . His mother chat with me 4 times than he told me his mother died but i found ' ' still use right now.

Harry Wallance's mother yahoo
2009-09-02, 08:49:52
This is her mother's photo .
His mother chat with me 4 times than he told me his mother died but i found ' ' still use right now.

Harry Wallance's mother yahoo
2009-09-02, 09:02:38
This photo above could be the photo of an innocent woman.I 'm afraid he/scammers might use our photos and our stories and identities to invent new stories, to fool other people.
There must be a way to catch these scammers, maybe by some good IT detectives/police specialists.
2009-09-02, 10:41:19
This scammer(s) is still using the alias david mcclair! Also i just found him today on face book. Also on facebook, the same pic used by the supposedly real model 'Will Burnette' fr model mayhem. So now actually i am also suspicious whether a scammer operates behind the real model's name!
Maybe both Will Burnette n harry wallance are all scammers using the same photo.
2009-09-02, 13:11:24
You may be right cos I've written to this model Will B to allert him that smbd is using his pics but he didn't answer.Will B is on facebook so...who knows?maybe there is a connection between them...
2009-09-02, 19:40:36
I found two ' Will Burnette ' on facebook.

one '' Will Burnette ' already have 208 friends. This is his facebook photo.

2009-09-02, 19:55:20
another ' Will Burnette ' on facebook. no any friend and his photo is very samll.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Teddy Matheny

2009-09-02, 20:10:38
I found 'Harry Wallance ' on facebook.

This is his facebook photo.

2009-09-03, 05:20:18
Yep u are all correct. All this pics of Will B or Harry wallance on facebook are all found under the modelmayhem website. There is a total of 17 pics of Will B in his model website. My scammer has sent me 3 of those pics! I think the gal beside him is Gloria Crump, another modelmayhem model!
I am thinking that all these pictures of models are just being passed round from one scammer to another at different countries, so it might be challenging to pin them down.
Once i was on yahoo msn with this scammer profile but i also called him immediately with the phone no that he gave me, and he told me that he was not online with me, so apparently someone else is using the same profile to talk to me ha ha. Thus i am thinking for us, once we were in communication with our scammers, our profiles must have been passed around and whichever scammer is free will then communicate with us!
But i think they try to use the same person on the phone since i recognise only one type of voice accent with the phone no. given to me by my scammer.
I think all we can do is to be alert, whoever asks us for money or any favours, we will just have to be careful and always think of ourselves first!
2009-09-05, 10:12:48
anonymous from United States  
I have seen that rose colored shirt photo - only it was head shot - very small photo. He went by Kelly Cothern with me. He has a son, Anderson that is 8 years old. Son involved in a car accident last week. Kelly needed to leave the UK early to go to Nigeria (just as he was about to return to the states). My favorite typo of his is, 'don;t' it is very rare if he could type the appost. correctly. I also got a photo of him with a construction hat.

His yahoo personals profile included photos not of a model. They looked dated, he said they were old photos.

Money was hinted when we began talking 8-3-09. He told me he needed to freeze his bank acct. in the states because of a mysterious withdrawel of $45,000. He needs help now to get back to the states as he has run out of the funds he had taken before ordering the bank to freeze the acct.

All of his photos have been very small. The only one that was of normal size was the one with the construction hat.
2009-09-05, 11:09:59
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for sharing the modelmayhem website and looking up Will B. I needed the final confirmation with the photo/s. I've been sent two of them. Funny how Kelly has photos online of him being a model when he has a different profession. How does Kelly do that? He must be a busy man.
2009-09-05, 12:05:29
I am glad you haven't been scammed by sending him money.Luckily we have discovered this site on time.
Yes, to my surprise all his photos were small.During my chat with him I tried to verify that those were really his photos, telling him that many people on the net put photos of actors/singers instead of their photos.He told me that those people want to have fun or maybe they are not handsome and try to hide.I also told him that I got many emails from Nigeria from people asking me to open an account in order to put some money .Did you know what he has told me?That he also got many simillar letters and that I should delete them immediately as him.Strange behaviour, isn't it?and clever one.Anyway he is a big big lier!
I think God sent me an angel who told me to check once again his profile after a very long 'friendship' and daily conversation.
Thank you for sharing info and photos here.
2009-09-05, 18:57:05
anonymous from United States  
Earlier in the day I spoke of the two modeling photos. I've now attached a photo that was taken by Kelly's 'son' he wanted him to hold the ball in the photo. As you can see, Kelly looks nothing like the modeling's because he looks different when he is makes it hard to see due to the size of the picture.

2009-09-06, 04:58:00
I have found the place where this nigerian H Wallance or whaterver his nicknames are, sends us email ( by his IP).So he and maybe his gang are located somewhere on Bamgbose Street in Lagos, if somebody wants to report him.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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