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Dating scammer Boyd Dawson


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Name: Boyd Dawson



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I had a man by the name Boyd Dawson try to scam me for money. All the red flags eventually came up as we were texting and talking. We had met on a dating site. He had an accent, widower, on a trip in Manila for business. He was going to come visit me after he left Manila. Well while in Manila all of the sudden he was having problems with his online bank account and passport. Asked for money to help him out. Said it would only be a loan. Interesting thing is he sent me a copy of a fake letter he had gotten from customs in the Philippines. The address he used as his address in the letter was the same as the one listed on a scammer's profile here. 7114 Kundimam street sampaloc 1008 manila phillipines. On some searches I have also found this address to be on where someone is advertising for a woman only to rent an apartment/room. I hope if anyone else has had this address or name used in a internet scam they will post on this page.


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2013-01-30, 00:09:46   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
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2013-01-30, 00:09:46   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-01-30, 00:09:46   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-01-31, 22:07:09
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks US,please post the money asking letter as it is evidence of scam ..
2013-02-01, 11:24:00
anonymous from United States  
Here is the letter he sent to me. It was supposedly from Customs. This is why he was 'stuck in Manilla'. He says the he had already paid the trucking company the money and they were to give it to customs. But the trucking company didn't give customs the money. Now he needed to pay again in order to leave the country and come home. He needed 'any amount of money to help him. Even for 'hotel bills'. Begged me not to 'abandon him'.

2013-02-24, 12:01:41
anonymous from United States  
I also had an Involvement with a BoydDawson 77 from a dating website. He too had an accent. We had 1 conversation in which he called me. This all took place aprox 2 hrs ago. He was an only child adopted by a single woman when he was young. His mother and he lived in Texas, but his mother was into Antiques and they traveled much. ' Boyd' was supposedly, an Architect. He was supposedly, in England working in a re- build. He had an issue with the contract and thus a banking issue. He had to send his sick mother money for cancer treatments in the Philippines, where, supposedly, she was hospitalized. I was asked for money to send to his mom. It would be a loan. When I didn't have money to give him, he asked if he could have send me a check from someone who he did work for. He asked me to cash it and send the money to him. Once, I had 'cashed' the check, he would give me an address to send
2013-02-26, 14:13:03
hi my name is is anne, and you can't post an innocent man's picture with the wrong name. I know the man in the picture and obviously the pictures were stolen and not the man in question. If these pictures aren't taken off, i will have to report this site. thank you
2013-02-26, 20:26:16
DOC from Mattoon, United States  

Why you hide your country flag?

99.8% of the photos on this site and all anti-scam sites are of innocent people!
Will you report all the other anti-scam sites also?
2013-02-27, 11:53:14
OJAS from United States  
anne 2013-02-26, 14:13:03,
When threatening, why do you hide your country flag like DOC is asking? Do I smell the nuances of a Mugu connection?…

First google the name under scam you will find many hits, which will also give the stolen picture of the unfortunate victim. After you threaten all those sites, return here with their responses.

If pix are stolen by scammers, they stay in anti-scam sites to warn future would-be victims. It's not the job of anti-scam sites to make life easy for scammers by repeated reuse of stolen pix.

There has been repeated warnings on this and many other sites about watermark / copy-protect photos before posting on public domains. Otherwise, it can be too late to close the barn-door after the horse has left!
2013-04-29, 16:33:35
anonymous from United States  
My mother has been contacted by a man through a social networking website who has convinced here he is stuck in Africa because of a problem he had with a Quarry he is purchasing there that had oil rights he wasn't aware of. He told her he was sued while in Africa and they took all his money from his bank accounts in the U.S. over 600,000 worth and until he paid another 10,000 in taxes he could not return to Georgia where he now resides. She sent him the money and he then asked her for another 7,800.00 for airfare and hotels because his plane ticket had expired. His name is Boyd Monty Crane (at least that is what he is told her) and he is originally from Alberta Canada, wife passed away from cancer, son recently died and his attorney/ best friend who told him about the rock quarry investment opportunity in Africa has also passed away. We have frozen all of her accounts and she now has nothing. He told her he will still be on a plane so they can get married. Help??????????
2013-04-29, 21:09:10
Bax from United States  
I also recieved this rock quarry story from a contact, several months ago. In addition to this,
they claimed that a sister was helping with expences. The sister was suposed to contact me by IM.
Her contact was, Hotsauce_mandy213@yahoo. After checking, I learned that this IM did not exist.
The contact gave me her personal phone number in Texas. When I called, I heard someone named Earnest Smith answer his voice mail. The number was 413- Springfield, Ma. The contact did a phoney shot of a cam-scam and gave the story that taxes and fees were due to be paid immediately but she had no money. The original profile was Bev007, 413-340-1148. beverlyblair60@yahoo. Contact became
very upset when I would not send money to Nigeria to help out.

2013-09-04, 15:59:57   (updated: 2013-09-04, 16:01:24)
anonymous from United States  
The same picture was sent to me that Tomi received. He lived inAustin Texas, I met him on ZOOSK dating site. We talked for over a month, where he stated his name was Bryan Van Peters the phone number is 512 730-1602. He had a son a widow of 4 years. He was Dutch and American grew up in the Netherlands. He dealt in coco beans and went to Manila Phillippines to purchase beans for Hershey. He paid the trucking company $75,000, but stopped by customs who took his passport and was requiring him to pay another $75,000 to get it back and get out of there. He gave me a BANK ACct number to transfer funds to him the account had over 3 million dollars but there was a block on the account. He wanted me to take a second mortage on my home or ask family members to borrow the money and he would pay it back with interest. The email his used
2013-09-12, 14:31:28
anonymous from United States  
I just read the update on 09-04-13. I am the one who originally posted on this guy. He had the same story of growing up in Netherlands, was Dutch and American, widower, son, lived in Austin, dealt in cocoa beans, went to Manila, mess up with trucking company, passport being held, and bank account was frozen. However he used a different phone number and e-mail address.
Before he left he had professed his love for me and was going to come see me on the way home from the Philippines. When the problems with money started and he asked me for money to be paid back with interest I knew immediately it was a scam. I told him no right away and it didn't take long before I stopped hearing from him. Thank Goodness!
PLEASE don't send him money. This is a scam! If you send money you will never get it back again!
2013-09-13, 09:37:36
anonymous from United States  
Bryan Van Peters also found me on Zoosk, same story, texting and professing his love for me over the last month. Per his texts this morning he is presently in Manila and is leading up to asking me for money-He had me check his account at Ventura Credit Union in which he had over 3 million dollars, which had been now hacked into. Again proclaiming his love for me by giving me his personal account information. His plan was to visit me on his way home from Manila.
Claiming to be originally from Austin TX, and into cocoa beans. This is his email, phone 512-730-7602
Glad we have all found him out, scary for those who have not-has anyone contacted the law and know how to go about catching him?

2013-09-25, 21:07:39
Bryan Van Peters also found me on Christian Mingle. He was on the site for just a day or two, or so he said. The story that was posted on the 4th of September matches the phone number I have and have spoken to him several times. The pictures posted here are not the same as the 2 I have. His story he told me about him sounds the same though. 52 years old, his wife of 22 years died 4 years ago of cancer, has a son Michael who is 20 years old. He has an accent, said he was from the Netherlands. An independent contractor, importing and distributing cocoa beans. He was to come and visit with me after his business trip to Dubai where supposedly had problems with his shipment. He said he was set up, drugs were found in the batches of the beans, so he was arrested and his documents held by the government. This is where I started seeing many red flags. He revealed he had over 3 million dollars in his banking account, but all the funds were frozen due to some hacking issue. He started asking me for money, wanted me to ask my family members to borrow from them and kept promising he will return it all with interest. He said he used all his money he had on him when he bailed him self out and to bribe people there so he can stay safe. Professed his love for me over and over again. Please don't fall for his lies. I am grateful I was wise enough not to send him money, but he is a sweet talker and I can see that some may fall for him very quickly. I am ready to take legal actions if he continues to contact me.

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