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Dating scammer Parker Lopez


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Name: Parker Lopez



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Met this guy on match; a few emails later he was in love with me and soon started asking for money and to send it through Western Union to Accra Ghana to a Richard Afriyie. He also goes by the name John Manuel, Srgt. Steve Lopez and of course Parker Lopez. He is also on Facebook under these names.

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2017-01-31, 13:18:47
He is back again on Facebook under many names such as Drake Lopez sent the same pictures as posted here. This time he's from Texas and asking for money for phone. Being an ex military wife, I know all to well how the military works. Went along with it until he gave me address to send $250.00 to . Once I got address I turned it into homeland security. Bite me you scum bastard!
2017-02-17, 13:28:38
last one from United States  
Parker Lopez now going by Chris Lopez on using email address Says he is in Syria on peace keeping mission, sent me 5 of the above pictues, oh he asked for stuff, did buy a 50.00 itunes gift card that he got when he asked me to but him a phone, I said no. Then the BIG story came about he saved some diplomat from being assinated and two of his fellow men were killed but because he saved this guy he was invited to his house where this diplomat showed him a storeroom where he kept boxes of gold and money( us currency) this diplomat was funding the resistance there and wanted him to have a box for saving his life, he refused at first but his host got mad and made him take a box of gold and cash that valued in the amount of 5 million dollars. He needed to get this box home and had a friend of a friend in the UN that would send it to me and all I had to do was email him at tell him I was Chjris's wife and to bring to box to me, well I didnt fall for that but I wanted him to think I did so I told him ok. The next morning a picture appeared that I had asked for on February 14 but didnt get instead I got a photo shopped picture with his signature sign that said Karen I love you! They did a sucky job at photo shop you can tell if you know what your looking for that before that sign was in his hands a gun was, claimed it to be his friends malfuncting phone. lol Really bring a box without the owner to American soil from a foreign country are you out of your f-----g mind, I guess he was. That night I told him where he could put that box...little did he know I called the FBI already and Match and I will post this all over FB as well. Telling him that his photo was a fake was the only thing i told him he claimed that without trust we have nothing and that he can not live without me, I am his life..blah blah blah, but I kept it going told him I would email this winn the next day being today. I was had no proof he was a scammer until my good friend found this site. Thankn You julie!!!

2017-03-11, 19:33:51
anonymous from United States  
Well ladies he's back. Now using michael james lopez.. but I caught on fast.. ran his pictures though Google image and behold he is a scammer.. his story is he lives in New Jersey but is stationed in Syria.. he's about to retire in 2 month so he will be returning to America. He was on POF that's how we met.. I wish theses sites would run every picture that is uploaded to protect the innocent..if you need more information comment and I will respond..

2017-03-12, 00:25:23   (updated: 2017-03-12, 00:40:28)
anonymous from United States  
OMG!!! This is my future Husband LOL : ) I have been communicating with 'Michael' James not Micheal JAMES 'Lopez'.... I met him on POF, he seems to good to be real as far as I am concern. There are a lot of red flags I have asked him questions with my concerns. I have asked if he is real since I have never done on line dating. I am very skeptical of things being to good to be true. Micheal James 'Lopez' has no children lives in Seattle Washington, divorced because his wife cheated on him. He has never asked me for anything, but however with his horrible story losing his mom at 15 and having to go live with his dad in the states after her death. then his father died many years ago and having no other family I felt bad for him. It's funny as I am writing this, but I asked him when was his Birthday of corse it was March 5th I said I want to send you something for your birthday he said that so sweet but no you don't have to.. I insisted because that just who I am. crazy thing is I wanted to see if he was who he said he was so I sent a Phone over so we can FaceTime. Never knew that I would have to pay $500 for the UN Diplomate to take the package to the camp, and than to find out that we could not face time because the phone has to be factory locked..??? Never heard of that before, so I am out of $500, and an iPhone. I have insurance so I hope the carrier can help me in regards to that, so I won't be totally out. I had to send the money to Kaamal IShimai, and than to find out I had to resend it to the Felix guy that the female listed above said,to Accur Ghana to take to Syria for CSM Michael James peace keeping mission. Of corse I have never spoken to him or video chat, I have only email contact and military base system text phone. I see why he won't answer my legitimate questions now.
I have alway question his grammar, he said he was raised in Germany with his mom but was born in the States and returned as I stated earlier to live with his dad. There has got to be a way to stop him or them. I don't know if I was 'scammed' because I ask to send him something for his 'Birthday' but at the same time it just didn't feel right in my gut. I am glad I did an image search or I would have just kept believing in the we are going to get married thing, but he would not of gotten anything else from me. I will be going to my carrier tomorrow 3/12/17 to get that phone deactivated. Thank you for this web site.

2017-03-12, 14:29:10
anonymous from United States  
Just wanted to add that I had t contact a Jay Anderson he claims to be a retire major in the military and he aides no in delving packages to the soldiers at the camps. this is 2017 and it just blows my mind that through the USPS and customs that this can be tracked that nothing can be done. this is unbelievable and when I look at the response from these web sites that have this information I'm beginning to wonder who is responding to us the woman that are being taken for babd by this man or these men.
2017-04-11, 00:54:35
anonymous from Germany  
Dieser Mann ist gefährlich Ladys! Ich bin auch drauf rein gefallen! Bei finya,er wollte mich nach einer Woche heiraten, im Mai zu mir kommen und über die Zukunft Pläne machen. Leider habe ich ihm 180 euro per Western Union geschickt...Ich war so doof! Er simst mir immer noch und ich nenne david lopez immer : scheiss love scammer! Dann habe ich ihm gesagt , wir machen das zusammen, er weiss nicht was ich meine... Seit gestern habe ich ruhe... Mal sehen wann er sich wieder meldet. Eine neue Nummer muss ich mir wohl zulegen.

2017-04-15, 07:58:01
Mohammed from Mah, Seychelles  
Tem difícil encontrar experiеntes pessoas nisto assunto, no entanto,
voсê ρarece sabe que você eѕtá falando!
2017-05-02, 07:48:00
anonymous from Germany  
I found this guy on finya. He had the nick 'pop corn' but his account was deleted after 2 days
He told me in email ( that his name is lukas lopez. He told he is in the us army in Syria at the moment, has a 15 year old son called Larry.
He was so handsame and nice, I never met a nicer man.
After 2 days he was in love with me, skypes but could not use webcam.
But after 7 days he wanted me to buy a laptop for his son and sent it to him.
He had no luck with me, I started to search in the web and found him real soon here.
I did not send him one Penny oder laptop or whatever. Thanks all others who had already posted!!!!
sorry for my english, I am German.
finya is a german dating platform

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2017-05-02, 07:50:32   (updated: 2017-05-02, 07:53:30)
anonymous from Germany  
and here another foto he send me

2017-05-03, 05:02:09
anonymous from United States  
Does anybody know who he really is?? What a way he can make a girl feel special and he is just fake asf.
2017-05-03, 05:02:10
anonymous from United States  
Does anybody know who he really is?? What a way he can make a girl feel special and he is just fake asf.
2017-05-08, 12:08:00
anonymous from United States  
I got contacted by Jeff Lopez Fraim back in august of 2016 on Daddyhunt. He fed me the same story of him in Syria,mechanical engineer in charge of 216 men,whatever,a week later he was deeply in love me (creepy because we never saw or spoke on the phone).His emails were clearly copy and paste because you would ask him a simple question and every response was a freakin I decided to see how far he was going to go with this( what does this idiot really want)This moron says he's in Syria but the app tells you how many miles the user is and where he is.well Jeff is in Mass,and thought the day the miles change as he traveled.he sent me pics and a video and I didn't know they had a homegoods in Syria because the decor was a little off for the army. I saw this scam report and told him about it and he flipped out. For being an educated person in charge of 216 men, his vocabulary was really.... well let's say street smart ( I guess he didn't have anything to copy and paste lol). Finally he ask me for a care package with a phone,cologne, boxers etc. I mean really, last time I checked engineers make decent money and he had his own place in Salt Lake City.that was it Game Over!!! I wonder what happened to Jeff, oh so sad, he never got his Old Spice 😏. Well anyways if anybody gets in contact with this moron just use common sense because if someone that you've never seen or talk to on the phone tells you they love you in 4 days... RUN!!!or I should say block that fool. Take care everyone
2017-05-11, 09:16:25
Punked from United States  
Well gals, and guys, he’s back at it again. This guy’s an equal opportunity, bisexual scammer. I’m a gay male and he came on to me too. I knew something was off right away because unlike ALL gay men, he never asked me for NSFW pictures, nor did he ever watch the short, clean, mother-approved talking video I sent him.

He also kept talking about needing “stuffs” for his deployment in Iraq. Also, this guy’s name might as well be Jessica Fletcher since everyone around seems to have died - his longtime partner, the mother to his son, and both his parents when he was very young. Everybody dying.

STAY AWAY from this dickhead. He FRIENDed me on Facebook under the name, JONATHAN ELIJAH.

Judging by his spotty command of English, I’m thinking he’s just some young African kid who’s gotten really good at scamming people.

What I REALLY want to know is who is the guy in the pictures? Whose images did this scammer steal? The guy in the pictures is such a hottie, and that dimple in his chin just makes my knees buckle. Who the Hell is he, for real? I’d like to meet a man who looks like him some day.
2017-05-19, 22:34:03   (updated: 2017-05-19, 22:52:51)
anonymous from United States  
Please someone get this man he is in Gahana
The person that collect the money
He play everything so real the FBI need to get him all the same pictures he sent me.
He sent flowers and mail stuff to my home. Please I won't be at rest until they catch this bastard.
You would think you help some one requesting care package that is service our country.
2017-05-20, 09:45:28
anonymous from United States  
Please this guy contact me and I was dum to help him he gave the same story and took thousands of dollars from me
I don't want to give my info but if someone want to reach out to me. Send me your info please.
I will check in again hopefully we all can do something
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