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Dating scammer mark williams


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Name: mark williams


I do not have a postal address but he can be found in various pictures on myspace and on mocospace, those are where I have found him so far!

Other Comments:
Mark Williams or Malk Dee contacted me on mocospace. He was a real charmer. He said that he was a contractor working in West Africa! He said that when he was done with his work that he could not cash his paycheck and still needed over $500 to pay for his plane ticket! He then asked me for it, I told him no! He still emailed me after that but When I found him on myspace and I also confronted him on where he was really from, because I traced his email to Ohio, he said that he was from the Bronx! I told him that I found him six times on myspace alone! He deleted his Ohio profile and moved to Seattle, imagine that! ON my space he can be found in : Schenectady,NY, Decatur, GA, Marionville, VA, Bronx,NY and of course Seattle! Some of the pictures look somewhat different but believe me I have studied tham closely! They are the same man! The pictures that were on his moco profile look like all that I have found on myspace! So ladies beware of Mark Williams, aka malk dee and malklovimg!


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2010-02-08, 02:19:35   (updated: 2010-02-08, 02:23:06)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Miss Brazil
Thank you that you use an name among all anonymous posters here ,well offen you see the signs are there but you cant see it when it happends,and the good in this is that you have seen it eventough 100 dollars later,and not 5000 dollars later,you have been bespared from so many future coming problems ,but he will not give up in the first place when he knows now that you have given him money,so please be hard now and just ignore him totally.

They are masters of convincing people.The change is typical scammers behaviour ,he wants only one thing in this and that is that you feel guilt and have bad conciense ..and get to youre emotional side, by pretending he is angry and say things to you that you feel uncomfortable and worried ...this is just an psychopats games to an victim,and i think becuase you are so strong,that have actually saved you to be more scammed by him.I know how bad i felt also when he begin to change ,he sended me templates first ,and when he started to ask for money he actually begun to write me in person and the grammar also changed,i have thought about this afterwoods ,so many scammers dont even read ore look for the mails from victims and dont answer questions from the victims either before they begin to ask for money.

He offen mailed me in the same times during the day,and he only had time for maximum 30 minutes,he was always so busy,but now i know the reason why because it was on scheme everything,so he scams many victims meanwhile he talked to me also,the funny in this is that i remember from the dating site that this pixes he uses in this thread ( from the modell Joby) and against you,was also in the same time profiled on the datingsite as he tried to scam me with other pixes to me,he is an real masterpiece,and i think he is belonging to an scammer gang also ,i mean so many profiles and so many addys that he have used it is impossible that one person have done this all alone,and that site where i met this scammer is not so healthy for no one,the site didnt care for my complaignts either,so i think unfortunately many dating sites dont even care if they have scammers on the site,and i have heard of sites that scammers pay to the sites and also scammers runs dating sites .

well whatever you do keep on just ignore him and please dont answer him!!

please be safe out there now...

All regards //Miss Marple//
2010-02-08, 10:55:02
thinking about you always
Sun, 26 July, 2009 22:05:00From: Albert Wilson <> View Contact


Hello my dearest warmhearted

How are you doing today? i am so glad to hear back from you.sorry that i never responded to what you sent to me but i just have to tell you what i intended in telling you ,if you could remember in my last message to you i said i was going to discuss a very important issue with you..honey it's been awhile and I'm sure you must be wondering what is really going on if not ,maybe you're filled with questions like when is it going to be the fateful day we're going to meet in love this are the things i have been working on and have never stopped working on for awhile now.

Deary first i will like to know this few things and which are are you really ready to relocate to my state??what is your present job??what do you think if you and i have a joint company and have something like a family business??please for now this are the things i will like to know and i will like you to get back to me as soon as possible.


2010-02-08, 16:39:28
OJAS from United States  
Obrigado, Miss Brazil. http://www.delphifa..3930.shtml
2010-02-09, 00:35:41

Hello Miss Marple!

It is always a pleasure to talk to you ..... well, you are right .... he really doesn't give up!!! .... what i couldn't understand is what is he wanting with me or from me at this point .... he knows that i won't give any money to him .... he knows that i know what he is, because he had confessed to me that he was a scammer .... i don't feel guilt, bad conscience or something like this ..... it isn't me .... usually is so difficult to blackmail or to make me feel bad. My way of be is just one: when i decide to do something or to talk something, i simply do and i never regret ..... even in this story with this scammer i haven't regrets or feel angry or humilliated ..... nothing of these feelings .... i felt, learned with the fall, woke up and turned around ..... i gained one more experience in life .... period .... next!!! ..... and he knows all about this ..... during all long our relation he knew this in me .... i had told him about my way of be ..... he always said that i was a chalenger to him, because i was strong, courageous and hard ....

But, when i told that he changed along the time, i was saying that he became more and more personal, more and more close to me .... sometimes, he wrote 2 or 3 emails by day!! .... very offen, we chated intire nights .... one of these nights, we chated from 11pm to 6am without interruptions in msn .... he was never busy for me .... he always had enough time to be with me .... in new year eve, he called me 3 times along the day and when was midnight there in Nigeria, he called again just to hear my voice .... usually, we spent one hour, sometimes more, talking on the phone .... he used to call me everyday .... if he couldn't call me, he really insisted ..... if i 'disappear' one or two days, forgetting to send emails to him or didn't get online in msn to chat with him, he became nervous and begun to send a lot of emails, to let lot of offline messages in msn complaining a lot my disappearence .... until he began that story he was jealous, asking me to close my account in the dating site and blablabla ..... this really scared me ..... i began to fell asfixiated .... and he maintained this kind of behavior even after i had given him money and even i have told him that i wouldn't give anything more to him ....

Until now, he is insisting ..... he calls, he writes, he lets messages .... he even asked me to forgive him and proposed to give back the money that i sent to him ..... what is happening with this guy? I tought that he would forget me and move, infortunately, to another victim, but it seems that he won't quit so easy .... but, as i had said before, he is miles away from me and he can't do anything to hurt me ....

And i agree with you .... i also think that is a gangue of scammers ... that isn't just one single guy doing all of this ..... i have heard stories, here in Brazil, about criminals chiefs in Nigeria that arrest men, keep them jailed in dirty rooms, without enough food and water and, under death threat, they oblie them to gain a certain sum of money to buy their own freedom ....

I asked again the ParPerfeito dating site to remove others scammers profiles that i had found there and they removed it .... well, it is a beginning .....

If i find more profiles and pictures of scammers, surely i will complain to the dating site and i will post here the pictures they are using .....


Be safe in peace and happiness ....

Miss Brazil
2010-02-12, 21:37:03

Hello Miss Marple!

I left a message here, but you didn't answer .....

Well, after think a lot, and be sure that i am strong enough to do this, i decided to 'play the game' of the scammer ..... and it took all right!!!

I unblocked him in my msn ..... a couple of days ago, he contacted me again ....

He wanted to know if i was still angry with him, asked me, again, to forgive him and proposed that we should start once more our relationship .... that we could do a new beginning.

As i decided to be an artist too, i pretended that i was missing him so much that all my angry had disappeared and all i wanted was to be in touch with him .... we spent about an hour chating in msn .... i am not sure if he believed in all the things that i was saying, but he seemed very happy ..... but, i explained so clearly that money, whatever was the motive, was a forbitten subject between us .....and for my surprise, he agreed with this condition!! .....

He also gave me his new phone number ..... now, a number from UK ..... i asked him about this change and he told, of course a lie, that his contract was done and he had left to UK to solve some remained problems ..... he also asked me to call him ..... this was on wednesday ..... i had tried about 3 times, but i fail ...... i also asked him that i am not seeing him often online and he said that he wasn't having enough time to be connected ....

Well, since then, we didn't speak with each other anymore ..... yesterday, i sent him a email, but until now he hadn't answered it .....

I figured two things: first, he is also playing and he is taking a break to see how the things will be done or he felt that maybe it is a big trap (yeah, i am firmly focused to catch this guy .... at least, his real name and picture) and decided to droup out .... i will wait and see ....

His profiles (i had found 3 of them with different pictures, but with the same characteristics as the one he had used to contact me) in ParPerfeito was removed ...

While things will be happening, i will inform here ...

Miss Brazil
2010-02-13, 04:26:32   (updated: 2010-02-13, 04:42:51)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Miss Brazil

Im very sorry that i have not replied as my time have been reduced the latest,but this is nothing i do recomend you to do ,because i know that youre experiences with african scammers are just this particulary one,and this scammer is an scammer also that is the one i have met my self once,and i know he is not an toy ,but the fact still remains that you have contacted him now again and you are an victim to him,and even if you are curious to find out what he looks like for real and you also want to catch him,lets be realistic now Miss Brazil,im going to tell you some things, that is NOT to hurt you ,just only to give you an advice to an victim of an scam.

This thing that you need to know how youre scammer looks like is the same pattern with every victim in scam , and you have an victim behaviour also in this, now you are an victim infact and also want to know the question why did this thing happend to you??and every victim wants to know how they look like is only human and normal because you need answers for youre self in the first place.I did the same for an short while also,because the only thing you have for the moment is the pictures you have on this scammer and you know also now that is fake pictures you have.

Ok you are an smart girl Miss Brazil,but lets be honest now,he is a known con man and a scammer and he is an Nigerian scammer ,and he is an scammer that belongs to an bigger scammergang ,so to catch this scammer is very hard and also proove that this scam is done by him is very hard also.Playing with him now is very risky for you,because you are hes victim and i know you are fascinated by him ,and you are only just an human !!! This scammer is NOT human!!He is an conman and a criminal.And this is what he do for hes living,he scams a lot of women and men everyday!!and he has no feelings ore no mercy for no one.not even for you!!

The fact is now that you have contacted him again,it prooves also that you think that you have an power over him somehow,and you think that he thinks that you are somehow special for him,you are not !!! remember how he has treated you!!remember that he has fooled you of money also,he will never return the money to you ever!!he is lying to you in everything!!!

You are his guillable fool now and an MUGU, i will give you an WARNING now because he knows for sure that you have repported him and he will be very carefull now with his future actions,and he only tests you now,by giving you an new phonenumber and also have deleted his accounts on the dating site.have you told him about this site ???never ever do that!!

You are scammed by this man once,because you believed in him once,and that is 1 time to much Miss Brazil !! remember that,and you can fall into hes trap again.
So Miss Brazil, what you need to do now is to stop talking to this scammer immidiately!! i say this because you are not prepared for what can happend to you at all ,you have also given him to much personal information about you. You are an victim in this.And he is playing with you now.This is to dangerous for you.Please stop talking to this scammer now for youre own good and youre own safety!!

Im sorry but i hope that you will take my words just as an advice now from an more experienced of scammers and just want to save you from to be scammed again.Wich i think he will try to do now again,he is an psycopath and criminal.And he will never ever stop not even for you!!

Read please youre own postings here and concider everything,and just forget this conman and scamartist .You need to heal from this scammer now.So i dont advice you to do this at all.

Please be safe out there and stop talking to this scammer now!!!
And please make postings here ,because im really worried about you now.

All regards //Miss Marple//

2010-02-13, 06:33:59   (updated: 2010-02-13, 06:34:55)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
2010-02-13, 07:45:07
wanwan from Japan  
2010-02-14, 23:25:47

Hello Miss Marple!

I am so glad to read you ..... it is always a pleasure ...

Miss Marple and Wanwan from Japan i am so thankful about our concern with me, but, really, i know what i am doing .....

Before i have taken the decision to talk again with this scammer, i spent a lot of time analysing myself, my own reasons,, my feelings and my motivation and, after i had had my own answers, i took this decision .....

i don't know how things happen there, but here in brazil, we are a little bit used to see how people could be not human in so many different types .....

Yes, at first, i was a victim of him, because i didn't even know that scammers exist!! i made a research in internet about the scammers and i couldn't find any warning site, like here, that is in portuguese ..... all of them are in english ..... just a few, warning men about russian girls scammers, that are in portuguese ....

I made a research among all my friends, male and female, and ALL of them had never listened about scammers and their act types ..... and my friends are graduated people, used to be connected alll the time in internet ..... this is a new report here in Brazil ..... i think that scammers are beginning to search new victims in new countries that have never listened about them .....

Here, we have a similiar type of scammers, but it isn't from the internet ..... it is from cellular calls that advices you that you win a huge value or you had win a house or a car, but you have to send a certain value to receive it ..... of course that everything is a lie .... and, the worst thing is these calls are made by prisioners who are in prisons here in Brazil!! .... and we have others types of strokes, but dating scammers is really new!!

You said that i am fascinated by him ..... before i decided to talk to him again i had considered this question .... but my answer was no, i am not ..... i know that he isn't the person in the picture and i don't want to know how he looks, if he has feelings or even if he is human ..... it isn't my target .... all i want is to collect as much informations as possible of him and his way to act .... and then, i will decide what to do .... surely, i will share it here, but my concern is about brazillian woman ..... here, we don't have any warning about this!!!

I made a reseach, based in some details that were in the pictures that this scammer had sent to me as being him and i found the real owner of those pictures .... i haven't contact him yet, but i know who he is, where he lives and his real name .... and, as us, he is a innocent victim too without knowing anything!!

I don't want to know why this happened to me .... it happened because it happened .... it happened because i had a weak link, because i didn't know scammers .... now i know that they exist and i have read all i can about them to prevent myself .... the first step that i had decided is not to have any dating contact with foreings .... here in brazil has enough men that i can date ....

And yes, i think that he is testing me too, but he is proud of himself, of his performance and his power in to submit and fascinate his victims and this is his weak link .... he is so proud of himself that he began to make basic mistakes .....

I know that i am not someone special to him and i know that i don't have a special power over him ..... this isn't the point that i want to prove .... all i want is to catch his mistakes .... he is an intelligent man but he isn't fast enough when you confront him with intelligence too .... if you confront him passionately, he will win, be sure about this, but if you could put away your feelings and be totaly rational and use your intelligence too against him, he falls .... and i am pretending that i am the most stupid and flighty woman in the world, that i am totaly in love with him, that my love is stronger than my own will, that nothing matters in the world except him and our love, that i am fighting against to myself to forgive him ..... he is suspicious but he can't avoid a potential victim, a woman in love with him ....

I had asked him how i could find the emails he had sent to me, the exactly same words, being used by scammers .... he was very surprised with my affirmative (of course that i will never tell him about this site or any other site about scammers, but if you make a research in Google, searching 'datind male scammer Mark Williams', this site is on the top of the list in Google) .... he asked me where i had found this emails and rushed to explain that he had sent a lot of emails to a lot of women and maybe some scammer could have copied and stolen them and were using to scamm women .... God, he really thinks that i am stupid!! ... well, that is the plan ..... and no, he doesn't know that i had reported him, because we can advice the ParPerfeito dating site about scammers without show ourselves ..... he had asked me this and i firmly denied .....

Yesterday, we met online .... we began to chat in msn but he asked me to add him at yahoo messenger because there was better ..... i said ok and he gave me his adress to contact him there, but he had forgotten that he had given me it before to send to him a video .... and of course that i pretend that i hadn't it .....then i add him and he asked me to open my cam because he wants to see me .... i agreed and, suprise, he had forgotten to close his cam and his microphone and i said nothing about ..... i stayed quiet, just listening and seeing him ... it was just a few seconds, but i could see him .... but i wasn't fast enough to capture his image .... he instantaneously close his cam, but he forgot to close his microphone .... and my suspect were correct ...

They are a gang and they switched place in the middle of the chat ..... even the number phone was from UK, they were still in Nigeria .... the call is only redirectioned from UK to Nigeria ..... from the noises, there were about 3 or 4 scammers in activit there in the same time as we were chating ..... they weren't in a internet cafe, but maybe in a house specialy prepared to this kind of work .... and it was 4am there!!! .... i could hear female voices behind too and they were listenning Beyonce on the radio .... we chat almost 2 hours and he left his microphone open during all this time .... and i didn't know what had happened but his grammar was horrible!!! .... it seemed that was other person writing!! .... even to me, that i am not a native english speaker or writer, the grammar and syntaxe was complicated to understand .... and he knows nothing about brazil .... he even didn't know that we are in the middle of the carnival and i live in Rio de Janeiro and here, these hollidays, is only sun, beach, beer and party all the time ..... he didn't know also that we didn't celebrate Valentine's day on fev 14th ..... but in the middle of the chat, his conncetion dropped and he didn't come back until i had disconnected myself ...

Today he didin't come online, but today is sunday and along this 3 months that we have talked with each other, i have noticed that he never came online on sunday nights .... maybe it is his day off ....

But, Miss Marple, what he could do against me there, in Nigeria? He is miles away from me ..... yes, i know, he is a criminal, but he is so far ..... he doesn't know my adress and i live in a very big city .... here, if you don't know the city, it is difficult to find someone ..... we have 12 millions of people living in the city ..... again, what can he do agianst me?

Once more, Miss Marple, it was always a plesuare to meet you .....

Miss Brazil

2010-02-15, 06:31:23
anonymous from Cincinnati, United States  
Hi What I am seeing here is the same mess as before nothing has changed but I will say this this site help me a 100% I was able to stop the scammers from ever bothering me again. These scammers were from Nigeria . These scammers was hunting me down trying to get money from me this one that went by the name of flash_onwater was also in the name of markjones - oputwilliams @yahoo .com he was the same person he was talking about coming to where i Lived in killing us. I turned it in to the Nigeria people that take care of things as that. To keep self from this crazy person who ever he was i had to change my whole user name pass word my email name so he couldnt keep after me. yes it worked . tHE LINES THESE MEN AND WOMAN USE .Why can't they just get a job instead of lieing to people . Even thoe they get away with it at first sooner or later it catches them. One thing I learn deeply about these people they make all these promises with no meaning it's like makeing a peanut butter jelly sandwish and forgeting to put the jelly on . All you woman and men out there please be carefull because I to looked for real love to belong and I wanted so much to be needed and I cried many tears I could have had my own duck pond. I felt like I was some kind of a puppet my thoughts to each and every one of you for what it's wroth !! please ' be very carefull. When these scammers start saying they need money get out from it while you can. You see it's nothing to them playing with our hearts mind and inter beings it is so damageing what it does to us. unless you don't care being scamed.
It made me feel like a nobody I was named called I was called hurtfull names .

I must go just do you best to keep a open mind and be offer carefull.
Take care all of your selfs.
May God be with all of you.

A Friend who Cares
2010-02-15, 08:58:04
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Miss Brazil

My experiences with scammers is good enough to know what kind of advices i can give to victims on this site,i can never advice an victim to play with an scammer who has scammed him/her ,that would be like i sended the victim right to hell ,when i know what dissaster they can cause to people,the fact still remains in this is that you have sended him money ,and that is an big risk for you,the scammer will never ever give up, i have met victims that have lost homes,all dignity,all hope of life,so financially ruined by these scammers.i know also in person an victim that had to move to another city because of that,so dont say that you know what you are doing ,when you have no experinces in scammers than just this one.I say this to you that you can actually get in real truobble if you have real bad luck.

Scammers runs business with accomplices all around the world,there is people who has actually got visits behind the door by scammers,so that you live in 12 million town is not an insurrance that no one can find you.If you mess up real bad with this scammer and make him angry,and he founds out you are only playing with him,and he get pissed off,he can send you malwares to youre computer also,you will get threatned by him also,are you prepared to be called for the worst things you can imagine to hear??These are real criminals and scammers are mostly common thiefs and also many of them are also murderers,Nigeria is an corrupted country with lot of contradictions between many religious and political groups,so you never know who you are dealing with.

Miss Brazil please post an header from an mail so i can trace the IP nr where he is making these scams from ,and please also post an copy of the passport and the copy of the money transfer when you sended him the money,that would help so many other innocent people around the world that they dont get scammed by this scammer...

please take off all personal inofrmation from the header as scammers do visit this site so you dont get flooded with spams and other scammers writing to you..

All regards //Miss Marple//

2010-02-15, 09:11:18
Miss Marple from Sweden  
2010-02-15, 06:31:23
anonymous from Cincinnati, United States

Im very sorry that you also have met this scumbag,and thank for youre advices in this!!
Scammers are like an virus,once you have got it it is very hard to get rid of .I hope you have an good life eventhough and find youre special love.

All best wishes//Miss Marple//
2010-02-15, 10:27:06   (updated: 2010-02-15, 11:16:05)
OJAS from United States  
@Miss Brazil, Parperfeito thread http://www.delphifa..966.shtml

Miss Marple, Thanks for your safe advice -> Ignore the scammers till they get tired and find a different victim. Newbies please heed her advice. A general link on scams

On playing with them ->
You must know what you are doing, have a well protected computer, your physical address, IP, well hidden etc. There are sites that offer to mentor new baiters.

On provoking scammers -> This is best left to professionals! They won't post much on public domains, and risk compromising their strategies
2010-02-18, 16:13:46

Hi Ladies .....

How are you doing? Here, it is Miss Brazil ....

I was so happy about of all your concern with me .... thank you .....

I really had the intention to continue with my plan, despite of all your advices .... and I really continued to do it, but I think that he smelt the danger and he gave up .... he simply quit ..... he knew that he had much more to loose than me and he knew all the risk .... he was so suspicious about my behavior ....

When I had discovered that he was a scamm, i didn't cry, I didn't cursed him, I didn't threatened him, I didn't do the usual that everyone that discovers that was deceived do, I did nothing ..... I said to him that i knew what he was, that I was disappointed with him but that I wouldn't do anything against him .... and, if it was possible, I wanted to maintain the relationship, as you know .....

He knew that he wouldn't gain one more dollar from me .... he knew that I knew that all his love was a fake .... and, I still had wanted to continue with the relationship? Well, something seriously wrong was happenning .... maybe I was so crazy, maybe I was so dangerous, maybe I was so physicopat, maybe I was something that he didn't knew and the risk wasn't worth .....

Well, ladies, maybe the best to do, if it is possible, it isn't ignore them but be stronger than them ..... they can't reach you ..... they are in Nigeria, they don't have enough money to buy the fly tickets to go anywhere .... they need visa to enter in many countries and for nigerians it is very difficult to obtain ....

Yes, they can invite you a spyware, a trojan or someother cyber virus, but everyone could do this and you have to be prepared always when you are in the internet ....

But, I have to thank him for all this experience ..... I learned a lot ..... and, after all, I only lose 100usd .... it is a low price in relation to everything that I won ....

Ok ... and my heart? I wasn't so falling in love with him in this way .... he was charming and who is the woman that doesn't like to hear charmming words? .... but I have a huge love and marriage experience ...... I have been married five times, I have two children, I have my job, my home, my family, my friends and I am not looking for marriage anymore at this point of my life ..... I only want to date someone .... if, and only if, the relationship evolves to something more serious, maybe I can think about marriage .... maybe ..... but, otherwise, this experience showed me that I still have the capacity to be envolved and to think to be in love to someone and to forget a little the work .... and it was so good to me to see it ....

Ladies, if I have news, I will let you know ..... and I wish better lucky for all of us in the next time ....


Miss Brazil

2010-02-18, 17:15:16
Hi, ladies ....

One thing about this scammer that I had forgotten .....

He alwyas claimed that he attended Baptiste church and he was a frequent church goer and he was so amazed when I told him that I don't attend any church, that I never go to the church .... never. I only go to the church if I have a marriage to assist.

This troubled him very much ..... he was always asking me if I had gone to the church on sundays and he insisted to know why I didn't frequent any church. I explained to him several times but he didn't acept the idea that I didn't like churchs, specially because I had told him that I had studied at a catholic scholl during many years of my life when I was child and teenager ....

He thought I was a little strange because of this ... and sometimes he didn't know how to deal with this fact about me ....

The other fact that caught my attention was the fact that he refused to speak about sex or to make sex ..... he claimed that he only would do it after the marriage and he became very offended when I said that I would never marry someone else before have sex. Always I said something about this, he ignored what I was saying and changed the subject .... he didn't know how to deal with the fact that I was so direct and clear on this subject ..... I think that he wasn't used to have to deal with woman that wanted to speak so open and freely sex .....

These two things about me really destabilized him ..... he really was so embarrassed to have to deal with this in my behavior .....

Well, ladies, that it is ....


Miss Brazil

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