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Dating scammer Kelvin Smith Lopez


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Name: Kelvin Smith Lopez


Baghdad Iraq

Other Comments:
This guy is very good at what he does I fell for him hook line and sinker, did not even check on him until I had sent a very expensive lap top to Ghana, should have known better, but being the trusting person I am, I will be paying for that mistake for a while, just beware he really pours it on thick had me believing he was coming home to marry me.

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2016-04-19, 21:48:55
anonymous from United States  
Now he's going by James Lopez just use the picture of him in the little girl again as a little girl he wants to adopt from an orphanage in Afghanistan and that he is at camp Eggers
2016-06-09, 12:06:06
c'est homme se fait passer pour un soldat américain et vole les femmes son email
attention parle francais et vous demande de lui envoyer de l'argent via un agent au ghana ou floride us
les phots qu'il envoie sont identiques à celles trouvées sur se site
il dit qu 'on lui a volé son identitee faux
2016-08-01, 14:14:05
anonymous from United States  
Well Lopez Smith is at it again. I say we just play the game back on him, see how he likes to be played. He's been texting me but I caught on right away and he is barkin up the wrong tree here. I aint got a dime to my name. Oh, I'm gonna have fun playin his game on him.
2016-10-20, 21:44:28
anonymous from Canada  
Well he is still at it sent me this photo saying his name is Lopez Smith Whyte and that his Dad was Spanish and Mom is an American. Funny Spanish last name made me wonder. He says his wife cheated on him and he has a 14 year old son and that he is ready to retire from the army in 8 weeks stationed in Kuwait. Full of charm and knows what to say.!..VgKbAHQJ61
2016-12-06, 19:29:42   (updated: 2016-12-06, 19:31:52)
anonymous from United States  
Benjamin Tyler is on facebook contacting women. He says his 10 yr old son is Kelvin. He says he is widowed. Hes so full of it~I googled the two photos that he has posted. He is telling everyone he is in the Army, 2nd in command.
2016-12-07, 04:57:10
Hello, yes this is my first time using this site, the dates I see are years back but the names and stories are still the same but different pictures, however I have been talking to a man that claims his was in Accra ,Ghana and I have been chatting with him for close to 2 years now, ihe's a romance scammer and I found out a little too late. I was already in love badly with him by then, I had become a widow 3 months before I met him on meet 24, first time I ever used the internet and it was free that weekend and I met him rather quick, I did not know about this scam and fraud stuff , I was in the dark , OK to make a long story short, what I see , learned and know now, he had around 50 or way more aliases, and he is on at least that many dating sites, I have done so much investigation on my owe and I can't believe he HSS not been caught, I still talk to him but it's much less and not nice because I stopped the money 5 months ago, thank god I only let myself lose a total of 6.000 , I have proved him wrong 100 , 6 times he took my bate, I couldn't stop talking to him, its hard! But I have slowly getting away and every time I start feeling better he writes to me , I try to block him ,ignoring and he always cones in one way or another.. There are to many names to list but I can tell you , this most of the names here fit. I am also watching on his fake scam sites and u can when he's there or was in many if them, I have gotten good at this, of course he lies and denies. There is for sure one aliases he frequently uses and it is still alive is ,, iv have trucked him on that one several times. There's too many to count..he deserves what he will get in the end.. I just recently know that he had been playing two people . Mr Adams and Daniel Bardon, both names bogus. On his hero member fake scam site he's a administrator and author so it took time but eventually realized that he is the vrimmal that people are trusting to help them and he is convincing so they Dont realize he the bad guy, not only that he post tons of letters and stuff as many aliases and this is crazy he's all of them , plus the moderator and advice man and he is also the man to talk to if you want to join.. So believe he us a psychotic, sociapath and has no soul or remorse. Well there mores more but I hope helps some how. Dont be a victim to all if these low life men and women that are turning out world into a slimy place, for our kids to start life, yikes I'm glad mine are grown but these fuckers are like a emidemic and I'm scared, mad everything . !! Thankyou for letting me tell you and get it off my mind some. Feel free at any time to ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer with honesty. Bye
2016-12-08, 19:05:47
DO NOT BE MAD @ ME ! Posted by Cassandra... View Blog

Don't be mad at me because I don't work and have a nice ass and two condos that bring me good rent money. Don't be mad at me because I drive a 2016 LUXURY car (just purchased 3 weeks ago). Don't be mad at me because I always get in VIP in every club in town escorted or not. I am doing what every girl wishes they could do, and that is ME ! I don't lift one little finger to pay a bill or make a living, because my assets support me. Doing what I do pays off. So don't be mad at me because you go to work everyday and still struggle and want to be in my place. JUST SIMPLY GET ON MY LEVEL !

I hate when girls evil eye me or try to judge me. They could do the same thing if they were as smart and as pretty as myself. I wish girls would step up their game and quit harping on mine.
That's all for now :)
2016-12-13, 06:27:26
anonymous from United States  
I'm so thankful for this website because he hit me up on Facebook in last couple of days. I have been burned in the past so I immediately googled his name and found this. Thank you for saving my time.

2016-12-18, 17:59:28
anonymous from United States  
I met him on under the name Mark Revel Wheeler. Why is this scum allowed to still be out there hurting more innocent people. It will take me the rest of my life to pay the taxes on the money I gave him out of my retirement fund.
Also if he mentions a friend Robert, they are one in the same. I hate thus person and I want him to rot in jail.
2017-02-13, 22:36:53
Sergeant Edward Miller on waplog..
2017-02-13, 22:37:50
Sergeant Edward Miller on waplog..
2017-02-13, 22:37:55
Sergeant Edward Miller on waplog..
2017-02-15, 18:22:29
anonymous from United States  
This guy has been talking to my mom for a month. I did a google search for ALEX LOPEZ US ARMY. I clicked on Images and Boom saw one of his pictures that he sent to my mom. He found her on though I am unsure of his user name. Apparently they also had a mutual friend in common she said, and the friend suggested the guy contact my mom. My mom is new to the dating scene and definately not used to the internet world of players/scammers. God I feel so bad for her now since I had even said 'oh man this guy sounds like the real deal' I hadn't seen the emails yet.. i feel so bad.

the email address he is using this round is:

2017-02-15, 18:25:49
anonymous from United States  
another photo of 'Alex Lopez' sent to my mom from
This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer Parker Lopez
Dating scammer Frank Lopez

2017-03-14, 12:24:47
Victor Justman is just another alias used by this online romance scammer. He will with warp-speed take the mantle of husband and his love for you without even ever have met you. He will get his victims to send iPhones and/or money possibly to a third party in Ghana, West Africa. Be very cautious of sending money to anyone you do not know.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Greg Stephen

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