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Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia


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Today I got this letter from Maria who supposedly lives near Omsk in Russia. It is a form letter as well, I can tell that much already, and I also post the photos.
She sent me an email from an account at, but by the time I got to read her email, her account was already closed. However, she had left me a yahoo email address ( which I briefly answered.

I received the following (form letter) answer, with 3 pictures - one of which you see here to the left, the other 2 are at the end of this posting:

X-Account-Key: account2
Received: from ( []) by (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id k08Fvm630428 for ; Sun, 8 Jan 2006 09:57:50 -0600
Received: from unknown (HELO LAB) (spring?flower351@ with login) by with SMTP; 8 Jan 2006 15:57:39 -0000
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180


How are you doing? I have to appologize in advance that
I cannot write you back at once because I don't have
a computer at home and I have to use an Internet cafe to write you. It i slocated not so far from my home.
First of all I'd like to thank you for responding me back
and I should be honest with you, I live in Russia.
I hope that doesn't scare you off. At least you can read my lettter up to the end and see if you want to
correspond with me or not. If you ask me why I put my profile not as Russian one, I will tell you. was adviced to me by a friend, but I will tell you about it later. Unfortunately when I started with
my profile, there was no country listed as Russia, so I wrote that I am not in Russia.
I didn't want to lie or something about the country I live in, I hope you understand.
Ok, I guess I have to tell you about myself. I live in a village named Beregovoy.
If you want to see my city on the map it located not far from big city Omsk.
I have never been to your country but still I like this country traditions, customs... You I see graduated the faculty of Foreign
Languages in a College for three years and I write you without translator.
Once when I was studying at the College I had a chance to talk with an English man, but this was the only person
I talked in English face to face.
If you are still intersted here is some more information about me:
Despite of the Autumn it is still pretty warm here ( about zero centigrades) though usually it is colder.
And what about you? Is it warm there or cold?
You know I feel very lonely here in Russia because I couldn't find the right man for myself.
I know that there is no ideal people and I don't rush into it but still I believe that there is a man that will love me
just for who I am, with all my advatages and disadvantages. I want to settle down and have a family of my own.
A friend of mine who adviced me also put her profile there and she found her real love there.
Now she lives with her husband and two kids are living in Germany, in province not far from Berlin.
Everybody wants to be happy and me too. I am not after money or sugar daddies or better life. Age difference is
also not important.
I am just an ordinary woman who wants to be happy. Maybe if I had family here in Russia I wouldn't even think to
write an American man, but I am an orphan and nothing keeps me to try to find love somewehere far from Russia.
My friends know about my idea and they support me and wish me oly happiness.

I guess you are interested in my likes and dislikes and etc:
- I am an orphan
- I work as a surgeon in a city hospital ( I graduated school, then I graduated College and
after that I got a diploma of a surgeon in Medical Academy) and you know I like my job, I like helping people and sometimes
safe their lives.
-I like almost all kinds of music but most of all I prefer Classical music and I hate rap.
-My favourite color os blue
-My favourite flowers are white lilies
-I love pets and anymals but unfortunately I spend too much time at work and that is why I have no possibility
to have a cat or a dog
- I am Christian and go to Church 2-4 times per month
- I have never been married and I have no kids
- I adore cooking and my fafourite food is Russian and Italian. My favourite dish is lasagna.
- I have a driving license but I have no car
- I like to go to cinemas and theatres but I don't like disco because it is very noisy there and it is always overcrowded.
- I don't smoke and I drink socially ( for example a glass of red wine)
- I don't have tattoos or piercings exept for my ears.
- I don't like winter but winters are usually cold in Russia

What else? I guess that is all for today. If you are really interested, please write me as soon as you can
I will reply to you. I hope you didn't get tired of my long e-mail, I just wanted you to have a better idea
of me. And you please write me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, about the place you live in.
A couple of pictures of you would be very much appreciated.
Please write me back today or tomorrow.
Keep smiling!

Your new friend from Russia, Maria

Content-type: text/html


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2006-02-12, 13:59:08
anonymous from United States  
Thank the good Lord for this website! What a simultaneous shock and relief that I did not go further than just e-mails. If she can't afford airfare and a phone, how did she get all those nice pix and the threads to wear in 'em? Too good to be true, a predator of the lonely American male. Thanks for being here!
2006-02-12, 23:27:47
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for taking the time to post this site. She really had me going. I have had many friends and family travel in and around Russia. They say the women are HOT HOT for american men. This was however to good to be true. I will play along and realy mess with these assholes. I had my buddy smack me around for falling for this one. Well I guess I will have to call back my ex now.......
2006-02-13, 08:41:35 from Germany  
I was in Omsk born. I can say, that in 'big City Omsk' are took 2-3 Internet Cafe's, but in the Villege... I think that is just unreal. Now I livein Aachen(west of Germany) and ...
2006-02-13, 17:31:45 from United States  
Hello my name is Michael and I have been a victim also of this scam also although all I lost was my time and faith in hope. I should have known from the start that a beautiful woman such as her would not be interested in a 5’9”, 270 lbs and 37 old man like me unless she was a prostitute or a scammer. Like the one gentleman that posted on 2006-2-11, at 23:50 the scammer went by Julia, was from Beregovoy and made only $200 a month as a surgeon and used as the address.

I work for a defense contractor and my company is on the list of high valued targets for terrorism in the United States. Besides a money scam this scam may be far more sadistic than you may think. In seemly innocent e-mails between you and her you are confirming collectively things about the United States that those outside the US have no knowledge about or can determine via the general internet. As a result of the high values target nature of my company the department of Homeland Security receives daily reports and monitor my company closely. So I have provided my company’s security officer with all the e-mails I have about this scam and have also printed and provided them a link to this site today (13th Feb, 2006). This information will be passed onto the Homeland Security Department for investigation. With luck perhaps they will put a stop to this one scammer.

One more thing I have seen here is about e-mail addresses. Yahoo offers for a fee the service of creating disposal e-mail addresses. These addresses are ideal for concealment of identities and will always have a “-“somewhere in the middle of the address. Anybody can sign up on yahoo and the address can be deleted and created at will.
2006-02-13, 22:42:20
anonymous from United States  
Hey bro tatyana .....she is a busta.....ha..ha recieved the same story about her dad and the pention thing ....she is a sexey little blond wears this blue jean skirt with this white shirt ...hope this helps ......holla back
2006-02-14, 05:11:58 from United States  
Guys, an update on Julia. Just got a second email from her. This one included the pics of the Russian actress! Ha, anyhow the email she is using now is:

Here is her email. Enjoy and let me know if you received something similar!

Hello again,

How are you today? How is your day?
I would like to see as many pictures of yours as possible,
because its very interesting for me and I would like to get to know you better.
And you know, what? I think we have a lot of
common and I like it very much. I also think we are becoming more
closer to each other. I've chosen your profile because I like you very much, when I read your profile
I think you are very interesting person. And I have a feeling I was always looking for you.

Recently we celebrated my friend's birthday and I felt so sad because her boyfriend was with her.
They were kissing and hugging each other.
She got a great bouquet of flowers...I hope that my birthday will also celebrate with my beloved who can be my one and forever.
Could it be you?

By the way I have something more to tell you about me. I didnt tell you
that I like travelling. I have been in Moscow a few years ago with my friends.
Also I have been in St.Petersburg. It was wonderful to go sightseeing and very interesting.
But unfortunatly I had no chance to visit any foreign country.
Some more information about me:
- I have blue eyes
- I am 5'6 height
- I am 55 kg weight ( unfortunately don't know how much it will be in your measurement system)
- my sizes (93-63-92 )in cm.

I have already told you that I work as a surgeon in a city hospital. I do different optional operations.
But I earn not much in our country. About $200 in your money per month. I do think it is a small salary but all doctors have low salary in Russia.
Today is very cold about twenty five below zero( this is a teperature in Celcius), and tomorrow I am going to go outside with my friends for BBQ.
I t should be funny. By the way, do you like camp?

So strange, time flies so fast...I will be 35 years old soon.
My birthday is on 25 of February.Can you believe it!!!.
But I should say that I don't want to spend it, because I always wanted to celebrate it with my life partner. That is my dream
and I hope it will come true one day. You know, now I am very sad that you are so far away from me,
cause we couldnt be together on my birthday .
I have one more dream, a dream to have a family, to take care about
my housband. Its all I want in my life, i just want to be happy as a woman. And its doesn't matter
in what kind of country my future husband is living.
I will be next to him, and I will find any job I can to help have a good style of life.
I guess that is enough for today and I would like to ask you a few questions:
- what did you do during the week-end? Anything interesting?
- what did you do for fun?
- what do you feel about such relationships as we can possibly have?

I will be waiting for your reply with great impatience.
I have to run for my work right now...
Goodbye for now
2006-02-14, 15:28:51
anonymous from United States  
Well gentlemen like they say,'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. Unfortunately there is almost nothing that can be done about a scam like this. The best you can do is learn from it and remember to always do your homework. I hate to think about the amount of men who sent money to these people without checking it out first. Thanks to the guy who started this site. I owe you a drink, as a matter of fact I owe you a couple of drinks.
2006-02-14, 18:41:23
[hidden] from United States  
MIKE HERE BUNCH OF CHUMPS YOUR NAME THAT SACRED /ANYHOW YEAH ME TO FRIGGIN HOT GIRL yes the thing me also said shes from florida then then was honest enough to tell me she was in russia ok i think scam but i let go till she had the travelling agent send me the same deal 990 usd so i thout id send flowers to julia kovalenko omskaya region beregovoy krylova street 55-54 igot 8 photos of her cant post dont know how so i thought id see were beregggovoy ussr is and this site saved me 70 bucks i was just gonna send flowers to see if someone lived there so as soon as i opened the page here there she was that picture i knew it
2006-02-14, 21:52:57
anonymous from United States  
Well damn. im broken hearted. I thought I had something special going on with julia
kovalenkio. or whatever her name is. I also met her through What a scam!!!!!!
2006-02-19, 21:23:26
anonymous from United States  
Glad I was doing some research. Got the money email yesterday. Too bad this somkin' hot babe is a scammer. I always had a sense in the back of my mind that this was too good to be true. Guess I was right.

Careful dudes - she is one HOT babe - this can get you thinking with the wrong head!!!
2006-02-20, 00:14:14
anonymous from United States  
S.S.D.D. Today Julia`s address is ;
Oh well.., When you`ve got 'nothing' you`ve got nothing to lose!
2006-02-20, 16:44:27
anonymous from United States  
WEll, another one gets bit by the big Russian scam. She came as Julia Kovalenko of Beregovoy, Omskaya region of southern Russia and was on She immediately gave me a different email address ( (I looked it up on the map). Her address was listed as Krylova street 55-54; so far I've gotten about 6-7 photos, all ones shown elsewhere here. I tried to get her to connect through webcam on MSN Messenger but she said she didn't have computer at her home and used a computer at a cafe. She asked for my phone number but I have not given it to her. All the letters from her to me read the same as the others. She listed her height at 5'6', weight 123 pounds, measurements 37-25-36. The latest photo was in the bikini with icre cream cones. I think we'd all like to lick that, wouldn't we? Just for the fun of it, I may lead her on for some other photos and see what transpires. She has already talked about airports nearby but has not requested any money as of yet. Perhaps that will happen soon. Thanks for this site -- saved me lots of headaches and heartaches. Of which there are enough of them out there already.
2006-02-20, 20:31:37
Steve-O from United States  
Hey Guys this chick/dude. Tried the same scam on me almost word for word.
Check out this Web Site about her.
She/he goes By Julia Kovianka now.
She/he needs to be Bitch slapped.
2006-02-21, 13:51:27
anonymous from United States  
Same history, make feel very good and bad, there is when this people pull up U feelings and money be careful

Hello my sweetheart,

This is me again. I have a feeling you are very special to me and you are a sweetest man and I always
dream about you. I told all about our relationships to my friends
and they are very happy to see how I happy I am becoming with every day because of you.

I don't know what else I can tell you but my mind full of loving words
and nothing else. Every day I hope that all its real and you are not just my imagination.
My friends say you hello. And by the way I have some present for you from them.

I cant wait our meeting and think about you every day. What about you???
You are the man I am looking for, I feel it.
I was at the travel agency to find out how I can get to fly to you and be with you on my birthday.
I gave your
email adress to travel agent and he promised me to send you all information about my trip today.
But there is one thing, if we want to meet each other in your place, you should
tell me if you will help me or not, because they will sale that cheap tickets
and if we meet later it will cost much more for us and then later as they say it will be much more difficult
to get visa which is valid during 1 month. I don't know why it is so because I am new to this and I have never been to
any other country which needs visa but they told me that.
Think about it because I can't afford it, because I earn only 200$ here , but you shouldn't worry because I will
give it back to you your money when we meet, cause I will work in some hospital and can earn some money for you.
I am sorry to tell that but I am realy want to be with you. I dont know what else I can tell, you
know everithing about me. Of course if I could I wouldl ask all my friends to lend me some but
I dont have any friends who can do it for me , please understand it, sorry if it makes you sad.
I hope you will understand me right. I can speak with all day and night but its better to speak
face to face that we can know each other better. Don't you think so ?
If you want I can fly to you only for a week and we will see how things go or I can stay
with you forever, all in your hands.

Ok, now I give you a lot of kisses from me, and I give you my heart, and I believe in my dreams
to be with you soon.

Love you so much! Want to touch you and kiss you.!!! bye for now
PS I will be waiting for your reply .

From Julia Kovalenko all my love!!!
And by the way here is my professional photo, I have taken it at a professional photographer about a month ago and I wanted to put
it with my profile but then I just changed my mind. What do you think about this photo?

Omskaya region,
Krylova street 55-54.ul, check this ones!!!

21 February, 2005

Dear Sir !

Due to the request of Julia Kovalenko
we send you the information about the tour
from Beregovoy, Russia to the USA

Foreign passport - 100 USD
Tourist visa for a month , one entry- 125 USD

We can offer the next flight on 4 March.

If this time is good for You and Miss Kovalenko, you should make balance payment sooner.

We can't provide you with the information about the exact time Julia arrives to you, we shall have
that information as soon as we receive full payment and start arranging the trip.

Since our travel agency has discounts, the total price for the trip 980USD is valid for 5 days.
Roundtrip tickets with the registration of all the documents for Julia's flight costs 980USD

Unit Price



Round ticket

Total: 980 USD

We arrange all necessary documents and tickets in 7-9 days after
receiving the full payment for the trip.


You can transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Kovalenko via MONEY GRAMM or WESTERN UNION
system. It is the fastest and the safest way to transfer the funds. Our travel agency is officially registerred
city OMSK, Russia. As soon as you transfer the funds
on the name of our director, will you please e-mail us your full name and MTCN (money transfer control
number) and we shall get the funds the same or the other day after transfer.
Payment memo: Payment for Invoice № 25-215-1355

Order Now

You can also transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Kovalenko to our bank account and we shall receive the
funds in 8-10 working days.

To be paid by Bank Wire:

To be paid by Bank Wire:
Beneficiary`s bank
'Raiffeisenbank Austria' ZAO Moscow 17/1 Troitskaya, Moscow
Intermediary bank: Wachovia Bank,N.A., New York USA
acc. 2000193460018

Account number : 67301950103000151477

To get any other information you may contact us by e-mail. It is
cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply
after receiveing your letter or by phone.

Respectfully yours,
'Nautilus Travel Agency'
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Russia, Omsk, Popova, 34
tel: +7 908-928-7669

I ready have like 4-5 emails from her and I replay same , but now 'she' show true colors EVERY BODY BE CAREFUL!!!!
2006-02-21, 19:15:15
anonymous from United States  
You knnow. I got the same. same pictures but different name.... Thanks for the advise. I thought it was strange. She was telling me sweety when i don't even know her. i immediately suspected something was up. For someone who says she's a surgeon. Am pretty sure there must be something up.
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