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Dating scammer Vincent Johnson


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Name: Vincent Johnson


40, Wesley Street

Victoria Island


Nigeria 23401

Other Comments:
I have lost my life savings to this man. A construction engineer working in Lagos, Nigeria. A very sweet talker, says all the things a woman wants to here. Met him first on His alias on that was hitchdad001. States that he normally resides at Howard St, Gaythorne in Brisbane. He suppossedly has been robbed and either shot or recieved a wound of somesort that requires treatment at the hospital, this depends on who he's talking to, Next his 4 yr old son is dying of malaria. Also that he has to sell his laptop and mobile again depending on whom he is talking with.Ph numbers he uses :+2348060332276 and +447797806021

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2009-04-24, 16:24:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2009-04-24, 16:24:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2009-04-24, 16:24:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2009-04-24, 16:24:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2009-04-24, 16:29:20
anonymous from Australia  
I have further updates:regarding this man. He is now saying he is 25, never been married and has no child and is a student. He is definitely in Lagos as i traced his ISP and have also notified them.
2009-04-26, 05:00:03
anonymous from Australia  

2009-04-27, 03:40:16
He has another email account:
Last contact he mentioned the risque photos i sent him. These may be uploaded. God i hope not as it will affect my work. Gonna talk to HR tomorrow. But i did tell him i'd take the risk. I am sick of being used and abused, when my hear is so pure. How do you ever believe another human..that's the question. do you cut yourself off totally or risk being hurt agian. I have no idea. This has been a very hard learning experience. Will i ever give my heart to another??? I do not know
2009-04-27, 04:09:22
another f**king bastard
2009-04-28, 07:38:16
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by 'vinjohnson1964' about a week and a half ago from said he was in Dumfries, Scotland as a construction engineer from Pittsburgh, PA. I prevented myself from being scammed before from POF site and directly asked him since he was so sweet with his communication if he was going to scam me and ask me for money! Needless to say, it angered him and wondered why I asked him that. He gave me no real opportunity to explain my reasonings. IS IT ANY SMALL WONDER? I AM SO GLAD I GOOGLED HIM...Ladies, stick to the HOMEBOYS! 'IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...IT PROBABLY IS!' (OLD ADVISE FROM UNKNOWN AUTHOR)
2009-04-28, 22:45:26   (updated: 2009-04-28, 23:40:26)
This is what he generally starts with:

How are you doing and hows you night Beautiful,I'm really so glad to get an email from you ,I thought you were not interested in me and just hope you would write me.. I'm so happy getting this email from you,thanks so much for the compliment ... you really know the right words to say to put a smile on any one's face.its really so sad to hear that you lost your husband 4years back and had to bring up 4 children all by yourself ... I know how tasking it is to bring up just a little boy,so i get a picture of what you must have been through Sweetie..It was really so hard for me after I lost my late wife .. I never thought I would ever get over it and it took me so much time to realize that I have to pick up the bits and move on with life.Say a big THANK YOU to Brittany,I wish you included a pics of her so I can see her also .Thanks so much for your pics,you look so Gorgeous and look like an Angel ..I bet you one.Thanks so much for telling me about your interest,I can see we have so much in common.
Well let me brief u about myself....I'm a 44yr old single dad of a 3yr old son(I would be 45 this year),I'll start with my physical description as attraction is important. I'm 5'11' got a nice, modestly muscular, stocky build (if you like nice arms, legs, shoulders, chests and those sort of things), and can be a lot of hand's-on fun during activities of extreme closeness. I’m in good shape and simply try to eat healthy, exercise moderately, and get my rest. Emotionally, I’m a 'glass half full' sort of guy. I try to make the best of things, even if they are not so great. Also, I'm a great friend and listener. If you are down, I usually can lift your spirits. There are times that I may talk a little excessively and a polite “be quiet” will usually cure that one. Sometimes I can be a handful, but a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head will settle me right down. I don't hold grudges and really just like to move forward and settle any differences amicably.
One other thing, I've been a widower for 31/2 years now and have gone through all the self discovery stuff. So ultimately the goal is something more one on one with someone ready for the same.One thing I'm NOT looking for is games. Most of us don't get to be in our mid 30s to mid 40s without having felt the effects of life. However, I think at this point in our lives, we should all be past the stage of playing games.I need someone who is ready to quite playing around and ready to settle down. Let me tell u about a few things i like,I do love football,I enjoy other sports, too. Besides that, I love the beach, the mountains, outdoor activities, gardening, swimming, walking, reading, or watching movies. A cold night in front of a fire, with a glass of wine and good company is hard to beat.I love the color blue,love to eat pasta and have a glass of wine.
As for romance and intimacy....At times, I can be “not so” romantic, romantic, and then VERY romantic. Not only do I remember important dates, but I know the value of the “not so important” ones. What I mean is that most everyone enjoys flowers on a special day, but flowers at the beginning of the week, “just because I love you”, will definitely make for a great week AND get the office's attention, right? It could be quite simple or a little more steamy and sexy, who knows, but it will be fun thinking and wondering what could be next. As for the intimacy part, you'll just have to wait on the answer for that except I will say that I am a giver, not a taker and usually “very” attentive. I tend to gravitate to you if you are smart, have a positive attitude, and are confident in your abilities and your appearance. I also like when you can communicate, observe and adapt those observations. What tends to attract me physically is if you are similar in height or less, have bright eyes and a beautiful smile...and you got all that.As I said before Age and Distance means little to me in my quest for true love.I have relocated before to be closer to the woman I love and wouldn't mind doing that again if I have to.
You may have goals in life such as education, children or travel, and I am open to all of those things. Ultimately, I hope you can just relax and enjoy the moment... So if you have an interest in an emotionally stable, attentive male, with communication skills, who has to ability to romance and raise your female temperature a notch or two, and can be a whole lot of fun to wrap your body around... well maybe you can find all that in me.I live with my son on Howard street,Gaythrone,Brisbane though I'm presently working out of Oz at the moment,I'm a construction Engineer executing a construction project (bridge construction) in West Africa but would be back in Brisbane in about 4 weeks from now,I hope that you don't mind my being away...I just want to tell you all I can about myself and would also love to know more about you and hope i can get to do all that soonest....Attached are a few pics of me and my son...I hope you like them,Can I call you anytime or is there a certain time i can do that ?I would be waiting patiently to read from you.A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step....I hope I'm taking the right step

Have a splendid night

Warm Regards,


2009-04-28, 23:49:29
Hey ladies, if this scumbag does contact you please upload any pictures he may send, his phone details if you get them and also the current user name he is using on or any other dating site. This way we can spread the word and hopefully stop other victims. Good luck :)

This guy will usually wink at you to get a response. After first couple of contacts will state he has removed his profile from whatever dating site he is using. He will also state that he would prefer to use a messaging service as he doesn't alway check the dating site email. Will ask for a committment. Was talking marriage to me after only two weeks which freaked me out, calling himself my future husband. This guy will also send greeting cards usually from 123egreetings just to try and sucker you in even more.
2009-05-05, 17:46:39
anonymous from United States  
Wow -- I thought something was fishy with this guy. Boy, do I feel stupid and gullible. I too received those same emails and photos. He contacted me through match with a wink. He said in his profile that had been a widower for the past 3 1/2 years and his son is three. That seemed a little off too. He also said he had recently moved to Pittsburgh and was working in Scotland for the next three weeks (apparently he'll be back this weekend!) He never asked me for money he just stopped all contact. I never would have sent him any money and I never emailed him to ask why he stopped contacting me. I thought it was very shady that a guy from the States would use words like 'whilst' and 'cinema' and then say he was born in the Bronx! I asked him about that via email and where he went to school (you have to have a 4yr degree to be an Engineer) -- no reply. Maybe my questions put him off. Also, when he mentioned anything with a sexual tone I put him off -- I thought that was tacky. His match name was hitchdad309 and his email is and he had a yahoo im account vinjohnson. Back to Netflix for me!
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