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Dating scammer Kenny Williams


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Name: Kenny Williams



Other Comments:
Posing as an exporter of cars/spare parts. Lives in Alameda, Mexico. Of german parentage. On business trip to Ghana. Met through although he disappeared from that site a few dys later. Photos of him can be found on commercial section. Scammers use this site a lot for their photos.

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2008-10-12, 06:40:33
Oh my god this is the same one, though this time H e Kenny Williams from Alameda, Mexico. He is not Mexican but his parents were german. The second day i was talking with him he tells me he is going to Ghana on business - he exports cars and spare parts.
Well then all the lovey emails started in earnest.
I asked him why he didnt have a german name? Well he came back very quickly with Kenny Dudenhoeffer Williams! Ha!

Anyway wiithin a day he loved me with all his heart etc etc and set me lovely messages and ecards would love me forever and never leave me.

I live on an island in the Mediterranean and when he finished his business he would come to visit me. Sent me flight details the lot with a reference no for BA. Being a regular flyer with BA just something told me to check out his booking which i did and sure enough it wasnt paid for. Asked him about this and he said it was just some mistake. Alarm bells were really ringing now.

Day before he is due to arrive I get phone call from Ghana a doctor apparently saying Kenny had been in car accident and was unconcious. well I knew then what this was all about. But up to that point hadnt been asked for any money.
That happened the next day and then my suspicions were confirmed. Looking through this site surprise surprise there are his photos on name of Rick in the commercial section.
What a shame eh lovely looking guy!!
Take care girls and Kenny Williams go rot in hell
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2008-10-12, 12:48:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from Cyprus  
2008-10-12, 12:48:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from Cyprus  

2008-10-12, 12:48:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from Cyprus  

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2008-10-13, 12:14:22
anonymous from Cyprus  

Email should read and also
2008-10-19, 05:55:57
This scammer is also on as Steve Martins 19/10/08
2008-10-20, 15:20:18   (updated: 2008-10-20, 15:23:07)
anonymous from France  
I try but don't find Kenny Williams like it's said before as : 'This scammer is also on as Steve Martins 19/10/08' if someone can put more informations about this, I'd like to see it.
I live in south of France an met Kenny Killiams on meetic. after we chat on MSN an the same as the first woman tell occured to me. I don't understand why there is nothing to do to bring this kink of person to a tribunal. see hereafter his subscription on meetic site , he ask me to stop my subscrition because he had found me and haven't to continue to use it and ask me the same. and so after his job, because he is'nt in business for cars, but trader on PETROFINDER Companie as : http://www.petrofin..?num=5150


Member List
Company     k & w holdings ltd

Company Profile     K & W Holdings LTD,was establish in 1999,we deal in oil trading,and minning.

Company Activities and Services     Crude Broker
Crude Trader

Trader     Mr.Kenny Williams

Email     For email inquiry, Please log in / Sign in

Phone     0023321410835

Fax     0023321410835

Mobile Phone     00233245786010



City     accra

Postal/Zip Code     23321

Country     Ghana

Business Position     Oil Trader

Trade Zone     International


2008-10-20, 15:30:44
[hidden] from France  

His profile on meetic was :


but now the profile is closed

2008-10-22, 04:13:44
anonymous from France  
CAN SEE on mail which I have copied HEREAFTER NEW MAIL from KENNY WILLIAMS : he hasn't before, but now it's done, he ask me money :

Hello My Love,

Thanks for your concern about my life.Well,the doctor need to carry out a surgery today on my cut,in other to smoothing the cut.Well,and he asked of me to provide the sum of 350 euros,so that he can go and buy the drugs him self.Well,i was telling you that WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER,Is the fastest means of sending money all over the world.And i said if your bank don't operate on WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER,Go to your bank and take the money and go to a WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER and send the money to the following Doctor name and address.



As soon as your send the money,please send me the information so that i can give it to the doctor to go pick up the money,and buy the drugs and injections.

Well,you can search on the nearest Western union transfer office close to you.

As a result of the accident,i had a problem with my phone.You can reach me on this number. 00233248432255.

I wait to hear from you soon.Kiss

Kenny Williams.

2008-10-22, 04:54:34
anonymous from France  
the doctor's mail I receive before Kenny ask money, and I have asked him to prouve his travel for France and a copy of his passport. and a photo in front of his hotel which he gave the name as LOLA BABY HOTEL DOME ACCRA GHANA:

The most difficult things to beleive was, when I phone to the HOTEL (in fact the professional phone number of Kenny 00 23321 410835 I receive answer from other men, that confirm, it's a very big scam with several people acting in it.

copy of Doctor's mail hereafter

De : Dr.Idonije Endurance (
Envoyé : dim. 19/10/08 19:44
À :

Hello Madam,

I am Dr.Idonije Endurance,In Achimota Hospital Accra Ghana.I am writing you on behalf of one white man Name Mr.Kenny Williams from Mexico.He was rushed down by some good samaritan to my hospital at about 3;14pm.He had a serious car Accident together with a Taxi man.He had a cut on his head and also a cut on his left leg.

When he was rushed in,He was unconscious,So i have to minister a first Aid treatment to him.Because he cant speak.Well,A surgery will be carry out tomorrow on his head to smoothing the cut.

And moreover,I promise you Madam that all will be well with him.Well,i found on his side pocket a ticket to FRANCE and also his passport..Well,i keep everything in my possession for a good safty.

Dr.Idonije Endurance.

2008-10-22, 11:31:26
anonymous from France  
I have contacted WESTERN UNION, but they can do nothing if there is no POLICE CLAIM. And even it's difficult for them to follow of the tranfers of money

I have contacted the company where Mr Kenny Killiam phone to me (PETROFINDER). and is waiting for an answer. And the same with Models Agency.
I am always in contact with him, and continue to do as I on't know nothing about him. And now he get on me more and more pression to obtain money. And I try to let him in the waiting state, hoping to obtain more informations.
2008-11-10, 14:41:32
Hi all,

His new identity is Julius Mcanthony, Oil Refinery Contractor in Nigeria but UK Citizen.
U can find his profile at this site http://www.muslimwe..ults.cgi.

His Phone NO. +2347033263714 and the man who will act as doctor or boss or Lawyer No. +2347039315355

I pray to god he & his partner ...1 day will accident with car or flight he cannot scam any women in this world. Not Die..but lost hands and his legs.. :D

Pls noted girls, this man will register in all dating site. Just try to regconize him..then publish his new profile n contact no.

Save our self form the scam n conman.

2008-12-11, 23:04:43
anonymous from United States  
This guy is right now on Reno.cupid. com amazing . Yet another one i will report
2008-12-14, 00:20:04
Thanks for this information and saving an innocent soul.
2009-01-18, 23:47:55   (updated: 2009-01-19, 00:13:03)
Hello, ladies!

Yes, this certain Julius Mcanthony is a scammer. I met him in Wayne, a social network. He is good in sending sweet poems and telling the gullible victim that he loves her and would do anything just to be with her. He would also convince the victim that he is a contractor in Nigeria and he has no family. Hence, he wanted a family of his own and to raise children.

Unfortunately, I am his 'sweet victim' as he would call me 'sweetie.' The son of a bitch, he was able to extract money from me by telling me that the bank where he supposed 'to send me money for our future together' was asking him many charges and the ultimate was that he was investigated by the Nigerian Drugs Board and accused him of being involved in drug trafficking, and also involving me?! My goodness, I became a victim and at the same time 'criminal' with his stories! I wish him to be in prison forever or death penalty could be the ultimate punishment for a criminal like him, including his partners in this crime! (He had someone called me pretending to be a bank personnel to convince me he has an account in the GTB and he is sending money for me. The number used was 820234560001).

All ladies, beware of this man! Let us work hand-in-hand to fight against all scammers.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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