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Dating scammer Howard Davis


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Name: Howard Davis



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Brad Terry
Names: Albert Spencers, Albertini, Alex Ferguson, Allan, Andre Sanjo, Arinze Moore, Arnold, Arthur Richard, Bandas Williams, Barry Chester Walker, Ben Coker, Ben Smith,Brad Terry,Brooks Raynoh, Bruce, Carell Isaac, Charles, Clark Collins, Collin Maxims, Cortis Jackson, Dada Adegbola, Danial Kennedy, Daniel J. Woods, Daniel Peters, Daniel Woods, Dave Smith, David Anderson, David Jackson, David Parkers, David Smith, David Walters, David William Burtner, Davis Holly, Dean Benson, Demiji Benson, Den Mitalldwith, Dennis Mitalld, Derrick Fisherr, Don Cares, Donald Smith, Douglas Smith, Drew T Cougar, Duncan Frank Joel, Duncan Joel, Ehru Evans, Ekene Fab Nelson, Elliot George, Emmanuel, Ford George, Frank Hughes, Frank Robert Hughes, Fred Clonel, Gabbie Micheal Wilson, Gabriel Mike Williams, George Clint, George Marville, Gerry, Gibson Mark,Gregory Anderson, Harry Markson, Henry Smith, Henry White, Howard Davis, Jack Cole, Jack Williams, James Charles, James Harrison, James Kenny Williams, James Owen, James Rick Anderson, James Terry, Jay Cali, Jeff Court, Jeff Scott, Jeffery Lawson, Jermaine Troy, Jerry Williams, Jim Bruce,Jimmy Brown, Jimmy Parkers,John Smith,John Wiliams, Johny, Jones Steve, Jorge,Joseph Cole, Joseph Johnson, Joshua George, Kaleb Woods, Kelvin Andril, Ken Smith, Kenny Walex, Kevin Johnson, Kevin Raymond, Kibo Williams, Larry Williams, Lawrence Cole, Leo Cokers, Leonerd, Leslie Duke, MacDonald Samuel, Mark Bickerton, Mark Donald, Mark Paulson, Mark Rogers, Martin Collins, Martins Smith, Marville George, Marving Thomas, McKenzie Jones, Michael Johnson, Michael Richard Cole, Michael Wilke Jones, Micheal Brown, Micheal Robert, Mike Connor, Mike Newman, Morgan Edwards, Morris Brown, Nelson Barry, Paul Smith, Peter Collins, Peter Pulford, Prince Collins Dante, Reck, Richard Jones, Richard Sherlock, Richard Snell, Rick Anderson, Rick Collins, Rick Merit, Rick Parker, Rick Thompson, Robert Crippen, Robin Collins Jones, Robin James, Roger Johnson, Roger Michael, Ron Kidd, Sam, Samuel Toni, Samuel Wilson, Scott Gardner, Shawn Davies, Shawn Franz, Smith Benson,Smith Bush Ken, Smith Jonny Benson, Solomon Brown, Stephan, Steve Okunola, Steve Reid, Terry Frank, Terry Jones, Terry Love, Terry Wallace, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Parker, Tola Parkers, Tola Thomas, Tom Terry, Tommy Scott, Tony Moritz, Walter Thomas, Wayne Anderson, William Bobby, William Harrison, William Hetzer, William Kingsley Johnson, Williams Eric Alexandra, Williams McKenzie, Wilson Dior, Daniel Willy


phone numbers:

IP address:,,,,,,,,,,

steals pictures of 'Rick' from

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2008-05-16, 18:10:21   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2008-07-18, 20:10:38
I am looking for gabriel cole' <, is he a scammer, anyone has contacted this guy?
2008-07-28, 23:52:26
Laura from Seattle, United States  
He is now on Eharmony. Ladies Beware!!!!!!!!! He sent me the nicest email asking for fast track and then my Yahoo messenger and started messaging me. My gut just told me to google his email address and boy what I found (this for instance). Glad I listened to my gut or he would have tried to take me for a ride.
2008-07-28, 23:54:32
Laura from Seattle, United States  
Oh, he is going by Rick Anderson, Federal Way, 6' 3' on Eharmony. Of course he could be on there under another city/state as well. That is the one he contacted me from.
2008-08-15, 23:33:14
please help me...
Anyone has received email from george rogers???
2008-08-25, 04:23:10   (updated: 2008-08-25, 04:27:38)
Info Has anyone been contacted by a man named Alexander Ferguson on or any dating web site. Goes by States his is from Lafayette Indiana and works for Gregory and Son's Construction. Traved to Nigeria for work with company. Falls in love immediately and then wants money for rent on Apartment in UK due to credit card not working in Nigeria. Said wife and sons killed in 9-11 attack. I have not been able to verify any of his info online. Uses phone number2348029550143. He is a scammer.
2008-10-02, 00:50:58   (updated: 2008-10-02, 00:58:26)
[hidden] from Canada  

Has anyone received an email from a Jack Collins Claims he is from San Diego California, and starting a business ( a factory ) in Nigeria. Ikeja, Lagos to be exact. Claims his bank account in the US was frozen, and needed money to get a license for the factory in order to fulfill his first contract with a Germany Company. Kept talking about a German guy by the name of Scott Williams. Was asked to send money to Western Union in the hotel manager's name. The hotel manager's name David Akpan. Has a Yahoo email address. Phone# 011-2348026900135. Falls in love right away. Claims his wife died of cancer 6 years ago, and is looking to start over with the right person. Claims he is a Christian, knows and uses scripture from the Bible very well.
2008-10-15, 13:53:12
anonymous from United States  
I am responding to previous post regarding Alexander Ferguson, using the email address I received the same story line from him today after he contacted me from another dating website. Has not asked for money but seems to be ready to begin putting on the airs of me being 'the one' that he wants to marry. Not falling for this, I am smarter that most and have met too many scammers in the past several months and getting good at picking out the scammers! I did a route tracer from the email received and found that the email from today originated from just outside Austin TX. BEWARE ALWAYS LADIES!! Ask alot of questions, get smart about these men, don't let your guard down.
2008-11-06, 05:40:45
anonymous from United States  
If anyone is contacted by Charles Smith, from, he is fake and a scam artist. It's sad, really. He also works under woodduck1953, claims it's his uncle... Ladies, beware! I believe he stole the pictures he uses.

2008-12-08, 17:14:10
anonymous from United States  
Alexander Ferguson as the on has the same story but now, he waits until about a month down the road after he thinks he has you with him. Then he tries to wait until he needs to come home from nigeria and cannot because he paid all his workers and hotel bill and when he gets paid from the Goverment for his Refinery job. His credit card is not working and he cannot get a hold of his friend and has no family and needs help to come home due to his visa being up the next day. Asking for large sums of money 3,000.00. BEWARE of him.
2008-12-15, 22:44:23
anonymous from United States  
has anyone received email from, is scamer..he asking me for 3000. to leave nigeria an get back to UK...
2008-12-27, 01:52:18   (updated: 2008-12-27, 01:54:03)
anonymous from United States  
Can someone tell me if they heard of a.k.a James Harrison.. .this guy is real smooth talker and a 419 Nigerian scammer.. I met him on
2009-02-03, 16:36:22 from United States  
I am writing about Peter Pulford, aka Peter Angeldad, Peter Angel Dad. I met him online in 10/08 on a christian site. He is a good scam er, who plays the part of himself. his mother, a medicine man and 18 year daughter her mother is dead. The drop off point was: is to a friend in Little Rock, Arkansas. I appeared that this friend didn't know what he was doing because he said he didn't like using her. Later he confessed (weather it was a lie or true) that he had a daughter that need surgery on her leg and he didn't have the money.

He has returned to a senior site and he uses the name John Smith. Some of the emails he sends to me are similar or the same as the first. I know this because I kept a file. On this site he uses John Smith 56 and his email is He also admitted that the pictures he uses are models. He showed himself to me on his web and he is older than the picture on here. I think he has a real problem, showing me his image and returning to another site and picking my photo again as if I would'nt recognize him.

This isn't only for the ladies, but the gentlemen also. I'm waiting to see what he is up to before I report him to the authorities and the site. I will give more information as I get it.

2009-02-15, 21:40:22
anonymous from United States  
Alexander Ferguson as text message code

adding to an earlier post.
this man is dangerous ladies. Tells you he is from Fafayett, Indiana. lost his wife and 2 kids in 9/11 attack.
When you contact him back he is bidding on a very important job. Gets it . Has to hurry to get to Lagos,Nigeria. Falls in love fast ....ask to marry you about 7 to 10 days later.
He is accosted on way to work Saved by God lost wallet,ipod phone,watch.
Goes shopping credit card doesn't work. He has to watch his spending.
End of job he pays workers, hotel bill. Then states he is given a check that he can't cash..his bank in UK won't wire him money. Needs $4700.00 for plane. Attaches copy of check that he was given looks real. Once you wire money to him and his driver. he goes to airport...emails flight and boarding pass. Then sates won't let him board unless he has $3,000.00 on him. BTA rule...stated on boarding pass. Once he gets the 3,000.00 dollars that isn't enough for this low life. He emails from heathrow and tells you when he will land at your nearest aiport because he coming to see you Only he is not on plane.
he will give you phone number 00112348026524196
Do not fall for this guy like I did. I thought I was smarter than that but he is slick.

I added picture he sent of himself.

2009-02-16, 13:45:39
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from United States 2009-02-15, 21:40:22

Sorry you got scammed!

You already know now that 99% of contacts professing love, coming from any West African country is a scam!

Your probably chatting with a young black male and not the man in the photo, they do not use there own photo's.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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