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Dating scammer Bill Dorsen


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Name: Bill Dorsen



Other Comments:
He said that he was in the US Army serving in Iraq. He is finishing his tour in 3 months. Wants to come out to Australia and start a new business. His Mother is still alive and so is his father but has not seen him in years. He has a 11 year old son called Charlie. His birthday is 30 October 1960 and lives in Miami Florida

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2009-04-25, 19:28:43
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the UK

I have taken some time to think over your remarks.
My first Question to You in a way you should understand.
What are You playing at ?
Are You just Having Myself and Jenni on ?
There is little excuse for your behavior.
You mocked me by your not being honest from the beginning.
You now come back and very mockingly rub it in by saying you enjoyed my comment's.
I don't care what happens to me. My only intent here is to help people.
I hope you enjoyed your little charade.
You gave no consideration to the impact of your foolishness.
I cannot speak for Jenni.
But, I will say this, She was fallowed by her scammer to this very web site.
She was being harassed by the low life not only on here but in her personal life
at home as well.
You decided to play your game and even had the nerve to post comment's in support
of a scammers position.
I cannot believe the absolute nerve of your actions.
A total disregard to people who are trying to deal with very serious emotional feelings.
I hope You learn not to play games with peoples lives.
I am in no way slaging you off. I was supporting of your postings at the beginning
or did you not notice my mentioning of you ?
Your deception is what brought you anything in the way of my saying anything to slag you off.
Why ask me now not to slag you off when you brought it on yourself ?
You cannot have it both way's. Either support someone or stay out of it.
I'm glad you say your on Our side. But fat good that did when you made things worse.
You may be all wise in the way's of the World. But if that were really true you would
have helped not added to the problem.
I do not care if you respond to this as you clearly have wasted my time enough
already. I hope you can be proud of your accomplishment.
In the future, I would hope you would never pull a stunt like this on anyone ever
If your not part of a solution then your part of the problem.
Please leave the victims of scammers that have had their feelings and emotions
manipulated alone. Don't You think your manipulation is just doing more harm
than good ?

Good Day and Good Luck Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-04-26, 03:56:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Again you have totally missed the whole point and I realize now you are very narrow minded and quite frankly rude I have no more time for people who think they have the answers without considering the bigger picture. Any intelligent person reading my actions would thank me for trapping the scammer and proving his false identity, the only person I manipulated was the scammer yet you condemn me for that. I dont know who you think you are but you go ahead and waste time slagging people off who get the results needed it only puts you in a bad light. Dont worry I will not be visiting this site anymore I have a life to lead incidentally without Bill Dorsen :-)
2009-04-26, 05:02:20   (updated: 2009-04-26, 05:06:59)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous UK

I don't know that you will ever see this.
You missed my point entirely yourself.
The scammer was going to come out of hiding even if you had done nothing.
It is your method, I object to.
I may bait a scammer but, I never use another person to reach my goal.
What you did was deceptive and never should have been done in that manner.
I am a simple person not a know it all.
When other peoples feelings and emotions are directly affected by your deception
that is uncalled for. Again it is the method you used not that, I have anything
against you. You obviously cannot accept criticism about your methods.
Have you ever heard that end does not always justify the means ?
I would come against anyone who takes a scammers postion.
So stop saying you didn't draw a response from me. Manipulation !

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-04-27, 18:20:48
anonymous from United States  
WOW 86, that whole thing was kinda weird??? Just letting you know I'm still keeping track of things. I'll be back...Jenni
2009-04-28, 04:49:25
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hi Jenni

Nice to hear from you it has been interesting to say the least. LOL
I don't know what was more frustrating to deal with.
The scammer or the lady from the UK who basically made me write several postings,
I may never have done. I really hope all is well with you.
I am praying your getting some much needed peace in your life.
I will keep watch here also.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-05-23, 17:23:16   (updated: 2009-05-23, 17:24:16)
anonymous from Australia  
Anonymous,from UK good luck to you for giving back to Agent 86 what he tries to give by browbeating everyone to his way.
Innocent untill proven is not in his book,am sorry he lost a limb am sorry he does not stop once and smell the roses,might be too much of a shock that there are others that care,no one be they man or women likes to be scammed in anyway,been there more times than need be and the hurt remains
Having lived through 3 wars and seen first hand the pain and misery wrought most times on innocent people is something I hope never to see again,to listen to an idiot rant without proof against me is ludicrous but he like the sound of his own voice.
Keep up your endeavours,think your getting under that tough exterior he calls skin because you are right,me too old to care.
When you have to resort to foul mouth ranting to try to get a point across,there are no winners only pity.
2009-05-23, 18:30:11
[hidden] from United States  
@ Anon's from UK and Australia : Sometimes Maxwell Smart is actually 'Maxwell NOT SO Smart' in some of the comments he makes.
2009-05-23, 21:07:02   (updated: 2009-05-23, 21:08:51)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from Australia

You should have read my last posting on Nancy Milman
But if, Your intent was to not discredit me.
Then what is this ?
Say on anything, You want both of, You.
Believe what, You want.
By the way who said at any time, I lost a limb.
Wow that's really stretching things. LOL
Nice picture butt head but then when, You ignored the message
that says no nude pictures like so many on here.
O well enjoy, Your little party.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-23, 22:52:16
Fred from Germany  
dont waste your energy arguing with thesea nons from anywhere
and yes, your wording is sometimes harsh, but thats the only language that these people understand.
keep going my friend
2009-05-24, 00:48:40
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

It totally escaped both of these guys the date of the posting from the UK. LOL
Aside from that Jenni made a comment after mine. She was the one, I
was helping in the first place. It seems really odd to bring up a settled issue.
I have learned to keep going despite things like this.
I have nothing to be ashamed of here.
I stand by my remarks that, I made at the time.
To bad both of these guys weren't around to see all that has been deleted.
Its easy to judge when, You haven't got a clue as to what really happened.
Jenni knows but don't go bothering her over this she has suffered enough.
I can't imagine trying to get anything out of this ?
Unless the scammer remembers losing badly here and has finally spoke up
now to try to start something again. LOL
The scammers remarks for the most part have been deleted.
for anyone who looks at this and makes the same mistake as the two
mental midgets.
By the way the scammer had the US flag on his postings.
So it would be very easy to say this USA guy now is, Him back again. LOL
The Australian has no reason to be on this thread ?
Just observations guys.
Just as on Nancy Milman thread nothing said for weeks now this one a full month
since anyone posted anything ? Plus how did two guys suddenly from
two different parts of the World coincidentally making postings on this thread
that was dormant for a month ?

Kind Regards Fred
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-05-25, 18:12:36
wanwan from Japan  

Hi,Fred, I am wanwan .
Please listen to me.
I guess this anon Aussie of Bill Dorsen thread,and
the person(anon aussie,too) who lives in the thread of Nancy Milman,
they are same person.How do you think of that?
This anon Aussie is a scammer.
His aim is only making an attack against Agent86.
This person now starts destroying this website.
Agent86 is a symbol of Delphi and democrasy.
So his target is an agent86,I guess so.
Please watch the picture which the anon Aussie has posted on!
The picture has any meanings?
It is a nonsense !No meanings !!
This person doesn't help one person.
No contribution on here.
Paranoid behavior.
I think he must go to hospital as soon as he can.
Doctor must watch his brain .
We don't need this person any more.
This is a public forum for only innocent peoples,victims,future potential victims.
And we must try to bust ,bother,prevent scammers,waste their time.
I know it is very hard for us to bust scammers but we must try to.
We have limited time to bust scam in our life.
So we don't need this person any more.

We must watch this suspicious person.
I will bust this person in the near future.

Thank you Fred,,,,,.
See you soon
Mata-ne(it means see you again in Japanese )

from donkey in Japan
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2009-05-26, 05:38:18
anonymous from Australia  
Wanwan,it takes one to know one,so maybe if I am a scanner ,you too must be one.
How about you guys grow up and stop acting like little Hitlers,strutting around this site,if as you say its to help people who have been scammed and those possible new ones ,do so but stop with the God act,if you are both man enough to live and let live.
Am not and never have been a scammer,detest them all,know you wont believe me but have the highest praise for both of you for your efforts
2009-05-26, 07:18:08
wanwan from Japan  
@Anon Aussie

There are many '' Anon Aussie '' on this website.
So I don't know who you are .
May I ask you ?
On this website I have a handling name like Wan wan.
Please give me your handling name? It is OK,?
And I want to say to you '' I am not a hot temper man''.
I am a friendly man.
So if you want to make a friendship with me,
I can do it very easy.1st,you will give me your handling name.
I hope that.

2nd !! If you are the person who has put the SM bondage picture on,
it is very bad behavior.Your Papa and Mama are very sad to see your bad behavior.
Stop to put such a picture on.But I don't know you have put the one on or not.
So please tell me ,you are the person who has put the one on or not.

3rd !! I don't know you are the person who is making an attack against Agent86 or not.
Please answer me.I am waiting for you with impatience.

And,,,,,,,if you are the person who is making an attack against agent86,
I want to know the reason why you do such a childish thing.It creats nothing.
And now you say '' Am not and never have been a scammer,detest them ''.
It is so great !! I want to believe you.Give me your hands !! That is my wish !
When you will find the foolish scammers ,please will put scammer's info on.
If you will give me your hands,I am very happy ,and welcome!
You know on this website,there are many masters of scambuster like OJSA,Dirk,steve_dux,
Fred,007,Klaus,that crazy monkey gilligan,many mates.But I am an apprentice on Delphi.
If you will give us your hands,it will be helpful to others,especially to future potential victims.
How do you think of my idea ?Do you hate me?

If you're the person who is making an attack against agent86,
I hope you, just 1 thing only,'' Please stop ''.
Because it creats nothing .
It is meaningless results.
It is non-sense.
And I think you can understand what I want to say to you.

If you will put scammer's info on,and it will be helpful to others,
many people will be proud of you.
At that time I never against your posts.
I never prevent you.

I guess you have a deep computer science knowlege in your brain.
Then now you have got the anon proxy.
I hope you can come onto here forever.
So you have to stop your meaningless attacking against agent86.
When you will keep putting good info on,you never lose your access privilege.
But again you will do a childish behavior,you again will lose your access privilege.
You already have known what I mean.

But I don't know you are the person who do such childish behavior or not.
So please answer me who you are.I want to listen to your explanations.

Thank you,
then please remember I am still an apprentice,learn lots from others on Delphifaq.

from donkey in Japan

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2009-05-26, 14:09:09
Fred from Germany  
wa kari mas
or something like that, meaning I understand you
you are a wise and gentle man
honestly speaking, i would no way have answered anon from Australia in such a diplomatic way
you are doing great
keep going
2009-05-27, 01:41:56   (updated: 2009-05-27, 01:44:07)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Hi My Friend - Yes Young Jedi this is the same Aussie as before.
I will leave this in, Your capable hands.
You have shown, very much patience.
I am afraid, I am unable to do that right now. LOL
I would be tempted by the Dark side of the Force to say
very ugly things. LOL
Fred, I'm so proud to see Wanwan do so good.
He has helped in ways that, I can not tell, You about.
Well there are other Disturbances in the force and they call me away
from this. Enjoy Your time here. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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