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Dating scammer Parker Lopez


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Name: Parker Lopez



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Met this guy on match; a few emails later he was in love with me and soon started asking for money and to send it through Western Union to Accra Ghana to a Richard Afriyie. He also goes by the name John Manuel, Srgt. Steve Lopez and of course Parker Lopez. He is also on Facebook under these names.

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2015-03-09, 17:16:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
also using Randy Lopez on Facebook...friend request today lol
2015-03-24, 19:27:25
anonymous from United States  
he is using the name Mark Lopez on Facebook played the same crap with me only while he was messaging me I looked him up and he came up as Scammer with several different names using the same pictures he uses on Facebook and romance. Com
2015-04-01, 00:31:27
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer captain romero jose

2015-04-01, 00:33:54

2015-05-17, 03:30:10
anonymous from Germany  
Diese Mann als Lopez existiert noch Heute unter George McCaw und wird mit ihm immer noch gespielt

Auch auf Linkedin ist er unter diese Name George McCaw zu finden. Alles Fakes... Habe ihn auf gefunden

Ich wurde auch getäuscht aber kein Geld überwiesen, die Jungs sind sehr gut geschult im Ghana, spezialisiert auf Damen und Herren die Ihren Herz und Verstand sofort verlieren.

Grüße aus Deutschland

Ich habe auch einige Fotos bekommen als Fotomontage auf eine Kakaoplantage mit ihm

2015-06-22, 01:19:33
anonymous from United States  
The pictures of Mr Lopez looks exactly like the man claiming to be Jeremy lopez, and he has been corresponding with me as staff sargent in Kabul
2015-06-27, 05:03:30
anonymous from United States  
Oh yeah not to mention in the facebook pics and chat he claims to be army yet in pics posted here he is clearly NAVY....even one of the facebook pics shows him pointing at navy on a bumper sticker
2015-07-14, 21:08:35   (updated: 2015-07-14, 21:09:39)
anonymous from United States  
He is now on Facebook as Kevin Lopez. My sister has been talking to him.
She has been going on about how they are in love and he is coming to live here. I had a bad feeling and done an image search on pichutes she had. Sure enough it led me here.
2015-07-14, 21:30:57
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-07-14, 21:08:35 (updated: 2015-07-14, 21:09:39)
anonymous from United States

Please show your sister this site or another anti scam site with this stolen mans photos used in scams. Your sister is in danger as scammers are very manipulative towards their victims and do whatever it takes to scam out of money when they have someone on the hook.
2015-07-15, 21:10:48
anonymous from United States  
I have shown this to her but he has her convinced people are lying on here. I don't really know how to get her to see the truth. Its so sad someone would play with people emotions like this. Can they not trace this guy down?
2015-07-16, 10:59:31
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-07-15, 21:10:48
anonymous from United States

This is what I was afraid of that the scammer will convince her in this way. The thing with tracing online scammers can be very difficult as fraudsters knows how to hide them selves behind open proxies with fake IPs and email services/domains that their IPs cannot be traced to their location where they are. Victims that are brainwashed by their scammers in this way are in deep denial and gets scammed badly emotionally and financially. I also know when victims gets this state of mind that other dangers will be surfaced as that other scammers will be trying to scam her as well. Scammers operates in gangs and in this way they can get her deeper in the scams.

Has she sent money to the scammer?Please try to talk sense into her as not send money, not give out any personal or give out sensitive information as home address, phone number, bank account numbers. I have met so many victims on this site that have been so ruined by scammers that they have been forced to leave their homes as scammers has drained them out financially. If your sister needs someone to talk with I am here for her and for you. I know you are concerned about your sister and you should be. Please let me know how it goes.

//Miss Marple//
2015-07-16, 12:46:23
OJAS from United States  
2015-07-15, 21:10:48 anonymous from United States

Please advice your sister that her scammer has been grooming her, as part of his scam, claiming that anti-scam sites like this are lying.

On this site the contributors don't seek any gains like money. We want to help would-be victims see the reality BEFORE it's too late!

She also needs to see that we frequently demand proofs for scams, like money-letter, IP trace, reverse image links to stolen pix, etc., precisely because we don't want innocent people falsely reported as scammers.

Hope she is able to get counseled during this difficult time to see facts clearly for herself.
2015-07-16, 14:40:45
anonymous from United States  
Thank you both. I'm not sure how to convince her of the truth before it's to late. She was already very depressed and he came along and swept her of her feet. He is a very smooth talker. She said well he hasn't asked me for anything and I told her not yet he hasn't got you where he wants you yet. I saw that he has asked her several times for a pic of her car. She is even looking for a bigger house because he told her to. Here is the pic he sent her Last night:

2015-07-16, 15:27:49
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-07-16, 14:40:45
anonymous from United States
The photo you posted here gives hits as a scam online. Scammers can wait a long time before asking for money, the scammer is already grooming her with asking about photos of the car and making her to check for bigger houses, this is a bad situation for her. These photos are mainly used by scammers from Ghana, so if there is a possibility you could open a mail the scammer sent and look into the email header, there could possibly be IPs showing Ghana especially in the first mails as scammers do not always mask their country of origin as they just counts on that people do not check them up in that way. I will add couple of links below for you if it happens that you could come over some emails sent from the scammer to her. If you are not sure how to trace an IP or find a email header in mails I will guide you.

Yes we know how it feels to be scammed in one way or another whether it is emotionally or financially it do not matter,but as OJAS posts here we do not gain any money by helping people out here and we do it voluntarily or in our free time or when time permits to help people with support or just post information about online scams. Your sister is vulnerable to the scammers attempts as for her depression and scammers knows of course how to abuse that situation.
Fake Gmail account: Michael Lopez

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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