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Dating scammer mark williams


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Name: mark williams


I do not have a postal address but he can be found in various pictures on myspace and on mocospace, those are where I have found him so far!

Other Comments:
Mark Williams or Malk Dee contacted me on mocospace. He was a real charmer. He said that he was a contractor working in West Africa! He said that when he was done with his work that he could not cash his paycheck and still needed over $500 to pay for his plane ticket! He then asked me for it, I told him no! He still emailed me after that but When I found him on myspace and I also confronted him on where he was really from, because I traced his email to Ohio, he said that he was from the Bronx! I told him that I found him six times on myspace alone! He deleted his Ohio profile and moved to Seattle, imagine that! ON my space he can be found in : Schenectady,NY, Decatur, GA, Marionville, VA, Bronx,NY and of course Seattle! Some of the pictures look somewhat different but believe me I have studied tham closely! They are the same man! The pictures that were on his moco profile look like all that I have found on myspace! So ladies beware of Mark Williams, aka malk dee and malklovimg!


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2008-03-31, 23:31:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-03-31, 23:31:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-03-31, 23:31:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-04-05, 14:33:00
anonymous from Austria  
These pics are stolen from Focus Hawaii, a model agency, so dont believe that the pics a real pics of Mark Williams. a lot of scammers are using these and other pics from Focus Hawaii. I know them for names of Joe Best and Fred Martin. you will find them here too. just place the names.
2008-05-12, 15:44:16
anonymous from Germany  
Hello found him with two different names on myspace, i contacted one of the woman he was writing too, but she didn´t believe and he is still there. so maybe this will help. I mean how dumb are they using the same picture ,
45 Jahre alt
NEW YORK, New York
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Über mich:
I am an honest and sincere man tired of people playing head games on me.I am down to earth and love to have fun and be adventurous... love to laugh (good sense of humor) I enjoy all sorts of activites, including surfing, visiting museums, taking long walks, as well as watching movies. I am kind, considerate, and generous. I am also brutally honest and speak my mind.I enjoy laughing and making others laugh.I also like to sing along with the song on the radio (sometimes badly) and dance around my living room. I stun people with my creativity.I used to be a Trekkie. I like to bake and love sugar. I am allergic to bee stings. I love pets and have a cat and 3 dogs. I drive safely, even while talking on the phone, but usually above the posted speed limit. I know the physical properties of glass and use this knowledge to my advantage. I love riding rollercoasters. I want to build a go-kart. I like to wear casual, comfortable clothes. I never wipe my mouth on my sleeve - my nose is another story. Simple things amaze me. I don't do windows. I love to watch thunderstorms. I firmly believe that chocolate is a necessary tool to survive in this world. I believe there is life on other planets. I love romance and am romantic. English and Australian accents make me melt. I shop at discount stores. I recycle. I own and can operate power tools. I know how to correctly pronounce 'nuclear.' I love sunrises, sunsets and feeling the warmth of the sun dance on my skin (not for too long, though - I burn easily). I love ballroom dancing. I stop and smell the roses. I measure twice and cut once. I try not to take anything for granted. I believe in God. I do not believe in cheating on someone. I love animals, the outdoors, God, and PRETTY compassionate WOMEN.I like romance and small surprises on occasion spur of the moment things.
Wen ich gerne kennen lernen würde:
I would like to meet a woman with stability and goals. Someone who is honest, respectful, and loving and knows how to take care of a man. I believe that communication is very important.I would do all i can to keep you and don't mind relocating....I need a heart as i have been through alot in my past dates.Hit me up so we get a chance to know more about each other if you the right man for me!!! I think life is too short to spend it without you.(i did like to meet).Apperance is import ,you are so similar wouldn't that be kind of boring? Everyone needs their own interests, likes/dislikes, hobbies, views, etc because its these things that make us unique,It's hard to put down in words what you think you may be looking for in someone; because sometimes you don't know what you'r looking for until you stumble across it in the dark and stub your toes on it. Obviously you want to meet someone who has similar interests, hobbies, views, etc so there is some compatibility. Yet, on the other hand, if i am looking for a woman i can share my life with , the woman who is really herself and dont realy make thing hard,i will love to meet honest, caring, lovely, trust worthy woman and who is one woman . the woman i can share laughter, joke, fun , love , understanding with , i am also looking for romantic woman who can make me feel the taste.who is God Fearing,I'm open minded,Straight forward,Down to earth.

Searching For My Princess..'

45 Jahre alt
KELLER, Virginia
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Über mich:
My name is Kelvin, i am a very easy person to move alone with, i am from United States, but somehow from Nigeria, i am the only child of my parents, i love making new friends, i like chilling out with my friends swimming, and i like sporting activities..
Wen ich gerne kennen lernen würde:
i am searching for someone who will be my princess, a woman who will be there for me and take good care of our future kids, firstly she will have to be caring, loving, humble as i am and most importantly God Fearing... wellcome to my world....... Be my Princess

Eventhough i dont have the adress but maybe that will wake up some of the ladys, I got scammed from a different guy and he still is calling sometimes, Good luck to all ofyou .
2008-07-28, 14:55:01
anonymous from United States  
This man is at is again. Same person in the picture, different pose. He is once again listed under Joby in MySpace. His real name is Emmanuel Arinze Ihejirika, from Nigeria. He got me but good. We have had an online relationship for 5 mos now. However, this has ended. Ladies, if it is too good to be true, you can bet it is not. We all want to be loved, and we all wrap ourselves into the fact that some man who lives in our computer could actually be so romatic. It is all just lies. These men are lazy, and think that it is so easy to sweep us off our feet, until they hit us with 'Baby, I need some money. I need to pay my hotel bill, and they have seized my passport, computer, plane ticket. Please baby, I need you to send me some bucks'. What a bunch of nonsense. Beware, they are all over the place. You ladies take care.
2008-08-13, 16:27:07
anonymous from United States  
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2008-09-08, 14:16:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
dating scam is an understatement, i know him as david from keller usa and i met the so called mark williams on, things started fine, he would call every day and told me he was a health consultant for unicef and that he and his daughter were working in niger delta for 2 wks, said he wanted to fly over to britain to meet me but was short of 550 pounds cos they dont appear to accept credit cards where he was, what a load of shit, this was just a scam to get money out of some poor unsuspecting women and unfortunately for him i wasn't that gullible, he continued to try for 3 days untill i finally told him that i knew it was a scam and that i didnt want anything to do with him, he stopped calling after that and thankfully i have not heard from him since, ladies be ware he is a real charmer and will tell u he loves u and thinks u are the one he will marry and wants to have kids with, its all lies, DONT be FOOLED.
2008-11-15, 18:09:55
anonymous from Chile  
Im so stupid.... I found this man in myspace... He told me he is italian, but live in Nigeria. he asked me for my email, we mail eachother, and he stared saying me that he loves me, and many other things... and he told me that his mother is really think with brain cancer and he asked me for money, and pressing me every days, I feel so stupid, because I really feel bad for his mother because they dont have money, and I though send him money.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I feel so bad.... so stupid.....
2008-11-15, 18:16:46
anonymous from Chile  
In myspace this man is Ben, maybe he is using other picture,
URL de MySpace:


He uses the same profile that the other guy....

YOu can check in myspace, girls take care... this man could be dangerous.....
2008-11-23, 09:43:20
anonymous from United States  
frankocally using photos of Joby 'Focus Hawaii'

United States, California

You are so beautiful...and i cant hide it...i had always doubted the consept of love at fist-sight...not until i saw your lovely face and that smile of an angel...i cant hide all these 'cos i aint a coward...would be looking foward to seeing your is my messanger ID: ...i am Frank from usa...i am 39yrs old...... .......i was browsing thru this site and i come accross your lovely profile .....and decided to send this mssg to you.... i have a son who live with my friends in uk i am a free-lance construction engeineer i travelled a lot due to the work i do..... i will like to know you better... i love your pics so much that on sitting it i said to my self these is the angel i have been waiting for all the while ...i lost my wife 3 years ago during since then i have been planning to remarry to the woman that will love me... i know you are a wonderful woman that is why i am sending this mssg to you.... Looking forward to hearing from you... Frank
2008-12-13, 13:17:51
anonymous from Norway  
mark williams


This bloke is busy scamming at:


He writes:

Message 1:
Subject:Hi, I am Daniel Brown,...
Hi, I am Daniel Brown, am from lincolnshire in uk, still new here but saw your profile while browsing, so i decided to write you this.. i will be very happy if you can write me back and i think i will like to be your friend, and like to know more about you.... you can also write me to my private email..... or add me for a chat on yahoo messenger.dbdannybrown...... you can also write or add me to msn. dbdannybrown

Message 2:

i am in a big mess here sweety i have a problem with the hotel
managemnet here i am owing them some bills i have used all the money i
have on me to buy leathers , i have tried to cash my cheque here which
is worth 150,000 euros but all i have been hearing in banks here is
that they dont operate european banking here and so i cant cash the
cheque. i have been to the embassy to seek for help but they asked for
my work permit here, and you know this is my first time here i am yet
to get one yet. i have been here crying and sad dont just know what to
do and dont know what will happen to me. its because of this problem
that i havent been able to send you mails am so sorry please dont be
mad at me just that i dont know what to do here . i am stranded and you
know the saddest part, the hotel manager has seized all my documents
and he said if i dont pay the bills he wont give them to me. he is with
my documents now i need my papers soon as i wanna leave here. i could
have sold my leathers but they are already on the ship ready to be
sailed so i can get them back because they are labelled now in the
ports. i cant just believe that they are treating me here like
this just because of 400 us dollars hotel bill. realy i dont know what to do
but really wish you can help me with this queen.
w ill be looking forward to your reply

Message 3:

yeah baby i know and they are alot of Bad people here and i wish i never came here u know what u helping me doesnt mean u are a fool but try and think about condition have tried all the way i think i can but am getting noe help here baby i dont know what to do as am so tired of life now just try and help me here i know u wouldnt wanna disobey u father but i know u can take desicions on ur own baby please try and help me so i can get home i would never disappoint you baby i PROMISE

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mark williams

2008-12-13, 13:28:01
anonymous from Norway  

this one is wrong: http://www.tagged.c..e.html?uid SORRY ....

THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE: http://www.tagged.c..5403264522


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mark williams

2009-03-20, 15:49:40
anonymous from Finland  
I am a 41 year woman, divorced and have two children, 13 and 17 years.
1 march 2009 I met Jack Daniam Williams at He told me he believed an Angel were missing in heaven, when he saw me.
He told me he was a widower with an 8 year old son, Harry. His parents and wife died in a car-accident in Greece 4 years ago. Then he moved with his son to UK and started his Art and hand craft gallery in Manchester.
He was born and raised in Greece 6th august 1964. His mother and
his wife were both from the states.

He went for Nigeria to buy art there, when he was robbed and needed money... three times he wanted me to send him money...and the last time it was urgent because he and his son were going to come to Finland 18.3.09 13.20 o'clock. He never came, but I had already paid the 300 euros for allowance to leave Nigeria. Otherwise it would have been to pay 2900 euros for new tickets.

2009-03-31, 09:41:55
anonymous from White Plains, United States  
this scammer is even too lazy to think of a new name in the e-mail address ,
using photos of ' Joby'


I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted,warm, accomodating,,compassionate,tolerant,laid back type,outgoing,welcoming to people genrally,I am also a one man lady,I like to sing,write poems,listening to music,swimming,playing Basketball,watching TV,Movies and comedies,I love public intimacy and want a good woman with a good heart,one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated,age or colour difference do not matter to me at all,as long as she loves me,I want a relationship that will last forever and won't fade no matter what.Now tell me about you
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