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Dating scammer Gen. John Miller


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Name: Gen. John Miller


Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
He chatted me and courted me then he asked for money for the 'school fee and lesson fee and laptop of his son'. he said that i can send money through this account: alfred okpoko, country: accra ghana through western union.

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2013-10-22, 22:09:23
Bax from United States  
2013-10-22, 16:52:25 friend from Saudi Arabia,

Thank you very much for the details.

Miss Marple please review this entry for your analogy.

2013-10-23, 09:32:20
So he is a scammer .thanks to this website.

2013-10-23, 14:31:31
The man in the picture is honest!
Cheater is shown in the picture in the post Bax 2013-10-21, 18:31:09
This is a photo of a real crook. Made it in March 2013
John Ivan.hj (skype)
2013-10-24, 11:41:16
anonymous from United States  
Well Ladies ~

He hasn't stopped yet. I got a friend request on to be his friend. Same ole story as before first he told me his wife and children died in a car accident, 'am jim by name and am from new york,am a good man with a great sense of humor,very caring,honest and God fearing... i really knows how to take good care of a woman and knows how to make my woman so happy... my wife and two kids passed away in a motor accident and ever since have not dated any woman at all... lets get to know ourselves more and then see what happens' then a couple of days later he told me his wife died and his only son is living in Accra Ghana with a care-taker by the name of Eugene. I challenged him on the 2 different stories and he said 'Oh they were in a car accident then she died later from cancer.' Then some other discrepancies I challenged him on. He didn't like it at all and did not contact me for several days. I figured he was a scammer so I just went along with him. I wanted more information from him so I could report him. Then voila he asked me to send money to his son for his birthday because he couldn't due to him being in Kabul Afghanistan. I already know what the military guys/gals can and can not do from Afghanistan. I also received a call from Ghana from this caretaker 'Eugene'. Said he would call back once 'Ronald' was out of school. Never received a phone call. Knowing he was a fraud I continued talking to him then the words came out 'I LOVE YOU' oh geez!!! Yea okay. Then he asked me to send Eugene money to buy his son some birthday gifts on October 28th. I asked him 'Jim' when his birthday was and he told me he was going to be 53 on Nov. 2. Then he wanted my home address which of course I did not give him. So WATCH OUT. His writing is awful. You should be able to spot him immediately. His is a con artist. Ladies 'Always Follow Your INTUITION'. It will save you so much grief. The email I have for him is his Yahoo Messenger ID is jim_john63. The telephone number he gave me for his sons care taker is 233248663705 Accra Ghana. That is also the number that showed up on my telephone. He wanted me to send money to Eugene Martinson, Ghana, Accra, 00233, Tesano Baptist Church, Nsawam RD, Tele: 0248663705. This was for me to send monies through Western Union. I have not answered him today and not I am getting phone calls from the Ghana number.
Persistant little bugger......This is the pic he sent me. I have more of his so called son. I wish we could find the soldier he is giving a bad name.
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2013-10-24, 22:49:21
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-10-22, 16:52:25
rose limsic from Saudi Arabia

Thank you for all the phone numbers ,the one phone number gave hits on one Angel Simon in Nigeria using twitter for his scam business...

angel simon
I am five ft tall, chocolate in colour, single, very handsome. I am a banker.


2013-10-28, 09:46:30
rose limsic from Saudi Arabia  
[10/8/2013 11:57:31 PM] blessing.ajano: pls forgive me, am a scammer from Nigeria, pls i want u to forgive me, i dont want u to send money to me again pls [10/9/2013 12:00:33 AM] blessing.ajano: find a place in your heart to forgive me, am a young boy and am very young, pls, i have no one to help me in my studies that is why i do the business of scam to train myself, pls forgive me pls [10/9/2013 12:03:46 AM] blessing.ajano: am a young boy and my name is Gift, pls if u forgive me, god will give u a child and a good husband pls [10/9/2013 12:06:16 AM] blessing.ajano: my father is a old man and he is in the village, i do scammer work to feed myself pls, forgive me and u will find a good husband to get married to pls and i promise u, u will have ur own kids that God will bless u with, because u are a good woman[10/8/2013 11:57:31 PM] blessing.ajano: pls forgive me, am a scammer from Nigeria, pls i want u to forgive me, i dont want u to send money to me again pls[10/9/2013 12:09:55 AM] blessing.ajano: alot of people use this same name to scam plenty women, pls forgive me pls[10/9/2013 12:15:53 AM] blessing.ajano: yes but it was just a scam[10/9/2013 12:16:54 AM] blessing.ajano: yes am black man[10/9/2013 12:18:08 AM] blessing.ajano: no, i use that name to scam u, my name is gift and am thesame person u meet in facebook, that black boy
2013-10-28, 13:25:54
rose limsic from Saudi Arabia  
2013-10-28, 13:25:55
rose limsic from Saudi Arabia  
2013-10-28, 14:05:12
anonymous from Canada  
The guy David Miller aka John Miller is my friend on FB and as soon as I started talking to him I knew it wasn't really him. Same pics same everything as posted on here. Been on here long enough to know a scammer especially when your name is American and you can't speak proper English. Thank you for this page, it made me know I was right. I took him pic and did the image look up on google and this is the site I found.
2013-10-28, 14:19:02
How are you today ? My name is John.k. Ofori , I am the regional manager here in Accra , Ghana . I am writing this letter to you because of your surname ' Gulyás ' . I 've been looking for someone with the last name ' Gulyás ' so when I saw your name I was decided to contact you for this opportunity and hope that we can work together .

Late Peter Gulyás , A citizen of Hungary , which had a fixed deposit with my bank here in Ghana in 2009 for 72 calendar months, valued at U.S. $ 4,400,000.00 ( four million four hundred thousand U.S. dollars ) due date for this contract deposits was November passed in 2012 . Sadly ' Peter Gulyás was among disaster victims in death March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan , he was in Japan on a business trip when the earthquake happened .

My bank management is yet to know about his death , I knew about it because he was my friend and I am his account officer . Gulyás Peter did not mention any beneficiary when the account was opened , and I have tried unsuccessfully to locate any member of his family . Last week my Bank Management requested that I should give instructions on what to do about the funds , if to renew the contract .

I know that this will happen and that's why I 've been looking for a means to handle the situation , because if my Bank Directors happens to know that ' Peter Gulyás is dead and does not have any beneficiaries funds , they will receive funds for their personal use , so I do not want this to happen . This was why when I saw your last name I was happy and I am now asking you for your cooperation present as the beneficiary on the account , as you have the same surname with you and our bank head quarters will approve the transfer of funds in your name , because your surname ' Gulyás ' is the only thing that qualifies you to stand as the beneficiary of Peter Gulyás .

There is no risk involved equally , because I am part of this process , then you can be assured that this process a success for us . I do not want the bank to confiscate the money .

Write to privacy in my personal email :

Write to privacy in my personal email :

Waiting to hear from you .

Sincerely ,

Mr. John.k. Ofori........................a toto všetko cez skyp.............podla mna tiež len podvod!!!!!!
2013-10-28, 15:28:38
My name is Dr. Clarke Russell from Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, prior to your email conversation some hours ago, i have to also inform you that we the bank management are the one who took the brief case of your husband to the shipping company, the shipping company is a very reliable company who we have used to send packages to our customers world wide, i am there for advising that you do as you were told by the shipping company in other for them to get the brief case delivered to you over there in your country, i was also trying to call you today because of your mail which i got. If western union will allow you to send the money to the shipping company then you Money Gram as it is the best way to get the brief case to you because if we should call back the shipment from then it will take some time and effort before we can be able to carry out the transfer into your account for you.

Mean while the European Government is looking into the issues of international transfer coming to the Europe and will take allot of procedure to get the money transferred int your account over there in the Europe, so its better for you to send the money to the shipping company as they have told you to do now in other for them to be able to ship the brief case to your address today. I am giving you 100% guarantee that it is safer to receive the brief case through the shipping company so send them the money they ask you via Money Gram or a different branch of western union agent in a shopping mall to send the money to the shipping company.

Best regards,

Dr. Clarke Russell
Manager SCB Bank Ghana Limited
Phone: +233545404811

a este tel.č. : +233547851218, +2348134531202

senior delivery agent will be meeting you at your door step
to get the brief case delivered to you within 52 hours
immediately our office receive the delivery and Insurance
charges of this parcel from you within the next 24 hours so
that the delivery can commence immediately. Mean while below
is the tracking number of your brief case which you can
track right now on our company website before the brief case
will be delivered to you by our delivery agent after you
send us the Delivery and Insurance charges.

Company website:
Tracking number: 011578297743

Also below is the full details of our company secretary
name for you to send the 900 euro to immediately for the
Delivery and Insurance charges of your brief case because we
always insure all official parcel that we are delivering to
foreign beneficiaries before they leave for their various

Receivers name: Mercy Dennis

Amount: 900 Euro

Country: Accra-Ghana

Text question: In God

Answer: We trust

Kindly send this fee to our office secretary name stated
above via western union or money gram and send our office
the details within the next 24 hours so that your package
can be among the parcels that will be leaving office for
Europe tomorrow morning, thank you.

Yours in service,

Dr. Davis Barry
GS Express Branch Manager Accra
Mobile: +233571908149
2013-10-30, 08:38:59
2013-10-30, 09:16:57
2013-10-30, 10:52:53

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2013-10-31, 23:12:48
anonymous from United States  
he came on to me, as a widower, who lost his wife in a car reck, and he was gen ray from new york, he was very friendly, and told me he had seen me on site, and he fel in love instantly, lol..just from my picture, yeah, right, sorry but i don't like half the people i know, at at least someone i've never seen..he's not to smart, he toul me he was a 4 star general in yhe army, but failed to understand i have a very good memory, later he was a gen ray, in the marine' what a jerk, no, he didn't get a dime from me, but promised to fly me around the a idiot, watch out girls,young and old, he don;t want to get in your pants, he wants to get your money..i hate men who use women or prey on the's good to see all these women working together to stop this crap,,and i especially hate they use american military to scam people..sorry gals, if it sounds to goos to be true, most times it is,,have a blessed day..
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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