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Dating scammer Mike Simpson


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Name: Mike Simpson


101 King's Gate, Aberdeen City Scotland AB10 4YN (wrong mailing code at end of course)

Other Comments:
I met Mike Simpson on He fits the typical scammer profile. He is supposedly from Harrisonburg, Virginia, but is currently living in Aberdeen Scotland as a chemical engineer for Chevron. He has a 14 year old daughter, Marie Simpson, who goes to boarding school in Lyon, France. I even received a few emails from her ( Their birthdays are June 6. He gave me the story that he was widowed. His wife, Dian Simpson, died in a car crash 3.5 years ago. He said he was part Italian (to account for the accent on the phone) and that he spend the first five years of his life in Milan, Italy. He said he never knew his father and that his mom raised him singlehandedly (he had her last name). The mother died many years ago of cancer.

Not long after we started to IM and phone each other, he went on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. When he got off, he was suppose to come for a visit, but kept delaying because of an investment he needed to take care of. He eventually asked for money to help him because this investment he made in petroleum chemicals was stuck in customs and he needed $22k to get them out. He had mortgaged his house to the hilt and (horrors!) might have to sell his Range Rover to cover it, but that would only net him $10k. When I refused, he tried to put a guilt trip on me. I ceased all contact with him. Obviously, the picture I attached was lifted off of some poor guy's profile and used.

contact info:
IP address
ISP ORG-SA57-AFRINIC-20050513, Assigned to Lagos dial-pool customers
Country Nigeria Nigeria

His telephone number is 011-447-045786066 (UK cell phone #)

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2008-08-13, 20:15:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-11-22, 10:33:31
I met similar men on myspace he wrote to me and then we chat on yahoo for two months he said his wife died on 11 september 2001 and hi has a daughter 14 he is a petroleum engineer and works offshore on North Sea he has defference pic bat all is similar he said he is coming to see me but suddenlt he has a contract in malaysia so he have to go he mortgaged his house his daughter Ashley wrote to me and ask about $100 because she has a birthday and she cant get money from her father because he invested all his money fot his contract maybe its the same man hi said to me his name is harry Jones and hi has another pic but i think he changed it his yahho nick is meetharryjonex i didnt found his pic here but im sure he is scammer he ask me for money for his daughter too but i dont trust people if i know them from messengers only i never heard before about scamers but now i realise it he although gave me address where i should sent money he wrote an email to me :Hello honey,
hope i am not stressing you over sending money to my daughter,if you think i am stressing you,you can forget about it,i know she will be mad at me if i cant help her on her birthday and she will feel disappointedget it,.that is the reason i asked you to help me ,i promise to send it to you back as soon as possible.ok, send to her with details of the man that work in her school.that is the name of man that help her receive money when ever i send her money.ok....

N.B....honey try and send it to her in the morning so that she can get it saturday before the birthday.ok.have a nice day..i ll call you later.bye
maybe someone know him too????? i spoke to him on the phone and last time the connection was good so i could hear him well and i dont think he is american because of his accent he said he is american and he studied in Oxford

2009-05-20, 07:50:31   (updated: 2009-05-20, 08:41:45)
[hidden] from United States  
Yes, This was very Helpful, Harry Jones and his Daughter strikes again. I really was a fool because I can actually say that I had fallen in Love with this man and he litterally stole my heart, but Thank The Lord above, I had found about this man prior to actually meeting him. I can't believe that he would even get his 15 year old daughter involved in such a horrible scam. Ashley seemed to be reaching out to be loved, but who knows it really could have been this man who he calles himself Harry Jones.. The pictures he shares are probably not even him either... SATAN is everywhere.. JUST BEWARE !!
2009-05-20, 14:21:40
i am not sure that the pics showing harry jones is true because i know him very well.he is from france and he is a very responsible man.i have to let him know about this shit.ok.
2009-05-20, 14:27:04
why should ant idiot put that stupid comment on a man i know very well,....if you are bold enough,you should have put your name and email address and phone number on the comment too so that you could be trace asshole....harry jones is a reputable man in the society and he is a very good friend to my sisters husband.....HARRY is an innocent man and he is not guilty of that shit.ok
2009-05-20, 17:17:00   (updated: 2009-05-20, 17:18:03)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

In plain English Go the Fuck away Scammer.
No posting will be removed or discredited by anyone.
If, You a legitimate argument take it to the site administrator.
You have to prove any claim, You make.
Other than that, You have no right to say anything at all.
This posting appears to be a very valid posting.
Maybe, Your confused as the picture is most likely stolen and used, by
a scammer. That means it stays here also.

Don't bother saying anything again without contacting the site administrator first.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-05-21, 01:01:41
anonymous from United States  
OK if he is a respectful man than he needs to prove it... Especially when it seems that he is making his own comments... He always says... OK... hummm this is too fishy
2009-05-21, 02:35:27   (updated: 2009-05-21, 02:37:08)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

This is the work of a scammer there is not even the slightest doubt in that
to me.
This is a good one to learn how to spot a scammers post from.
The most obvious dead giveaway is the two postings within about 6 hours
of the one report from the USA. In my experience that person who made that
post made the mistake of mentioning this site to their scammer as they
ended the connection to the scammer. The scammer came here looking
if they got posted and sure enough there it was.
So in a effort to do damage control they try to discredit the posting.
I will not mention how a true person responds to a posting.
No need to teach the scammers watching anything they don't know.
Remember 24 - 7 This site is watched by scammers.
I always give the correct answer to how to have the matter dealt with
just in case, I made a error in judgment. But this one is pretty obvious.
These kind of postings do damage if not dealt with immediately.
Another observation that, I have seen watching several of these.
For some reason this mostly only happens with woman that end it with
men scammers. The male scammer fallows the woman here.
This almost never happens with Men who have been scammed their
scammers do not fallow them to the site ? I do not know why that is ?
Another thing to notice there has been no response to my posting. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-10-11, 19:20:18
anonymous from United States  
Harry Jones was supposely from London but worked on the oil rigs in the North Seas. Has dsughter named Ashley who attended private High School in Lagos Nigeria. ZHe alwsys wanted money after making you fall in love with him. Though a worlkd traveler he always was short of money for ome reason and needed it right away. He could alwsys write the most beautiful love letters and swore his love for me. On the phone he has a ccent that he never explained to me though he said he was raised in the UK it was not a UK accent sounded more like as Nigerian accent which he ssid was becaused he traveled. ZHe isd the worst kind of man. He plays with the women who need love in their lives and then takes their money not feeling the slightest twinge of guilt thast he leaves then in debt owing money so he can travel the world. I am not sure he has a daughter at sll but if he does ZI really feel sorry for the girl because she is being taught to take advantage of people who offer her love. I just hope he get his pay back soon.
2010-05-21, 17:22:07
I too was in communication with a man who claimed to be from my town. Originally born in Spokane Wa, moved to UK to live with uncle and attended college. 6 yrs ago his fiance was killed weeks before their wedding. He has a 14 yr old son who lives with his grandma in WA. Shortly after we began emailing and instant messaging, he had to leave to work on an oil rig in the No. Sea. Gave a ph # as it was his responsibility to always stay in communciation with me. Said he was a chemical engineer.

after 3 wks or so....his story turned or death in his words as he used to many chemicals and it caused pipes to erode and spill massive amounts of oil into the sea and now needed money to pay off oil spillage experts to avoid going to jail and pay a huge fine. All this because he didn't want to prolong our meeting. He went with name of Jerry Evans and had a yahoo email. Never got any money from me. He used a different picture than posted here....the story sounds much to similar
2012-11-08, 01:21:41   (updated: 2012-11-08, 01:23:34)
anonymous from United States  
Ah yes, the 'I have a big deal' oh wait 'now I'm being held by the government, send money'
I traced the IP from looking carefully on the 'headers' for the email that you don't usually see. Agidingbi in Nigeria Gerald Westborn is the name used
'I didn't tell you this earlier because you are super busy and we rarely talk these days. I finally got that big contract I told you about. I am presently at Scotland in the United Kingdom where I am expected to buy the crude. I am to supply 90,000 barrels of crude.Everything seemed to be going on fine until a couple of days ago. I was on the offshore loading my second vessel when officials from the environment protection agency here flew in with a chopper and suspended all my operations. When I began to ask questions,apparently they currently made some reviews to their environmental act which includes the provision for a Discharge and Evacuation License which I happen not to possess at the moment.I had to make some negotiations with the Head of Operations for the agency and they have agreed to cut me loose with the sum of $278,830.I have been able to raise $154,000 but they are insisting on the other balance before I would be allowed to commence work. I have this money, the problem is I cannot access my account at this moment because I have exceeded my credit limit.
I know this might sound a bit far-fetched but I am appealing to you as a friend to help me out.I do not know anyone else who can help me out in his situation.As if it isn't bad enough they wouldn't let me leave the country for reasons best known to them.I need to deliver this goods before the end of the month and I am already behind schedule and besides I need to b home before Thanksgiving to be with my daughter.
I can get a lawyer here to draw up a loan agreement for us. I will pay a 30% percent ROI on every dollar and 5% of the total profit i make. Please think about it.I would refund immediately I land on US soil.Please do what you can for me, this people here are not nice to me probably because I am American.
What are friends for if not for inconveniences. I am counting on you.'
Really? Oh, also his parents are dead, and he is divorced.
2015-06-20, 11:12:10
anonymous from United States  
I met this man on line (Christian Mingle). He is going by Wesley Adams from Baltimore, MD, This site helped me tremendously before I lost my heart and any money. He goes by
He contacted me thru CM , then email and asked to do instant messaging. He had not asked me for money yet but I smelled a rat and started searching. he also stated his wife died 8 years ago from cancer, he has a 14 year old daughter who stays with her grandma as he goes to the Montrose Field north sea, Aberdeen Scotland for weeks at a time and them home for 3 months as a vacation. He said he was a geologist on the rig. very sweet talking. Very convincing. All of the rig photos he sent were stock photos I found on line. I assume his photos are also. He swiftly disappeared when I call him out on it last night.
Please keep this post active as he is still alive and scamming. Just a new site.




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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