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364 Nobel road
Enfiel Road

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He was on millionairemacth and uses a yahoo and hotmail address. He says he's From Enfield in London but his english is very poor. He gave a phone number in Spain where he was suppoed to work for (he deals in Arts) and a UK cell phone which is ALWAYS switch off. too

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2013-09-05, 18:39:51
anonymous from Singapore  
Hi there! I'm very aware regarding Internet scam and about male scammer in the site but I never thought I could actually stumble with one. He introduce himself as Henry Williams. Born in America and base in London as architictural engineer. I have my suspicions already but last night it was confirmed already when he give me a no. With +447017047339 and +7719880695. And here's the photo he used this time.

This image was also posted here:

2013-09-30, 04:35:23
[hidden] from Vietnam  
He wrote to me with a very long email after getting my email I provided on VietnamCupid dating website. His email is really honestly. I disclose his desire to settle down and looking for a honest woman for lifelong partner. He keeps showing his sincerity in every email. He asking me to delete the profile on the site to focus on understanding one person. I agreed and tried to delete my profile but I couldn't. He suggested me to give him user ID and pass word. I trust in him and give him the info. Don't know how, but I can't login the profile since that time. He said he is an artkitech and asking money from his father's contract in Malaysia after his father's dead. He said he is in London but orignated in Finland. He has his 7 year-old daugther but when I request him to send me a photo that he took with his daughter, and ask hime to share more about his daughter, he still keep silent. I'm asking to have video chat but he ignore and give me the office no and his mobile no. I searched on the web about his number and know this. I disappointed but it's still lucky to know a big liar. Here are his photos and his daughter.

2013-11-10, 00:48:02
anonymous from Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Hello everybody,, I am tricked too by this person and his email now is, the same story but this time he is cyprus rooted from his phone call and his voice I think he is black africain and these pix r just fake, and its true his IP is from US ! I have to delete his emails and contact fro my email box :(
2013-11-18, 08:30:29
anonymous from Philippines  
Hi All,

This person same pictures shown above also contacted me and also told me same stories. He also said that he will go to east Malaysia to get the money for his Father's contract and will drop by in the Philippines to meet me. We communicated for less than a week and found out that he is a scamer after receiving his two number. He used this e-mail ad:

Hope he will be in prison so that he will stop scamming people.

Name: Kubeat Anthony
Address: Flat 2, Park Court, 97, TheRidgeway, Chingford, London, E4 6TW
Mobile numbers provided: +447017047339; +447719880695
2014-01-14, 04:34:35
anonymous from Vietnam  
Me, too. He sent me the same content email. But I googled his email and was not suprised. Those beautiful words were not for only me.
2014-03-15, 08:05:48
anonymous from Finland  

I am from Finland. He tricked me. I was stupid. I sent him the money for the flight ticket. He gave the address of the sender in whom the money Vantaa Airport.
Went to wire and I hope he will remain closed. The financial loss was small.
remove meilini sight of.


David Nikolas Brown

2014-05-24, 13:01:25
2014-05-25, 13:23:03

2014-05-26, 19:15:36
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-05-28, 08:32:49
'now what you can do for me to help me
people are strange
How can you help me now tell so that I can know what to do
do not be mad at me, I've already helped you once
I know that
How can you help me now to get there
kun tietäisin
How much you can get for me now
you're making me nervous
just like in my situation would have reason to
Tell me how much you can get for me now
a break
what do you want me to do now my love
you are too angry
I'm angry and so sad now
You know if I could money I would give you a lot of
i know my much you can give me now so that i can know what to do next
now, am not able wait now
tell me my love
how much you can get for me
Am I the only hope for you?
Yes my love ..i told you that a friend have help me for 1300 euro before
I do not have as much 2250e
How much you can get for me my love so that i can know what to do next
I have tried to borrow
How much you have with you now
not much,;(
tell me how much my love
you almost to blackmail me
why ...i just want to know how much you have so that i can know what to do next because I'm tired to stay here my love understnd me
I understand you but you should itself organizes things
tell me how much you have with you now my love

tell me my love ...why you are making me so sad'

2014-05-28, 12:32:21


xxx hello

How are you?

xxx hello, I am fine thank you. What are you looking for? I have to daughters, but they are living on their own. I am here since 1 month and I am looking for a lovely and handsome man in my life. I am divorced since 5 years and I don´t want to be alone anylonger

I'm looking for soul mate and you?I have 1 son 16years
what do you do for fun and what are you looking for in relationship sweetie

xxx I am a happy woman and laugh a lot and enjoy my life. I go dancing and to the movies, but alone it makes no joy. I am now a few years alone and would like to again have a man by my side. But it should be close to me, so that we get to know soon

what are you doing for living sweetie

xxx I am working in a travelagency

what is your plan in future sweetie

xxx to be healthy, happy and in love

have you date online before sweetie

xxx off course. I am single since 5 years

you never meet someone online before

xxx yes I did

and you meet him face to face sweetie

xxx yes, that´s normal when you want contact. Otherwise, how can I know someone?

because i never date online before sweetie and I'm looking for my soul mate that we can build good future together
what do you think about distance between us and how do you think we can believe and trust each other better sweetie

xxx but not from Canada to Germany. How can I meet you?

I think if we really care about each other that is not going to be problem sweetie...My mother from Greece and both my parents passed away and I'm in greece since 3 weeks now sweetie I think is possible to meet sweetie

xxx so how can I see you?

I just come down to Greece to sell my mother restaurant here because Greece that serious economy problem for now and I think i can fly down to you as soon as i receive the payment in Greece so that we can believe and trust each other and move on with our new life sweetie or what do you think

xxx where are you in Greece?

Athens sweetie
Athens sweetie

xxx I know Greece well, have been there a lot

really This is my first time to be here sweetie
do you have facebook so that we can chat better sweetie

xxx no

do you have yahoo

xxx I have email
I have to do some work now and must leave for the moment.

when can we chat better again sweetie....Love is a flower that grows under your caresses and blossoms by the light of your eyes

xxx young man fare away....

I dont believe in age I believe in true love and good heart sweetie...Age is just a number
Love is that smile which the heart of your beloved can offer you only when you deserve.

xxx If you like you can send me an email to ... and I will answer there, okay?

ok sweetie
I send you message do you get it in your mail
2014-05-30, 00:55:58
Yes well the one with the picture of her and her husband that has passed on...the other one with no pic I believe david made that on using her name. She gave him all her information. He is a criminal xxxx. If you Google his name and along with it google romance scams you'll see his profile.

Hello xxxxx, my name is well do you know this man David Nikolas Brown? He has scammed hundreds of dollars from my sister Denise. Has he asked you for money? If he has I certainly hope you haven't fallen prey to him. He is a fake, he is an African man from Nigeria. Please understand ...the pictures he post are stolen from someone else. Please can you share a story...anything will hekp. My sister still believes he is real but the police have files on him...also a man named Robert Williams as well. Please be aware and safe...thank you fro reading this.
Yes well the one with the picture of her and her husband that has passed on...the other one with no pic I believe david made that on using her name. She gave him all her information. He is a criminal xxxx. If you Google his name and along with it google romance scams you'll see his profile.

They met around Febuary 2013...she was giving him money for this long before I caught on and am putting a stop to this...I expose him every chance I get. You should do the same. The picture is not him ok ...he stole the identity so really that poor man who he stole it from could have law suits on his hands one day

Hello xxxx, yes well no they have never met in I said he is in Nigeria...he's African...this is a very bad scam and women are being taken advantage of a lot. Last year in Canada close to 15 million dollars went to these types of scams and in Australia 25 million...not's good to know that you are protecting yourself but even the strongest of men and women have weak spots especially when they are lonely...hope your day has gone well as I am sure it is night time there now...

Hello, I don't understand...Did she open a new account on Facebook? I am not talking to my sister. This man 'David Nikolas Brown' has destroyed our relationship...he is a scary man xxxx.
Hello Matleena , yes well this is a business in Africa, Russia and parts of Asia. The men that are the fakes are between 19-24. ..they are coached and taught as to what to say...its a scam...the reason they do it is to make money thats because they live in countries such as that it makes it easy for them. ..

What does this mean xxxx? Have you notified the police regaurding him?

22. huhtikuuta 2014 18:53
Sorry, sometimes it seems we have a bit of a language bariour. .
Oh its because I made up this account to catch that guy but it didn't work...this is not my usual name is Carol not xxxxx...its just that I was hoping he would add me and then I could show my sister that he is a fake. But she still doesn't believe me even though I showed her the blocked she is still in contact with him and she doesn't speak to me anymore because she believes him over me and our brother. My brother also has been trying to help her but she just doesn't believe. I wish I could find the real David Brown...He would be very upset that someone has taken his identity. I am real...this is my pic...I'll show you. This is me...

21. huhtikuuta 2014 23:53
I am not a fake...I am a business owner of a coffee shop here...I am an intelligent woman and just trying to help my sister out of this situation...its not good, she is on a fixed income and slowly going broke because of him and others like him...she lonely and desperate for love...she will believe anything because she is mentally ill. this second picture is me my store.

Hi xxxx, how are you? ????????????????

2014-06-02, 00:49:40
how is your night and your son?
my son the night I do not know;)
I think a lot about you and all my heart is with you
maybe he made love to a woman
So my son
I went to my nights while you sleep
my love all my heart is with you and i really want to see you soon
I hope you dream about me and you last night
really feel and think as
you have win my heart and i want to see you soon my love
Unfortunately, I did not see you in a dream
are we talking about something else
I see you in my dream that you meet me in airport and i give you flower
tell me your son
my son he's okay and i talk to him everyday and i told him about you that I'm in love with you and he's happy for me because he want me to have good woman in my life and be happy
son alone?
Yes with he's friend
in Canada
Yes my Love
tweet on
when your father died?
my father died 8 years ago
if you have a picture of your mother?
yes i have
that is my father and my mother long time ago
you do not resemble neither of
they are old
how old your mother is in the image?
my love dont make me remember past...i feel like crying
I can't remember is long time ....please dont make me cry because when i remember them i use to feel sad
You're so sensitive?
please dont make me sad
I'm sorry
is okay
no what are we talking about? do you have a holiday home
do you have a detached house
I dont have holiday home ...just use to travel for holiday
I have my own house
Yes my Love
do you have a picture of it?
I have been at work where I have been asking. it has been left on
i dont have the picture of my house here
you can see my son picture that is my house
I have looked at him
let me send you
yes,does not matter
I have seen him
that is my house and is big house
she is cute
i hope you will like it and life together and share all our life together
how a handsome man like you can not find a woman in Canada?
My love most woman that i meet dont serious just want serious woman in my life and share all our life together
teasing you? sorry
I want you to know that you are the love of my life because my heart have choose you to love you and give you all happiness that you deserve
I'm serious? do you think
I know that you serious my love that is why i give you all my heart and my love
2014-07-17, 04:37:17
Mr jack from United Kingdom  
Do you need a loan If yes email us on

2014-07-17, 09:18:14
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Mr Jack.
We'll offer your info to mugus and Boris! They could always use some extra money!
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