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Dating scammer Daniel Hulson


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Name: Daniel Hulson



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This man had started emailing me after we chatted for a few minutes on Speed date as with all scammers after talking for only a few days he started telling me he was in love with me . Then as usual he started asking me to send him money. He is also using the name Allen Gerck on facebook with the same pictures that he used on his yahoo account. He even went as far as to ask me to open a bank account for him on These men need to be stopped.

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2012-06-16, 11:03:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-06-16, 13:20:45   (updated: 2012-06-16, 13:21:15)
Miss Marple from United States  
Dating scammer Daniel Hulson/Ryan Ortiz/Allen Greckson

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Dating scammer Alex Thames

2012-06-16, 13:22:15
Miss Marple from United States  
allengreckson's pictures 1/3

Am a down to earth man hoping to find someone who can love me as i am,no liars, a very faithful woman and God fearing, anybody who is interested can drop me mail on allengreckson at yahoo dot com........God help me through my searchings

male - 45 years, United States



2012-06-16, 13:23:01
Miss Marple from United States  
Dating scammer Daniel Hulson/Ryan Ortiz/Allen Greckson

2012-06-16, 14:25:32
This man is also listed as James Smith on FB.. He is currently listed as one of my friends..But I have never spoke to him
2012-06-19, 05:45:24   (updated: 2012-06-19, 05:45:46)
Richard Ortiz or Ryan Ortiz e-mail tried to scam me, telling me he wanted to buy something from me and trying to get me to create a paypal account and send him the details. Be careful
2012-07-05, 17:37:17
fansouth from United States  
This man is also known as DAniel HUlson, and he is nothing but a 'scam artist' and will ask you for money. Please report him to Facebook, Yahoo, and any site you see him on. (and also the police).
He needs to get what he in jail.
2012-07-19, 02:13:28
anonymous from Portugal  
This guy wnats to buy a car from eh eh
He is in England with this adress

Richard Ortiz
103 Navigator Drive,
Southall -Middlesex, UB2 4UU,
United Kingdom

and he wants to pay me via paypal.
Why does he need a car from Portugal ?

Regards to all
2012-07-20, 06:26:57
anonymous from Netherlands  
same here wanted to buy my car I am in Holland ;/?
2012-07-22, 16:30:18
anonymous from Finland  
He also wanted to buy car from me, i am from finland.
2012-07-22, 20:29:38
Miss Marple from United States  
@ladies beaware if you have ended on this site and talking to this scammer reported here on this site and the scammer wants to buy an car from you it must be an scam !! do not give out any personal information to strangers online that means especially bank accounts numbers or other sensitive information that the scammer can take advantage on,advice from me to you all when strangers online starts talking about money it do not matter if it is even in a innocent way just stop talking to those kind of guys!!! scammers are very clever and manipulative when they want to know the victims especially their financial situation..just block scammers like this!!!

@Suomi ,kiitos että kirjoitit tälle sivulle,tää henkilö kuvan takana on vain afrikkalainen huijari ole varovainen älä anna itsestäni tietoja tälle huijarille !

terveiset //Miss Marple//

Scam Alerts !!

Recently our readers have been emailing us about a Paypal scam with a new twist. We find that the 'bad guys' of the internet are continually revising their attack. Scammers have often in the past used fake Paypal pages to lure their victims into giving them important information about their Paypal accounts. We thought our readers should know that there is a new twist to the Paypal scam. (It should be noted that Paypal is a legitimate company that has nothing to do with the scammers. They too are victims in this scam.)

Sellers are contacted by the potential buyer (scammer.) The scammer copies the look of the Paypal page so perfectly that Paypal users can't tell the difference. Beware when they only want to use Paypal as a form of payment. Then they will tell you that they want to pay you the amount for the car plus the amount that is to be forwarded to the transport company to pick up the car. They will then ask you to pay the transport company by Western Union. The scam is that their Paypal payment will be worthless and you will have forwarded your own money through Western Union back to the scammer.

This fake purchase scam is similar to the Nigerian Scam, but this scam only gets worse for the seller. A typical practise for the scammer is to send you a fake email request from PayPal. We found that they will send an email to you saying that there is a problem with your account. The fake notice will look like it is from PayPal. They will tell you to log in to correct a problem. When you log in you are actually logging into the scammer's website. At that point they have access to whatever is in your Paypal account. The best way to avoid this phishing scam is to only log in to your Paypal account from Paypal's website, never from a link in an email.

Here is an example of a real scam attempt. A seller placed an ad on several popular websites trying to sell their car. They began receiving typical emails from interested parties. However, these buyers only wanted to work through PayPal. Their excuse was that they were out of the country or in the military service and contacting the seller from a distant location. One scammer told the seller that they were a crew member with Air Canada and another said they were at sea. As the scam progressed they were told that the 'buyer' would forward them the amount for the car and an extra amount for the transport company. They told the seller that he would have to forward the money for the transport to the transport company through Western Union. The seller was given the forwarding information. When they ask you to pay someone else some money out of their payment, that is where the scam happens. Years ago it was called a 'pigeon drop.' You lose the amount of the payment which you send through Western Union.

This seller also pointed out that the scam buyers asked redundant questions such as what the asking price was when it was listed on the ad, or they would ask for pictures even though they had already been provided on the website.

2012-07-27, 05:17:45
anonymous from Ireland  
he wanted to buy a car from me and im in Ireland
2012-07-27, 17:11:13
anonymous from Ireland  
Just had him try to buy a car and im in Ireland as well Hes a fool if you ask me
2012-07-27, 17:11:36
anonymous from Ireland  
Just had him try to buy a car and im in Ireland as well Hes a fool if you ask me
2012-07-27, 17:11:40
anonymous from Ireland  
Just had him try to buy a car and im in Ireland as well Hes a fool if you ask me
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