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Dating scammer David Neff


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Name: David Neff



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I have been communicating with a man whose profile was named 'David' (his full name supposedly is David Neff). He has since suspended/removed his profile from Yahoo Personals b/c I can no longer see it. He was listed as being white male, 50 yrs. old, widowed 9 yrs. He supposedly lives in Henderson, NV. His yahoo email is ''. He is supposedly from Belgium and very recently brought his daughter here to the US after 4 yrs. of him being first in MD and recently moving to NV while she was with her grandmother in Belgium. He went supposedly to Belgium to see his mother and he and daughter are now in Ghana on 'business'...apparently he buys/sells large quantities of gold to foreign countries who deal with German money. He has sent me 3 photos...well actually 2; I had the first from his profile. One is with him and his daughter, the other of him at a hockey game here I believe.

He became quite enamored with me, my profile and my situation. I too have since removed my profile. He has done some of what I read about with dating scammers...cut & paste from love quote web sites. His profile was quite well written in the English language, our YM conversations show his broken English (apparently he speaks Dutch) and when I've spone to him on the phone he does have a thick accent. I've received flowers from him once. He calls me daily on my cell phone. He has NEVER (yet) solicited money from me....his income was listed as $100K-$149K on his profile. He showers me with wonderful words, and although we were to meet ahead of him leaving for Belgium, that did not occur. I am currently supposed to pick up him and his daughter from the airport on their return to NV (date not yet determined...but it should be less than 2 weeks). I've heard 'her' voice in the background; have heard him speak to her. I've heard his 'mother' also in the background when we were on the phone talking. His cell phone is based in Ghana and is 233 271058621.

I did get one strange email from him where he had addressed me as Nancy (which isn't my name)...and the email was responding to one I sent him after we had established a rapport, but his sounded like something he'd said to me when I first wrote him on personals responding to his 3 questions (again like a cut/paste resply). When I asked him who Nancy was, he text messaged me on my cell phone that he was so sorry, 'Nancy was his dead ex-wife’s name' and he had made a big mistake. He then called me a while later, sounding like he was crying as we talked, again very appologetic. They were supposedly married 25 yrs. prior to her accidental death.

According to his story to me, his wife was killed in a car accident in Belgium 9 yrs. ago by a drunk driver. He's asked about my living situation whether I rent or own, the kind of car I drive and how far...even my yearly salary. All those questions I've answered...although I thought them to be strange I have since got him to explain the 'why' to those questions...answers 'seem' plausible. He related his fear of losing me and always wanting me to be safe. I am in the process of a divorce d/t a horrible accident to my husband almost 3 yrs. ago which has left him severely brain injured, and a bankruptcy also. This man is fully aware of that...he explains how much he cares for me (remember we've only spoken via YM and phone)....wants someone in his life who wants the to give and receive...that sort of thing. I have related to him that I find it very hard to understand how he can form such feelings for me without ever meeting me. I've also 'called' him on the cut and paste thing...told him I wanted is own words...he's responded positively but does go back to the cut and paste thing occasionally in the midst of our YM converstaions or in an email. The hours we talk on YM are not strange...So either he's living here or he's on the computer VERY early in the morning in the foreign country...Belgium being 9 hrs. ahead and Ghana 8 hrs. ahead and we're usually on the computer by 9 p.m. or 10 p.m.

I've done/tried to do a lot of research for his name/yahoo ID etc. and have not seen anything mentioning him being involved in a date scam. No photos of him on reported scammer’s sites. Not sure if he's the 'real deal' or another scammer in the preliminary stages of a scam!! I don't know if you can give me any more information on him/or guidance on this situation since he's no longer on the YM Personals dating site... at least not the profile I saw and responded to. He doesn't totally match the 'typical' date scammer, but I sure don't want to make a huge mistake here either....please advise me of anything you may learn or know of him if that is possible.
P.S. I have saved copies of all our YM converstions

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2009-01-08, 14:27:32   (updated: 2009-01-08, 14:29:16)
anonymous from United States  
I would like to reply to this posted message on David Neff. I am the Nancy he has talked about as being his dead wife. I am very much alive and have never been married to David nor have I even got to meet him yet. Everything that has been said in the posted message has been exactly word for word that was said to me. I was also asked by David to pick him and his daughter up at the airport when he returns and like you I was told no date yet but will let you know soon.

I feel he is a scammer and I dont want any part of him.

2009-01-11, 19:38:50   (updated: 2009-01-11, 19:41:34)
[hidden] from United States  
Hello to Nancy...
HE IS A SCAMMER, BEWARE. I went to another site for some assistance looking up his IP address from all the emails he's sent me and he actually is in Ghana (all his emails come from there), not in the United States. He more than likely works out of an internet cafe. These probably aren't even his photos! He can't speak Dutch as far as I know because on my last phone conversation with him he wouldn't and finally after my challenging him once again, he hung up the phone on me!

The address he gave when he had flowers sent to me isn't even a house listed in his name and the telephone number he gave the florist was a MD number, not a NV number. I've done extensive research on him. I've since changed my cell number so I wouldn't get any more phone calls from him and have only seen him try twice since to contact me on YM. Am curious how you met him and if he's using the same Yahoo Email or another?! These guys are slick and you need to be smarter than they are.

The web site which is extremely helpful in identifying scammers like this one is and they can assist you in many ways with searches, resources and support.

My best advice is to end all communicatioin with him before it gets worse for you, but then it seems you've already chosen that route.

Good luck to you!
2009-01-11, 19:59:09
anonymous from Cleveland, United States  
I recently 'heard' from a David Neff on He doesn't look like the same person, the one on match has gray hair and bright blue eyes. But his story is pretty much the same even though I've only corresponded with him a few times. He claims to live in University Heights, OH. Same job, same story about the wife and daughter. Heavy accent also. I'm glad I checked him out before any further communication.
2009-01-11, 22:22:12   (updated: 2009-01-11, 22:23:01)
[hidden] from United States  
I highly recommend anyone who comes in contact with this DAVID NEFF individual (who I met on also) to BEWARE. PLEASE check into for any advice, information search, support.

SCAMMERS are SCUM...they will take you for whatever they can get from, your heart, your time...and you'll be left with nothing except being perhaps many dollars poorer and a lowered self esteem. Others have not been so fortunate as you will man was actually murdered.

DON'T BE FOOLED. These people are smart manipulators. If you read the stories posted on ILS you'll see a common trend of what they say to get you hooked. The faces are not theirs, they are often stolen photos or even photos of previous vicitims of dating scams.

I got smart glad I researched him and now I can hopefully help many more out there.
2009-01-12, 00:11:40
[hidden] from United States  
Oopss, I said I met him on but it was Yahoo Personals. No matter because they use multiple dating sites...just beware! INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE!
2009-01-12, 22:33:38
[hidden] from United States  
i have noticed that 'David Neff' is very active again on Yahoo Messenger and I want everyone to know that he is a SCAMMER, not to be trusted. Please investigate everything he tells you. You'll notice he copies (cut/paste) quotes from sites like and many others of similar nature. I've googled things he's told me and that's how I found out he was a scammer. He supposedly lived in Nevada at Christmas time, but also now supposedly lives in Ohio? (hmmm, how can that be?)

Don't fall for the stories of 'widowed, young daughter, buys/sells gold'...etc. Don't trust him, don't send him money, don't accept any gifts from him because he very well may be using a stolen credit'd be considered an assessory.

Stay clear, don't give him any opportunity to use you! Put him out of business...!
2009-01-13, 10:10:42
anonymous from United States  
I met a David Neff on be2. He uses a pic of an older man with grey hair playing tennis on Messenger.

Here is the first email he sent to me on be2:
Hello Babe,
How are you doing?Wow, incredible profile . I just read your profile and it caused and unusual impact, I am interested in you. You have such a beautiful profile. Have you found your lover? If you are still searching, I would like to know more about you, what motivates you? What makes your heart leap with passion? Love? Joy? I find your intelligence very exciting.
I am new to the internet dating and I look up your profile now and it looks good,and also tell me what kind of relationship you are Looking for? I believe we have something special and unique to offer each other.What I'd like to think makes me special and necessarily different from other guys.I am genuinely passionate about going forward in life and facing it with optimism,hope,and joy.I wish to live with compassion, purpose, inspiration, humor, love,fun and a sense of adventure!I am a man who is seriously looking for a woman to develop a life-long romantic love & companionship.I am writing to know more about you and maybe this can really lead us to the Next Level. Hope to Hear from you and Warm Hugs to you.....
PS!Am usually via yahoo messenger and my id add me and let chat there ok.....have a nice day

He said he is 51 years old, from Baltimore, says he is a business man who buy and sell gold in bulk quantities. He said he is a widow with no children. He isn't very smart, this scammer.
2009-01-13, 19:35:39
anonymous from United States  
Hello Ladies,
This is Nancy again. I was happy to see that we are smart enought to not let David steal anymore from us then just time. I knew from the beginning that I did not trust or believe him. David had asked me for my address about 1 week after we started talking, he said he was going to send me a surprise but he never did. He more than likely forgot or sent them to someone else. Just last week David asked me to purchase 2 gold watches from Macy's and send them to him in Ghana. He said he forgot his at home when he went to his trip to Belguim to see his sick mother and he really wanted a watch. He said he will pay me back as soon as he gets home. I asked him why cant he get the watches there and he said because they were not the watches he liked. I also asked him why he cant order the watches himself and he said he left his credit card at home.... Please traveling and no credit card. I told him I did not feel comfortable doing that for him and he said he was sorry I did not trust him enought to do that for him. Right then I was positive that this was a scam. So the next morning I told him I would be glad to do it for him (not really) and needed a address here in Las Vegas and a good address in Ghana to send them to. He gave me a address here in Vegas and believe it or not the lady that sold the house back in October 08 was named Peggy Neff???? Dont yet know the connection yet, dont know if I want to waste my time either.

The email posted above is the same email word for word that David sent to me the first time he emailed me.

Once I found out about the real DAVID NEFF, I called the FBI and the Secret Service to see if there is anything we can do about him. The Secret Service said that there was nothing they can do, that the ring in Africia is so big that the Secret Service gave up on it. So I guess they are just letting them get away with it.

I have also done my homework on this jerk, and found he has 4 IP address's and they are all from Ghana.

David found me on and contacted me thru there. I sense reported him to Match and they are blocking him from the website. They said he had all his profiles and they will be removed from their site.

I am still in touch with David, cause I have a surprise for him one day soon. Once I do I will let you know what I have done.

Who every you are that emailed me, thank you for your help and concern. I would like to talk to you a little bit more only if we can figure out how to do that without it being on this site.

Keep strong and this guy will be taken care of once and for all.
Nancy (I am a real women and I am not dead)
2009-01-13, 23:07:27   (updated: 2009-01-13, 23:18:50)
[hidden] from United States  
So, Nancy...was his address in Henderson, NV? I got the address he used when he sent those flowers to me: 138 Wynntry Drive. It's not his home, there was a David Neff and a Peggy Neff who lived there in '99 and '03, but now is owned by someone else. Can you share the photo he is using now by posting here so others may see it? Also, can you got to and post your story and photos there as that is another great way to communicate to others who he might be scamming?

I'd be happy to talk with you, but also cannot figure out how without posting on this site, but you might be able to post on the ILS site and we could try thru them? I didn't email you, but I'm the one who first posted here and was the one who got the email from him addressing me as Nancy!

To the other poster here, can you also post the photo you have? His words are very, very similar to what he wrote me when I answered questions he had on Yahoo Personals page. The Wow!, the instant interest in whether I found my lover, most of what he wrote you he also wrote me. He told me he used to live in MD but supposedly lives here in Henderson, NV. (but we all know he is in Ghana, not here). They always want you to communicate via a different method (like messsenger). They soon remove their profile, probably to put it in differently later.

Nancy, BE CAREFUL. You don't want to piss these people off. If you would please check out some of the information on this subject on the ILS site...they highly recommend people not trying to get back or 'scam the scammer'.

So...he's changed his story some, mother is 'ailing', no children now, broke, no money to buy his own watch (how stupid). Yeah, like you said Nancy...travels abroad but doesn't have a credit card? HMMMMM....! Oh, and most people deal with gold via the market, not in bulk quantities.

I am surprised that this posting has had so many views and glad to know I caught on to this bum and was able to get this out to others...

2009-01-14, 19:24:40
anonymous from United States  
I know you asked me to go to that other website and post what I know on there and I will but mean while David is back on as David1491. I have reported him to match and they are blocking his profile. I will be in touch and I will post to that other website like you asked me to.
2009-01-14, 19:43:22
anonymous from United States  
here is his new picture

2009-01-14, 21:26:07   (updated: 2009-01-14, 21:34:57)
[hidden] from United States  
THAT'S HIM! Same guy, maybe a little older looking...but that's the same guy. I went to his profile on and that's the same profile introduction and pretty much everything else too. He added only minimal in regards to his interests for fun, favorite hot spots, what he's read or watched. But the rest is identical.

2009-01-15, 20:05:12
anonymous from United States  
That's not the photo that he uses with me that I met him on be2. I'll try to get him to give it to me. It is an older grey hair man playing tennis that shows up on the Messenger. I just stopped talking to him when I saw the IP address from Accra, Ghana and knew he was such a stupid scammer by the way he was talking. But I'll try to sweet talk the pic out of him!! I have my ways with these idiots. We need them next to our bed after all to kiss night night. YUCK!!!
2009-01-17, 14:23:27
[hidden] from United States  
Either match took him off, he's changed his profile name or he's on another site.
2009-01-17, 22:34:22
anonymous from United States  
I called David's bluff last night, he was wanting to know where his watches were and I ripped him a new one. I let him know I knew that he was trying to scam me and he promised me that he was not scamming me, he begged me not to think like that. After all was said and done and I told him the game was over. He texed me this morning and said that I have your address and that he will track me down and blow my head off. I also told him I have been in contact with the FBI and the Secret Service and that they are looking for him. Needless to say he was not happy with me. I also told him to never contact me again or I will take this to the next level. Ladies stay away, Nancy
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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