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Call to undefined function: ora_logon()/ ocilogon()"?


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I try to connect from my php page to an oracle database. I get an error message "Call to undefined function: ora_logon()/ ocilogon()" - why?


PHP does not use the correct extension module. Compile PHP with the following options:


On Windows systems one can just uncomment the following lines in the php.ini file:
;extension = php_oci8.dll
;extension = php_oracle.dll


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2006-01-30, 11:45:51
anonymous from India  
it's not help me
2007-03-29, 09:27:54
anonymous from Brazil  
Me neither
2007-10-19, 04:31:17
anonymous from Romania  
What uncomment the following lines in the php.ini file means?
Delete ; from
;extension = php_oci8.dll
;extension = php_oracle.dll
If so, is not working... what uncomment means??????????
2007-11-26, 04:01:42
anonymous from Italy  
uncomment the following lines in the php.ini file means .
remove the commas ;
extension = php_oci8.dll
extension = php_oracle.dll
2007-11-26, 08:51:28
anonymous from Nigeria  
Yeah from nigeria, even be4 you asked me to uncomment, i have already done it yet it's not working. Pls, proffer any other solution. I am using windows Vista
2007-11-26, 09:02:42
anonymous from Nigeria  
Yeah from nigeria, even be4 you asked me to uncomment, i have already done it yet it's not working. Pls, proffer any other solution. I am using windows Vista
2007-12-27, 22:44:32
anonymous from Uganda  
Hi, I have uncommented php.ini but I still get the error. I am using Windows XP. What other configurations do I need to set up a connection??? Thanx
2008-01-25, 09:25:52
[hidden] from Cote d'Ivoire  
extension = php_oracle.dll :cette ligne n'exite pas dans mon fichier php.ini
Par contre j'ai enlevé le ';' sur la ligne suivante extension = php_oci8.dll
Mais ça ne marche pas toujours.
Excuse me, my english is not good
i uncomment the the firts line to extension = php_oci8.dll
and the second line: extension = php_oracle.dll doesn't exit in php.ini
i have the same message
help me please
2008-03-03, 07:40:51
anonymous from Brazil  
Comigo funcionou usando o wamp2 com os addons para php4 e apache 2.0.
Habilitei as bibliotecas oci8 e oracle.
2008-03-03, 07:41:46
anonymous from Brazil  

I have same problem.
The solution was install wamp with add ons to php 4 and apache 2.0, and enable extensions oracle and oci8.
I don't know the reasons, but now it work! :)

Good Look

Ps.: Sorry about my bad english ^^
2008-05-06, 00:11:54   (updated: 2008-05-06, 00:14:02)
lady_riza29 from Philippines  
i already experienced that problem too...
---copy php_oci8.dll to C:\WINDOWS
thats all....
and it really works...
2008-05-07, 06:48:54 from Brazil  
Hi people. sorry because my english isn´t so good.

I found this link on internet

it´s a article where oracle give a explain to how we can use to connect php + oracle database.

I can´t get to make this work. Maybe I need to install apache, but I still need to try it. I´m not sure.

I hope this link can work to someone here.

2008-06-12, 02:37:22   (updated: 2008-06-12, 02:41:35) from France  
I had the same problem and after 1 hour of intensive rechearchs i found the solution
I have php 5.2.6, apach 1.3.33 and easy PHP

the solution is :

Make what they told you here ! (uncomment the line)


Install oracle client (or something like that)
(unzip the file, SAVE your previous version of oracle (we never know), remplace the old file by the files in the zip and it should work). Reboot your serveur

And it works !

PS : forgive me for my bad english but i thought that it could help so i post.
RE PS : i don't copy anything in my windows folder. It depends on where windows look at your .dll.
RE RE PS : french version is more complete, sorry, i am french so it is easier for me to explain ^^
RE RE RE PS : This is a solution for PHP > 5.1.4 because of incompatibility

Pour les francais car j'ai vu pas mal de posts en francais :
Il faut faire ce qu'il y a marqué ici !!! et installer le client oracle car cela vient d'une imcompatibilé avec les versions php5 (> 5.1.4 je crois si j'ai bien compris)

Pour installer le client, vous cherchez dans les variables d'environement windows ou il charge OCI.dll, vous SAUVEZ ce dossier (on sait jamais), et vous remplacez les fichiers du dossier par les fichiers du zip que vous avez téléchargé.
Relancez votre serveur et ca devrait marcher.

Sinon, pas besoin de copier dans votre dossier windows si il charge les dll ailleurs. Vous pouvez voir ou il les charge avec les variables d'environnement.

Bonne chance !

Good luck !!!!

The link :

version (it works, i don't try newer version)
version (ca marche j'ai pas essayé les plus récentes)
2015-01-30, 01:18:29
anonymous from United States  
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2020-07-27, 14:45:14
Adrianna from United States  
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