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Dating scammer David Neff


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Name: David Neff



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I have been communicating with a man whose profile was named 'David' (his full name supposedly is David Neff). He has since suspended/removed his profile from Yahoo Personals b/c I can no longer see it. He was listed as being white male, 50 yrs. old, widowed 9 yrs. He supposedly lives in Henderson, NV. His yahoo email is ''. He is supposedly from Belgium and very recently brought his daughter here to the US after 4 yrs. of him being first in MD and recently moving to NV while she was with her grandmother in Belgium. He went supposedly to Belgium to see his mother and he and daughter are now in Ghana on 'business'...apparently he buys/sells large quantities of gold to foreign countries who deal with German money. He has sent me 3 photos...well actually 2; I had the first from his profile. One is with him and his daughter, the other of him at a hockey game here I believe.

He became quite enamored with me, my profile and my situation. I too have since removed my profile. He has done some of what I read about with dating scammers...cut & paste from love quote web sites. His profile was quite well written in the English language, our YM conversations show his broken English (apparently he speaks Dutch) and when I've spone to him on the phone he does have a thick accent. I've received flowers from him once. He calls me daily on my cell phone. He has NEVER (yet) solicited money from me....his income was listed as $100K-$149K on his profile. He showers me with wonderful words, and although we were to meet ahead of him leaving for Belgium, that did not occur. I am currently supposed to pick up him and his daughter from the airport on their return to NV (date not yet determined...but it should be less than 2 weeks). I've heard 'her' voice in the background; have heard him speak to her. I've heard his 'mother' also in the background when we were on the phone talking. His cell phone is based in Ghana and is 233 271058621.

I did get one strange email from him where he had addressed me as Nancy (which isn't my name)...and the email was responding to one I sent him after we had established a rapport, but his sounded like something he'd said to me when I first wrote him on personals responding to his 3 questions (again like a cut/paste resply). When I asked him who Nancy was, he text messaged me on my cell phone that he was so sorry, 'Nancy was his dead ex-wife’s name' and he had made a big mistake. He then called me a while later, sounding like he was crying as we talked, again very appologetic. They were supposedly married 25 yrs. prior to her accidental death.

According to his story to me, his wife was killed in a car accident in Belgium 9 yrs. ago by a drunk driver. He's asked about my living situation whether I rent or own, the kind of car I drive and how far...even my yearly salary. All those questions I've answered...although I thought them to be strange I have since got him to explain the 'why' to those questions...answers 'seem' plausible. He related his fear of losing me and always wanting me to be safe. I am in the process of a divorce d/t a horrible accident to my husband almost 3 yrs. ago which has left him severely brain injured, and a bankruptcy also. This man is fully aware of that...he explains how much he cares for me (remember we've only spoken via YM and phone)....wants someone in his life who wants the to give and receive...that sort of thing. I have related to him that I find it very hard to understand how he can form such feelings for me without ever meeting me. I've also 'called' him on the cut and paste thing...told him I wanted is own words...he's responded positively but does go back to the cut and paste thing occasionally in the midst of our YM converstaions or in an email. The hours we talk on YM are not strange...So either he's living here or he's on the computer VERY early in the morning in the foreign country...Belgium being 9 hrs. ahead and Ghana 8 hrs. ahead and we're usually on the computer by 9 p.m. or 10 p.m.

I've done/tried to do a lot of research for his name/yahoo ID etc. and have not seen anything mentioning him being involved in a date scam. No photos of him on reported scammer’s sites. Not sure if he's the 'real deal' or another scammer in the preliminary stages of a scam!! I don't know if you can give me any more information on him/or guidance on this situation since he's no longer on the YM Personals dating site... at least not the profile I saw and responded to. He doesn't totally match the 'typical' date scammer, but I sure don't want to make a huge mistake here either....please advise me of anything you may learn or know of him if that is possible.
P.S. I have saved copies of all our YM converstions

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2009-01-18, 13:01:18   (updated: 2009-01-18, 13:28:21)
[hidden] from United States  
Nancy...after talking with the people from ILS when I shared your last comment with them, this is what they offer out.

First off, do not be worried by his threats. He is just venting his anger at being 'outed' as a scammer. It is very typical to get nasty scary threats when a scammer realizes that his source of income has dried up. He is not going to leave his safe little West African Internet Cafe, and is behaving like a small child who has had his toys taken away 'I hate you, and I'm going to kill you!' You would ignore a child behaving like that, and you can ignore your scammer as well.

All you can tell this woman is that she should block him from her email and YIM, and make no response to any of his attempts to contact her in any way. You could point out that, the longer she continues to communicate with him, the longer he is controlling her life. Does she really want to give him that privilege? She need to reclaim her own life for herself, and she cannot do that while still responding to her scammer.

Take care!
2009-01-18, 13:37:24   (updated: 2009-01-18, 13:40:10)
[hidden] from United States  
Here's a bit of information anyone using online dating services might find helpful as taken from the ILS website:

HOW TO SPOT A SWEETHEART SWINDLER Dating con artists often:
• Run scams from overseas. Be wary of people who claim to be American professionals traveling abroad.
• Have poor grammar and spelling. They may use instant messaging or TTY services for the deaf to help mask their broken English.
• Profess to be in love with you almost immediately.
• Plagiarize love letters or poetry. Be wary if love letters don't match a writer's usual style.
• Provide few concrete details about their lives or work.
• Send a fake photo. Scammers mask their identities by sending shots of strangers pulled off the Internet. Some use photos of models.
• String you along for months before asking you for money.
• Send flowers or candy if you seem lukewarm about the relationship. They probably bought them with stolen credit cards.
• Want to see you on Web cam - even though their Web cam never seems to work. They want to make sure you're not law enforcement - and keep you from seeing them, since they aren't going to look anything like the photo they sent.
• Concoct an emergency and ask you to wire money to them. (Wired money is as good as gone the minute it's sent.)
• Ask you to wire them money so they can be with you.
• Ask you to handle checks or banking for them in the United States. The latter may draw you into being a middle man in a scam.
• Ask you to buy items in the United States, particularly electronics, and send them overseas. Many companies won't ship to scam-beleaguered countries, so scammers might use you as an unwitting fence by directing you to forward property they've bought with stolen cards.
• Ask you for personal information or passwords that can get them into your online accounts.
• Try to victimize you all over again by pretending to be fellow victims of a dating scam or law enforcement officers pursuing dating scammers. Law enforcement agencies never ask victims for money or will ask you to send sensitive personal information (like account and Social Security numbers) via email.
2009-01-18, 13:55:56
anonymous from United States  
Ok, so I just spent an hour IM'ing with David neff. His story to me is that he lives in cleveland and avoided telling me specifically where although i've asked him a couple of times. his storry is a little different. wife died 5 yrs ago in a car crash and has 1 16 yr old daughter. only he claims to be a international business man who sells diamonds.

But here's what I found odd, back in nov, i was getting emails from a henry lawson who claimed to be living in london, but was moving to cleveland oh after the 1st of the year to start a advertising agency. I used to work in adverstising and so he got very skiddish about my curiosity about his adv. business and said 'let's not talk about work' the pieces didn't fit and I didn't spend much time on him.

Henry lawson also had a wife who was in a accident and this time a son. and was looking for a mother. I believe henry lawson has reinvented himself into david neff. and is not good at keeping track of the stories he's telling. thank you for these helpful posts. I will block him from my email. david neff found me on zoosk and henry lawson found me through
2009-01-18, 19:14:25   (updated: 2009-01-18, 19:15:03)
[hidden] from United States  
rating he lives in Henderson, NV AND Cleveland, OH?! Yeah...right! He's scamming! Let's see, he supposedly left Henderson to go to Belgium for Christmas to visit his mother because his 14 yr. old daughter missed her grandmother. He told me he was marrried 25 yrs., he's widowed for 9 yrs, he's 50 according to the profile I had read on Yahoo Personals and if we can all do the math that would make him what...15 when he got married...somebody better teach him how we do the math here in America!

Liars are not smart...they sure can't keep track of their stories especially if they are telling several different people several different stories. Idiots, all of them!

If anyone has any more photos of this jerk...PLEASE post them so I can share with ILS and here as well. Let's at least help each other out and put this one guy out of a job!

Stay strong & stay smart Ladies!
2009-01-20, 13:42:25   (updated: 2009-01-20, 13:42:58)
anonymous from United States  
Hi Ladies, this is Nancy. I just checked out Henry Lawson and found that he is attached to David Neff, what a pig..... Since I told him off the other night I have had no contact with him and that please's me. I hope someday he is caught and dealt with. I am new to the dating thing and I have to say very disappointed. I know before I every give out my phone # or address to any man, I will completely do my research on him. Boy isnt that say that we cant trust people that just want to find true love. I think it is sad... I still need to go on that website ILS and post what I have to say. I promise to do that soon.

Talk to you all soon
2009-01-20, 20:05:45
[hidden] from United States  
Ladies....what I've learned is this: Be sure to never give out your home phone number, it CAN be traced to your home address, your name, and other various information. However your cellular number is cannot be traced to your home address.
2009-01-21, 01:48:35
anonymous from United States  
Looks like I have tried to be scammed by a business man named Dylan Wyatt from colorado. He contacted me through Said he had a engineering contract in Africa, and then once he was there, the airport would give him his luggage and the bank would not give him any money from his check for 15 days. So he wanted me to send him some money. This is so crappy, and using someone elses photos. I would really like to know who the guy in the photo is. He is also a victim.

2009-01-22, 21:23:44
[hidden] from United States  
To the previous poster:

This particular article section is regarding the scammer David Neff. You might want to repost this in a separate and 'new' article. Go to the 'About This Site' link and click on 'How to Submit a New Article' link and you will find out how to repost this there where you'll get more attention from other readers than those particularly interested in David Neff.

Anyone heard any more on David Neff lately? Wonder what site he's using now?! Nancy, I hope you are doing alright and have not suffered any repercussions from his threat.
2009-01-23, 12:17:09
anonymous from United States  
Hi, thank you for your concern. I am doing fine and have had no word from David. I have to admitt that I am still a little nervous about this whole situation but I do also feel confindent that he is in Africa and he will not be coming after me. I have recently been contacted by another scammer (within 2 days) and after only talking to him 3 times he wanted me to send him some money. Kind of the same story as David's. I didnt fall into that one, I called him on it today and when I was thru with him he cut me off of YM. Now I see how to post a new scammer on here so I will be doing that so others can post there feeling too.

Again, thanks for your concern, I really do appreciate it and hope you are doing fine also. If we can ever figure out how to meet I would still like to do that some time.
2009-02-12, 14:02:28
anonymous from United States  
All - He's still alive and well and living in 'Grand Rapids,MI' (by way of NV) or that's the story and is what was on his profile within the past week or so?? My he does have a time keeping the number of years he's wife has been dead straight; is it 5 or 9? Car accident but I've been given no name. Is the mother still alive and living in Belgium or is she in the US and he visits her? Is the daughter 14 or 17 that lives with him who he cherishes? Much of the MO is the same. The emails, the copy and paste. It was wonderful to see this site but unfortunate to see how low these men can be. I know that my communication will be limited if not completely guarded. Anxious to hear the next story. At least he's got the gold and diamonds line fairly straight.
2009-02-12, 18:31:22
anonymous from United States  
He has his profile listed on Jdate as Italian 50 widowed with 1 child. I was imming with him the other night. Today he sends me some flowery email. Seems like a stalker. I won't give any more info about myself. I knew he seemed a little preoccupied on AIM and seemed a little strange. Says he sells wholesale gold and diamonds.....
He is using an email address of dneff789@gmail today.
and goes by neff789 on AIM.

2009-02-12, 21:05:32
anonymous from United States  
I am new to this whole internet dating thing. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this information posted here. I found David's profile on yahoo personals. He emailed me and I was was going to try to chat with him. I searched dneff789 and found myself here. Thanks ladies. I guess I have a lot to learn about internet dating. Yikes!!!
2009-02-13, 05:33:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
It's all Bullshit my friend!


2009-02-16, 14:52:48
anonymous from United States  
I am so glad I googled David Neff, he is on yahoo personals saying he is from Grand Rapids, MI. I just got an IM from him and to be safe thought I would google him, and low and behold all of this! Same email EXACTLY about my profile. What a jerk, I have blocked him from my IM and from yahoo personals. Told me about his 17 year old daughter and he deals with diamonds and gold. Too bad he doesn't know how to spell diamonds. That was my first clue. Has anyone had any luck reporting this bottom feeder? His IM is dneff789, what a jerk.
2009-02-16, 17:42:01
anonymous from United States  
I had him kicked off of Jdate. he was going by the name sweetgut1 with the im address neff789. while imming with him last week he was asking for my annual salary etc. I never give out my personal info and was not about to with him. I am the same person who posted earlier on here about him that he was Italian widowed with a 17 yr old daughter. He claims to have previously lived in Ohio and sayd he raised his daughter after being widowed but claims that she just came here from Italy to join him but he has been living here for 9 years. No sooner did I have him removed from Jdate I get a new admirer with a similar bio but with a teenage son..... THIS GUY IS A SCAMMER!!! LADIES BEWARE!! HE IS GOING FOR THE VULNERABLE MARK! DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFO TO ANYONE ONLINE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO.
Tell anyone you know who is on any of the dating websites to be on the lookout for scammers.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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