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Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller


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Name: Bobby Reinhard Müller



Other Comments:
I came across this website after wondering if this person can actually be true! I decided last night after 3 weeks of suspicions I copied ansd pasted some of what he wrote me....and here I am on this Scammers website! I'm such a idiot, but relieved this site is here to help !

I found these names listed here on this site using the same person email poetic scam!

Now I want to inform that he is going by the name BOBBY REINHARD MüLLER, 52 yrs old. He is Germain born, lived in Britain, only child, his mom lives in London, now last 2 years in Del Ray beach in Florida, where also has a boat docked there and moved early April2013 in Pincourt, Montreal, but is on a business trip in Manila, in Philippines working as a civil engineer, building a BRIDGE, works for himself! But was going to leave after 10 days there and let the workers finish the jobs. Says he was gonna work from home now and missed his condo in Montreal.

When I realized I got scammed, I decided to turn the trick back on him!!!!

When I gave him my cell number 2 weeks ago he stopped emailing ,removed his profile from Match. And we texted only. I refused to speak with him, just text to start off. He was using to many big feeling words:love, sweetie, baby, babe....I was hesitant to speak to him. His cell number in Montreal is 514-587-2080 (billed in San Francisco!?!) when I did speak to him, I kept it at 10minutes, his voice sounded of someone from Africa, no British accent!!!! Or even German!!!!

This morning I devised him I uncovered the truth about him.that he was a scam!!! But I was an undercover REPORTER doing an article on SCAMMERS on !!!

Told him all I found out, the fake company he worked with in association in Manila:KRS Construction inc HQ in India. His name he took from a former FBI retired agent!!!!
I told him if he wanted to give me his reasons for doing this he could! I could meet him at the airport on Friday (told me that he was coming to US this Friday) with my camera crew!!!! That he had a chance to explain himself, but that his cell would still be published!!

I have not heard from him !!! Do you think I may have shaken the idiot in him!!!! Lol god I hope at least I scared him and will not sleep well a few nights!!! These scum bags deserves worst!

Here are the emails he sent me. (From the start I had a bad feeling these were pre-fabricated, I was right)

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2017-03-26, 17:44:08
anonymous from United States  
Help! I was scammed by this guy. He is currently operating out of 107 Jefferson Street, Newark, New JErsey
2017-03-26, 17:44:10
anonymous from United States  
Help! I was scammed by this guy. He is currently operating out of 107 Jefferson Street, Newark, New JErsey
2017-12-18, 15:35:33
anonymous from United States  
Amazing this guy is still at in in 2017! I connected with him on POF (his profile is gone now) and he was going by Rod Howell. Similar story still, has his own company, and Oil/Pipeline Engineer. Working in Liberia on a contract. Lives in La Mesa, CA. Lost wife to breast cancer 12 yrs ago and been focusing on raising his daughter who is 17 now. Jumps right into deep conversation, avoids some questions. Only had the one head shot on POF then when I said this just didn't seem legit he sent the photo reading the iPad that's been posted on here before too. Said he was coming back to CA on 12/22 and wanted to meet up. Reading all of this I'm sure he would have come up with some story of needing money to get back to the states. I just sent him screen shots of all the scam stuff I've found on him and asked if he cared to explain why he has been wasting my time. Shocking, no response. Just wish there was more to do to track this guy down and have him stop this craziness.

His Skype was: kmpcz and so was his email -
Phone number: 619-359-2675 (atleast this is a San Diego number)

First email he sent me:

Hello Karen, This is Rod from POF, I hope you can remember, I will tell you that I'm on the site to find someone special for my life, not just a fling but something real and profound, a true and honest relationship, I will tell you about myself, I'm a widower, I lost my wife 12 years ago to Breast Cancer and i have a daughter, I'm self employed, I work as oil & gas pipeline Engr, that involves repair, maintenance, inspection and construction and installation of oil pipes, the only thing missing in my life now is that special someone to share my life with, My job may sound interesting but also challenging as I have to communicate with people to make sure they are with my service. I am trying to do my best for this,. pretty intense sometimes but I guess that fits my personality. I don't think I could handle a job that was boring and slow but i love my job, How do you spend your free time? When i have spare time!!!, Well so much to talk about, but what is really important? I'm not sure, I like being outside. I like outdoor activities. live concerts, theaters , I really love the beach. Like horseback riding, and horseback riding vacations. I am not much for late night activities, i like visiting museums and traveling. To stay fit I like bicycling, gym, taking a walk with my dog But my main passion is spending time outside, closer to nature and I want to be able to share all these and many more with that special someone, i know life is much richer when shared

i'm looking for that special woman i can live with and share my life with, Someone who's ready to commit to a serious relationship and be best of friends and a team, grow old with, have fun with, travel the world with and most importantly be happy with, i suppose we are looking for the same thing and i look forward to learning more about you and see how things develops,, It would be nice to have instant conversation and i would like it if you can set up skype so we can text there instead of writing mails back and forth, it doesn't take long to set up skype actually, within 5 minutes, you can either get it on your mobile device or computer or we can text if you want, here's my number, 6193592675

This will be all for now, i will attach a photo of me,
Tell me about yourself,



2017-12-24, 16:04:00
anonymous from Canada  
I too am from Canada...small town just outside of Toronto. It caught my attention when I came across the name Monica Magnusson from Sweden. About 72hrs ago I started full bacground check on this name to see if the names cross paths with the likes of Bobby Reinhard Muller and or Klemens Karlsson. About the same time - actually same day we become friends on FaceBook, that night my facebook account was hacked....or rather' cloned'! So makes me
me wonder!! M/O is very similiar to wcappedhat I have read from my other Canadian 'brother' above. Right down to her handicapped daughter by the name of Sandra. Also a new name involved 'Pia' who is her sista....but not related!!! She has recently gone into treatment and surgery for cancer. Some of my old school 'buddies' are as we speak, running names through data bases...and will have an answer also very shotly. Will post in next day or two...but in meantime I've had Bobby or Klemens as case maybe....on careful watch....
2018-02-10, 06:43:50
anonymous from United States  
Mighty Mighty 212 POF
Cell phone 860-856-9972

2018-02-10, 06:45:50
anonymous from United States  
Another pic of Mighty Mighty 212
“David Williams”
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller

2018-02-10, 07:45:27
anonymous from United States  
Same pic 'Robert Reinhard Muller' aka 'David Williams on POF
Hartford,CT 860-856-9972

2018-02-12, 19:48:41
anonymous from United States  
You can be certain the scammer/catfisher is not the guy in the photos-its more probable the photos were stolen and used under all the previously mentioned alias. However any photo investigation does not confirm the real identity of man in the photo.
Bobby Reinhard Muller et al

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller

2018-02-15, 16:10:07
anonymous from United States  
I located the Real person who's photos are being used to catfish and scam others.
Too many alias to mention-
2018-06-13, 16:52:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This man has scammed me for twenty seven thousand pounds
2018-10-17, 03:02:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This guy is now pretending to be Rod Howell living in the uk

2018-10-17, 08:02:04
linsasa119 from United States  
2019-01-06, 15:08:40
anonymous from Canada  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller

2019-01-06, 15:09:03
anonymous from Canada  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Bobby Reinhard Müller

2019-09-01, 00:06:39
anonymous from Portugal  
SCAMMER: BOBBY REINHARD MüLLER, or Christopher Aderante, OR George Giron, OR James Gambino, OR Shawn Robertson, OR John Talyor, OR Mark Myers, OR Jason Burgess, OR Steve Ford, OR Steve Adams, OR Harold White, OR Zach Holland, OR Rod Howel, OR Mighty Mighty 212 POF, OR David Williams, OR Paul Dunlap in August 2019.

Hi, I'm a portuguese woman who lives in Lisboa, Portugal, EUROPE. I'm also an Engineer like the scammer as been pretending to be along these years. Well, I don't know what is in fact his graduation (the scammer's), I suspect the scammer is not the man in the photos, but the fact was the scammer has been having acess to the photos of the man he pretends to be, maybe he knows the man in the photos, or from posts trough internet ( social networks, etc), a stolen computer with photos in the archives, or the real man is a public figure in his country...I don't know.

Was a Brazilian woman who warned me to investigate on this scammers site, and I found this story amazing. And why isn't the real guy on the photos don't come here to say who he is in fact, and stop with this nounsense stories thus preventing more women from being targeted by the scammer or scammers that are behind his photos.

I WOULD LIKE VERY MUCH TO KNOW WHO IS THE REAL GUY ON THE PHOTOS, because I believe the photos were stolen by the scammer or the organization I think that exists behind all this.

But, I find amazing how this scammer continues using the photos of the same person along so many years, changing only the names. In these August 2019, ' I met him' as PAUL DUNLAP, (with the same phone number 619-359-2675 from United Sates, San Diego, Califórnia, as a woman before me, related this same phone number in 2017 or 2018) in a quite serious dating site in Portugal named MEETIC.

He was using the profile photo, with the couple of dolls, wearing sunglasses. The profile text was very interesting in the same way the other women before me related:
he were seaching for a special woman to share his live with, a carying loving father, etc (the profile vanished even when we were still exchanging emails and messages trough Skype, the site presented a message saying 'for your security, that profile was eliminated'). In his profile he said he were relocated in Lisbon since January 2019, but he had to go to Nigeria on work, 6 months ago. To build an OIL/Pipeline construction.

Said he has a 17 year old daughter named Jenny, his wife died with breast cancer 12 years ago. The same history

I never heard his voice ( he said he hasn't an international phone package to Portugal, and that's why we couldn't speak on the phone) and we couldn't see eachother's faces on Skype because his laptop or computer has been stolen in a traffic robbery in Nigeria and he were using an old one that didn't have a camera). So, anyone could pretend being the man on the photos because the scammer never exposed his face or voice.

He sent me a plane ticket from KLM,15 days before the date of the flight, informing every details of the departure and arrival time to Portugal, leaving from the capital of Nigeria (Lagos) to Lisbon, Portugal, with flight scale in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For me to trust on him.

The first step were to ask me to be his sweetheart. He later said that the documents, computer, credit cards and cash were taken from him during the robbery. He needed to lock out his bank account and credit cards, so he asked me to lend him money to have some sensors repaired to get the job done, where he invested so much money in partnership with the government's, Sectional Region of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

He continued to get more and more involved until the day he sent another beautiful mail that ended with a wedding conversation. That same night he asked again to lend him a large sum of money, he said he will pay back to me when he return to Portugal. I said I didn't have that money, told him to go to the American Embassy in Nigeria to help him, etc. He answered he just needed my support in that moment, otherwise he will miss the flight to Portugal and we couldn't meet anymore if that happens. But he wasn't agressive when he said that.

The scammer was a very intelligent man, with a great knowing on psychology, very calm and focused, treated me with great respect, made me fell the most important woman on Earth, wrote the most beautiful mails I had ever read, everyday without any faillure. A very well organized situation, because although it had been lots of things just the same as the other women related before, the fact were that the goal were involving me trough huge emotional involvement, but not without taking to the sexual side. The scammer didn't want to became to personal in the physical aspect, but privileged on the emotional and feelings.
I read the earlier's texts of the other women and noticed a tremendous evolution and improvement in the quality of the texts from the guy who uses the photos of the man as BOBBY REINHARD MüLLER et al . From 2013 untill now.
Maybe the guys that wrote the mails alomg the years, are not still the same, but using the same photos and similar story. This is a theory of my own.

Well, I think this situation has an organization behind, because when he asked me to send the money, he said he couldn't receive in his name and told me to send trough western union to a worker of his own, with a nigerian name, an african man who lived in London, UK. But the scammer wrote in American english and not in England english, which is still a mistery to me. So, I guess there is an organisation behind the man on the photos an not a man acting in isolation.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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