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Dating scammer Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel


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Name: Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel


No. 12 Airport Rd. Victoria Island

Other Comments:
He will say the most romantic things you could ever want to hear, then he asks for a large amout of money, because he says that he spent all his money on his sick mom's hospital bills, and he's stranded there, and needs the money to get back to the U.S., and that he can't wait to meet you when he arrives. He does this on gay and straight dating sites as well as many African American dating sites.

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2010-01-07, 03:22:43
anonymous from United States  
Here is another of his e-mails. This is where he actually ass for money....What a scumbag. I really hope this heps others.

Thanks so much for the name of the airport,i should be flying out tomorrow and i will email you my flight info later today,but there is a little problem,i need to settle something here for mom and am outta cash right now,i tried using my credit card but they said they dont accept that here,please dear can you raise me $300 and when i get to you i will give it back to you,i need it before i fly outta here,will appreciate it if you can send it to me today..cares

and another....

Dear ,

I'm pretty sure you are fine again because I'm always praying for you. I can't really believe that even in my wildest dream that things like these seem to happen to us. I never realized before that in just one click of the mouse, it can really change my life. And I never expected to fall so deeply fast with you. What's your magic, Honey?

How pleased I am to be part of your life. I'll always care about you ... ONLY to you, Honey.

I know we can't get together right now; we are just too far apart and I perfectly understand that. But somehow, I still have faith (BIG faith) that in due time, this will all come to an end and we will be together ... forever (as what I'm always asking from God). Being far from you is not that easy, Honey. It sometimes drives me crazy and makes me want to be with you at this very instant. Though we're apart now, believe me, I can assure you that it doesn't change the way I feel about you. You're such a blessing for me. Thank you for everything ... for loving me; I mean it, Honey.

And one more thing ... I really appreciate you. You are too smart to fall for me, but I guess I am much smarter than you are to make myself fall for you so deeply.

Love always,


2010-01-07, 16:19:00
anonymous from United States  
Here is another e-mail asking for money with a name and an address

Thanks so much for the wonderful idea but i am gonna book my ticket with my credit card and not cash,i dont want you to stress yourself by coming down here because am done with what i came here to do,so just send me the 300 directly to my mom's friend who works inw estern union,via western here is her information below you need to send it to..


Dear trust me on this and know that i wont let you down mybaby and as soon as its done email me the control number,test question and answer and your full name and address so she can use it to get the money and i would book my ticket immediately,so honey do thuis for me as fast as possible,looking forward to reading from you soon..
2010-01-18, 05:41:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have reason to believe the above gentleman is now in touch with me under the name of jessica cloce.I will send more details.IP info confirms Daniel Kehinde
2010-01-30, 19:00:16
anonymous from United States  
Where do these scammers get these pictures? Are they from the states? These poor guys don't even know. The picture that I had was a supposedly 50 year old man sitting on a sofa just like an ordinary at home picture. I knew from the beginning something was up but I hung on waiting for the hammer to fall and sure enough it did. He said he was to come back to the states and when the time came I ask him was he getting ready for the trip back and that's when it fell. Well darlin my stock broker is having trouble getting money to me. I told him I wasn't stupid and to never contact me again. Haven't heard a word. He msut have deleted the picture because I can't find it. He goes by the name of Allen Devries from Canton Michigan and the Allen Devries in Canton looks nothing like this guy. He gave me his yahoo email address. He also kept asking me if I had a webcam. I believe there is a website called that's loaded with these guys. Just about everyone that contacted me was much too young.
I took all my info off there. Never going back.
2010-02-24, 06:32:37
Hello, I don't know whether he is scammer or not. I knew him for three months. He had asked assistant from me in the form of money. He said he had to settle the audito and the accountant so the government will pay his 3.6 million pounds. He admitted as a contractor that worked at united kingdom. I knew him via WAYN and we corresponded via ym. At first he asked me to send 1000 pounds via western union and said it will be the last time he asked for the money but he lied. After the third sent, he still ask for money. He promised to pay back my money but till now still unpaid. He introduced himself as Benson Tony and his id is He also gave me his contact number as

2010-02-24, 09:09:39
wanwan from Japan  
2010-02-25, 05:44:42
He introduced himself as Derrick Fischer from Australia. We chatted for 4-months. He then posted a parcel and the parcel was supposedly held by the Customs. I was contacted by the so-called local agent representing the Australian post. I paid RM15,000 in total to get the parcel released only to find out that there was no parcel. Since then, I have not heard from him. Would like to check if this person has also scammed others
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Keith Lathon

2010-03-07, 09:13:19
person: Catalin Miclaus
address: Plot 1261C, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu
phone: +234-1-8041234
fax-no: +234-1-8110301
e-mail: [Who Is Domain][trace][Reverse DNS Search]
nic-hdl: CM9-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

This person has been pretending to be Robert Castro, a part asian european born father of twins who's looking for a nanny/housekeeper/driver in London, and even has the nerve to use the Southall Travel agency in UK. Asking for 300 pounds as my share for the 700 pounds fee for the processing of the documents and visa, one way ticket as well. be careful everyone!
2010-03-15, 10:25:52   (updated: 2010-03-15, 10:51:02)
anonymous from Finland  
Hi everybody. I've been scammed before and I'm more careful nowadays. I got this message at Gaydar today. His profile and message were 'too' nice, too good to be true. When I Googled the e-mail address he gave me, I was directed to this site. Guess I was right. Anyway, here's the message with an e-mail address that has been mentioned here before...



I love your profile so much,you can checkout mine and see if you like it,then reach me directly through my email and i'll get to tell you all about me and send you my pics,hope to read from you soon..



Username: burns1972
Headline: Looking for my one and only
Location: Miami, Florida, United States
Stats: 34 years, 6'1' (185 cm)

I consider myself as someone who is Sincere, honest person with a good heart and spirit. Sense of humor. I value trust and loyality above everything else. Fun to be with, pleasant, likeable, & lovable personality. Love people. Love life. Have a Positive attitude. Easygoing. Common-Sense.
Looking For:
Looking for true love and happiness

2010-03-15, 13:36:37
OJAS from United States  
2010-04-14, 13:23:58
anonymous from Loughton, United Kingdom  
Hello All,

Glad I found this site as I felt that this guy sounded too good to be true. He has a profile on Gaydar under profile name image35. I have attached the image that he is using right now. Below is an email he sent me to my personal email account. He is still using the same email address you guys mentioned which is

This sight saved me a lot of trouble, thanks you guys.

Hello Handsome,
How are you doing ?Thanks so much for your email.I thought all men on this site were the same. Most men I have met are only conscious about sex and one night stand,All I am looking for is a man that is ready to love and be loved,A decent guy who is ready to build a relationship. I am a single man who is ready to mingle, I am sick and tired of games played by men in the gay scene.I wanna be someone's man I wanna be that person he talks about when he says he's my world.What really count for me is who you are inside.I want a man that is matured and know what he a marketer,my company deals with all sorts of ladies cosmetics and im in the sales and advertisement dept..
I really wanna say thanks so much for your prompt response,I must tell you that I am so impressed to get your response,You have given me a reason to understand that there are still some good men outside.I want you to know that distance or age is not an obstacle when it comes to matter of the heart.I hate to be single,I hate doing things alone,I hate cooking for myself alone,I hate having to shower alone,I hate watching the movies and listening to music alone.I am very willing to communicate with you if you are willing.I am a good man with integrity and I do not need anyone to tell me if I am good or bad.I just want a mature man who is ready to love,I really want a relationship. I am looking for a man who is fun to be with,someone who takes life easy,someone who does not get angry easily.someone who is ready to listen,someone who is ready to teach and learn.I want you to know that all i want is someone who has a good heart and a loving spirit for i believe that appearance is an image we all see on each other face. To really care for,like, or have love for another is to know who they are in the inside. You can't care, like or love someone just by their outside appearance, it's what's inside that really matters.A good relationship requires two constants; constant communication and constant sacrifice.What I want most in life is to find that one person who makes the world seem beautiful,Saying I love you isn't hard; saying I love you and meaning it is what really count,Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like reaching for the stars; you know you'll never get there but you just keep on trying.
Hey buddy I am currently in Africa at the moment.I am on vacation and i'm visiting my sick mom who has been living here in Africa since I lost my dad 6 years ago.I will be back to the state next week and we can meet. I want you to understand that I value love and honesty above every other thing and true love is about honesty, sincerity, sharing and fairness. Always get to know each other's needs.I want to confess that I want love ... I've been keeping it inside but i wanna free my mind to the air and allow love to come, i am a very romantic man and i am ready to love and be loved.I know Love takes many things like trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got and i am ready to give.So tell me what are you looking for? What are your must have's? Where have you traveled? What's your idea of a fun date and a romantic evening how would your best friend describe you?tell me about your last relationship.I will be back to the state next week and it will be nice to meet you in person.
stay blessed,

2010-04-26, 13:25:00
anonymous from Belgium  
Well I believe he's back on, on checking the e-mail address he gave me i found the name James Orji and some more disturbing facts, his actual e-mail add starts also with 'lil' and he is supposed to live in Orlando FL. Only now he's using the pic of an attractive Afro American, I knew it whas to good to be true haha. Let's see what the future brings...
2010-05-09, 22:43:37
anonymous from United Kingdom  
now he is and he is trying on gay dating sites, so be careful, he's asking for money to come back in UK
2010-05-11, 21:21:33
Have been doing my own research and this Catalin Miclaus keeps popping up all over the place. It seems now he is posing as women on a number of dating sites with a plethora of yahoo mailing accounts and a truck load full of stolen pictures. I guess your efforts to out him are getting results if he is going underground as a woman.

Chat rooms are starting to question the integrity of these sites and the talk is getting heated. One such operation is being identified as a Bot-site with all of the addresses tracing back to Catalin in Lagos.

One such poster put a link to a YouTube video depicting what Catalin may be in for if these women should ever decide to go find him. I am linking for your pleasure. It is rather telling to think of this poor dump soul being on the receiving end in the video.

Living dangerously must excite him, because if he scams the wrong person it would be no problem for them to hire a couple of South African mercenaries to fly up to Lagos and have an encounter with him.

Keep up the Good Fight
2011-10-22, 17:51:55
anonymous from United States  
I flagged this guy on Adam4Adam. He now says he is from Dallas, TX & uses a less spectacular photo to lead with.
The address he used to contact me was:

Same text as those quoted above. The red flag was that it sounded too generic, plus some ungrammatical English.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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