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Dating scammer emmanuel mensah


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Name: emmanuel mensah


333 sweet abpple ave. accra ghana 00233

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need to know if i am a target

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2009-01-12, 20:06:47
I am dating the man in the picture, and he is NOT into dating scams. Don't know where you got that picture, but it sounds like somebody else found him handsome, copied his picture and set you up.
2009-02-24, 10:42:09
I have been contacted by a man, claiming to be Colin S Shepherd, he says he has a son and travelled to England and then Ghana working for Newmont Mineral Exploration, out of Washington DC.
Over a couple of weeks, he told me he had fallen in love with me and needed help in the form of money. He needed up to $100,000 dollars to help him with a contract so he could, come to me and spend the rest of his life with me. Never sent him any money and gave his information to the Ghana police.
I will post the picture he sent me, some poor guy out there, probably a passport picture of some poor person who doesn't

2009-03-28, 15:52:08
anonymous from Australia  
Hey so in reply to all those who have been talking to 'emmanuel' or any of his other aliases.
i just have to ask.
d*ckheads like this wouldnt get sh!t out of people if you just used your heads.
seriously man... makes me rage how dumb people are.
boo hoo i'm lonely lets find some other lonely f**k who lives in ghana.
oh yeah GHANA yeah right b/c all the worthwhile people live in third world sh!tholes.
seriously oh my god.
if i see one more thread about someone falling prey to this idiot i will honestly scream.
to re-iterate.
heads, use them.
scam, it is one.
lonely people, how about trying to meet another lonely person in your OWN F**KING COUNTRY!
and if you're lonely because you're unattractive, sorry, you will not end up with an attractive person, its cruel and it sucks but deal with it, life is as such.
bottom line, if it seems too good to be true, or even just pretty good, its not.
its not a thousand times over.
dont make me tell you guys again...
2009-04-06, 16:02:48
same name, picture of same person, same mo ... says he has a son, lives in US, DC area (where person of same name does live, but with totally different indentification). Too embarrassed to admit how much I fell for, but want to share other (probably stolen) photographs of 'Shepherd' and his son. And is definitely connected to Emmanuel Mensah, because when money was sent it was sent to Emmanuel Mensah. I did not keep copies of the communications after I confronted him was embarrassed and erased them all. I know I have no one else to blame for falling for Colin W. Shepherd who uses the id colinsshepherd (hmmm... Colin S Shepherd?) works for Newmont (claims to) and possibly there is an Emmanuel Mensah who works for Newmont in Ghana???? ... and has his own import/export business ... but was contracted to do work with no advance funds and can't get his own money from states or his 'banker in Germany' and needs money, he got lots from me!

2009-04-06, 16:03:31
anonymous from United States  

2009-04-06, 16:04:30
anonymous from United States  

2009-04-06, 16:05:17
anonymous from United States  
yup, i got lots of photos
2009-04-06, 16:06:29
anonymous from United States  
let's see, at least one more ,,, this was the profile picture on

2009-04-06, 16:10:55
anonymous from United States  
need more? And I can tell the one who commented from Australia, first of all this man claims to live in the states ... was only on business in Ghana ... you are right, I am dumb for falling for any of this and have no excuse, but do want to get the story out to others who might be victims. I am NOT crying 'poor me'
2009-04-06, 16:23:10
anonymous from United States  
one last photo that I was sent ... and, by the way, he tells me he will webcam tomorrow to show me that the person I talked to is really this person in the photo

2009-04-07, 17:46:02
anonymous from United States  
Don't F-----g POST PICTURES OF CHILDREN!!!!!!!! They have nothing to do with it!! Jesus can't you F-----g people read????!!!!!! NOT COOL!!!!!
2009-04-07, 21:10:50
anonymous from Australia  
Daniel Tagoe came to me on lavalife. I court him out on so many different lies. He also has another photo besides that one of myself and the one with his kids. It's ashame that I deleted it.
When you have been scammed once you always can see the signs after that. It certainly makes you more alert.
2009-05-07, 10:45:01
anonymous from Canada  
Thanks so much to all who posted their information and stories. I know it is sometimes uncomfortable to share details about being deceived by these kind's of people and it is very brave to share such stories. As for posting children's pictures, someone is using these pictures to manipulate and hurt people and if these were pictures of my children, I would want to know.
Thanks again.
2009-06-13, 09:33:12
[hidden] from United States  
Hi. I am from Canada, not US. I knew Tagoe as Kevin Amartey from NY, NY - using the fruit juice co. thing, and 3 kids - one more than appear on the photo. Accomplisses Richmond from Boston, Sally Antwi/ie/Bopy as KLM agent. Also uses kevinecco @yahoo and number (when in Ghana) 233 208 705 459. Major scammer, very skilled. I lost a substantial sum. BE WARNED AND BEWARE. May it never happen to you....nor to the whiner who can do nothing but berrate the vidtims of these pros.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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