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Dating scammer Michael Oliver Harrison


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Name: Michael Oliver Harrison


Lagos, Nigera

Other Comments:
Just as all the rest, he found me on a dating site, and started the conversation with, (He was a good christain man looking for a good woman, never married, 6'5'' was alone in this world, because he was an only child and both parents were dead, had lived in Hawaii, and California as well as Italy. Was in Nigera as a contractor, and would return to CA as soon as the job was done.) Little didhe relize I'm not a stupid woman, and any time aman says he loves you after only e2 email you know somethings up.Sure enough he showed his true colors when I pressed him about when he would be state side again. He stated he didn't know because he hadn't been paid and there fore didn't have the plane far home.
Ladies let me tell you all something anytime a man who is anywhere on a job , he has a plane ticket home company paid for no matter what. Even if they get fired while away.
So I told him I had no money and if when he got state side to let me know and we'd take it freom there once I met him face to face. Of course that ended him e-mailing me.


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2009-02-26, 23:49:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-03-12, 00:17:31   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Michael Oliver Harrison



Other Comments:
When the voice doesn't match the face, and the age doesn't match the picture watch out.
I don't know for sure yet, but my gut says beware!
Mike or Michael found me off of seeking men
He started off with he was single 6'5' 45, and alone in this world. Sound familure? Drinks socially, dose not smoke,Is contractor in Nigeria, has a home in Hawaii, and Califoria.
He was an only child and both parents are dead, he lived in italy with an uncle who now is dead as well. He is a christain, and is looking for the rigth women, has never been married and has no children.
He was quick to say he had fallen in love with Yet we only spoke once breifly on the phone and have not met.
If how ever he is not a scammer I will be the first to say I'm sorry for thinking this, but when it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk then chances are it's a skunk, rearly is it a cat who's been at the wrong end of a skunk.
2009-03-12, 00:17:31   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Michael Oliver Harrison

2009-05-15, 21:09:26
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Detective Agency.
2009-07-03, 04:47:35
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Russian Federation

What is, Your posting ?
A add ?
Somebody should check this to see if its just not a scammer.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-07-03, 09:21:20
OJAS from United States  
@Russian Federation, If you want to post suggestions for victims, it is OK. Unwelcome is scam over scam http://datingnmore..._scam.htm

Someone with a safe computer check that site. Dirk?
2009-10-05, 09:12:23   (updated: 2009-10-05, 09:26:35)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
How funny that I should come across this. This guy, and I strongly believe that it is the same guy, found me on facebook and wrote me a message which came to my email inbox of course. He used the same lines, but this time he was a 46 yr old widower with 5 yr old twin boys who lived with his mother in australia. He also said he was 6.5 and a self-employed architech living in Burbank, California. When I calculated the time difference and asked what he was doing up at 5am in the morning he said he was an early riser. :)

I then gave him a fake email (specially created and not connected to facebook) and asked him to send another pic. Well I had to laugh as the 6.5 guy had suddenly shrunk by 9inches! It was another Yahoo address he had used it was

He used the name Michael Oliver in his approach and had obviously set up a facebook page specially for the scam. I then used the 'find friends' facility on facebook and searched through my 'real' email account to see if he had perhaps been attached in a CC list as these also come up on facebook. I then found the name Michael Harrison and the same pic he had sent. I think he probably picked up my face because he had probably sent some other junkmail to my email account (he was not attached to anyone's CC list). If you are on facebook and have a hotmail account you can see the face of whoever you have emailed and or has emailed you - if they have a picture posted on facebook of course!

This is a practice that they really need to make more secure but I have now ensured that my picture cannot be seen and my name cannot be searched on facebook unless it is by a friend.

2009-10-05, 09:39:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This is his other pic

2009-10-31, 17:26:33
anonymous from United States  
This guy contacted me on Facebook too. At first he seemed ok, then the second email scared the crap outta me. He said something along the lines of he was going to focus on my picture and fix it in his, that's not scary at all. I am so sick of these morons doing this crap. Don't they realize that the internet is a double edged sword? They might think they can use it to find victims for their games; but it's also a spotlight shining with glaring clarity on everything they do. Come on already! Get a clue and give it up!
2010-02-07, 23:38:43
I am completely and utterly speechless, JUST LAST NIGHT Feb. 08, 2010, this same wrote me and began chatting on line about him being a widower, having 6 year old twins living with his mother in Austrailia! He went in very detailed information about quotes and advise his deceased father had given him.

He emailed the next morning about how he thought I was the 'Mrs. Right', and I just happen to Google him and I am blown away, he also used the exact same picture! This same Michael Harrison is on the site.

I am So, So, So thankful that this site is available! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, This same man was sending me emails with pictures of his children, but using the same picture shown above.

I am hoping my article will be as helpful as the one that has saved me from any emotional attachment or involvement with this fraud. Thank you!
2010-02-08, 09:36:19
OJAS from United States  
2010-04-02, 18:08:57
anonymous from United States  
Recently my mother was contacted by this same man tellin her all the samethings he has said to many of his other victims, I had told her mom if youre not sure GOOGLE HIM! low and behold hes a SLIMEY PIECE OF WORK>>>PLEASE IF you have any information that would help her I would love the chance to scam his lil butt he may be cute but GOD DON'T LIKE THE REAL UGLY thats on the inside of this SCUM bag!

2012-11-25, 17:41:07   (updated: 2012-11-25, 17:42:29)
anonymous from Canada  
This guy just tried to scam me as well. Thank God I did not send any money, but I did get very attached! Even when I saw so many red flags!! Should have listened earlier to myself.
Micheal Harrison using the following emails: and
He found me on a dating site called: and his username was betterdays.
I did not give him any money.
He said he was from Hilafax, but soon was in Turkey where his computer goods were held and then he could not get enough money together to pay 'them' to release the goods. He wanted to hurry 'home' se we could meet and asked for CAD1500.
This guy is patient and is willing to work real hard!!
Thank you for all the information!
I did a picture search on Google and found his picture with several different facebook accounts and twitter accounts.
I joined and found more information associated with his pictures and some of the info he shared about himself. I am not sure of these were in fact from the true Micheal Harrison! We will never know!

2012-11-25, 18:55:55
Miss Marple from United States  
Post some mails from this scammer here please !especially the one where he asks for money and also the introduction mail too.The twitter account seem to be the real guy who owns the pictures and his name is not Michael Harrison ,this Michael Harrison is just an scam artist name that an West-African scammer is using to scam people with.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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