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Dating scammer Marcos Ariel Garcia


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Name: Marcos Ariel Garcia

Email: None

None but I have his cellphone numbers +541145303715 and +541159242145

Other Comments:
HIS NAME IS MARCOS ARIEL GARCIA, 47 WIDOWER, ONE ADOPTED CHILD, FROM SPAIN, COMERCIAL PILOT FOR IBERIA BUT IN LINKEDIN SAYS THAT HE WORKS NOW FOR AMERICAN AIRLINES. COULD YOU CHECK THAT FOR ME? He asked me money and because I didntngive it to him, he dissappearedHe is a crazy man, after one date I realized what he wanted y I was scared.. I blocked him and sent me a SMS telling me horrible things, also that he has aids.
He knows where I live, my phone number, etc. I don't want to confront him but I want to stop him. He is a really bad person!
I felt so stupid believing him all his lies...and now I'm scared

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2013-06-28, 22:42:42
@argentina from Argentina  
Malek, he is from Spain, he speaks Spanish, so do I. He is well educated, bad tempered. He's writing and speaking is very good. He's accent is from Spain too
2013-06-29, 04:01:28
@Miss Argentina

Thanks for your confirmation,
I thought that he could be some immigrant with badly accent. Who pretend to be an Spanish,
please follow earlier suggestions of Miss Marple. Break any contact change your mail and phone
number and try to report him on that site.

If we could help you just let us know.
2013-07-07, 23:15:26
@argentina from Argentina  
Malek, he is well educated, with strong accent from Spain. We communicated only in Spanish.
He introduced himself as Marcos Ariel Monserrat. But I found out others accounts as Marcos Ariel Garcia.
2013-07-09, 09:52:30
@Miss Argentina

That is really strange two different names,
It is possible that someone use his identity, please keep updating all information about him.
Hope you are saved now ?

Thanks, regards
2013-07-29, 12:38:22
anonymous from Argentina  
He writes in spanish,fortunately i have no contact with him,he doesn't know anything about me

This is a dialogue he had with one person in netlog

sos amiga de un gigolo monserrat marcos g lee esto
Marcos Ariel — 01:43
sabes a cuantas cojo de aca?
Marcos Ariel — 01:43
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
vos no sos el que coge
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
las mujeres decidimos
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
Nosotras somos ,infeliz, quienes decimos SI
Marcos Ariel — 01:42
Marcos Ariel — 01:42
te quedo grande
Marcos Ariel — 01:43
una simple maestrita
Marcos Ariel — 01:43
sabes a cuantas cojo de aca?
Marcos Ariel — 01:43
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
vos no sos el que coge
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
as mujertes decidimos
Elianna Miriam — 01:47
mos nosotras ,infeliz, quienes decimos SI
Marcos Ariel — 01:50
Marcos Ariel — 01:50
quien te coje a vos?
Marcos Ariel — 01:50
yo las cojo y les saco la plata puta
Marcos Ariel — 01:51
vos sos la clasica minita profilactico, la que se usa, se llena de leche de verga y se descarta la momento
Marcos Ariel — 01:52
yo aca les saco la plata a las putas del lugar
Marcos Ariel — 01:52
las cojo y las pelo
Marcos Ariel — 01:52
que te puedo sacar a vos?
Marcos Ariel — 01:52
solo si te enfientas con tu hija y conmigo si te puedo coger
Marcos Ariel — 01:55
aca solo cojo a las minitas que les gustan los trios
Elianna Miriam — 01:57
sos un pelotudo
Marcos Ariel — 02:07
yo cojo saco mas
Marcos Ariel — 02:25
ya tengo una para mañana
Marcos Ariel — 02:25
despues te cuento, esta es de La Plata
Marcos Ariel — 02:25
esta muy bien y buena guita
Marcos Ariel — 02:25
asi que a trabajar!!

********27 de febrero del 2013

Ya informe en el sector que dice 'abusos' y esta red social aún lo mantiene activo a este personaje !!!

******** 26 de febrero del 2013

Este hombre es un ESTAFADOR, LADRONNNNNNN. merece estar en al carcel !!!

Es cierto evitenlo , es mala gente, muy locooo, y creo que no es su IDENTIDAD REAL. No se llama asi. Tambien estaba o esta en facebook xo personas así se escapan muy rapido. Como me gustaria saber sobre su mujer !!! xq tb esta casado o vive con alguien.
Cuidado !!!

2013-12-08, 20:09:08
anonymous from Argentina  
Just come from a date with this man. He got me through 'Twoo' on a sad day for me. He was fast, he asked me to Skype and I accepted. He told me he had to buy a house to finally bring her adopted child with him. I went out for coffee. He is attractive and smells good. He looked at me into the eyes and he was very seductive, even offered me to take the plane to Barajas today. Told me I was the first woman he kissed after the accident, 4 years ago. Then he wanted to come home, which I did not accept and the whole thing changed. He stopped looking at me into the eyes. I got so confused. I told him I did not feel comfortable and left.
I wonder why I did not check everything before rather than after.
I learned a good lesson today. Never go out with someone before googling him in as many ways as possible.
Professionals are in social media, open and do not hide
Take care ladies. I feel sad but I am sort of relieved I lost my innocence some time ago, not so long ago though.
These things happen, do not feel guilty. Support each other and I think they disappear quickly when they see no chances of getting MONEY! However, we need to be careful ladies, beg you to take care.
2014-05-07, 00:14:16
[hidden] from Argentina  
No puedo creer lo que estoy leyendo....hace unos momentos este hombre Marcos Gallego Garcia Monserrat acaba de dejarme en la puerta se mi casa. Lo conocí ayer en la página badoo
Me contó que su familia falleció en un accidente automovilístico en España. Que perdió la esposa y 2 hijas. Que adoptó una niña en misiones que se llama candela. Hoy fuimos a tomar algo después nos besamos y fuimos a un hotel. Era todo un caballero. Quedamos en almorzar mañana. Es todo mentira? No puedo creer lo que estoy leyendo. Me dijo exactamente lo mismo!!! Sabe donde vivo. Estoy perpleja.
2014-10-01, 11:34:26   (updated: 2014-10-01, 11:39:02)
Estela from Argentina  
chicas, lamento mucho lo les ha pasado, parece que es una epidemia, yo conocí a este otro aqui mismo en Buenos Aires, tiene varios perfiles falsos en varias paginas de citas, se hace pasar como piloto de american airlines, fue compañero de colegio en Barcelona hace muchos años de una amiga mia, el tipo se mudo a USA, y se dedica a estafar mujeres.

2020-09-24, 11:38:43
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