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Dating scammer Michael Lynch


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Name: Michael Lynch


Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia
Sorup, Denmark

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associated names:
Michael Lynch
Michael Cole
Ernest Kortey
Valentine Osuji
Binary Travels
Li Ai Ing

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2008-06-29, 22:07:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from New Zealand  
2008-06-29, 22:07:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from New Zealand  

2008-06-29, 22:07:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from New Zealand  

This image was also posted here:
Maylaysian scammer Umar Abdul Malik

2008-06-29, 22:07:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from New Zealand  

2008-07-06, 22:26:16
anonymous from New Zealand  
Check him out on this site under the name Valentine Osuji also. I thought Valentine Osuji was a legitimate travel agent (had a website and all) being used by now known as my scammer Michael I even checked Michael out on all the relevant scammer sites before I got involved and came up with zilch....Man now I know you can't trust no bastard..not even my own judgement which has cost me my entire savings, self esteem and respect...Miochael even chatted online and telephone with my 15 year old son, ensuring him that he loved me and wanted us all to be a family. With all my son's and my concerns he was soooo considerate that I should have known he was too good to be true...I want my money back, my self esteem and be able to look my son in the eye again and I want to confront him face to face with what he has done.....I will find him...that I have promised myself. That is the only way in which I will then be able to respect myself again
2008-07-17, 20:47:25
anonymous from New Zealand  
I truly loved this man. And I am not a woman to give my heart easily at all. I can't understand how a person can leave someone so devastated as he has left me.
2008-08-24, 18:05:18   (updated: 2008-08-24, 18:06:09)
It is so sad to hear your heart coming through your words.......I know because the same happened to me will never understand why a 'human being' would do such a thing to another........sadly these are CRIMINALS this is the game they play to get money out of the innocent unsuspecting woman/man for their wicked games. They approach us through the heart..........romance scams these are called........that's why

You may just want to tell your son that it did not work out............after all.

I sincerely doubt you will get him but if you want to try contact the police there in Malasya. I hope by today's date you are doing better and moving on with your life......don't give up .....just be more cautious in finding the RIGHT one for you.....

I am learning all I can to help fight the SCUMBAGS back............Knowledge is power!!

Painfully aware of a scammer.................but fighting back the SCUMBAGS

2008-09-02, 17:32:34
anonymous from New Zealand  
I thank you for your kind and understanding words.
I have told my son the truth as the situation has affected both of us and that is the only way that we can both understand the mistake that I made.
As for moving on with my some ways yes I have, it is a necessity to survive and exist...bills are still to be paid and the general day to day existence is essensial....but in many personal/emotional ways no I haven't.
I still hope that this is all a very very bad mistake that will be fixed...
2008-10-01, 16:52:24
Check this site out also lists heaps of online addresses. Good for cross checking.

Pity there are no pictures of these scumbags, If you have one post it on here. These scumbags tend to use the same pictures a number of times
2009-02-09, 16:23:34
anonymous from Netherlands  

Last week I was contacted by this man and had no suspicion at the time. There were a few things that struck me as kind of odd. But oke, perhaps a typo of some sort. And I am myself not open about my name and where I live when I first get in touch with someone.

He told me he was a contractor working on a Condo in Ghana. Curious as I am and carefull of course I went on the internet to try and find something about Michael Lynch. On such a big project this should have been possible of course. I ended op seeing a site Dating scammer and his name. Luckily I was not that deep involved in the man. But still it is anoying. I will block him of course. But first I will send him a message that I am on to him. I just need to think about what exactly to write.

Anyway, I am very sorry about what happened to you and wish you all the best and hope that you and your son will come somehow out of this and make a good life for yourselves. Don't let him beat you down!
2009-05-31, 17:44:17
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
2009-09-21, 16:24:30
anonymous from United States  
I also was scammed by someone who called themselves Valentine Osuji. But I think I know who it is and need some help in getting them caught. Can anyone help me?
2012-01-06, 15:19:17
anonymous from South Africa  

Is this your Harry Cole/ Michael Lynch, etc.?
2012-10-01, 15:05:53
anonymous from United States  
Yes getting a Michael Lynch on Craigslist in the Dallas area that keeps on deleting my post for overposting. I have turned him into Craigslist folks now and thinking about going to the local law about him. I am assuming he is the same one that you guys are referring to on here.
2012-10-01, 23:14:09
anonymous from United States  
michael lynch is a scam artist and should be incarcerated and de deballed, plz someone help put this p.o.s. away
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