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Dating scammer Nicholas Smith Georgas


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Name: Nicholas Smith Georgas


10Northumerland Road London

Other Comments:
I must tell you that i really appreciate you responding to me well, I am a person who is ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going. I'm very passionate in all areas of my life. I am very responsible and try to eat right, workout and live a healthy life. I stay active and have a good time doing it. I believe in a healthy relationship, I value honesty and trust. That's what I'm all about and if you don't have them, you don't have anything. I think it's important to understand and accept each others strengths and weaknesses. It is important to have passion, romance, physical attraction, a playful attitude, with lots of laughter i strongly believe all that. I have strong family values and morals and love my daughter who is 9yrs. She is the most precious and only family i have now, Should we have a relationship and you ever have the opportunity to meet her she will steal your heart away, before I can! I am very involved, volunteer & I deal on all kind of Arts and Craft made works, i have a gallery here in Engand which i manage alone. I honor my commitments, enjoy being a devoted father or even a family man which i know you have too, I was bourn and raised in greece in the year 1960, june 1st, i worked as a supervisor in a construction company there in greece, that was my first job. i got retired in that job 6 years ago that was shortly after the death of my father, and My Late fathers names is Tony Andrew Georgas, he own the business that i am runing now.. i was the only child of my family and happen to lost my mother very early in life, i got married very late in life, just because my job would not let me do it as i was always moving from place to place, i ended up becoming a married man at the age of 34, at this time, i was no longer travelling, we got our only child (Sarah) after 4years of marriage, and not too long from there, i got retired, our marriage lasted for 8years before death did it's worst to me.
I moved over to the uk 4years ago and that was when i went into Arts And Craft as i have always loved and it was my father's job,,, My mom was from U.S amd my father from Greece, my late wife was from chicago, also in the state, but my dad had to move over to the uk shorlty after the death of my mom, there he did his work as a Sculptur, which i took over from him even if in a different way, i do love to laugh very often as it is one thing that keep me going on, i don't smoke but do drink, but never got drunk, i love to live a simple life and i am very open and flexible to situations, my most favourite meal is spaghetti with fried chicken, i also love vegetarian and Drink coffee often, i really do not know what more to tell you, but of you can ask me, i will be very happy to let you know......i hope to hear from you again soon, untill then, thanks and have the best of time...

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2009-05-20, 21:38:36
anonymous from Thailand  
pls beware scammer smith nelson too, he sent mail to me like scammer nicholas smith georgas
it is the gresteet thing to me knowing that such a pretty angel like you can be
found online,it really makes me feel relief and very happy after talking some
time to go through your profile, it really beats my imagination to see that an
angel like you still exist on this planent earth, because when i saw your pic
in your profile i was mad at a beauty,thereby developing intrest in you,pretty
,words will not be enouhg to explain how much beauty i found in you,but for the
way i can explain it, i will tell you that, your beauty is enough to make any
man go crazy, and must stop at nothing to make sure he get and hold on to you
which i have come for,i will want you for a good,caring,communication,committed
friendship and intimate relationship, marriagre and others as it will be ok for
My names are Smith Nelson, i am a wodower, a father of a 8years old
doughter that i have manage to to raise alone, her name is Daniela, and i have been
lonly for some years now,but seeing your profil has almost made all that time
of lonliness a thing of the past, irrecrtive of the distance that may seem to
be in between us, because i dont belive in distance when it comes to having an
angel like you, i have alway prayed to have an angel like you which i know i
have found,if it will have to take me to relocating to where you are just to be
with you i will do it without a second thought, no regret because you are worth
paying any price for,do not be supprise that i can say this to a woman i have
not meet i am saying from what i feel and will really want to do, meeting you
makes it all for me. Plz send me your email adress that i will be able to send
you my picture of me, i was not able to upload one on my profil,to chat on the
messanger will be a
better way to chat and know each other better,i hope you agree to that, if yes
then add me to your chatt list, my chat id is (rolandcalls60),it is on
or email me with (nelson604call/@/yahoo./com/i will be so happy to talk to you
more, know that i will be looking forward to see you respond, Plz Angel, it
will Gladden my heart by giving me a
respond.. plz do send me your email address so that i can send you my photo.. Nelson...

2009-05-20, 21:41:05
anonymous from Thailand  
this is email of smith nelson
id chat is rolandcalls60
this is his photo

2009-05-20, 23:19:25
anonymous from Thailand  
i want scammer nicholas georgas get caught and rot in hell for what he has done to many girl. i hate him, he is very bad man...very bad...bad...bad...
he broken my heart. he make me cry every day... rot in hell....rot in hell
2009-05-21, 02:20:52
anonymous from Thailand  
pls help me i have known that nicholas georgas is scammer yesterday (20 may 2009)
i'm very sad, i almost die. i can't make my mind. i love scammer,pls help he dissappear.. i can't stop crying..he must cheat other women more..pls beware ... every women with true love..pls beware.. we'll regret..
2009-05-24, 02:07:23
after nicholas georgas have not contacted me anymore. scammer smiths nelson (sometimes is smith) contact me. his mail the same as nicholas except his name and his suposed daugther which her name is daniela,8 years old. i asked him to send his photo more . he send his photo and his daugther's photo to me and send pink rose picture from to me.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nicholas Smith Georgas

2009-05-24, 02:08:24

2009-05-24, 02:09:21

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nicholas Smith Georgas

2009-05-24, 02:10:42

2009-05-24, 15:22:24
Oh my God, I talk to him to on MSN. He is the third person I met on whom on this site. So women be aware with meet online.
2009-05-30, 06:43:17
anonymous from Spain  
Más acerca de este sujeto....

También se hace llamar : FRANK ANDREW GEORGAS. En ha tenido diversos nick. Es un estafador económico.

Va cambiando sus nombres, sus fotos, sus viajes... todo es un fraude.

Be carefull!!!!

2009-06-06, 19:30:15   (updated: 2009-06-06, 20:24:37)
Infeliz hijo de. . ., a mi me contacto a través de Match. com el 30 de Mayo pasado, su user es hardwork23 , hemos estado escribiéndonos ( y chateando, yo he vivido en los EU y hablo muy bien Inglés, así que no tuve problemas de comunicación, el día de hoy me llamó y también me dió su número de celular, hablamos muy poco, pero han habido tantas inconsistencias en la forma en que me escribia en inglés y entre lo que escribía y me decía (las mismas cartas publicadas, con algunos detalles modificados), que tenía mis dudas y localicé esta página a través del número celular, grandísimo estúpido. Mi preocupación es que ahora tiene mi número telefónico, sabe de que ciudad soy y hasta fotos de mi familia tiene. Me habló de matrimonio y de venir a verme, me habló de Sarah y me mandó una foto de ella (diferente a la que aquí aparece) y de su supuesta galería de artesanías. Lo tendré que quitar de mis contactos, reportar sus direcciones a Microsoft y a Match y cambiar mi número telefónico. No sé si enfrentarlo, temo por mi familia. Simplemente lo cancelaré todo, no quiero esperar a llegar a cuando me pida dinero el muy desgraciado!! Gracias por haber abierto este foro, mi Señor es tan grande que me protege y no permitió que algo más sucediera hasta este punto y le pido que nada más llegue a pasar con este maldito!! Yo tengo la primera fotografía de él, donde sale con el cabello negro y ojos negros, vestido de traje y una más que adjunto, ojalá atrapen al hijo de perra!! Todavía me dijo que se bautizaría Cristiano ya que le dije que no me casaría por la iglesia Católica, y hasta habla de ir a la Iglesia los domingos. Usar el nombre de Dios y esconderse detrás de la religión . . .

2009-06-06, 20:26:52

2009-06-07, 19:18:17   (updated: 2009-06-07, 19:40:46)
Señoras, el día ayer y hoy mismo, he recibido notificaciones de match, han tomado registro de los dos users que les proporciné, uno con el que me contactó y el otro que encontré aquí, así como todas las direcciones de email que mencionaron en este sitio; han sido bloqueados en match, desgraciadamente no hay nada mas que ellos puedan hacer, pero han ayudado bastante con eso. Los reporté en Match USA, Match UK y Match Mexico que al parecer es internacional para América Latina. Reporte como personas dañinas a el o los propietarios de las direcciones de email a Microsoft, pero no sé si solo tomen medidas respecto de mi email, sería conveniente que hicieran lo mismo; pero lo mas importante es que aquellas que fueron estafadas levanten denuncias en sus países para que finalmente logren agarrar a este o estos infelices!! Dios las bendiga. Por cierto, el nombre que usó conmigo fue Nicholas Anthony Georgas y los tres últimos posts son míos con las tres fotografías.
Ladies, I've received response to my email I sent to, they have already blocked the two user names and the 5 different email addresses I gave them yesterday afternoon taken from the posts on this site; unfortunately this is all they can do, but they've helped alot. I reported that to Match USA, Match UK and Match Mexico which is the International branch for Latin America. I also reported all the email addresses to Microsoft, but I'm not sure if they do something just regarding my email in which case I suggest to all of you ladies to do the same thing. Now, the most important thing to do is that those who have been extorted might take legal action at their country, you are the only ones who can do something to stop this scamp!! God bless you all!! BTW the name he used with me was Nicholas Anthony Georgas. I posted the three last posts and the three photos.

2009-06-07, 20:26:27
OJAS from United States  
Guys, delete children from this page, thx.
2009-06-10, 04:29:56
anonymous from Valencia, Spain  
Mi historia es igual a la vuestra y tambien me estafo con sus mentiras de hombre viudo, solo y con una hija. Con promesas, lo cierto es que cada dia pienso como podemos ser tan tontas y creer .... si creer que existe gente buena necesitada que se dicen llamar temerosas de Dios, y en su nombre, engañar. Yo lo conoci en, y me parecio una buena persona, NICHOLAS GEORGAS SMITH dijo llamarse, con direccion en 10, Sloane Ave Kensington, Londres, con una Galeria de Arte llamada GALERIA BRITANICA NICHO con numero de identificacion C-5612057, y telef. 447045794972, tiene 3 correos electronicos:;; y Añado fotos que no estan todavia en esta pagina.
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