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Dating scammer Peterson Hugo


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Name: Peterson Hugo


24 Dock West
Yorkshire, lS11 9RU UK

Other Comments:
He tries to scam us by sending a parcel from UK and then it stuck in Malaysia.

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2016-01-13, 06:07:39
anonymous from United States  
He calls himself Mark Peterson from Germany, widowed, one daughter Samantha he is very detailed with letter writing falls in love easily and wants to visit. Works on an off shore rig goes to Malaysia to arrange the last of supplies for the job and runs short on funds asks for money. Of course these pictures are not him but they are what he uses. Dog Odie

2016-01-13, 06:23:03
anonymous from United States  
e-mail He calls himself Mark Peterson from Germany, widowed, one daughter Samantha he is very detailed with letter writing falls in love easily and wants to visit. Works on an off shore rig goes to Malaysia to arrange the last of supplies for the job and runs short on funds asks for money. Of course these pictures are not him but they are what he uses. Dog Odie
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Peterson Hugo

2016-01-14, 13:18:28
Miss Marple from United States  
2016-01-13, 06:23:03
anonymous from United States
Thank you.
The photos you have posted here is on Heinz-Christian Strache and stolen to be used in scams.

Real ID:

Heinz-Christian Strache (born 12 June 1969) is an Austrian politician and a member of parliament and former member of the Vienna city council who has been Chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) since 2005. He prefers to call himself just 'HC' Strache.


2016-01-30, 15:30:03
anonymous from United States  
I too, was scammed by this man. Met him on eHarmony, just before Christmas.
Told me he was on a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, off the shore of Louisana. He told me he is a Chemical Engineer. Had to go to Mayalasia to buy chemicals to finish his contract with a very large oil Company. Very secretive.
Then after he got his order, he was stressing out over money to pay for the insurance shipping costs which were $5850. Then he started to tell me he needs $26000. more, to pay the government to ship his chemicals.
Would like to catch this guy and stop him. He used the BANK : Berhad. Account #18700037375.
Account Name: Bright Eagle Global Enterprise, Bank Address: No2, Jalan Rampai Niaga, Rampai Business Park, Taman Sri Rampai, 53300 Kuala Lumpur Malayaia
Beneficiary Address : No 8 Blok A4, Rumah Panjang Pusu Ulu Cheras, 50100 Kuala Lumpuralaysia.
Swift Code : HLBBMYKLX

Please send information to the Police there. I am out $7000. I feel like such a fool.

Contact me at:

I will work with the police to catch him.
2016-04-03, 16:24:36   (updated: 2016-04-03, 16:32:10)
anonymous from United States  
This man also tried to scam me by using the name Stephen McMurray (you can still find him on Facebook). His story was that he lived in my area but got a contract to work for a month in Ghana. In his story, his deposit had not cleared the local bank and he was out of money to pay his workers, the hotel where he was staying, his interpreter and his driver. I did not comply with his request for money to be wired to him, and when I confronted him with the names of some of the other aliases he used, he disappeared and then blocked me. This man is an despicable human being.

phone: (713) 714-6052
Ghana phone: 233 264612724

2017-01-02, 18:08:35
anonymous from United States  
This guy is going by Parker Emmet, my best friend did some digging and found out he's a scammer I met him on He never asked for money, I found out to fast and he was ready to get Married, I met him on December 28... unbelievably I found out in time

2017-04-27, 13:52:30   (updated: 2017-04-27, 14:00:49)
anonymous from United States  
This person just found me on and after 2 texts wanted to talk over the phone. Something just seemed off so I started googling his picture and BINGO! this sight cam up with a lot of info. Thanks FYI he is going by Hayood Clinton now. Here are the pictures he sent me. Haywood Clinton 512-827-8457 new name and cell number

2017-05-21, 22:33:55
anonymous from Philippines  
This guy scammed me last year o f over $40,000. I lost my house, car, job, relationships with loved ones just to try to borrow money from them to help HIM! FAH! I had to sell my remaining possessions to move back home with my parents in the Philippines. Im a single mom, registered nurse, relatively smart...but this guy got me. I met him on OK Cupid in July 2016. He was going by the name of Daniel Adams. He claimed he was from Brazil, living in NY and got offered a job on an oil rig in Qatar. Spent all his life savings buying the equipment to repair the rig but then ran out of funds and was threatened by the company (Chevron) of losing his contract and his life was threatened by his team of 10 guys if he couldn't pay. This went on for 6 months. I'd like to get justice for what he has done to me and my family...and apparently to many others out there. I'm attaching the pictures he has sent to me. I have even filed reports with the FBI but never heard anything back. Let's get this asshole!

2017-05-21, 22:46:47   (updated: 2017-05-21, 22:49:30)
pinkrose5 from Philippines  
This guy had me send money via Western Union to a Victor Aroon. He also had me sent money through Chase Bank somewhere in Texas, but I can't recall the name on the account. He's always come up with excuses never to video chat, that he would lose his contract if caught. I am attaching another picture he sent to me. These pictures are not of him. It is a politician from Austria. I have sent him an email notifying him that his pictures are being stolen and used. Unfortunately, he is not the first guy who has scammed me, but he took the most. I've come to learn their tricks and want to know if anyone else out there wants to ban together with me to do something about this. Here is my email address:
Enough is enough.
2017-08-19, 02:21:37   (updated: 2017-08-19, 02:27:06)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Is this a scam dater? His name is Fred Yawin and he say he is living in London half norwegian and half italian. He has a son 9 years old. He is working as a gem trader (as he say) and went to Berlin to sign a contract. Once in there he was rubbed and they stole his briefcase with all he had: passport, papers, credit cards...etc. He asked me to transfer money to a named person mr Rudolf Bamberg. He needed 550 pounds not to much for my pocket(as he say). When i refused saying that all this is a scam, he just disappeared.
2017-08-19, 02:24:09   (updated: 2017-08-19, 02:25:26)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This is Fred Yawin and i hope he will get caught by the police
2017-10-17, 12:53:32
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by this man on October 2017. And told the same story as listed by other women. He used the name Kevinand states he is 50 year old widower with a daughter named Samantha. And he was a private contractor for a oil rig and would not be back in the states till mid November. I have been texting with him to the phone number of 619-720-6299. Getting to know him. But red flags started going up with all the words of love he was sending me. How can you be in love with someone you have never met? I asked several times for a selfie, but of course never got one, just more poems and hearts. I have been scammed before on another website, so I felt this was going that way too. A girlfriend at work told me about a app that does a reverse image look up. So did that and HERE he is! WOW he has been a busy bee, and for a few years too! I let him know I knew he was a scammer and to no try to contact me again. I also reached out to so they could block him and his photo from ever being on Match again, so I hope this will save a few women! Everyone should do a Reverse Image lookup on anyone they think could be. Scammer!
2018-01-30, 10:04:48
anonymous from Chile  
Él se hace llamar Paul George Williams, de Baltimore, nacido en Oslo Noruega, dice que tiene 51 años, una hija llamada Pamela, separado hace 6 años porque su mujer lo engañó con su mejor amigo.
Estuvimos escribiéndonos por unos días, pero yo siempre bajo la sospecha.
Yo me pregunto: el tiempo que se da para escribir unos correos eternos!!!??? Y todos muy bien hilados, un experto romántico.
No alcanzó a estafarme, sólo a enredarme en una historia romántica. Busqué y busqué información de él hasta que llegué aquí.

Muchísimas gracias por publicar toda esta información.
Ah! A este sujeto lo conocí en Tinder.

2019-04-10, 04:00:34 from United States  
CRAZY ..... Just saw this guy on from a little town in Wasilla, Alaska. He's going by the name Paul. I thought he was handsome and didn't want to pay to subscribe to Match so I thought I'd take the picture and Facebook stalk him. What can I do to help you guys catch this guy?????

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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