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Dating scammer ricardo dipego


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Name: ricardo dipego


1071 w.15th st. chicago IL 60608 989-385-5096

Other Comments:
This is the address this scammer gave me. There was a Ricardo at this address and he told me to be careful who I meet on the internet. This scammer sent me pics of a daughter he called Kate. And also of himself. I am sure they are not him!! He wanted me to send 800.00 to him because he was robbed and shot at!! He also said his daughter was badly hurt in the hospital. I am scared now because he has pics of me and my kids and I am afraid of being a part of this scam!! He also has my phone # and address. I gave it to him long before he asked for the money!! Stupid me!

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2012-03-19, 18:48:58
Miss Marple from United States  
Scammers goes offen under fake IPs ,for me it does not matter anymore if they go under Nigerian,Ghanian ,Malaysia,UK ,USA or where ever in this world as i spot the scammers immidiateley whithout the IP i see the signs and their behaviours ,but for victims it can be very important to know where the scam originates from as lot of people do not know who hides behind the photos they have recieved and offen refuses to believe that is mostly africans behind the photo of an white male.But it is an evidence of course in it self to have an IP that locates to Nigeria or Ghana as the most scams are done there.This is why scammers hides under fake IPs that they just pick up on the internet.

EXLAX.....LOL LOL LMAO.......omg are just hilarious !!!!! hahaha..yeah send this mugu a year consuming so he can not visit any internet cafes anymore.....

well you can give him an phone number that costs him a bit to call also ..check this link
and look at the first posting there at the end of that posting there is an suitable phone number you can give the


2012-03-19, 19:03:10
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-03-19, 17:32:58
Scammers changes names so offen as we normal people change underwear ..Richard dipego is the thread starter ,but as you notice the scammer has multiple names since it started so go ahead post here ..but if you want to open up an new thread it is your choice of course ,but for the researchers it does not matter as you do researches on addys ,phone numbers etc. and that gives hits on google it is up to you ...but then you can post scammers in my own created thread how you recognize male scammers ,where it is open for everyone to post whatever about scammers ,lot of people post in that thread when they just want to comment or post scammers with out opening an thread google do the work ....

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

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2012-03-20, 17:34:33
from United States  
@ MM: IF I ever get a stinking address for him! I didn't realize how long these guys draw this stuff out until I started doing more reading on the subject. Not sure I have the patience for it, but we'll see.
Regarding the phone number, unfortunately I gave him my real home number (didn't want to run up cell phone minutes) when we first chatted, before I became suspicious. Now that I gave him a mailing address, his calls slowed down (Sunday was the last we spoke). which is fine with me, because sometimes I can barely understand the guy. The one who called Friday was fun to talk to, he had a bit of a sense of humor. I almost said on Sunday 'hey can you put that other guy on? he speaks better English' whoops! LOL.
Regarding the name header issue, okay with me, as long as it pops up in a search.
Thanks for all your tips and good talking to you, if I could figure out how to message you with my personal email address I would. *sigh* But I work all day, and this is just too time consuming as it is. I should just post my phone number here, I already shared it with *shudders* God knows who!!!

2012-03-20, 18:58:49
Miss Marple from United States  
@2012-03-20, 17:34:33
I hear you ,my time is limited also as i work during day time,create an delphi account here and then you can send me private messages if you wish,check this link out and follow the instructions just and after your done with that ,check my postings ,there is an envelope by my user name Miss Marple ,klick on the envelope a message square pops up and you can write me an message...

Being an baiter you have to be patient sometimes as many times scammers drags out the scams in purpose to make the victims frustrated ,they are not stupid as you might think ,do not get involved personally and get emotional with scammers ..i know someone that baited an scammer for an year..that is an long scammers can actually work on victims for years and scam them out so much sometimes baiting can be demanding ..ok back to the mugu you are working on seems to talk with an gang for sure ...well create an account and we can talk further through messages instead ...

2012-03-20, 19:42:33   (updated: 2012-03-20, 19:44:06)
anonymous from United States  
@ MM sorry but I clicked on the link it says to create an account , but I'm already logged in (I guess, it says CharterArms up in the corner), I don't see an envelope and my thingy says 'no messages' but nowhere do I see how to send a message. I'm getting frustrated and ready to log off for the night. Since I can't figure out how to do it, I'll clutter this up more with a copy/paste of thje email I plan on sending him tomorrow night. I have not replied to his email yesterday, and so he doesn't know if I'm home right noww. LOL I'm curious to see if he goes along with it and pretends I really located his dog. I googled for images and found 3 pictures that could be me holding the dog, HAHAHA! So, have a good laugh this evening, and I shall try the message thing here again tomorrow - cuz I'm no quitter! LOL
Hello, my Dommie,
How are you doing? I hope your work is keeping you busy, but not too busy to daydream about me!
I'm sorry I haven't written for a few days, but I've been very busy. I wanted to do something for you, to show you just how much I really care for you.
I know you said not to worry about your dog, but it was really bothering me. So I took off work this week to take care of it for you.
I drove up to Marlborough, Mass on Sunday. It was a beautiful drive, only took me a little over 8 hours. I checked into the Best Western Royal Plaza hotel, and spent the evening poring over the Yellow Pages.
On Monday I started calling all 160 veterinary listings! HAHAHA you probably think I'm NUTS, right?
Anyway, about halfway through the day I found her! The vet clinic was so happy to hear from me, as they said the owner had abandoned her. I said NO, he is working out of the country. Well, the office assistant I spoke with was very helpful, she told me if I paid the bill she would gladly release the dog to me.
SO - a few hours and $250 later, I was driving back to the hotel with your sweet little doggie!
It was too late to make the long drive home, so I spent the night. We left early yesterday to head home.
PLEASE don't be mad at me!
I did this for you, so you won't need to worry about her. Remember you said you wished we had met prior to your leaving, because you would have trusted me to take good care of her? Well, since you kept forgetting to send me your address, I figured this was something I could do for you. To show you how much I care about you, and how I am always thinking of you.
Also, I must admit, I am thinking of myself, too. We talked about you coming to visit me when you return (4 more weeks - CAN'T WAIT!!!) and I was afraid by the time you came home you would forget all about me. SO, now you have to come see me, to get your doggie! See? I'm not as stupid as I look, huh? LOL, I'm holding your dog hostage, LOL.
She's no trouble at all! Well, Chancy doesn't like her yet, but Lucky is having a blast! He chases her all over the house, she was so tired last night, and I caught them sleeping together. It was so cute I had to take a picture. They're still on my camera, I'll send to you in another email when I get them downloaded.
NOW whenever you're missing your dog, just call me and I'll log into Yahoo and we can webcam. Won't that be FUN???
I hope this email makes your heart smile. It feels so good to do something nice for you. Please don't be mad!
I will send pictures soon.
2012-03-20, 19:59:32
Miss Marple from United States  
oki..i got confused too thought it was 2 posters here...LOL as you posted anonymous..i wrote you an message now with my addy...

2012-03-21, 17:10:26   (updated: 2012-03-21, 17:11:44)
CharterArms from United States  
Testing ...
Tah Dah! and of course I can't just delete this comment, LOL
2012-03-25, 23:29:15
anonymous from Botany, Australia  
Mike Flavin -

2012-03-26, 00:41:40
anonymous from Australia  
Hello anonymous from Botany Australia,
Tell me more about Mike Flavin, did he scam you, what dating site did you meet him?
2012-03-26, 02:36:13   (updated: 2012-03-26, 02:39:11)

Hi, did anyone knows anything about this man?

2012-03-28, 06:23:53
anonymous from Australia  
This is a picture of Matt Damon- totally ridiculous! This is a scam site right? Not a scorned women site yeah?
2012-03-28, 16:49:54
whyme2012 from Australia  
I have created a facebook account for anyone who wants to share there story and want to meet others people who have gone through the same thing.

2012-03-28, 17:19:55   (updated: 2012-03-28, 17:29:27)
anonymous from United States  
CharterArms (AKA anonymous)

My package from Dominic A Waldburg AKA Allen D Waldburg came today! My sweet little stalker sent me a beaded necklace and (ICK) a dead bird purse. I'll attach a photo.
More importantly, is the return address:
Allen D Waldburg
4 Abomimi Crescent
Ind, Lay Out, Enugu
Enugu State Nig
TEL: 08082994480
I suppose I should have sent big Thank You My Dear email rather than the WHY DID YOU SEND ME A DEAD BIRD??? email, LOL, but it was pretty disgusting. I cut it open and saw feathers, and immediately ran outside with it, EWWW!

2012-03-28, 18:45:10
2012-04-12, 10:51:28
anonymous from Germany  
Hello, I have also some information about Dominic A Waldburg or Allen D Waldburg.
At the moment I write under the name Simone Waldo on Facebook.
In Novemeber last year it was the first time that he had written me. I didn´t answer. In January he wrote me twice. Only for fun he had answered him. He told me that he´s living in Berlin, working at the moment in London, he gave me a phone number in London and asked if I could cal him. NO!
In February he went to Nigeria Zuma Rock. He gave me a phone number and he had asked me if I should call him. I said no, it´s to expensive. We also chatted over Yahoo Messengers. Last week he wrote me that he had problems. I asked what problems? Financial problems but he dont need help. But this takes only 2 days and then he had asked me for 5.000 Euro ( appr. 6.800 USD ). I told him that I dont have so much money. If he really love me he couldn´t expect this.
At the 5th April he wrote this on FB: Simone Waldo

good morning to you my angel
i am not mad at your
i am not upset because you refuse to help me
i love you
our love is beyond all odds
our love is stronger than anything else i have ever had in my life
i hold your close to my heart and i am not letting go

One day later he had send me this message in Yahoo:
simmywally1(16:24:12 (UTC)):I am sorry but we cannot continue like this
simmywally1(16:24:25 (UTC)):If you really trust me and love me like you say
simmywally1(16:24:33 (UTC)):I think you will do what I asked of you

So I wrote him that he´s a liar and scammer. But first I wrote all women on his profile nice warnings. Hope that they believe me. Then he had blocked me. But I´m also not stupid, I go with the name from a friend of mine online and now I can see his profile again.

SO; PLEASE NOTE THAT Dominic A Waldburg or Allen D Waldburg IS ALSO SIMONE WALDO!!!!!!

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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