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Dating scammer John Williams


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Name: John Williams


Here is last email:

Hey baby,
how have you been? yes i did see your call but i have been sleeping when are you coming back,i hope i would get to chat with you while you are there.i have really missed chatting with you,when would you be getting back,i hope to chat with you real soon sorry i did'nt pick your call am having a very bad cold and sore throat,i miss you so much baby and would try to come online tonight before you go to bed if i can so that we could get to chat,lots of love to you and i hope to hear from you soon.john.

His phone number is 234802499-3808

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2008-10-07, 15:08:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-10-07, 15:08:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-10-07, 16:09:06   (updated: 2008-10-07, 16:11:21)
anonymous from United States  

Thanks for the add. I met John Williams at a week ago or so.

I trapped him to write me an email in order to find out his IP address. At first, he told me that he lives in downtown San Francisco and later he claimed that he was visiting South Africa. He introduced himself as half British and American and a business man.

I saw the red flags from the beginning. He gave me his phone number so I called him a few times. He never answered the phone and came up with lame excuses such as, I am having flu, sore throat, I saw you were calling me, but I couldn't answered the phone, he lost his cell on..

As many educated women, I spotted the scam right at the beginning. My advice to the innocents, please do search about the person, get track down their IP address and phone number. Do not con to their mind game. They are very sweet talker, professional, they are after your money.

Finally, I called and reported him as a scam, love fraud.

Thank you very much for having my voice to be heard. Hoping that this information would be helpful for the innocent ones.

Warmest regards.

2008-12-07, 21:35:08
anonymous from United States  
how to google/seach someone's IP address?
2009-06-21, 15:24:00
I bet a john williams from cerritos los angels california claims to work as a arts dealer who buys and sells arts. Supposely has a sick mother in abeokuta nigeria ogun suppose is gay and had a partner who died three years ago in a car crash in romania. Both parents dead due to a car accident when he was just two years ago. Scammed me out of four thousand dollars which now i am probally going to have to file bankruptcy and lose everything i have. He supposely has the helpful uncle joseph balogun of abeokuta ogun nigeria. who runs to western union. He got defensive and demanded i called my credit card company to renew my cards so we can use it to travel lol yeah right. He has scammed woman out of money. His story he told me is pretty much the same other than its a male partner who died not a wife. He supposely lives in a beautiful house in cerritos ca and went to cerritos college lol. Did not know what macaroni and cheese is i was in shocked because i think most americans know what that is. I am feeling pretty down and dumb that i thought wow i met someone and i wont have to file bankruptcy or lose my houses yeah right. The only one i trust now is my mother and my dog and cats.

2009-06-21, 15:24:56

2009-06-21, 15:25:59
another one
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer John Williams
Dating scammer John Williams

2009-06-21, 18:56:22

the scammer
2009-06-21, 23:44:49
Please can you contact me and let me know if the house is still availble for sale... on

2009-06-24, 07:00:36
please delete the three photos i posted on here of a john williams at the bottom i think i may mistooken him for a scammer but dont think he is one now.

pls remove it thank you
2009-06-24, 08:46:08   (updated: 2009-06-24, 09:06:16)
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-06-24, 07:00:36

Hello ,you are scammer !
I doubt you.
So if you want to delete,
you HAVE TO put 100% proofs on here.
No need to put such non-sense posts on here.
Proofs only !!

2)everyone !
Please read this horrible English!!
This is a Russian Scammer's English !
Non native English !

3) You HAVE TO contact the site admin.
See above and find his email address on left side.

But you are scammer ,you never delete !
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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2009-06-24, 17:41:58
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Wanwan is probably right, You are the scammer trying to do
damage control.
Never post anything on this site that disputes any posting as
being a real report about a scammer.
The victim who posted it here must be respected.
If, You have proof of anything at all which, I seriously doubt.
Present it to the site administrator only.
If, You come back here to argue on this site, You will be removed.
Peter is the only one who can decide if there is enough evidence
to support, Your claim.
But as it stands right now.
Your Posting must be ignored as the work of a scammer trying
to stop the truth.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-06-25, 10:59:59
I am not sure if i know if he is a scammer i should not have posted his picture unless i was 100 percent sure. part of me feels he is but part of me feels he isn not a scammer i am still talking to him. maybe he is real but i dont know so if i upset anyone i am sorry.

you can chew me off at
2009-06-25, 14:05:14
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Gay and Proud

Your posting again and bringing the question of doubt is, Your
problem and, Your problem alone.
Stop any further postings and do as, I have said contact the site administrator.
Your last posting must be considered the Work of a scammer.
Do not play dumb and do it again. Stay off this site completely if, You
are unable comply with simple instructions.
By the way You must contact the site administrator to get, Your e mail
address removed.
Scammers will come after, You by the dozens.
Fallow my instructions in my posting above and tell Peter
the date and time of the posting with your address.
Do not think, You can come back and make another posting questioning
the truth of the original posting. You will be removed completely.
No one needs to contact, You as that may be a scammers address for
all anyone knows.
Stop wasting my time responding to, Your wasted postings.
Only the site administrator needs to hear what, You have to say.
No one in this open forum needs to hear anything.
You have been warned twice now. You will receive no further warnings.
Only complete removal from the site.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-07-14, 23:55:45
anonymous from United States  
I just want you to be aware. I met John R. William on Match.Com. He said he lived in Wayne, Pa and built houses for a living. His mother and father were killed. He was divorced and his wife moved to France. He told me he had his house boarded up and had two vehicles. He said that they would need worked on when he got home. I asked about his yard, knowing that in most areas you get fined if your grass is over so many inches tall. I feel like a fool. I told him I would help him fix up the yard when he got home.

He told me he was Greek and liked Greek food. When I went to put him as a Favorite on Match his profile was gone. After calling Match tonight, I found out that men like John(??) wink at women or will email a lot of woman.

Another thing that was a red flag was when he asked what airport I was close too. I also asked who took the pictures of him. He told me he got someone to take them when he was boarding the plane. Come to think now, as you can see, he is standing in a kitchen.

Beware women, he looks up where you live and gets details. He asks where you live and gets your numbers too.

It is funny but while talking to him, I said I think I talked to you about a year ago. He never responded to that. I remember because he wrote poems like many of th emails he sent this time.

Yesterday, he told me that he booked his flight home from Nigeria because he finished the job there. But he did not have enough money and wanted me to wire him $1,200. He claimed he was crying because he wanted to come home and be my husband. While trying to get me to call my job and have the money fronted to me to help pay for his trip and also asking if I could get money from a credit card or do anything because he wanted to come home and be with me.

Today when he was so desperate to get home. Or so I thought, he asked what my bank account number was so he could have his bank transfer money into my account. He said he was in a third world country. That they paid him by check but only gave him some money in cash for a plane ticket. Then he asked for my social security number. I had my identity stolen awhile back. That is what really raised a RED FLAG.

WOMAN BEWARE, when a man asks you for your social security number they are after more then your love, body, etc.

I have attached several emails that he sent me over the month that we chatted. He also told me he worked 6 days a week and had Sundays off. It makes me sick that I talked to this jerk for a month or more. My mission is to catch this man. It sounds like many of us were also scammed by him.

Here is the number he gave me to call him in Nigeria: 0112347065352785

He used the following email addresses: He also used along with the name Dennis Wolf. He also told me his birthday was August 10, 1959. He wanted me to get on yahoo instant messegner. I didn't, but he did get on aim as giftromance.

Today when I got home her is the email he sent me:

Here are the info i need, Please do fill in this spaces

Card Number...........................................
Bank name..............................................
Bank Address......................................
Banks Toll Free number.......................
CCV, 3 dight number on the back of the CC.......
Card Issues date..........................
Card expire date.................................
Maiden name...................................
Full name on Card..................
Your Address.....................
Phone numbers..........................
Card Limit...........................
Your SSN.........

Here is the flight info email: FLIGHT COMFIRMATION !!! Message Dennis Wolf to you - yesterdayMore Details From: Dennis Wolf <>Hide Add to: To Do,
Calendar To: Sat, Jul 18, 2009

Lagos (LOS) to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Depart: 10:15pm Arrive: 05:30am

Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Flight 9021 operated by Lufthansa (on Airbus A330-300)
1 Stop – change planes in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Connection Time: 8 hrs 10 mins

Depart: 01:40pmArrive: 04:25pm
Next day

Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
Flight 9198 operated by Lufthansa (on Airbus A340 all models)
Total Travel Time: 23 hrs 10 mins

Review the price
(All prices are in US dollars.)
1 Adult: $3,224.00
Taxes & Fees: $524.89


Ticket total: $3,748.89
Travel Protection-1 plan $39.95


Total payment due: $3,788.84 *

* Please remember that Your payment are not guaranteed until balance are paid. You are also advice to balance up the sum of $1200.00 before the departure of your flight date, Since your status indicate you only paid sum amount of $2,588.84.*

:Bcc:Date:Mon, Jul 13, 2009 5:32 pm I18N YGP.SaveAll I18N YGP.SaveProgress I18N YGP.ViewAfterSave Undo ?

Here are several emails:

1. Dear Sunshine,
I have never in my life met someone more beautiful, enjoyable, loving, and comforting as you. Since the very first day that you smiled at me I knew there was something very special about you. I had no idea then that I would fall in love, but now that I have, I am so grateful. I am grateful for us to have wandered into one another's world so softly and unexpectedly. Nature took its course on our hearts and joined them in a way never imaginable.
I want you to know, that from the very depths of my heart, I love you. And I love everything that creates you, from your hair - that I wish I could play in more often... to your forehead - that I wish I could kiss while you sleep; from your eyes - that sparkle when you smile (just for me)... to your nose - that I wish I could rub my nose against; from your lips - that I just know were made perfectly to fit against mine... to your chin - that I would love to place my finger under to pull you close for a kiss; down your neck and to your heart - that in my own, I claim as mine, and down past every inch of every part of your existence.
I wish more than anything that you and I could grow together, love together, learn together, and laugh together, forever. I sincerely feel that between the two of us, we have the kind of love that some people never get a chance to experience. I promise to love you as much as I can, as best as I can, and for as long as I can. And no matter what, it's very important to me for you to know that you are an irreplaceable spirit that will always be a part of me.
Love you always.
Hello Baby.
My darling, sweet Angel... where do I begin? I've written you a couples of these letters that you have hidden in a drawer somewhere. I'm sure this will make a great addition....
As always, I want to start by saying thank you. I tell you a million times a day, each day, that I love you and that you mean the world to me. Although you reciprocate these feelings, I'm sure you have no inkling on the magnitude of exactly what they mean to me.
You walked into my life a stranger a meref ew weeks ago and my life hasn't been the same since. You are TRULY my gift from a higher power. LOVE is such a minuscule word for what we share. You are SO amazing. You appeared when I was at such a low point in my existence. A time when I thought that the physical and emotional pain brought on by another would never end and would wear away at every fiber of my being until it consumed me and I was no more. During the moments I tried to turn away for fear of the unknown, you planted your heels and looked deep in my soul and stayed. You compromised your life and your goals to help me survive... and I am eternally indebted to you. Without you... I would not be.
You have become a beacon to me. Whenever I feel as though I've drifted too far into the disparity that clouds my life, I can look up to find you guiding me to safety. I stay here not because this place is home... but because YOU are home.
After all that's happened to me in the past , I swore to God, and the moon, and to you that I would never settle again and that I would never give my heart and my life completely to another. With great content and zero disparity... I take it back.
Most people will spend their entire lives searching for a perfection that almost never exists. Most people will spend their days looking at each person they encountered with question as to whether or not they have found a reason, a season or a lifetime. With you, angry love *wink*, I have found an eternity. You... this... here is where I am meant to be. You are what my entire life has led up to. You are my very best friend, my lover, my protector, my teacher and my absolute soul mate.
I give my life to you: mind, body and soul. I will you to hold me for the rest of my life as you do each and every day and night.
I belong to you now....
Eternally in John

It is scary to think that if a man can talk to a woman, how many creeps are picking up children!

I hope this helps someone else not get scammed!!!!!!!!!! What is this world coming too! Are all the good men taken ?

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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