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Dating scammer Damien


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Name: Damien

Email: Schneider

48 rowan close,bellfields estate ,guildford ,surrey, England
tel: +447572718626
Companys scam homepages:
Use messenger address:
Username: skylove2012

Other Comments:
Age 46
English guy who owns a big comppany. Have son (23 year) who is studying medicin in Yale. His wife has died 3 years ago by car accident. Also his parents have died when he was 13 years old.

He found me from He told that he was going to move to my home country where he has lived his first 5 years before his family moved to England. He wants to come back for good. But first he has to make business trip to HongKong.

The troubles stated soon when he was arrived to Hong Kong. He didn´t have money enough to pay taxes for oil pumps and he needed my financial assistance.

This guy is very clever. He speaks good English. At first with strong English accent. I checked ip address of his mails and found out that he locate in USA.

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2012-05-10, 18:16:50   (updated: 2012-05-10, 18:21:49)
venezolano from Venezuela  
Hello to all ladies that have been scammed or have been receiving letters by this Damien scammer.

Though I’m not specialized with male scammers, the following advices apply.

1.     Most of these male scams come from Lagos, Nigeria or any other African country. They usually write letters at Ciber Café with approval, indifference or knowledge on this matter. It is about time that you learn about tracing IP Headers:

2.     If you find out that the letter doesn’t come where it is supposed to come, there are high probabilities that it is a scam. This also applies for phishing scams.

3.     Scammers usually steal pictures from other men without being aware that they’re image is being used for fraudulent purposes. I received once a report from a friend that former Venezuelan Miss Universe 2007 Dayana Mendoza’s image was used by scammers. I’m sure that male scammers do the same.

4.     Like any other romance scam, scammers are writing the same letters to hundreds of victims at the same time. It is important to find letters from other victims and match the content and pictures sent. If you find the same text and pictures from someone else, it is a scam.
Here is some information about these Nigerian scams:

I repeat that I do feel sorry for ladies feeling alone becoming victims of these unscrupulous scammers, but it is about time to stop scammers.

P.S. Keep a copy of email letters on your computer for evidence.
2012-05-10, 19:42:51   (updated: 2012-05-10, 19:51:30)
venezolano from Venezuela  

It wasn't personal letter for you. It was meant for all victims. Matching letters will happen. Just wait and you will see. Just wait and you will see letters posted with same text. The only variation will come on data like name, date, and location. Scammers use previously written letters. I am only trying to stop other victims. However, beside the job you have to do with aurhorities, I am trying, with your help, to stop other victims from being scammed.

Thanks for your help on this matter, I will appreciate your cooperation,
2012-05-10, 19:53:25
Miss Marple from United States  
if this is an scammer that operates from Nigeria there are no police that can help you,they are all corrupt (bought) and basically do not care either as scammers are so many and all goes under fake IDs ..then if the scammers(s) operates from other countries as Malaysia where lot of Nigerians operates from today have some scammers been caught.But receiving your money back can be hard.I know this sounds terrible for you to hear ,but giving hope to victims on scam that they will be recovered their lost money i can not do.If you get mails from people saying that they are police,lawyers or detectives do not trust them as you are scammed out of money scammers will come back to you in other shapes and wants to scam you again,scammers has an suckers list and sells info to other scammers about people that have been scammed.So i advice you to change emailaddress,phone numbers..

2012-05-10, 20:00:38
Miss Marple from United States  
click on your own user name on the right upper corner to read your messages sent to you ..
i have sent you an message.
@venezolano ,thank you for your valuable help with good information !
2012-05-11, 03:03:29
OJAS from United States  
@Nena, most scammers are ugly looking men, steal other people photos

Venezolano gives a good example of a Miss Venezuela photos used by Ukrainian scammers, scamming Dirk. Other photos tried against him are Xenia, a Russian model living in Switzerland, more Swiss models, etc. On this site, hundreds of the actual people in the photos have been identified. Malek is our expert recognizing people.

If you have problems with delphi internal mail, let us know, I will request Dirk to post his email address for you, and he can connect you to other delphians.

You and Finland, also can publish full reports in RealMadrid blog, so in addition to delphi, it will be on another site. He will make sure all your personal information is edited out.
2012-05-12, 14:51:45
venezolano from Venezuela  
Here is an article about romance scams taken from Wikipedia. It apples with male and female scammers:

2012-05-12, 19:09:01
OJAS from United States  

Venezolano wiki article in German http://de.wikipedia..ussbetrug

I think you did not understand his articles. He gives general ideas how to identify scams, how to avoid them etc. Many people ask in this site if it is a scam, before they send money! If someone reading your thread is considering sending money to this criminal, they will avoid sending money.

As RealMadrid says, complain to concerned authorities, even if money is lost they sometimes get arrested, e.g.

Dirk will be monitoring this thread, to get a better understanding, feel free to discuss with him in Deutsch here, also his email.

2012-05-12, 20:02:49   (updated: 2012-05-12, 20:18:58)
venezolano from Venezuela  

I am truly sorry that you got scammed by huge money amounts. I already know that is quite late for your case and I understand that you are quite in shock. I truly wish that you recover your money. At this time all I can do is post information about how to detect scammers and related topics in order to expose this criminal and victims think twice when sending money to this scoundrel. When other victims or potential victims who are looking for Damien Schneider or any related information, through search engines, will find out this site and get warnings that they're being scammed. I hope you understand my motives.

For recovering money, a long international and complicated process takes place. It requires coordination with INTERPOL and in your case involves Swiss and Nigerian authorities (if letters come from there). Like Miss Marple's comments on this thread, you also have to deal with corruption by African authorities. If you're willing to go through all that, I wish you the best of Luck.

2012-05-20, 07:19:14   (updated: 2012-05-20, 07:26:13)
RealMadrid from Spain  

to expose this person we really need all the letters sent to you and especially the ones that mention the company websites related to him which I believe are
and today Malek has brought to my attention
which he thinks is legal but upon invesigation appears to belong to the same person as the above two
It is very possible that there are many more of these websites!

Damien Schneider claims to be English living at 48 Rowan Close, Bellfields Estate, Guildford Surrey, England - tel: +44 7572718626 but is he really a Nigerian called
james Okoro (email address which is gmail)
Tel. +234.8067939162

The English watchdog website says do not do business with any company that does not publish their physical address, telephone number etc.,

Has James Okoro got Nena´s 60.000 euros posing as Damien Schneider?
I have examined the above mentioned sites and none of them have this information on their websites.
2012-05-21, 09:03:24   (updated: 2012-05-21, 09:05:57)
RealMadrid from Spain  
If you have been a victim of this type of scam or any other Cyber crime, you can report it to the IC3 website at The IC3 complaint database links complaints for potential referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration. Complaint information is also used to identity emerging trends and patterns.
2012-05-22, 01:55:17
RealMadrid from Spain  

My full investigation into this case can be found here


short link

If it was a Nigerian scammer was there a Chinese partner?

It maybe worthwhile for Nena to contact the Bank of China as they have been involved, obviously without their knowledge

their address in your country

Bank of China(Suisse) SA 3, Rue du Général-Dufour, Geneva, Suisse
2012-05-22, 03:24:12
RealMadrid from Spain  
@todos y Nena

My full investigation into this case can be found here


short link

If it was a Nigerian scammer was there a Chinese partner?

It maybe worthwhile for Nena to contact the Bank of China as they have been involved, obviously without their knowledge

their address in your country Nena is
Bank of China(Suisse) SA 3, Rue du Général-Dufour, Geneva, Suisse

Give them them these details and maybe they can trace where the money was transferred to if it was not withdrawn in cash (would indicate a Chinese partner)

Bank name: Bank of China Hangzhou.
High-Tech Development Zone Sub-branch Wenenyi Office.
Beneficiary Name: Mings freight.
Account Number: 6216611300002015197
Swift code : BKCHCNBJ910
2012-05-23, 02:10:59   (updated: 2012-05-23, 02:17:29)
RealMadrid from Spain  

Investigation shows that James Okoro owns 8 domains and a Google search insinuated that

DJZEELANCERS.COM was used for phishing
POLO DOMAINS - DJZEELANCERS.COM Domain Name Info - Traducir esta página

COM Registrant: Zenith LTD James Okoro ( Email of asmjjgroup ) 234 okigwe road owerri imo, 00234 NG Tel. +234.7033256746 Creation Date: 19-Jul-2011 ...

It is interesting that when you go to type this address in Google Maps this comes up automatically

234 Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo
Imo State Library, 234 Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

Maybe indygirl from Finland should in the first instance contact
Pohjola Bank which plans to Intensify Cooperation with Bank of China

Tarja Pitkänen, Senior Vice President, Pohjola Bank plc, International Services and Cash Management, tel. +358 (0)10 252 2241

with her complaint if the scammer asked her to send money to a branch of the Bank of China in Hong Kong.

Banks do have anti fraud departments and I am sure will investigate even if the police cannot be bothered to!

Never use Western Union and never send money to someone that you do not know

There is a saying 'A Lender and a Borrower never be' it can save you a lot of problems and heartaches
2012-05-23, 03:18:39   (updated: 2012-05-23, 03:19:50)
OJAS from United States  
Listing Headers both ways
2012-05-23, 03:32:54   (updated: 2012-05-23, 03:34:29)
RealMadrid from Spain  

The Owerri Police Headquarters is within walking distance of the Public Library (which James Okoro used to register his domain http://www.DJZEELANCERS.COM

and conveniently there is a prison in the same location

PhishTank > Details on suspected phish #1259305 - Traducir esta página
... is currently offline. Submitted Aug 24th 2011 4:14 AM by sohycd (Current time: Apr 3rd 2012 6:44 PM UTC). http://www.djzeelan../xhtml.htm ...
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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