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Dating scammer Daniel (Danny:Dan) Harris


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Name: Daniel (Danny:Dan) Harris


Owerri Imo Nigeria

Other Comments:
This guy is a scammer as well beware of the charming emails, IM's and phone calls of undying love for you. Same story as others hit a hawker with his car, owns art gallery, The courts are taking everything he owns to pay the parents of the deceased girl, needs money to get back to the states and ship out items left.


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2008-08-07, 07:35:37
anonymous from United States  
This is Daniel Harris so he says. I am sure also that this one is not the true person that he claims to be.

2008-08-07, 10:23:40
anonymous from United States  
Hows that for scamming on innocent victims What a load of crap....

How is my darling doing over there? I am missing her inside of my heart and only wish she was here so i could fully express the extent of my feeling towards her. I would rather have one smell of your hair or one touch of your hand rather an eternity without it.

I give you all my love because i know i truly love you, and if you promise to keep my heart safe and free of the turmoils, i would show you my definition of cherishing the one you love. I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no rejection and at the same time, i chose to love you in your loneliness, for in your loneliness no one owns you, but me. You know when you love a woman, you see the whole world inside her eyes, and you know it takes a second to say i love you, but a lifetime to show it and so let me the warmer of your heart forever.

Respect is what i owe you and love what i have to offer, and you love as far as i see is all i am ever going to need. I know that you are not perfect nor can I claim to be either, but please believe me when I say that I want to be by your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and at noon to be next to you, to be held close to your heart now and for the rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love for you out loud to the entire world.

In time all things will grow old and weak but my love for you only will grow stronger and better with every second of each breaking day, and i will continue to remember how i felt when i first came across that profile on True which has caused a significance change in my life. For a few moments in my life you've made me feel as if I truly meant something to someone, thanks for being here to give me this feeling that could never be duplicated.

Your love

2011-11-13, 15:01:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Beware....Daniel Harris...contacted me through ' Are You Interested ' Face Book...using e-mail age 46 but picture of a much younger man...sends mega long email about himself and how you make his heart beat faster (sad or what) but the warning signs are he is in Nigera buying Antiques then asks you to send information about yourself...all this in his first contact...does he think we are all stupid !!!!
2011-11-18, 15:33:43
anonymous from United States  
I have also been contacted on AYI by Daniel Gerald Harris.
He says he has been recently divorced due to finding his wife in bed with his
best friend who she is now married to and living in Berlin. He has a 4 yr old daughter.
He is in Nigeria buying Jewellery and antiques for his business.
He says he is half German half British. Gets you sucked in well and truly!
2011-11-24, 16:56:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I also have been contacted on AYI by Daniel Gerard Harris, saying all the crap about he saw his wife in bed with his best friend that sucks!! He has a 4 year old daughter, and he is a business man, he is now in Nigeria waiting to ship his antique goods to the UK, He has a problem now with his bank transfer etc..etc. He really and truly loves me, even though he has not met me etc..etc.. He will take me shopping in the West End etc.. money is no problem, and yet he asks for me to transfer money over to him to pay for his goods, and he will return it to me once in the UK, is he joking or what, am I stupid, what is the problem with AYI can you check this man out please on your web page. I have emails and emails and emails from him, and I was stringing him along to get some more news, I was playing him at his own game. He thinks we woman are all stupid but let me say he will get unstucked, as I have a good mind to send the emails to the authorities concerned.
2011-12-03, 07:30:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i have been contacted by a daniel gerald harris recently, saying all the same stuff about how he is stuck in nigeria he realy loves me etc , who do you contact about this person, as my friend unknown to me gave him my name and address as she thought he was genuine, he asked me to cash him some travelers checques and send to him i said no but then my friend went and emailed my details to him, not knowing what he had asked me to do.
2011-12-03, 16:42:37
Same thing Richard Tucker, Richard Tucker Oppong, email,, told me, that he caught his girlfriend in bed with his best friend and that after all these years she was telling him his son wasn't his son, had a supposedly 15 year old so, named Michael. I met him last year on, he was under the name adee22. He claimed he lived in Houston, Texas and worked for HP. Then claimed he was going to visit mother in Ghana, took some supposedly computers to sale ( goods he called them). Started coming up with all kinds of lies for monies, to pay cell phone, wanted $750 for a supposedly birthday party for himself, monies to send for his son to come there, and to send the son's supposedly tutor, all lies, wanted monies sent in Abubakari Ishamel by western union, even claimed one time that he was in jail because mtn# was incorrect,but still had his phone. Funny thing is this scammer calls every now & then now, I don't know what he thinks he is getting, even called raising hell at me about I supposedly posted information about him here, Oh yes they know about this site, but dies it stop thier scamming asses, no. All they want is more money, more money & more money, don't care who they hurt, as matter of fact laughs at us. Let's stop them.
2011-12-10, 11:54:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2012-02-17, 15:00:23   (updated: 2012-02-17, 15:54:54)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OMG Daniel Harris, divorced, 4 year old daughter, wife found with best mate, in Negeria buying merchandise to bring back to england. I have just read these posting on the site and cant believe what i have just read, its him. Everythng that is written here he is saying to me, i was thinking it was all to good be to true. what a charmer. I am so pleased i have read this, alarm bells would of rang the minute money was going to be mentioned but reading this it was about to come. I feel like s hi t !!
2012-02-17, 16:10:16
Miss Marple  
Reply to:2012-02-17, 15:00:23

I am sorry that you have met an scammer online,and the words he has written to you he has written to many others also,scammers sends templates to theire victims copied and pasted from the internet.I am very glad that the alarm bells rang for you in time as scammers are good in what they are doing and lots of victims has lost lot of money to these scumbags! But the emotional part can be the worst for the victims,to be lured and cheated . I know how it feels met an scammer my self once and it took me an while to come over that thing.I hope you will cease all contact to this scammer as they can be very persistent to victims of scam.

//Miss Marple//

2012-02-17, 18:22:51
[hidden] from United States  
I recently met someone on He said his name was Michael Schiller.. us army sargent in afghanistan.. we corresponded for over a month. He sent me 6 pictures of himself in uniform , in afghanistan.. He said he couldn't wait to come home to me... He never told me when that would be.. He said he was living in fort dix NJ .. He said he had a wife kate who cheated on him . He said he was born in Germany .. His mothers name was Linda who died suddenly... Then recently he asked me to send some supplies to him... He said they could not get supplies where he was... He gave me the name of a 'diplomat' as he called it.. Eric Hayford , accra , Ghana.... I googled the address & all this scamming information came uo on this Eric Hayford... I think now he is the real scammer... I sent a last e-mail to this Michael Schiller telling him about that I thought this was a scam... This Eric Hayford is even on facebook, Ghana.... Now I hear of these scam snakes using pictures of deceased soldiers & using a fictiious name..... I beleive this Eric Hayford is the scammer.. I only pray that the person who I thought I was speaking to is still alive... Spoke to him 2 times on the phone .. He asked me how my 'Mum' was... that's how they say Mom in Ghana.. I think this guy is a major date scammer & needs to be added to the list... I have a picture of Michael... but as I said this Eric Hayford is on facebook.. Thanks, Nan
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Daniel (Danny:Dan) Harris

2012-02-18, 07:53:21
Miss Marple  
@2012-02-17, 18:22:51
RE:Michael schiller

You have met an dating scammer online and the names you have mentioned here are fake.Scammers uses stolen names and pictures in the scams,so the man on the photo is an victim also on ID theft.The scammers that are behind these sort of scams originates from West-Africa mostly common from Nigeria and Ghana.So whatever he has told you are all lies.I advice you to cease the contact with this scammer as he will ask you for money and if he does never send money as you will never see them again.If you confront an scammer with the truth he will never admit anyway.i am sorry that you have met an scammer and not the man on the picture.

The picture is taken from Colosseum in Rome (Italy) so probably the man on the picture could be an Italian man or an tourist.


All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2012-02-19, 07:15:06   (updated: 2012-02-19, 07:16:54) from United States  
These are a couple follow up pictures sent to me from this dating scammer... He is supposed to be stationed in Afghanistan... German.... He asked me to send him supplies & Ipad... & they to be sent to Eric Hayford in Ghana.... Googled Eric Hayford & found scamming reports on him... I am still puzzled if the person in these photos is the scammer or the one who is the victim of ID theft... In some photos he has a beard & in others he does not.... Is there any way to find out..... His says his name is Michael Schiller... Only child, mother Linda deceased..... Thanks you again, Nan

2012-02-19, 10:01:23
Miss Marple  

The man on the photo has nothing to do with any scams,his is an victim of ID theft,all names are just made up ,fake .Scammers from Ghana and Nigeria steels photos from innocent people on the internet as Facebook ,my space and use them to scam people with.This kind of scam with scams with stolen pictures on military personel is very common now,it is an big problem for the US and UK army ,lots of soldiers have been abused like this.Please go this link below here and read .I am very sorry .

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2012-02-23, 08:50:36
AandE from United Kingdom  
Just found out today that my friend has been scammed by Daniel Harris too!! AYI was the original contact point and since then he has sent loads of emails all containing love declarations from the very first one! And pictures of a very good looking young man (no idea who he is) (but probably not the man himself). The latest email was to ask for money to pay hotel bill and customs duties! Please be aware of this man! Is there anywhere these people can be reported too??? I don't suppose the police in either UK or Nigeria would be interested or able to do anything if they were! The picture attached is the first one he sent to her. Thankfully we are good friends and she shared the emails with me and we both kind of thought early on that it was too good to be true, and i said at one stage hope he doesnt ask for money. This and the fact that he never actually replied personally to anything she said was enough to get our suspicions aroused! Thank goodness they were! This site has saved her lots of grief, and it was pure chance that we googled him today!!

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