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Dating scammer Mike Philip (he also Jeff Peterson


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Name: Mike Philip (he also Jeff Peterson



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2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-09, 23:21:09   (updated: )

2013-03-10, 09:58:52
OJAS from United States

Real people don't use screen names like "love", "honest", "sincere", "lonely", "4u", etc.

Many times scammer screen names are the first Red Flag!
2013-03-10, 19:44:37
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-03-10, 19:47:28
Miss Marple from United States  
Stolen photos of Stefano Gentili used in scams(West-African scam )


2013-04-30, 02:43:52   (updated: 2013-04-30, 02:48:53)
This man, has sent to me the pictures , 5 pictures. He used name Tonni de Rossie, from Edinburgh. He has daughter Jennifer, 12 years, He has art gallery shop in Glasgow. He travelled to Malaysia to buy art goods. He had had many troublers in Malaysia og seeking help from me. Bu I told him, I didnt have money to help him. Last contact with him last year.
I have read about romantic scam in Malaysia. I think, he is one of them.
I work at the hospice in Danmark. I come from Venezuella, has grown up in Denmark, One of the patient, she is good woman, from Asien country, have very good education, she has fall in love with this man, with the same pictures, just another identitet, CARLOS LUCIANO.
He has asked for the helps. She helped him , because she believed him. special He has told her, at he is the victims of circumstance, he is real, he swear to his GOD and for his daughter life. He called always TRULY CARLOS. She gave him all , what she had.
until she has borrowed so many money from friends. Last time he asked money from her about 2000 pounds, efter she helped him to transfer money from Zenith bank.*fiktivt Account number. He told her, at he has transfered about 350.000 ringgit malaysia to one of the people in Malaysia, but he needs money to pay tax about 2000 pounds. Efter this woman asked the proof about money transfering, he could not show her. He disappear. And pity for this woman. She got confirmed endometrioses cancer in the last stadium. She got treatment with chemotherapy, but it could help her.
She is dying now at the bed in hospice. She does not want to get another treatment. She just want to get treatment to quicke the death. She is hopeless. She really miss him, CARLOS LUCIANO. She still keeps his pictures on the wall, and see this pictures every day. She is difficult to accept , at CARLOS LUCIANO is SCAMMER. She is still waiting for him. Just she told med, to write this story at the internet, so every body can read and learn and dont believe to strange man special on dating internat.
She told me, I lost much money but i will get something in my future life, because she believe there is another life after death. Its pity for her.
I am sorry, my english is not sufficient. We speak danish her. I hope the readers understand about that story. its very sad story, i think,. But this woman doesnot want to do revenge. She just believe, some day God will punish them, they will deserve what they have done. This story, she told me, cos I am her contact person at the hospice.
Just accidentaly the same man at have contact us with different story and different identitet.
I hope, the scammers will read and see , what they have done to their victim.
This woman is not alone victim. I believe, some one or maybe some sindicat have used the samme picture to persuade their victim.
nowdays She just read the bible and more philosophy books cos she can not sustain any more. She is just waiting for time to death, cos the doctors could not help her.
She is beatiful lady, clever, but unlucky in the world. She has terrible married the first time. And under separating she got email from en british man, from Glasgow, widow with a daughter. She have chatted with him just 2 weeks, and CARLOS told her, He loved her and would marry her after he came from bussines trips in Malaysia. And the troubles begun from thats time. She has suffered enough and i hope, this woman will die at peace . I just pity for her.
From Sabrina Mortensen
2013-04-30, 11:53:58   (updated: 2013-04-30, 12:06:25)
anonymous from Denmark  
Zanna Sandager peterson
I have been contact with a man, name Jeff peterson. He is scammer. He used the same pictures like above. I am so sad to read this woman history *sabrina Mortenson has told. I think, there are so many victims , not just this woman. Those scammer activities are more than terorist, they make trouble our economic. They always tell to the victim at they will travel to a broard for bussines trip. And when they are a broard, they are starting with their fake story.
BASTARD. I think, they are scammers from Nigeria. Because when Jeff Peterson talked to me, he does not speak english with english accent. He told me, at his descent came fron sweden. But when i asked about swedish place and language, he could not ever talk one word swedih. And when i called his UKs number, i could not contact direct to him. It sounds a stranger language. Fortunatelly I have record this sound from my Iphone, and I asked my friend whose that can talk multi language, he told me, at this languange er africans language. He suspected at that language is from west african, sound like nigerians language.
Yes, since that i would not let my self at being contacted by BASTARD SCAMMERS
I think , it is ashamed for Nigerian goverment. They fail to welfare their people. They make trouble to another country.
From Zanna Peterson, Denmark
2013-04-30, 19:35:39
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-04-30, 11:53:58 (updated: 2013-04-30, 12:06:25)
anonymous from Denmark

Tusen Takk...

He told me, at his descent came fron sweden. But when i asked about swedish place and language, he could not ever talk one word swedih

Yes these scammers are from Nigeria,good for you that you know Swedish and you discovered the scam Yes this is an Nigerian scammer that only pretends to be someone from Sweden ,scammers seems to specialize in certain countries and operates in gangs ..

If you have letters from this scammer still saved can you post them here please ?

Ps Är svensktalande och förstår danska ganska bra med ,så om du har problem med engelskan går det bra att skriva på danska här med.

Mvh //Miss Marple//
2013-07-07, 10:45:16
Now I read the story of Sabrina and I´m sure that Carlos Luciano (profile with the daughter) iis a scammer. The last acutal call-number in Malaysia is 0060103143050. He started a nice conversation and soon he wanted to visit me with his daughter Jennifer after his business trip to Malaysia. Last contact on 30.062013. Then his profile disappeared.
There he got a problem and asked for much money, but I didn´t send any amount.

All the picutres I got from him I could find here.
This Carlos Luciano has much fantasy and makes his story very realistic. Be careful.
Also he speaks Italian and sends documents.

I read the story of Sabrina Mortensen and I´m sorry about the troubles her patient got and hope she will read this lines to understand all that happend to her.

If you don´t know a person you should be very,very careful!!

Best wishes to all victims!

2013-08-29, 09:26:45   (updated: 2013-08-29, 09:32:54)
anonymous from Austria  
I wrote my comment on 2013-07-07. Carlos Luciano gave me the email-address (under spokeo I found Jesse Carlos). In my messages on facebook Carlos Luciano blocked me, because I didn´t send him money and changed his name in Luis Javier Eduardo (on facebook luis.JE200 with the same panorama- pictures, but with another profile picture of a middle-old-man with blond hair). I hope this info is helpful.
From an Austrian woman!

2013-11-09, 05:01:56

Report N1 (added on April, 18, 2013)

I met him through Facebook and after only six weeks he left on the buissnes trip to buy appliances. He is a widower with a daughter Lilly Lorenzo of 11 years, from London. Born in Rome, he had a difficult childhood, early lost his parents.
Currently located in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and after the money he needed for shipping goods, Followed with problems of charges for transportation of heavy loads. After I sent him the money for all this, there's no pay for hotel bill, food and airline tickets to London. Before I sent the payment through Western Union always on the same address just different names... a hotel employee. He sent me a fake airline tickets, fake bank statements, fake slip of payments on my account.
His Facebook profile is locked and sends photos of a very charming man with a daughter through the mail. Webcam it does not work.

Diana (Croatia)

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mike Philip (he also Jeff Peterson

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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