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Dating scammer Jeff Kinney, Chris Fred, Jeff Larry,Jeff Coleman, Tommy Park


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Name: Jeff Kinney, Chris Fred, Jeff Larry,Jeff Coleman, Tommy Park



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He is quite the romantic and claims he has a 7 year old son Nick, at times a daughter name Vera...He told me he was from Orrville, Ohio and lost both parents in an auto accident and inherited an art/antiquities business from his late father...Said he was originally from the UK and came to the states(explaining his thick accent) Loved McDonalds in the UK and was born in Texas...very poetic and romantic..a real Casanova type...gave story that he lost his wallet and all 'his funds' for food stuffs...tried to have me wire money Western Union to him...he will be very persuasive using the story of not wanting his son Nick to go hungry...we only chatted 10-11 days and he said that he wanted to marry me and be together forever that we were 'soul mates'...Be Very Careful!!!

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2014-03-03, 19:18:48   (updated: 2014-03-03, 19:37:40)
Bax from United States  
2014-03-03, 14:19:24 anonymous friend

Hi yes Gray Dickson. He's working on an oil rig in Nigeria.

Thank You! I havn't seen the profile but here is a preview of the reported victim.

Hosts - Fame Trivia Australia - 1200 × 1793
Jonathan Lee Jones has been entertaining people all over Australia for well over a decade now. Be it as an actor, musician or trivia host, Jonathan utilizes ...

His photo have also been reported earlier here...

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Dec 8, 2011 - 11 posts - ‎5 authors
180 × 180 - Feel something bad.... :twisted: picture is stolen from Australian actor and model Jonathan Lee Jones http://www.starnow...hanjones3
Jonathan Lee Jones, actor - Casting Call Pro • View topic - Chris Richardson/Micheal Adam ... › ... › Specific scams › Romance scams‎
Dec 25, 2011 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
280 × 417 - Jonathan Lee Jones 43, New South Wales, Australia actor, movie director, composer ...i am a Marine engineer and will retire very soon .

2014-08-14, 23:52:37
anonymous from United States  
Currently he goes by Jose Garcia on FB, Yes, Ive been scammed.


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2014-10-30, 16:25:21
anonymous from United States  
This guy is on as ErickAllen50. I brought up his picture in Google search & all of the scam stories came up. I told him that I know he is a scammer. He said, 'shame on me for accusing someone that I don't know of being a scammer'.
2014-11-15, 08:37:41
anonymous from United States  
Mark Vargas/Carey Burdick scammed me of a lot of money. Mark Vargas on oil rig contract, Red Oak TX. Carey Burdick from Mark Vargas - 214-617-4788 Carey Burdick 1522 Lombard Ave., Everett Washington 98201 I have enough info now to hang him, but am afraid.
2014-11-15, 08:37:41
anonymous from United States  
Mark Vargas/Carey Burdick scammed me of a lot of money. Mark Vargas on oil rig contract, Red Oak TX. Carey Burdick from Mark Vargas - 214-617-4788 Carey Burdick 1522 Lombard Ave., Everett Washington 98201 I have enough info now to hang him, but am afraid.
2014-11-15, 20:22:59
anonymous from United States  
I have been scammed out of quite a bit of money from Mark Vargas, and a man by the name of Carey Burdick. Had me deposit a large sum of money into Careys' bank account. I could not reverse it, as I foolishly deposited it. Unfortunately, now I know, after 2-1/2 years of thinking Mark truly loved me, that he was playing me all along. His voice is extremely calming; he sounds so real. Received text as late as this morning saying 'I love you so much' 'What is happening' I have been trying to reach you but cannot get through. I trust absolute nobody, forever, now.

Mark is very slick. Very much the romantic type. I believe now working around Red Oak Texas. This man needs to be stopped.
2014-11-19, 10:57:06
anonymous from United States  
Mark Vargas/Carey Burdick working on a contract in Red Oak Texas. His phone number he was calling me from said it was from Red Oak TX. Unfortunately, I was taken and believed that seriously we would be together and that I was helping to bring Carey to the oil rig site to fill in for Mark so that he could come and see me and we were to get married. Unfortunately, too, I communicated with Mark nearly 3 years, sending money so that he could buy the machines necessary to come to the USA and work. I realized that I was scammed when another fella' called me from the number Mark would generally use to text me on; and he text me from the number he normally called me on. I do not know what to do; not only am I out money, but the emotional side of this thing is killing me. I cannot do or think about anything else. Money was also sent to a Jeremiah Wright in Nigeria.
2014-12-01, 20:34:49
anonymous from United States  
This man is now 'Brian Anthony' and you can find him on gmail profile. He tried to scam me. I knew right away. His voice does not match the pic. I work in Miami. He is not Canadian like he states, he has from the African Continent, for sure. Several fake numbers and he wanted my personal info and phone number which I said no. Needs money, wife died, left him with a 7year old, Lillian. He sent her picture to me. He NEEDS to be stopped. What can we do???
2014-12-07, 07:26:32
anonymous from United States  
Mark Vargas has led me on for 3 years. He is now working on his own contract in Red Oak, Texas. He has 2 daughers, Jenny and Sylvia,, living in London with a Nanny. Unfortunately I was a believer; Lost a lot of money believing him and his promises. How many other women is he doing this too. His phone is: 2092326471. Yes, I was hurt financially; but worse, emotionally. He is a very smooth talker and seems to know what he is doing...making a lot of money. His promise was to have a contract; come see me; we were to get married; I mother to the girls. Everytime he was to arrive, something happened that required more money. I am afraid to pursue this, as I am scared to death I will be in trouble obeying his commands. I believe after 3 years he is NOT coming to see me. I have a couple of old email addresses, but not handy. Wish he could be knocked off his feet. Unfortunately, he convinced me to get rid of EVERYTHING - we were to get new - money for house went for Medicaid.
2014-12-08, 01:23:08
anonymous from United States  
From: 'Dennis Forest' <>
I'm only following my heart and trust it would lead me well with this, I do believe trust and honesty goes a long way in a relationship because a relationship that lacks that will crumble and fail. I had another relationship after my ex and I lost the lady to cancer couple of years ago so its not that I have been into many relationships after my ex but I have got the experience when it comes to having a good relationship. I will want to get to know you better and I do believe a journey of a life time starts with a step and I feel this is the step we have taken. I met three ladies on that site, the first one was not looking for a serious relationship, the second one is out of the country and be back in 10 months so I stopped all communication with both and you are the third person and I will want to continue the conversation and see where that leads us to. I am on the coast of DubaI, presently working on the renovation of the pearl qatar rig, haven to wake up every morning by 6 to catch up my chopper down here. Working from then till late at night, yet being able to be distracted by this woman thinking of to check my email if you wrote. I have over 300 labors here, both skilled and locals, yet all could notice a new glow on my face.The beauty of my heart is shown within the softness of my touch.I long to touch you with purpose and with love.To show you the greatness you carry within.Let my words bring joy and never harm.If I cannot enhance I will not destroy.

Love Always,

2015-03-04, 10:52:24
anonymous from Germany  
Bin von diesem Mann auch reingelegt worden und habe leider alles geglaubt, mir Kredite aufgenommen und für ihn alles bezahlt, auch Krankenhauskosten für seine Tochter, Umschreibungen der Justic auf meinen Namen, dann wieder bezahlt für Umschreibungen auf seinen Namen, Flüge um zu mir zu kommen. Angeblich kommt ein Mann mit viel Geld zu mir, aber dieser Mann wurde krank, auch diesen Flug habe ich bzahlt. Leider bin ich darauf reingefallen, weil ich alles geglaibt habe, er hat mich ruiniert, ich muß Kredite abbezahlen, einer 3 Jahre und der andere 6 Jahre. Wie kann man diesen Mann denn fassen? W0 ist er?
2015-03-30, 00:54:55   (updated: 2015-03-30, 00:56:55)
anonymous from United States  
My mother in law is currently 'Engaged' to this man and have not been talking for very long. She is a mother of a Special Need's child and I just want to let everyone know that he is also going by the name of Sherman Carson. I don't know their whole story but I have had a very bad feeling a out this guy since the minute I saw his picture. I am so glad I googled his picture because it has been bugging me for several months he only has the picture of him in the button up and of a garden. other than that it has nothing.

2015-04-08, 11:04:07
2015-04-08, 16:38:30
2015-05-08, 02:47:13
anonymous from Germany  
At this moment his name is Kurt Ebert. He lives in Liverpool, has a daughter and was born in germany.
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