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Dating scammer Eric Wilson


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Name: Eric Wilson


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BEWARE says he lives in Toowoomba Australia where his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident and three years later his mother dies, and in 2 days he is going to London and then on to Aberdeen in Scotland to work on oil rig. He writes great emails, poems, sends our 'special song'. Another death - his friend was killed on the Louisiana rig explosion but when I checked this his friend Michael Petersons' name was not on that list. On his return trip to London he has his brief case stolen with bank details and passport copy. He now needs 4500 pounds to pay for his hotel. I have the emails he sent if you need them.

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2013-04-01, 07:32:23
anonymous from Australia  
I have a scammer who has written most of the same stuff as in the content posted. He goes by the mane of Richard L Knee. He has only been on my facebook via chat line and I beleive that sonn he will ask for money as he states he is posted in Malaysia.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Eugene D. Hermans

2013-05-06, 13:27:50
anonymous from United States  
I have been scammed by this same man. It started at the beginning of April and within one week he had me hooked. I sent him $3,000. He told me his name was Eric Wilson Meyer. He is still calling me and I am going along with it for now to see how long it takes him to ask for more money. He had a gold auction to go to in the UK. When they didn't have the goods there he was sent to an auction in Ghana. He brought a $5 million check to deposit in the bank in Ghana to use for his business, but the check still has not cleared. Of course he said as soon as the check cleared (which was supposed to be one week), he would repay me. I know now I will never see my money again. I have reported him to the internet fraud site and also to the government/FBI. So far on various websites I have counted around 25-30 different names and pictures for this same man.

2013-05-06, 22:01:20
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: Eric Wilson Meyer

I am sorry that you are scammed ,please cease the connection with the scammer ,it will not do any good to stay in contact with the scammer as scammers do never stop asking for money . as long as you show any kind of interest to the scammer it will be just worse for you in the long run.Scammers are criminals and do not feel any guilt or remorse to anyone and can continue to scam people until they are drained emotionally and financially .It is not worth it as i know from many victims how bad it can end .

I know victims that had said the very same thing as you too that they are going along to play with the scammer and see whats next ,there is no next as we know how these criminals operates .the only next is that you can get, is only trouble ,you will have more scammers contacting you day and night as they see you as a money source ,once you sent them money they will not go away .I know victims that have come to this site and lost everything they had and owned and they where also emotionally broke down.

Since I started to be active on this site which is soon 4 years ,people posts here on weekly basis that they are threaten by the scammer ,so please stop all contact ,change email address and phone number for your own safety.

All kind regards //Miss Marple//


2013-05-18, 05:49:43
anonymous from Australia  
I have had messages of a richard L knee also same lives in melbourne but is from the aware
2013-07-03, 21:34:59
anonymous from Australia  
I have had a similar experience with Richard l Knee. The story thus far......he was born in USA and for 3 decades resided in the UK where he met his wife and has a 20 year old daughter. He stated that he was working for Leighton Contractors as mentioned on Face Book, then he does not befriend you, however has access to your profile page and if on Public can see everything about the victim. He stated that he is currently in Selangor, after shuttling between South Australia and Victoria, and was on his way to meet a Malaysian Contact and needed money to transport equipment back to South Australia. I read the messages posted here and I received WORD for WORD the same messages...a terribly good writer however when under pressure slips up and grammar and spelling go out the window. I confronted him and ask him to clarify - prove whom he was by sending me a current photo holding a sign with 'particular words written on a piece of paper'. I requested this a few times with no response. The response I received was that I did not believe him, trust is out of the window and much more to make me feel guilty !! He should feel guilty and go back to church and get forgiveness. He is never available during the day, first thing in the morning you get the same message maybe with a few words changed, then late at night he comes on for another chat on line with the same words 'How was your Day and How are you doing etc' on closing 'together forever' and 'keep out of the sight of the eyes of men' !!!!! On Fridays the same message appears each week month after month, with 'What are your Plans for the Weekend?' 'Hope to hear from you soon'. He then disappears for the entire weekend. He does not share any personal information regarding his daily activities ! only that he is working on his Contacts !!!!! Not a nice character at all, in fact one of the lowest people whoever this person might be, with no conscience or morals in life. Just using people to get what he wants !! and stealing the hearts and souls of good women and in the process tries to get money. I hope that no other women get taken in by this person. Be aware, very aware and block him as soon as he appears.

2013-07-07, 22:34:22
anonymous from Australia  
A photo received to my private email address. 'Getting some Fresh Air'!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Eric Wilson
Dating scammer Eugene D. Hermans

2013-07-07, 22:35:08
anonymous from Australia  
A photo received to my private email address. 'Getting some Fresh Air'!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Eric Wilson
Dating scammer Eugene D. Hermans

2013-07-07, 22:37:04
anonymous from Australia  
Another photo received to my private email marked 'COOL' !!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Eugene D. Hermans

2013-07-07, 22:54:43
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: richard L knee
Do you have a email address and phone number to this scammer? I do not know yet who the real man on the photos is ,stolen probably from someones Facebook and used by scammers from Nigeria that operates out from Malaysia.Scammers are very manipulative to people and says whatever to make the victims feel guilt and shame .I have met so many victims on this site that says the same thing as you .
2013-07-09, 07:31:14   (updated: 2013-07-09, 07:35:47)
anonymous from Australia  
Thank you Miss Marple for your assistance and help it is greatly appreciated.
The email address is :
I do not have a phone number.
I met this scammer on FACEBOOK a message came into my In Box he then gave me his private email address,
2013-07-10, 18:37:06   (updated: 2013-07-10, 18:38:28)
anonymous from Australia  
By the way forgot to let you folks know that the original message I received went to a friend of 20 years plus also !!! We compared emails and word for word the same. When I approached the scammer I asked how this came to be ? Reply [I was so desperate and lonely that I just sent them out randomly]..... This confirms the scammer named above.
2013-07-11, 19:29:04
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks Australia

I was so desperate and lonely that I just sent them out randomly

LOL,,typical scammer must be indeed desperate to find find victims online...
2013-07-11, 20:47:35
anonymous from Australia  
Indeed he is desperate. I did a check on email address ( and it came back saying the source is in REDMOND, WESTERN AUSTRALIA !!!

Thank you Miss Marple and your team for your excellent work.
2013-07-12, 08:49:06
Miss Marple from United States  
Richard Knee
Did some more digging on this Richard Knee..found him actually reported on this site as a
Eugene D. Hermans,I will add all the photos posted on this thread to that thread ..Do you have the emails sent from the scammer saved ? Please post the mails into the thread Eugene D.Hermans, link here below

Dating scammer Eugene D.Hermans
2013-07-13, 06:53:27
Valley Girl from Australia  
I am on a mission !

I found this on Badoo Dating Site 13/07/2013

Carl, 59
Was online more than a week ago
Wants to date with a girl, older than 48
Carl 59, Melbourne, Australia, added: 2013-05-26 16:21:18

26 interests:

Fishing Tennis Golf Travel Seaside walks Jeans And T-Shirt Paul Smith Camping Law Abiding Citizen Hermès Road trip Wine

About me
I enjoy communicating and learning more…
Am looking for my soul more…

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