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Dating scammer David Neff


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Name: David Neff



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I have been communicating with a man whose profile was named 'David' (his full name supposedly is David Neff). He has since suspended/removed his profile from Yahoo Personals b/c I can no longer see it. He was listed as being white male, 50 yrs. old, widowed 9 yrs. He supposedly lives in Henderson, NV. His yahoo email is ''. He is supposedly from Belgium and very recently brought his daughter here to the US after 4 yrs. of him being first in MD and recently moving to NV while she was with her grandmother in Belgium. He went supposedly to Belgium to see his mother and he and daughter are now in Ghana on 'business'...apparently he buys/sells large quantities of gold to foreign countries who deal with German money. He has sent me 3 photos...well actually 2; I had the first from his profile. One is with him and his daughter, the other of him at a hockey game here I believe.

He became quite enamored with me, my profile and my situation. I too have since removed my profile. He has done some of what I read about with dating scammers...cut & paste from love quote web sites. His profile was quite well written in the English language, our YM conversations show his broken English (apparently he speaks Dutch) and when I've spone to him on the phone he does have a thick accent. I've received flowers from him once. He calls me daily on my cell phone. He has NEVER (yet) solicited money from me....his income was listed as $100K-$149K on his profile. He showers me with wonderful words, and although we were to meet ahead of him leaving for Belgium, that did not occur. I am currently supposed to pick up him and his daughter from the airport on their return to NV (date not yet determined...but it should be less than 2 weeks). I've heard 'her' voice in the background; have heard him speak to her. I've heard his 'mother' also in the background when we were on the phone talking. His cell phone is based in Ghana and is 233 271058621.

I did get one strange email from him where he had addressed me as Nancy (which isn't my name)...and the email was responding to one I sent him after we had established a rapport, but his sounded like something he'd said to me when I first wrote him on personals responding to his 3 questions (again like a cut/paste resply). When I asked him who Nancy was, he text messaged me on my cell phone that he was so sorry, 'Nancy was his dead ex-wife’s name' and he had made a big mistake. He then called me a while later, sounding like he was crying as we talked, again very appologetic. They were supposedly married 25 yrs. prior to her accidental death.

According to his story to me, his wife was killed in a car accident in Belgium 9 yrs. ago by a drunk driver. He's asked about my living situation whether I rent or own, the kind of car I drive and how far...even my yearly salary. All those questions I've answered...although I thought them to be strange I have since got him to explain the 'why' to those questions...answers 'seem' plausible. He related his fear of losing me and always wanting me to be safe. I am in the process of a divorce d/t a horrible accident to my husband almost 3 yrs. ago which has left him severely brain injured, and a bankruptcy also. This man is fully aware of that...he explains how much he cares for me (remember we've only spoken via YM and phone)....wants someone in his life who wants the to give and receive...that sort of thing. I have related to him that I find it very hard to understand how he can form such feelings for me without ever meeting me. I've also 'called' him on the cut and paste thing...told him I wanted is own words...he's responded positively but does go back to the cut and paste thing occasionally in the midst of our YM converstaions or in an email. The hours we talk on YM are not strange...So either he's living here or he's on the computer VERY early in the morning in the foreign country...Belgium being 9 hrs. ahead and Ghana 8 hrs. ahead and we're usually on the computer by 9 p.m. or 10 p.m.

I've done/tried to do a lot of research for his name/yahoo ID etc. and have not seen anything mentioning him being involved in a date scam. No photos of him on reported scammer’s sites. Not sure if he's the 'real deal' or another scammer in the preliminary stages of a scam!! I don't know if you can give me any more information on him/or guidance on this situation since he's no longer on the YM Personals dating site... at least not the profile I saw and responded to. He doesn't totally match the 'typical' date scammer, but I sure don't want to make a huge mistake here either....please advise me of anything you may learn or know of him if that is possible.
P.S. I have saved copies of all our YM converstions


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2009-03-07, 15:19:26
anonymous from United States  
Hello Ladies, this is Nancy..... I want to first of all say hi to all of you and make a comment regarding the 3/1/09 message. I dont know who wrote it message nor do I really understand want it was saying. It makes no sence at all. But I can tell you I am real and not a scamer (really it should be scammer). I was a victim just like the rest of you and I truly am Nancy that got sucked into the BS of this guy. I also want to thank all of you for the information that you have taken the time to put here. It has helped me open my eyes to these kind of guys. I have had 3 guys try to scam me since David did. It is pretty scary to me that they are out there. I have also wondered if the other 2 was David with a different name. Anyways keep checking these guys out before you go on any dates.

I'll check back soon

P.S. to the one who started this page on David, I want to say hi to you and all is fine.
2009-04-11, 12:29:10   (updated: 2009-04-11, 12:29:52)
anonymous from United States  
Hi Nancy...
Just wanted to see if anything else had been posted on that scummer...I mean SCAMMER David Neff. Perhaps he's moved on to another name and fake ID on another dating site...
This is me, the one who first posted this information. I am glad you are well and I too did not understand that earlier posting...made me think of 'him' because his English was just a poorly written! I got the creeps reading it!
So, hello to you too...enjoy the Easter holidays and continue to stay safe and take care.
2009-04-12, 09:51:01
I don't know where tobegin after reading all of this. I guess I am in depression at all of this. Like most of you I am fairly new to this dating online. I don't know about IP addresses so I can't tell where he is emailing me from. My guy is called Ben Kenworth but the pictures here are the same man. They are not the ones I have been sent and I will try to figure out how to post them here. I have been imming with Ben for months. He lives in Stillwater OK, He gave me an address. I do not live there. I have several phone numbers one a 405, 354 area codes and an 011 an 233 numbers. Not the same ones posted here. I fell hard for this guy. He was such a sweet talker. He is also a gold and diamond business man who deals in bulks. He is in his early 50's. I meet him on Wealthy his name was sunsetlovs1 his profile was different than what is posted here He says he is an entrepreneur and wants marriage he is a practical person has has finally figured out that on one is perfect. he says he is confident and tries to live life to its fullest. His biggest thrill in life is helping others and making someone else happy. He wants to meet a sincere someone who is seriously ready to have a good relationship. In our imming the last 2 months he has told me he is divorced for 10 years. Has a daughter who is 22 Jessica and his mothers name is Comfort. They are in Germany. His ex broke his heart and he hasn't had a relationship in 10 years. He sent me flowers to my work. Until this week he hadn't asked me for anything. He told me he wanted us to be a couple and thought our families should be part of our coming together. He wants to take me to Germany and a special trip to Paris. Since the beginning I have shared him with my family and a couple of friends.
When we were to meet a couple of weeks ago a sudden business deal came up in TX and he had to leave. We would meet as soon as he was back from there. Well he couldn't get his gold from his normal supplier and he had to fly immediately to Accra Ghana to check out a new source. Wouldn't even have time to go home first. I bought this story as a fool would. Then when Ben got to Ghana he needed something fun to do and his credit card company had frozen his card. Could I send him an IPod (not any ipod but one that was 300.00 then he wanted a psp game 200.00 and cologne 100.00
Well I bought all of that and I sent him the ipod and psp game. Then one of my friends told me they didn't believe him and I had better check him out. I told them I didn't know how to do this and they went online and now here I am. In the last 3 days he has asked me (because his laptop died) for 2 laptops (so he can finish his business faster and get home to the only woman he will ever love again in his life) camera, new cell phone, 2 watches, there was something else I don't remember. I am now certain he is not a real businessman or he would have been prepared for all of this. I told him I would do it. Friday I told him I wasn't feeling good about it and I wouldn't be sending him anything until I saw a live picture of him to make sure someone wasn't scamming me. Well in Ghana there just aren't any places that he can go that would have a webcam. I told him then I couldn't send him anything. He has been calling me almost hourly professing his love. He has started using his daughter against me and why do I not trust him and more bull. I won't keep on with that this is long enough. And yes he has my address and phone number and where I work. He had also asked me to take myself off of all the dating sites I was on. he wanted the account numbers and he would do it for me that way I wouldn't have to deal with it. I did not give him that information. Today I am going to tell him I know he is part of a dating scamm and to not contact me again. I would so much love to meet all of you women also. Why don't we meet somewhere I live in the middle of the US. Oh I did ask him what his house looked like in Stillwater, what color it was and what side of the house his driveway was on. Of course he guessed wrong on all things. The letters I had sent him there came back to me. Now I will try to post my pictures.

Sorry It is not working I must not the correct way to do that. I can only find one of the pictures

2009-04-12, 18:05:48   (updated: 2009-04-12, 18:09:17)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hello Anonmyous 2009 - 04 - 12 09:51:01
OMG !!!!!!!!! I just read your posting. I swear to you your scammer was my
scammer. I say that even though, I am a man. Some of the things you said are
exactly word for word the same with me. Some of that story about him is of me.
My scammer is using my story in the scam. Same MO also. Accra Ghana is where
my scammer is from. You definitely are being scammed no question at all about that.
The photo is stolen of course. The name is fake also. It's really creeping me out to
say the least. I know now that most scammers are men. I also know, I was talking to
more than one person while, I was being scammed. One knew English very well then
another could hardly spell at all. My scammer has all my information also just like
you. The whole story about him going to Ghana and the diamonds are all Bull Shit.
The scammers are working out of a Internet Cafe in Accra and oh by the way there
are web cam's in all those Cafes. You are very lucky or God was looking out for you
when you questioned sending more money. Thank God you didn't. If this dirt bag
keeps calling you block his calls. Block his e mail's also. Never put your e mail
address on this site as the scammers watch this site all the time. These thieves will
try to scam you again. Using different photo's, Name, e mail address the work's.
Never tell the scammer about this site either. They don't need to know anything.
You don't even need to explain to the dirt bag why your ending it.
From now on as long as you live never send money to anyone you do not know
on a face to face basis. Even then they need to prove to you they are who they say
they are. I wonder all the time about how many times, I was chatting with a guy or
a girl ? They work as a teem. I am very sorry that you have been scammed.
Don't get mad get even. Post everything you can about this He / She scammer.
Let everyone see the work's. So other people might avoid this scammer.
Yes, I know all about their ability to manipulate your emotion's.
One of the key's to part of my story being used is, I was hurt very badly 10 years
ago. I have not dated ever since then. I tried on line and learned the hard way
about scammer's. I also was asked for the video game except in my case He / She
wanted my game system. LOL My scammer kept trying to ask why, I didn't trust her
even after being confronted with the truth. Yes, I also was asked to remove myself from
web sites and also break off with the other woman, I was connected with.
Those were scammer's anyway. LOL Please let me know that you have ended it
with this scammer. OK just post a message, I will see it. I'm not going to explain
everything in what you posted is about me. Just know that there is no way your not
connected with my same scammer. That means you are going to have a fight on
your hands to get rid of him. That much, I can warn you about. The lies are really
going to fly big time. I just want to know your OK. after you end this with him.
Any questions you may have just ask on here, I will do my best to help you.
Pardon the language but please tell him to go F _ _ K himself for me while your
at it. Tell him that is from Jerry Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
Happy Easter also, I am glad you posted your story.
PS : Take your time and learn how this site works and post as many photo's as you can.
Above the photo, I am posting is links to my postings. Click on Osai Williams
Look around Jan. 2009 and you will find my first posting there. Look for Jerry and \\'^o^'//
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2009-04-12, 19:26:51
anonymous from United States  
Hello Jerry Smart. Oh how I wish I could talk to you. You just responded to my posting today. Thank you you really don't how much it helped me. You made my Easter look better. He was going to call me around 1:00 today and that was when I was ending it with him. Maybe he figured out I knew who he was or maybe he is just waiting thinking he will let me long for him awhile who knows. Then I might just be lucky and will never hear from again. I will not contact him at his address or call him. if he does contact me I will tell him to f off and give him your message as well. Then again maybe he read my posting and knows it is me. I did go into the site you told me to go to. Oh my do you guys ever get the photo's thank God I haven't seen any men like that not that they are not out there. Once again I am sorry we can't put our email on here would sure like to talk to you. I will post again and list myself as MAD so you will know it's me if I do hear from him again. I will also try to figure out why the second and much better picture of Ben didn't attach here. Thank you so much. MAD
2009-04-12, 22:01:09   (updated: 2009-04-12, 22:04:42)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the US or should, I address you as Mad LOL
My day has been a very good Easter, I had hoped very much that you would
get my posting before the idiot got a hold of you again. I'm glad it helped you.
As, I said earlier even after reading your last posting. It is really creeping me out.
We definitely had the very same scammer. One of the things my scammer was always
trying to convince me of was that, I would always come back to her /him LOL
I could not live without her. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
In my own way, I let you know my e mail address but you must have missed that
when you checked my posting. I'm so used to scammers now contacting me.
The other reason you do not want to post your e mail address on here is because
there is a psycho vigilante who doesn't pay attention to what, He is doing and just
because, He See's your e mail address posted just assumes you must be a scammer.
So he sends you a virus in a zippered file. Between the scammers getting all pissed
off when, I first started posting on the site sending me viruses, then with him added
on top of that my computer went into melt down. I was lucky enough to save my files.
So now, I have a new computer with very strong virus protection.
I can tell immediately if anything is bad. It warns me before, I even get go to my
inbox. My address is probably one of the worst kept secrets on this site. LOL
The scammers never stopped anyway. LOL I will post my address here and leave it
up to you to contact me if you want to ? Believe me, I can tell if its you or someone
else even though, I don't know anything about you really.
I offer up my address to other people on here every once in awhile to help the
ones that really need it. Here goes
Yes the word raccoon in that is misspelled. LOL Intentionally
Well You made my day already, I was worried you would get a raft of garbage you don't
deserve. Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-04-13, 11:03:18
interested from Malaysia  
who can teel me whos is this persons and where he came from
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2009-04-13, 11:04:40
anonymous from Malaysia  
2009-04-13, 11:06:10
anonymous from Malaysia  
2009-04-13, 11:08:32
anonymous from Malaysia  
a widow from texas usa....with one daughter
wife has been death in car crash 3 years ago.
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2009-04-20, 04:54:02

2009-04-26, 10:40:27
anonymous from United States  
I reported a concern to about this profile ID 'jamesbrrwn' and today when I went to search for it, guess what!? It's either been removed by them or by the scammer. Let's keep this guy out of operation as much as possible!
2009-04-27, 14:35:50
anonymous from United States  
Hello everybody, this is Nancy. Well David Neff has been back in contact with me under another name. His name is Nick Schell and his Yahoo Messenger name is whynick_forlove. I know this is David because one day Nick YM'd me and I got the message on my cell phone and when I went to check the message I noticed that it was attached to another message that I had gotten months ago from David Neff. On my cell when I get a message from YM it comes across with 8 #'s and it looks like this 92466106 and this # is different for each phone message I get. That was the same #'s that I would get from David when he YM'd me and it went to my cell. He does have a different picture, I will post that also. I will attach his email for you to see, he sure sounds like the same guy to me. This guy came from

Here is the email he sent to me;

I viewed your profile and wanted you to know i am interested in you .I can see that the distance between us is great but i do believe We can overcome the great distance as distance should & does not come between two loving hearts but it does make it inconvenient.

However I also believe ' Where there is a will there is a way'.Have been on this for less than 1week now and i'm in search of my Soul & Dream Mate, Lover, Wife and Life Companion,let me give you a brief introduction of me.My name is Nicholas Schell White/Caucasian. I'm Self Employed Electrical Engineer studied the course Electrical Engineer with a Master Degree, I have a good sense of humor., Age (59yrs).I'm a widower been widowed for 4 yrs now. I have just only 1 lovely son (Bryan)(6years old). After the sudden and devastating death of my wife, Who was a wonderful, sweet and caring wife and mother..

Have been single for the past 4 years, am a man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate, i also believe in God. I like swimming, camping, fishing, reading & writing, tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, golf, swimming etc. When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest..I would want us to continue this conversation further through my email which is or I M me on yahoo messenger 'whynick_forlove' .. I am online now.

Have a Nice day.


2009-04-27, 14:36:22
anonymous from United States  
here is the other picture he sent to me.

2009-05-04, 21:29:44
anonymous from United States  
Hi Nancy
This is the first woman who reported David....and yes, there are remarkable similarities! I'm sure you'll find that though..even if this isn't 'David Neff'. As you could see from my earlier posting, I reported him and his profile 'disappeared' odd!!!! LOL!!!

I could suggest you change your cell phone number...but that's your call. I did! It was so much easier not worrying about hearing from this jerk.

I still wish we could meet/talk more than here...I know we'd have a good time laughing over this whole thing and how stupid this guy is! For now, take smart and safe!

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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