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Dating scammer James Bates


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Name: James Bates



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Claims to be a petrochemical engineer widowed 5 years ago with a daughter, Kelsey, living in Finland. Aunt who was caring for the girl recently died tragically of ALS. Needed money for burial and herbal medicine just prior to her death. I research the IP address from emails he sent and it is in Dakar, Senegal registered to Millenium Company. Malick Seye is the network admin name.
James Bates has a thick Russian sounding accent. He tried to get me to give my bank account number so he could have a 'friend' in India send money that was owed to him to me! I told him to have the friend send it Western Union and I would send the money to him. Western Union 'won't work for such a large amount of money'. Has said he has a home in Mason, MI. This is where he was 'born'. The address he said is on Harper Road. in Mason, MI. I googled and there is a James Bates in Mason, MI who's identity has probably been stolen


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2009-09-13, 11:57:28
anonymous from United States  
I pray that you have enough sense to keep your children out of harms way. I noticed the date of your posting and 'James' is supposed to be coming 'home' to me and my kids to start a life in Oct. too. He is gonna be real busy taking care of you and your daughters and me and mine!

I have blocked him and deleted my Yahoo IM account.

I can't say I blame you as I fell in love with him too. He really made me believe that he was going to take care of me and my kids and we were 'made for eachother'. But really Kim, are you that dumb? None of it adds up!

Thanks for posting your undying love for him. You WIN! And what a prize you get, a fake name, fake story and the intentions of robbing you blind or worse!

You should talk to James E Bates in Mason, MI. I did! Poor man has had his life stolen by the 'James Bates' you and me had the misfourtune of meeting.

Keep your girls safe!


2009-09-13, 15:43:27
I.H.S. from United States  
Well, I hope you both know that 'James Bates' is never coming to be with and take care of anyone in October. He's a scammer and scammers only want YOUR money. 'James Bates' will never show up on anyone's doorstep in October or any other month, whether you give him your hard earned money or not.

After finding this site, when I questioned my scammer about his love poems, the roses & teddy bear he sent me, etc. he also claimed his identify was stolen. He claimed his computer was hacked a while back and all of the poems, letters, romantic gifts/stories, etc. were his but stolen. He actually expected me to believe that obvious lie.

What people need to protect themselves and their children from is photo theft, identity theft, computer hacking, and getting ripped off financially. It's difficult to take care of your children after you've given a scammer all of your money.

I lost $3,100 to my scammer a couple months back before I found this site. Thankfully, before I lost even more money to him, or even worse! You've been blessed to have found this site before you lost your money. Take that blessing and block James Bates from your life. Kim, you say God will protect you. Consider that finding this site and finding out about James Bates being a scammer may very well be God's plan of protection for you. Jamie Grant scammed me through my faith and when the Lord led me here, I thanked Him and closed the book on Jamie Grant.

Lisa, I am very glad to hear that you have cut James Bates out of your life. You have saved yourself much pain and heartache, and most likely financial loss.

I wish you both the very best.

Be safe, get scammer education, and be blessed.

I.H.S. <><

2009-09-21, 14:04:47
anonymous from United States  
Whoever marked the picture above as 'This is a russian guy.. ryan?' how do you know this person's real name? Do you know him and if so how?
2009-09-22, 22:43:26
He told me His name was ryan? Why? He works in Norway on a oil rig!
2009-09-24, 14:34:19
anonymous from United States  
You might want to tell your friend that someone is using his likeness and claiming that his name is James Bates. That's why. I am sure he would like to know this since someone obviously stole his pictures somehow and is using them for their own ill-gotten gains. Not cool.
2009-09-24, 16:25:04
OJAS from United States  
2009-09-25, 12:07:03
not sure what is OJAS..????

How do you know this isn't Ryan? Where do you know him from?
2009-09-25, 16:42:19
OJAS from United States  
Anon 2009-09-25, 12:07:03

1) Barring a handful of gold diggers, scammers are almost always MEN
2) This vast majority won't send their own pix, since

a) they are very ugly looking, if you see the arrest records, doesn't matter in West Africa, or Yoshkar-Ola
b) they steal male model pix for scamming women, and female pix for scamming men, have multiple profiles, both genders in many dating sites
c) they don't want authorities after them, and think they are safe behind stolen pix.
d) they want their victims to get mad at the photos (who are victims of identity theft to start with) instead of getting mad at the actual perpetrators

3) Do an experiment, if you like. Advance google this site, for the word bitch, and you will see the extent of misplaced anger from victims. Why? First victims fall in love with a photo, then they get mad at the photo. The scammer has nothing to lose, and moves on to his next target.

Scammers do many other things to hide themselves, if you read other threads, you will see more ...

I am not saying that I know of this particular case, but reading several threads, the general pattern is they send stolen pix.
2009-09-25, 23:43:33
Lisa .. I see your tell Kim to get rid of this guy? have you met him? or only on phone? did he ask you for money? or pay off you bills? How long were you talking to him? the reason I'm asking you cuz I think this is the same guy who just started talking to me, but different photos.
Thanks for you help guys, I think I'm being scam and I need to stop it fast....

from FL
2009-09-30, 23:05:44
Does anyone know this guy... model in africia...

2009-10-01, 01:20:06   (updated: 2009-10-01, 01:20:31)
wanwan from Japan  
2009-10-16, 00:58:45
anonymous from United States  
his name is Clifford Longs.. 33 years old. only child, both parent are dead. is in Africa wanting to come home to the states (miami) sent over a contract for Ralph Lauren.. 48 months .. there was so many spelling errors. .. all of a sudden he needs money to come home? was sick first, need money for surgery...all ways something wrong...

2009-11-02, 19:04:40
anonymous from United States  
I can assure you that the 'James Bates' posing as me is not genuine. Furthermore, I have NOT had my wife and kids 'stolen' by the fake James Bates. Finally, is NOT my valid email address.

This site has been forwarded to the local authorities, because someone clearly has attempted to steal my identity. They won't get much, because my finances are a mess right now LOL, so there is a measure of comfort in that part of it. But it's my hope that they can catch this guy, before he does any REAL damage in someone's life.
2009-11-02, 19:09:43
anonymous from United States  
Kim, I can assure you that I am NOT coming to Seattle for you, or anyone else. The guy posing as me is scamming you and you need to protect yourself. As I noted in another post, I am turning this stuff over to the local authorities, because my identity has apparently been stolen.

Good luck trying to get credit in my name!

2009-11-06, 10:05:06
anonymous from United States  
I am sorry for the damage the (james ) did to your family.. I haven't heard from James since i turned him down on money... (get a live loser).. So, this guy is out to hurt someone else and take there name... I'm sorry james..
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